17:53 Ticket #2374 (tag search paging) created by dread
Currently in the logic function tag_search you can specify limit and …
14:41 Ticket #2373 (Group autocomplete doesn't work with multiple words) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed in …
13:56 Ticket #2373 (Group autocomplete doesn't work with multiple words) created by dread
e.g. 'Cabinet Office' returns 0 results, whereas 'Cabinet' returns …


18:50 Ticket #2372 (Create frontend style guide) created by aron.carroll
This should cover formatting and best practices for HTML, CSS and …
12:00 Ticket #2371 (fanstatic integration) created by toby
aims * allow templates to specify needed css/js * allow split js files …
11:56 Ticket #2311 (disqus - improvements) closed by toby
11:55 Ticket #2251 (Internal analytics for ckan.) closed by toby
11:54 Ticket #2256 (remove TDH from core) closed by toby
fixed: I'm closing this ticket now ckanext-datahub exists and is live - the other …
11:53 Ticket #1370 ([super] Social sharing for datasets (and resources)) closed by toby
10:50 Ticket #2370 (Add examples of all config settings in default config file) created by seanh
The default config file should contains examples (maybe commented out) for …
08:50 Ticket #2367 (Style the analytics view counts on datasets) closed by aron.carroll
fixed: Fixed in ckanext-datahub@4aa76740e3def64a80171df4417c195210f0eb25


16:11 Ticket #2369 (Pull latest translations from Transifex into CKAN 1.7) closed by seanh
16:10 Ticket #2369 (Pull latest translations from Transifex into CKAN 1.7) created by seanh
14:38 Ticket #2343 (Convert all non-free metadata fields to vocabulary fields) closed by johnglover


