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#2253 1340038490000000 toby closing as nothing has ever happened with this ticket
#2371 1345209675000000 toby closing as part of 2375 branches
#2445 1338982754000000 toby closing as todos moved to other tickets and also completed
#2596 1345209485000000 toby closing as too vague and probably done
#1545 1325260051000000 rgrp closing as wontfix. These are all images and all from assets.okfn.org items and of such as standard/generic nature they are not worth bringing in-house. If this causes problems for local dev then just add an /etc/hosts for assets.okfn.org that is local or /dev/null like.
#2680 1344509493000000 toby closing this ticket as remaining work too vague undelete group added as #2830
#1075 1303227982000000 johnlawrenceaspden closing ticket see http://wiki.ckan.net/Authorization and https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-admin
#2254 1338210316000000 toby closing. we have fanstatic integration in ckan.demo work tdh is it's own extension h.snippet is in 1.7 ITemplateHelpers in 1.7 This allows most of the issues resolved. Full removal of the IGenshiStream filter still neads some form of in template hooks but this is being looked at as a possiblity in ckan demo and can be considered out of scope for this ticket closing
#2416 1338464207000000 toby commit 37622d5 does this but probably in the wrong place but works for now. Need to revisit at some point.
#1779 1329393759000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1781 1329393814000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1148 1305969925000000 kindly complete cset:96a43c9d8bd7
#1078 1305828965000000 kindly complete: cset:843b78bae016
#1092 1305570822000000 kindly completed cset: ca1ac4112ea2
#1478 1323161054000000 kindly completed in about 2.8 days. cset:58b7a09328111b97da7d8ac65b4710b94dac54e3
#2261 1332840056000000 toby completed plus documentation updated
#2653 1342005167000000 toby config issue resolved
#1370 1334674212000000 toby config options: * social.sharethis_api_key * social.sharethis_style = horizontal | vertical | large | none * social.sharethis_sites = googleplus twitter facebook email sharethis Easy to add new sites we just need the ShareThis name and a description Currently these are all site wide maybe add options for specific templates (via the template not config)
#2734 1343121694000000 toby cool I can reproduce fix will be today
#2612 1342007335000000 toby cool close when you are happy or reassign if you find it broken somewhere I'm moving this to phase 2
#2374 1340287976000000 ross count is returned at the top level of the dict (at the same level as results) Was added by dread on 2012-05-04, must have been in a recent patch.
#2703 1342687332000000 toby created on dev branch
#1369 1317732684000000 zephod cset 6904048ce970 Okfn needs to accept a github pull request to make this work. Currently CKAN live-links to the raw github script for ckanjs, which must be updated.
#2403 1337302700000000 kindly cset: 05144f8621ee719c345373934e70719f46e87cf6
#1738 1328494709000000 kindly cset: 117dce4d64de731e7b0a3c55175a1d093f2bf540
#2402 1337302474000000 kindly cset: 12da5e9effeeb1aca0df321c355d8438647ef426
#1113 1304024611000000 kindly cset: 52a3fb230074
#1433 1321827123000000 kindly cset: 68c37312ef70349431213465005761edf434d27e
#956 1299489084000000 kindly cset:1305b9192d49
#275 1280999840000000 pudo cset:1396 fixes this
#1307 1315246706000000 zephod cset:2c31fe24e1c9
#1046 1302777668000000 kindly cset:35ba6ad033ae
#1012 1300362584000000 kindly cset:5649d6e761fc The basic revision history is merged. I will keep this ticket open if it is not sufficient. All it does is give a list with the most recent first of revision_ids, authors and timestamps. i.e {{{ [{"timestamp": "2011-03-16T15:55:19.941961", "author": "southampton-ac-uk", "revision": "202e9eb8-afaa-4bc9-b8a1-a317561547ea"}, {"timestamp": "2011-03-15T17:59:16.430804", "author": "southampton-ac-uk", "revision": "8235bd0a-d39a-49e0-887a-b0f231be8a92"}] }}}
#663 1298913603000000 kindly cset:76a77439ecd0
#576 1284215009000000 wwaites cset:7a04e78cec97 ''pool_threadlocal=True'' is no longer the default with 0.5. Setting it to ''False'' (the default) causes unit tests to hang. So explicitly set it to ''True'' to retain compatibility. It is an open question whether this is the ''correct'' setting, the defaults were changed as apparently they led to surprising behaviour. One hopes that our unit tests have already eliminated any such surprises.
#1334 1316086680000000 dread cset:b01de680bf86 copes with the problem. Now to find out why revision.packages has some None values - very odd!
#1149 1305971672000000 kindly cset:b1634d405066
#1043 1300321033000000 kindly cset:c894f92c5b9a Sesion.remove() needed to be run before configure as we want the original session made not to be used over the newly configured ones.
#1258 1312813614000000 kindly cset:e22d4e385fc8
#1293 1315246628000000 zephod cset:https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/4a98589af6c1 Fixed
#851 1292894661000000 wwaites currently running against ckan.net, adding broken_link tag if a broken link is found. perhaps something more elaborate should be done? works for now anyhow...
#2857 1345107097000000 toby dashboard hidden in phase 3 we can fix up in phase 4
#2380 1337868169000000 ross datagm is VERY broken with 1.7 Waiting for datasuite UI changes.
#2440 1339498655000000 toby dataset descriptions is a data issue but I'll keep this open for now. We can probably do an exclude if needed.
