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Release (57 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1136 Move to SessionExtension in vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#2949 Reenable Data API button on the new theme ckan defect amercader new 10/01/12
#1135 Changeset model for vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#1137 Remove need for statefulness in vdm vdm enhancement kindly assigned 05/12/11
#1244 Notes field carriage-returns converted to CRLF ckan enhancement assigned 07/26/11
#1322 Action API improvements ckan enhancement assigned 09/08/11
#1460 Improve extensions documentation ckan enhancement assigned 11/12/11
#1689 List deleted datasets in API ckan enhancement kindly assigned 01/20/12
#2635 Non-destructive SOLR reindex ckan enhancement new 07/09/12
#1328 Unicode & paster commands ckan defect assigned 09/12/11
#1509 Mis-dated old revisions of datasets ckan defect assigned 12/05/11
#2719 Feeds controller does not catch NotAuthorized exception ckan defect new 07/21/12
#2673 simplify set of options for resources ckan enhancement new 07/14/12
#2947 Redirect to the resource page from /resource/{res-id} ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#3026 Support icons on nav_named_link ckan enhancement amercader new 11/30/12
#2656 Feed with few results has bad paging link, causing exception ckan defect seanh new 07/11/12
#2622 Login fails in Opera 12 ckan defect new 06/28/12
#2784 model dictize sensitive data ckan defect icmurray new 08/01/12
#3013 common-error-messages is unreadable ckan defect dominik new 11/10/12
#3029 JSONP parameter scuppers Search in API ckan defect seanh assigned 12/11/12
#285 Paginate list of packages on tag read page ckan enhancement assigned 04/07/10
#301 Package discussion pages ckan enhancement assigned 04/26/10
#1069 Stub datasets (request for datasets) ckan enhancement tobes assigned 04/01/11
#1130 First time users ckan enhancement assigned 05/09/11
#2535 SSL certificate for DataHub + https by default ckan enhancement assigned 06/15/12
#2683 Add no-cache header to _tracking API call's response to make sure it doesn't get cached ckan enhancement new 07/16/12
#2688 Allow ordering of groups in WUI ckan enhancement new 07/17/12
#2709 Atom feeds are undocumented ckan enhancement icmurray new 07/18/12
#2731 Some sites permanently 'down for maintenance' ckan enhancement new 07/23/12
#2777 bug: user attributes ckan enhancement new 07/31/12
#2796 Need a datahub one-pager ckan enhancement mark.wainwright new 08/02/12
#2814 Demo: upload file behaves oddly ckan enhancement shevski assigned 08/08/12
#2844 SQL-only (no solr) version of CKAN ckan enhancement new 08/13/12
#2851 Preview of PDF tries to connect to datastore ckan enhancement new 08/15/12
#2870 1.8 tag_list not defined ckan enhancement seanh new 08/16/12
#2874 Clean up bin directory ckan enhancement rgrp assigned 08/17/12
#2877 Bugs with datastore v2 ckan enhancement kindly assigned 08/18/12
#2888 Datapreview in Iframe ckan enhancement new 08/23/12
#2895 QA pages (e.g. broken resource links) are not paginated ckan enhancement new 08/28/12
#2911 Internal documentation of Organization Groups ckan enhancement new 09/06/12
#2934 Webtests for CKAN ckan enhancement new 09/18/12
#2938 Explain bundling in doc/resources.rst ckan enhancement Toby new 09/24/12
#2939 Orgs are groups ckan enhancement toby new 09/25/12
#2943 Chrome does not resize preview ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2944 Recline preview does not work in Opera ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2945 Pdf preview does not load in IE ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2948 Negative range breaks datastore backend ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2992 Delete resource should send me back to edit dataset page ckan enhancement new 10/16/12
#3012 data.gov auth ckan enhancement toby new 11/08/12
#3020 Update CKAN coding standards ckan enhancement new 11/16/12
#3021 Logout doesn't work without JS ckan enhancement johnmartin accepted 11/20/12
#3023 New methods on IPackageController to provide access to the data_dict ckan enhancement amercader new 11/22/12