17:35 Ticket #2368 (Fix OS X Lion install instructions on wiki) created by seanh
Solr install instructions install the wrong version
17:19 Ticket #2367 (Style the analytics view counts on datasets) created by aron.carroll
Currently an eye and a number, needs to look a little nicer.
17:16 Ticket #2366 (Remove Authorization Groups) created by amercader
1.7 will hide the link on the footer and put a deprecation notice on the …
16:31 Ticket #2365 (Investigation of multisite) created by ross
What would as a multisite CKAN look like? This is really part of the work …
16:29 Ticket #2364 (Investigation of payment gateways) created by ross
Need to investigate alternative payment gateways
16:16 Ticket #2363 (Documentation of best caching practice.) created by kindly
Need better documentation on best practices in making page loads faster …
16:13 Ticket #2362 (Improve plugin documentaion, including examples.) created by kindly
Improve documentation for plugins and add examples. Could use …
15:51 Ticket #2361 (Install ckanext-googleanalytics and ckanext-stats on PDEU) created by amercader
15:50 Ticket #2360 (Finish INSPIRE support proposal) created by amercader
I've been writing a doc with different issues regarding INSPIRE support in …
15:48 Ticket #2359 (Investigate pycsw integration) created by amercader
Tom Kralidis kindly told us on IRC [1] that the latest trunk of pycsw …
15:43 Ticket #2358 (Finish off Release 1.7) created by amercader
Various stuff related with release 1.7: * Review patches sent to the …
15:29 Ticket #2357 (Create build script for front-end resources) created by aron.carroll
Should minify and concatenate JavaScript? and CSS as part of #2354
15:28 Ticket #2356 (Localise JavaScript strings) created by aron.carroll
15:10 Ticket #2355 ([super] make extensions cleaner) created by toby
* Do an analysis of why upgrades are problematic * What can we do better * …
15:10 Ticket #2354 (Front end performance improvements [super]) created by aron.carroll
Try and increase the page load times for the front end. = Now = * …
15:05 Ticket #2353 (Provisional user stories for CMS + Blogging) created by ross
Provide some provisional user stories for the CMS/Blogging feature. …
14:53 Ticket #2352 (Fix autodoc on CKAN's readthedocs) created by seanh
14:44 Ticket #2351 (Install EC Portal on CentOS) created by icmurray
Install and document (step-by-step) CKAN (and dependencies, and …
14:16 Ticket #2350 (Hooks in package controller for validating form data) created by icmurray
When the validation schema was moved from the package controller into the …
13:53 Ticket #2349 (Make sure semantic.datahub.io gets created) created by ross
[x] Redeploy Sparql endpoint Done at …
13:46 Ticket #2348 (Java client library for CKAN) created by ross
Start a Java library for interacting with the CKAN Action API. Currently …
13:38 Ticket #2347 (Related stuff dashboard and changes) created by ross
Some additions to the related stuff functionality to make it more useful …
13:16 Ticket #1621 (UnicodeDecodeError when validating user password) closed by seanh
fixed: Closing because I haven't seen this test fail for ages
13:14 Ticket #1764 (Move activity streams API tests into tests/logic) closed by seanh
wontfix: Closing because I'm not sure what the reason for doing this would be.
13:12 Ticket #1633 (Render a dataset's activity stream on its' page) closed by seanh
wontfix: Closing this as there doesn't seem to be much interest in showing activity …
13:11 Ticket #1632 (Render a group's activity stream on its' page) closed by seanh
wontfix: Closing this as there doesn't seem to be interest in showing activity …
12:53 Ticket #2346 (EC ODP Theme updates) created by johnglover
Changes: * tidy up activity feed on home page or replace with search …
12:52 Ticket #2345 (Rewrite action API docs using autodoc) created by seanh
12:51 Ticket #2344 (Get jenkins install script into CKAN core) created by seanh
After checking out a commit to test from CKAN's GitHub?, Jenkins runs a …
12:49 Ticket #2343 (Convert all non-free metadata fields to vocabulary fields) created by johnglover
* convert non-free fields to vocab fields (eg: interoperability_level) * …
12:47 Ticket #2342 (Fix Jenkins issue when testing branches with different solr schema ...) created by seanh
12:46 Ticket #2341 (Fix Jenkins issue when testing branches that contain model changes) created by seanh
12:44 Ticket #2340 (Get Jenkins to automatically run core extensions tests) created by seanh
12:44 Ticket #2339 (Demo install on RHEL/CentOS, and install instructions) created by seanh
12:39 Ticket #2338 (Help with setup of new test instance for EC ODP (running on RedHat)) created by johnglover
I won't be needed for this during the current sprint, closing.
12:23 Ticket #1269 (User view page shows the packages followed by viewing user not user being ...) closed by johnglover
12:21 Ticket #1812 (Restrict editing rights/permissions based on publisher) closed by johnglover
fixed: Ross has fixed this via group authentication.
12:19 Ticket #1811 (Translate Eurovoc tags from ID to dataset language) closed by johnglover
wontfix: Not using eurovoc tags.
12:19 Ticket #1810 (Store list of Eurovoc tag names and IDs) closed by johnglover
wontfix: Not using eurovoc tags.


14:57 Ticket #2337 (Sort out ini file confusion in docs) created by seanh
For example if you follow the source install instructions then you have …
14:22 Ticket #2306 (Updates to metadata model) closed by johnglover
13:35 Ticket #2336 (Move Jenkins' install script into ckan core so it can be versioned) created by seanh
12:42 Ticket #2335 (Unicode characters don't work in CKAN ini files) created by seanh
You get a UnicodeDecodeError?, looks like it tries to decode the ini file …
09:46 Ticket #2269 (EC ODP review and server setup) closed by johnglover
08:22 Ticket #2318 (Bug with Portugese translation and Javascript) closed by seanh


22:21 Ticket #2334 (Improved data import) created by rgrp
Placeholder for thinking about this ... * Allow users to configure info …
22:16 Ticket #2333 (Introduce new resource type datastore) created by rgrp
This is a resource that is *just* in the datastore. At the moment there …
20:20 Ticket #2274 (Review multilingual branch with kindly, merge into master) closed by seanh
20:15 Ticket #2332 (Fixes for v1.7 release) created by rgrp
A place to list crucial fixes for v1.7 release: Related extension: All …
18:24 Ticket #2331 (Search should AND terms not OR terms) created by rgrp
Appears current default search in CKAN ORs terms rather than ANDing them …


08:48 Ticket #2302 (Simple theming) closed by ross
fixed: Will eventually want to allow customisation of different CSS but designs …
08:48 Ticket #2239 (EC ODP RDF/N3 templates) closed by ross


