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#2260 1333554069000000 johnglover Finished for this iteration, waiting for design work to be completed before making further changes.
#2261 1332838253000000 toby new config option ckan.root_path = /path/from/root/with/{{LANG}}/substitution
#2261 1332840056000000 toby completed plus documentation updated
#2261 1332840112000000 toby please test logging in/out as the redirect was not testable but should be correct
#2264 1333635637000000 seanh Many strings have been fixed (and committed on master). Still to go: When uploading a file: - The "Browse..." button. This comes from the user's browser? - Hangs when I try to upload a file, so the rest of this UI is unchecked. The licenses on the dataset add, edit and view pages, "License Not Specified" etc. Dataset state on dataset view page, e.g. "active". When adding or editing resources: - The resource types (Data File, etc.) The strings seem to come from resource.resource_type. - "You can use Markdown formatting here", "Should a DataStore table and Data API be enabled for this resource?", "Dates are in ISO Format — eg. 2012-12-25 or 2010-05-31T14:30". I can't get strings with hyperlinks in them to translate here. Dataset view page: - License not specified. Dataset search page: - "Tags", "Res_format" and "Groups" in the sidebar. Leaving because this code has been refactored on feature-1821-multilingual-extension. Fix after that branch has been merged. Dataset view page: - The resource types, e.g. "plain text". - The field names under additional information: cache_last_updated etc. Dataset history view: timestamps not localised. Login page: - "Login failed. Bad username or password. (Or if using OpenID, it hasn't been associated with a user account.)" This string is marked for translation but I can't seem to get translations to work for flash messages. Also "Sean Hammond is now logged in" flash message. Register page: - "Missing value" in error message when you try to register and don't give an email. The string seems to come from formencode. stdtrans() not working? User view page: - Activity streams strings. Activity streams genshi function needs a little refactoring to be i18n-friendly. Users page: - "less than 1 month". This string comes from Pylons' time_ago_in_words() function which doesn't appear to support i18n. New auth group (and edit auth group) page: - "Unique identifier for group. 2+ chars, lowercase, using only 'a-z0-9' and '-_'". This string is marked for translation but for some reason it isn't working. - "Name: Please enter a value" (in an error msg) - "User name". The string comes from class FormBuilder? Also, need to check that all tooltips are translated!
#2264 1334348070000000 seanh A few strings are still left to be marked for translation: - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2289 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2288 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2287 - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2290
#2265 1332865837000000 dread I started work on this and need to park it somewhere - here will do for now. I was using the 'MLT Component' http://wiki.apache.org/solr/MoreLikeThis : https://gist.github.com/2217684 But I think it would make more sense to use the 'MLT Handler' http://wiki.apache.org/solr/MoreLikeThisHandler which needs enabling by adding this to the config {{{/usr/share/solr/core1/conf/solrconfig.xml}}}: {{{ <requestHandler name="/mlt" class="solr.MoreLikeThisHandler"> </requestHandler> }}}
#2266 1332932634000000 dread Fixed in [release-v1.6.1 ed2772b] with test.
#2267 1343135541000000 toby this is not important as far as phase 2 is concerned - but you can do if you want
#2267 1343229146000000 aron.carroll Fixed in eade4e3
#2271 1334567582000000 amercader This was caused by an human error.
#2275 1334159668000000 johnglover Done in branch feature-2275-group-logo, still need to decide on how to style.
#2278 1333441177000000 rgrp https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/b7b32820a9132811028e7ccc243b2d2339492d4d
#2281 1333967862000000 dread Done in [release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5][release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5]
#2283 1340623843000000 kindly No super tickets anymore.
#2284 1337583675000000 rgrp This needs connecting to the user stories being generated at http://ckan.okfnpad.org/dataexplorer-user-stories
#2285 1334580266000000 rgrp Recline improvements are done. https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/88
#2288 1338204815000000 ross Auth groups are being deprecated
#2289 1340887101000000 toby needs docstrings
#2292 1335021860000000 rgrp This annoyed me so much I just fixed it: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/5eca7d5e37c0ef392b768b8b3768b2c3f93448b5 Issue was that our auto-completion depended on structure of the HTML which changes with bootstrapification. BTW: have deployed this via copy and paste on datahub so i can use it. Will want to revert this when you do a deploy. @Ross: I note that the same bug probably affects organization auto-complete.
#2293 1339062853000000 ross Intercepting the group name change and forcing a reindex of all of the datasets within that group seems like the obvious approach (rather than more lookups by ID after processing search results). Should take less than a day.
#2296 1334567141000000 icmurray * ensure the read_ajax and history_ajax actions work in the routing. * ensure the moderatededits.js works with the new templating * ensure that the css works with the new templating * ensure that the stream filters work with the new templating. ~ 6 days work
#2297 1334569632000000 seanh http://ckan.okfnpad.org/27
#2298 1340285049000000 toby related to http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2579 move sort functions to helpers
#2302 1335516537000000 ross Will eventually want to allow customisation of different CSS but designs are currently under review/change.