#3025 Add requests to core requirements ckan enhancement amercader new 11/27/12
#3027 solr for 2.0 ckan enhancement kindly new 12/04/12
#3030 clean up helper functions ckan enhancement new 12/18/12
#2957 New datastore on postgres prior to 9.0 ckan task new 10/03/12
#2867 1.8 url_for error ckan enhancement new 08/16/12

ckan 2.0 Release (43 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#3019 Cannot delete dataset extras ckan defect new 11/14/12
#3011 Recline fixes and updates for CKAN 2.0 ckan enhancement johnglover new 11/07/12
#3017 New stable branch for the demo server ckan enhancement johnglover new 11/13/12
#2959 Changing a Group's name through the action api disassociates it from its datasets in the index ckan defect icmurray new 10/04/12
#1171 Citation instructions on dataset and resource view pages ckan enhancement mark.wainwright assigned 06/01/11
#2831 Create a limited subset of markdown that's supported ckan enhancement new 08/09/12
#2951 Paster command for building css from less ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2952 incorporate javascriopt translations into translations workflow ckan enhancement seanh new 10/01/12
#2996 Fix behaviour of View Profile button in user popover when already on user's profile ckan enhancement new 10/17/12
#2913 IGroupForm has package_form() method ckan defect new 09/11/12
#2920 Genshi text template message extractor no longer needed? ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2921 Add docstring to top of lib/extract.py file ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2922 Better docstring for CKANInternationalizationExtension ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2923 Change regularise -> regularize ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2924 Better docs for trans js command, and add to release process ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2925 Remove trans mangle paster command? ckan defect new 09/13/12
#2964 Last organization admin can remove herself ckan defect new 10/15/12
#2967 Organization members edit page reloads after demoting self ckan defect new 10/15/12
#2968 Anyone can access organization members page ckan defect new 10/15/12
#2969 Group members page 500s ckan defect new 10/15/12
#2970 Organization and group member links use id not name ckan defect new 10/15/12
#2993 "logged_in" and "visitor" show in user list at /users ckan defect new 10/17/12
#3001 Multilingual plugin crashes CKAN on add dataset when some languages are default ckan defect new 10/18/12
#3014 Crash when deleting a non-empty vocabulary ckan defect new 11/13/12
#2329 Add back in RSS/Atom links on relevant pages ckan enhancement assigned 04/26/12
#2654 UI support for ordering groups on group_read page ckan enhancement assigned 07/10/12
#2886 Configurable related items ckan enhancement new 08/22/12
#2902 genshi is used in Group controller ckan enhancement new 09/04/12
#2917 Organization admins can delete themselves ckan enhancement johnmartin new 09/12/12
#2926 I*Form tests for per-type templates ckan enhancement new 09/13/12
#2927 Test new package/group/organization type URLs support ckan enhancement new 09/13/12
#2928 Run CKAN tests with example_i*form extensions enabled ckan enhancement new 09/13/12
#2929 Remove is_fallback() from I*Form extension interfaces? ckan enhancement new 09/13/12
#2931 Better docstring for app_globals.py ckan enhancement new 09/17/12
#2932 Add docstring to system_info.py ckan enhancement new 09/17/12
#2933 Update theming docs ckan enhancement new 09/17/12
#2956 Allow for resource editing in CKAN 2.0 ckan enhancement shevski assigned 10/03/12
#2961 Preview plugin endpoint ckan enhancement dominik assigned 10/08/12
#2966 'Add' button text is wrong when editing organization members ckan enhancement new 10/15/12
#2971 "Are ytou sure you want to delete this member?" should say which member ckan enhancement new 10/15/12
#2972 Remove any imports of authz.py and delete file ckan enhancement new 10/15/12
#2973 Move new_authz.py into logic/auth/__init__.py ckan enhancement new 10/15/12
#2974 General of all auth functions ckan enhancement new 10/15/12
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