#2574 1342008841000000 toby david I think this is a closed as we are using state= draft stuff
#1167 1307358318000000 dread debconf seems the preferred way to question the user post-install and run setup scripts. It seems a bit of a faff. The person that is able to spin up an EC2 instance is no doubt technically able enough to follow a couple of instructions in README.txt saying edit /etc/ckan/<instancename>/<instancename>.ini and add your Google Analytics credentials. So I don't think this ticket is the driver for a debconf setup.
#1398 1321826380000000 kindly deployed on test.ckan.net docs added cset:47216c49fcec881f4eacc7170cb02d0a443500a2
#649 1284889939000000 pudo developed in cset:e65d7342ffe4
#2553 1342090078000000 toby different implementation but same effect
#985 1298571248000000 pudo digitialiser.dk has been assigned to Stefan Marsirske to get him into this Framework, everything else is delayed.
#2581 1340287539000000 toby do before data.pop(key)
#2642 1345113645000000 shevski done
#2648 1342714659000000 shevski done
#944 1306774766000000 pudo done at iati.ckan.net
#1741 1329750838000000 kindly done cset:7825caed3361e88a245b5dd2f946da8bedb160e0
#835 1291644820000000 pudo done in cset:d41b77099954
#853 1291723143000000 wwaites done in http://bitbucket.org/ww/ofs need to merge back into main ofs repo
#885 1294253497000000 wwaites done with feature-885-owslib
#531 1283536676000000 pudo done: http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/src/tip/ckanext/iati/fixtures.py
#840 1291325251000000 dread dread: ] That's the proxy_cache decorator which sets a Beaker expiry time only. ] Whether that is on or off, you still end up run the ] "etag_cache(cache_key)" command in the package controller won't you? ] And won't that will either insert the Etags header or abort 304 for a ] repeat? I must admit I've not tried it, asking purely with the code in ] front of me and welcome you pointing out where I've gone wrong. ww: Right. So those etag calls predate the cache decorators and should probably be either moved up into the decorator (e.g. use @ckan_cache instead of @proxy_cache) or wrapped in a check for the config parameter. (And @ckan_cache could be changed to use pylons' etag_cache function rather than just setting the header...)
#34 1253781550000000 dread [email protected]:~/hgroot/ckan$ wget http://ckan.net/fff --2009-09-24 09:38:02-- http://ckan.net/fff Resolving ckan.net... Connecting to ckan.net||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found 2009-09-24 09:38:02 ERROR 404: Not Found.
#2832 1344542984000000 toby duplicate of #2718 closing
#2636 1342090614000000 toby duplicate of http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2631
#2766 1343318862000000 shevski e.g. see 'ff' dataset http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/user/shevski shows up in activity stream
#2569 1342085235000000 toby edit resources in add dataset is done anything else is a new ticket
#1447 1326279495000000 dread eu25 ran out of space again this weekend and eu8 (at/it/us_co) today.
#2303 1334654727000000 ross feature-2303-rdf-export-command
#728 1304934653000000 wwaites filters not properly supported by e.g. geonetwork. so we defer.
#1531 1326155226000000 kindly final commit 8457a34dff227e50aed8833673600b22683a23a1
#1612 1325688886000000 kindly finished a4d1f616caf3c3f2dcd963369c3e14299433097d
#879 1294604066000000 wwaites first cut: https://bitbucket.org/ww/ckanext-storage/src
#2362 1341314244000000 toby first part complete part2 is the auto generation merge that is for 1.9
#2637 1342617226000000 toby fixed
#664 1300371645000000 kindly fixed cset:a5f4a49190e2
#718 1288459823000000 pudo fixed http://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanextiati/changeset/4bf10d3f26e7
#2691 1342604273000000 toby fixed and cherry picked into stable
#2716 1342716474000000 toby fixed and on s031
#190 1280820852000000 pudo fixed as of cset:1389
#524 1285594971000000 pudo fixed as of cset:470d1e1c4460
#2793 1343897811000000 toby fixed but commit tagged as 2650 in error
#2587 1340376975000000 toby fixed by 99d14bd
#2657 1342008765000000 toby fixed by aron
#2491 1338979614000000 toby fixed by commit e6554e7
#2906 1346862889000000 shevski fixed by removing custom css from the stylesheet, but should look into why it happened
#562 1284063574000000 pudo fixed by ww by upgrading python-openid
#1215 1310335541000000 kindly fixed cset: 8a317eadbb36 If you delete the last row then it just clears it instead of deleting the row.
#1522 1324333827000000 kindly fixed cset:060efe4a0e7e4ede3337623092848740c58107f9
#1356 1317220284000000 kindly fixed cset:1defa48097f5
#1364 1318199135000000 kindly fixed cset:294a0b6577b0
#1256 1312813529000000 kindly fixed cset:357cf9377b25
#1376 1318091245000000 kindly fixed cset:39acf62f30b0
#1487 1322095808000000 kindly fixed cset:4160859c8c9786588dbf0893981b93d9621019a9
#1408 1320141847000000 kindly fixed cset:51c7d51f3c17
#1000 1298912726000000 kindly fixed cset:630513f550d5
#1193 1309768960000000 kindly fixed cset:87d6140e06ad
#1474 1321826753000000 kindly fixed cset:8f3d917e24390f91db577fdbd8b8c6a1d6228505
#1140 1312491320000000 kindly fixed cset:987da68ea4f6 The package group table needed to trigger a reindex of the package.
#1383 1320141781000000 kindly fixed cset:ecfb0f8b633c
#1268 1317212499000000 kindly fixed cset:eebbe6071741
#1344 1316078757000000 kindly fixed cset:f08215845dab
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