#2302 1342095074000000 toby @ross do you want to give this to aron or me?
#2302 1342097600000000 ross Have assigned it to Toby. Not sure how high priority this is, but only provides a very minimal level of configurability.
#2302 1343315555000000 shevski My ideas for this could include one day: One page where the portal admin can choose and/or change the: 1. Portal name & tag line 2. Logo (to be displayed in header) 3. About page text 4. Featured dataset & text on homepage ? 5. Featured groups for homepage ? 6. Footer links 7. Colour scheme 8. Homepage background (?)
#2302 1343596669000000 shevski I reckon getting this live, esp with a easy to fill styled text header (see Sam's design) and a UI for changing About page text, featured dataset on homepage and welcome text is key
#2302 1343636153000000 toby @shevski, please do not try to change the meaning of tickets/add features or they will just get closed as won't fix. featured datasets is nothing whatsoever to do with this ticket so adding it to the ticket just causes me to get upset / demotivated etc. please do not do this. It ruins my day. Also comments like see sams design is of no value without a url in fact it has negative value. :( I have changed the priority of this ticket to account for this but next time i'll just close it.
#2302 1343820855000000 ross Just a quick note, if Rufus asks about editing about page, he's talking about this ticket.
#2303 1334654727000000 ross feature-2303-rdf-export-command
#2304 1335878372000000 seanh I'm setting the priority of this high just because it's a low-hanging fruit for this sprint, as it was almost done last sprint.
#2304 1335885463000000 seanh Setting minor again after cleaning tickets out of this sprint
#2304 1337073870000000 seanh Currently implemented in this branch https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/master...feature-2304-follow waiting for code review and merge into master
#2304 1337158641000000 seanh Finished and merged into master
#2305 1335879165000000 seanh Setting the priority to major as I think it's worth getting this done since the follow support (which is almost finished) is a bit pointless without this.
#2305 1335885478000000 seanh Setting minor again after cleaning tickets out of this sprint
#2305 1340879812000000 seanh Implemented by Sven
#2311 1334837867000000 toby most work has been completed comments can be added to templates via ${h.disqus_comments()} recent comments via ${h.disqus_recent()} basic i18n works for languages except norwegian which reverts to english needs ckan 1.7 awaiting clarification re urls changing from under us
#2312 1340188741000000 ross We have a ticket for object ownership (group and package) #2548 which will make it much easier to implement this functionality of showing user owned datasets in a 'virtual group'. Will close this in preference to the other ticket which is needed for other features too.
#2313 1334756921000000 seanh Note that c.new_facets has now been renamed c.search_facets. Before this ticket is closed the old c.facets should also be removed from the template context. It's put there by ckan/logic/action/get.py:package_search(), which also puts the new c.search_facets there.
#2315 1334919522000000 dread Done, with tests and bootstrapification of the form: [release-v1.6.1 b23b357]
#2317 1340033433000000 kindly Getting replace as part of new theme.
#2319 1340624083000000 ross Resolved with rework of UI
#2322 1337339587000000 ross +1 on these, although ../download instead of ../raw and ../view instead of ../viewer
#2322 1337864855000000 ross Viewer almost exists with the /embed link and so have just used that with a better default size to provide a prettier url. Can still use the width=&height= that are used in the /embed url.
#2322 1339749795000000 rgrp When will this go live? Will this be in v1.7.1?
#2322 1339750135000000 ross No, new new features in point releases, we only put bug features in unless there is an extremely pressing need.
#2322 1339750208000000 ross Going to try that last comment again. No, no new features in point releases, we only put bug fixes in unless there is an extremely pressing need.
#2322 1344086640000000 rgrp Can I confirm this is in v1.8 ...
#2323 1335516967000000 ross Doesn't make sense in Organizations mode. Adding existing dataset would mean that dataset would have to already be in another organization. Leaving this open though to fix in case we decide that datasets *can* be in more than one organization at a time.
#2323 1340188400000000 ross Can create a new ticket if the requirements change.
#2325 1335366188000000 dread Done in [release-v1.6.1 6343a9c]
#2329 1346664271000000 ross Moved to 2.0 branch for new UI.
#2330 1336149571000000 icmurray Implemented, providing two methods of passing an action's parameters. Either, each parameter is specified as a url parameter, eg {{{ curl }}} or, for cases where a more complex data_dict is required, the data_dict can be parsed as a json-encoded dict in a single url-parameter called ``data_dict``, ie: {{{ curl{'q':'police'} }}} As part of this ticket: - I noticed that all module-public members of the action modules were being loaded as actions (including functions imported from other modules). So I've cleared up the action modules to prevent this. - I've cleaned up the action modules to use ``get_or_bust()`` when accessing a passed in data_dict outside before it's been validated by a schema. This provides better error messages for clients. - provided a decorator, ``@side_effect_free``, for users implementing their own actions through the IActions interface to be able to expose their custom/overridden actions as a GET request through the action API.
#2330 1336387328000000 icmurray Replying to [comment:3 icmurray]: > > or, for cases where a more complex data_dict is required, the data_dict can be parsed as a json-encoded dict in a single url-parameter called ``data_dict``, ie: > > {{{ > curl{'q':'police'} > }}} > Another option is to have the data_dict json-encoded in the GET request's body. This is possible, but 1) Although permissable, it's not, as I understand it, conventional to have a GET request's body form the options of the request. 2) Caching proxies won't inspect the body of the request, only the URL.
#2331 1337782689000000 kindly This is a wontfix. I think terms should be ored by default. All modern search engines work like this. If there is an issue due to relevancy (i.e if you type mulitple words and your result not coming near the top) then we should use this examples so we can tweak the results.
#2331 1338390995000000 rgrp @kindly I really don't get this but I may understand poorly. Google does not work by or-ing does it (as i add things to the search query I get *less* results not more ...). It also makes it really hard to find stuff: as I add query terms to my query I get more stuff not less which makes for terrible finding of stuff - I appreciate that there is a scoring aspect but that seems secondary.
#2331 1338455981000000 kindly Scoring is primary in my opinion. Who cares if you have 1000 results if the top few are yours. If things are hard to find we need to change our relevancy first. So if you have examples of where you think the scoring is wrong then please make a ticket for that. Google, I imagine, just has a cutoff of anything under a certain score not being shown. We could do that as well but it would take some working out what we wanted that score to be. Full "And" queries also limit any accidental discovery, especially of rare terms. If you do not get your search exactly correct then you get nothing, which is bad. Obviously you can still AND things or +things. The correct solution to this is adding a minimum match parameter which is a middle ground. eg you can say that you want to match over half of the terms. "thing1 thing2 thing3 thing3" means you have to match at least 2. There are many options described here. http://wiki.apache.org/solr/DisMaxQParserPlugin. You can change this in an extension if you want it just requries adding an mm field to the before_search in the Ipackage controller. I do not personally think we should change it as default. I am closing it as wont fix as its trivial to change and is a philosophical difference not a technical one.
#2331 1343814758000000 rgrp I'm re-opening this. This is a reasonably significant UX problem -- not just a philosophical difference. It is just *weird* to get *more* results as I add search terms rather than less. Please can we have this fixed ...
#2331 1343862230000000 kindly As I said I do not not agree with it being a UX problem or *wierd*. *wierd* is not acceptable in response to a thought out comment. So I am closing it again.
#2331 1345191494000000 rgrp Re-opening yet again. This is something brought up by entire client team on several occasions :-) We really do need to fix this as it is really poor UX. To give, yet another, example: http://datahub.io/dataset?q=thatcher+wages This returns 15 datasets yet only one of them has any mention of thatchers (the first one!). (The others are there because they match wages). This isn't what I expect. I expect *only* to see datasets that match *both* terms ...
#2331 1345192722000000 ross This is the dullest game of ticket tennis ever :D Google don't OR the results, they have an explicit operator for ORing query terms and default to ensuring that all terms are present (in one form or another) in the documents. I understand the argument about cut-offs and relevancy scores, but for a large search engine they have the benefit of scale both in resource and documents. I spent 6 months of my life tweaking weightings for n-dimensional vector space search, I don't think it is likely to be a number we can, or will find by accident. Given that Marcus also got confused by the current behaviour I think we should either: a) Make it configurable b) Just change it to what has been asked for Don't care which.
#2331 1356474344000000 rgrp Now transferred to github at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/issues/258
#2332 1337582891000000 rgrp @rossjones / @amercader: can you do a full review and generate sub-tickets as necessary (obviously may not all be this sprint ...)
#2345 1335878420000000 seanh Setting priority high as we want this done by Friday for the 1.7 release.
#2345 1336492725000000 seanh Work on this has started in branch feature-2345-action-api-autodocs
#2345 1337962454000000 seanh Done but now I need to fix readthedocs again
#2346 1338205553000000 johnglover Will create a separate ticket for 'organization' to 'publisher' renaming, the rest are done.
#2347 1335962835000000 ross [ ] Check that dataset privacy can be taken into account.
#2347 1336039458000000 ross Keeping track of UI changes required, and copied Aron
#2347 1337238738000000 rgrp This looks great Ross. Couple of things not included (which I have taken liberty of adding to the description as well - you will probably want to tidy up): * Related is a pretty terrible name in the UI - much better to have it called Apps, Ideas etc (perhaps title tag could even give more details e.g. "Apps, Ideas, Visualization and other material related to this dataset") -- btw i thought this was in #2332 but realize it wasn't (apologies for that!) * Documentation, documentation, documentation - AFAICT I can't see anything in v1.7 or master docs. I imagine this would be a short section like http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/commenting.html (and probably coming right after that in the ToC) which says * What it does * How to enable (and perhaps includes a nice-screenshot!) * How to customize (e.g. can one customize the list of options of things one can create (e.g. can I set it to just be app and idea or ...) * Also liase with Mark W re a blog post about this from the user perspective (a screenshot walkthrough ...) * Clearly mark this old extension as deprecated from v1.7 forward: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-apps (I just met someone last week who was working on integrating this and had no idea it was replaced by something better in v1.7)
#2347 1339602763000000 shevski Name-wise: what do we think of 'Related Media' - that suggests news articles, apps & visualisations to me I'n not sure about relating 'ideas' to specific datasets. Looking at the way ideas work in DGU & pd.eu - it's more general and portal-wide so should flesh out user stories for this before adding ideas to related extension
#2347 1340613938000000 ross Needs some UI work now, have changed status to blocker which appears to be the only way to denote something as blocked (awaiting resource).
#2347 1343126819000000 icmurray Small fix to create action, outlined in [1] to be done. Said I'd do it, so moved ticket over to myself. [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/62
#2348 1338193014000000 ross A fairly good start has been made on this at https://github.com/okfn/CKANClient-J Lowering priority for completion for now
#2349 1336037341000000 ross Openlink hoping to get RDF dump into Virtuoso today.
#2349 1336555121000000 ross Chased Openlink today for update
#2349 1338193148000000 ross Initial DNS change doesn't seem to have taken, chasing Nils to see if he can take a look.
#2349 1339075361000000 ross Created symlink from /var/www/nginx-default/dump to the rdf output folder, accessible via http://s055.okserver.org/dump/ with daily dump available at http://s055.okserver.org/dump/rdfexport.tgz
#2349 1339428913000000 ross Notified Hugh that http://datahub.io/dump/rdfexport.tgz will contain all of the RDF files every 24 hours if they want to fetch and import them. Have asked to make sure that this is satisfactory.
#2351 1340615641000000 icmurray Scripts and docs in https://github.com/okfn/ecportal-server-setup
#2353 1336037264000000 ross Started the user stories at https://docs.google.com/document/d/185sWPEO9cn1SbquH83UFcLme7xKdgfhCNqOo7pdsRKw/edit
#2355 1336731240000000 toby ckan.plugins.toolkit introduced to help control access to ckan for extensions. This should reduce breakage for extensions using this. ITemplateHelpers allows extensions to add helper functions so templates can be less reliant on Genshi filter
#2355 1338212946000000 toby Need to do documentation which is #2362 so has own ticket closing
#2358 1336641577000000 amercader Took longer than expected due to last minute changes and problems with the packaged version.
#2361 1337016768000000 amercader I actually spent some more time of this because I upgraded PDEU to CKAN 1.7, which was needed to fix the search index and a good testing for the release as well.
#2362 1341314244000000 toby first part complete part2 is the auto generation merge that is for 1.9
#2362 1342085420000000 toby need to get the auto-documentation done now
#2364 1335890204000000 ross Review the FRY app and investigate alternative payment gateways.
#2364 1336483769000000 ross Start of doc listing payment gateways is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E4lX6RnRLDO0ioieKRpVs9a-My9nh6lBjvVahWDm3SY/edit
#2365 1336492342000000 ross See also #1165 and #1096
#2365 1340266964000000 ross After discussion with DR, it was decided that multisite wasn't something we would approach now, instead going for individual (shared codebase) installs.
#2366 1336395238000000 dread For my site I need the Authorization Groups sections gone from the authz pages, for v1.7.1, so I've made these check for the presence of any Authorization Groups in commit: [master 8947302]. So it's another useful stepping stone to getting rid of them cleanly.
#2366 1336555441000000 ross I think the UI aspects have been removed in 1.7 with hopefully the rest of it going in 1.8 - assuming we have a clean migration script.
#2366 1336560445000000 dread Thanks Ross. It's the dataset authz and admin authz pages which still need Authorization Groups removing. e.g. http://thedatahub.org/dataset/authz/conservative-party-uk-donors-by-sector and http://thedatahub.org/en/ckan-admin/authz
#2366 1338215334000000 ross Need to make sure there is a clear migration between authgroups and organizations if desired.
#2367 1336035031000000 aron.carroll Fixed in [email protected]
#2371 1338481174000000 toby implementation trial in ckan demo branch #2375
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