17:18 Ticket #1737 (Expose solr-based search API) closed by icmurray
worksforme: Facet results are already available through the package_search action …
17:16 Ticket #2330 (Make api read-actions GETable) created by icmurray
Whitelist any GETable api actions, and optionally construct the query from …
12:15 Ticket #2329 (Add back in RSS/Atom links on relevant pages) created by rgrp
E.g. on dataset page, on revision page, on user page and on search …
12:15 Ticket #2328 (Link to Catalog API for each Dataset, Group and Tag) created by rgrp
At the moment no way for a normal user to find JSON versions of this …
11:41 Ticket #2308 (Merge facet html snippets in the multi-lingual branch) closed by icmurray
11:41 Ticket #2307 (Merge 1.6.1 into master) closed by icmurray
11:40 Ticket #2285 (Data Previewer / Viewer v3 : Embedding! - /resource/../embed) closed by icmurray


17:29 Ticket #2327 (Upgrade solr schema to version 1.4) created by kindly
* Add Ascii folding filter to text fields. * Add capacity field for …
16:39 Ticket #2326 (dataset permalinks) created by toby
create permalinks eg \dataset\~a5-DQ\nice-name ~XXXXX defines the …
15:03 Ticket #2325 (Format alphabet pager (tags page) for bootstrap) closed by dread
fixed: Done in [release-v1.6.1 6343a9c]
15:01 Ticket #2325 (Format alphabet pager (tags page) for bootstrap) created by dread
Also need to fix bug where 'Other' is never highlighted.
10:58 Ticket #2324 (Link API docs to relevant version not just latest) created by amercader
The link to the API docs in the footer always points to the latests docs, …


13:32 Ticket #2323 (Auto-complete in organizations) created by ross
Apparently auto-complete in Organizations may not work. Check and fix. …
03:03 Ticket #2322 (Convenience offset on end of resource urls: /raw, /api, /viewer) created by rgrp
== Raw == /raw or /download (latter may be better) […] == API == …
03:00 Ticket #2321 (Use resource names/titles in URLs) created by rgrp
Would make them much nicer but requires: * Ensure uniqueness (or deal …


20:12 Ticket #2320 (Introduce new state: archived) created by rgrp
Some datasets become obsolete: e.g. http://datahub.io/dataset/uncdb Do not …
20:02 Ticket #2319 (Better auto-complete for groups on dataset edit page) created by rgrp
Use jquery chosen?


18:44 Ticket #2318 (Bug with Portugese translation and Javascript) created by rgrp
If you switch to Portugese and try to add a resource on dataset edit it …
15:27 Ticket #2317 (Corrections to dataset creation form for v1.7) created by rgrp
* Add home page url * Remove group option (seen it confuse several users) …
15:24 Ticket #2292 (Group edit form no longer allows for adding of multiple datasets at once) closed by rgrp
13:47 Ticket #2316 (add resource status api to see the state of celely tasks) created by kindly
add resource_status_show action function to see the state of celery tasks. …


10:58 Ticket #2315 (Change Cookie expiry) closed by dread
fixed: Done, with tests and bootstrapification of the form: [release-v1.6.1 …
10:57 Ticket #2315 (Change Cookie expiry) created by dread
Change login cookie from a default expiry of 50 years to 2 years. You can …


11:18 Ticket #2280 (Move ecportal to organizations, add history template) closed by ross
09:46 Ticket #2300 (Write initial docs for multilingual branch) closed by seanh


17:07 Ticket #2314 (parse_rfc_2822 tests failing in some timezones) created by seanh
These two tests: …


15:51 Ticket #2313 (Deprecate old facet data structures and related functions.) created by icmurray
In branch feature-1821-multilingual-extension, a new faceting …
13:54 Ticket #2299 (Set Slovakas default language on data.gov.sk) closed by seanh
12:01 Ticket #2303 (Move ECPortal rdf dump paster) closed by ross
11:56 Ticket #2312 (Analysis of how datasets could belong to users instead of Groups) created by ross
DUPLICATE OF #2548 Currently datasets can only be part of a group but …
11:54 Ticket #2255 (Organizations (Privacy + Ownership)) closed by ross


17:54 Ticket #2311 (disqus - improvements) created by toby
get working on TDH look at removing stream filters
16:38 Ticket #2275 (Implement group logos) closed by johnglover
16:01 Ticket #2310 (Refactor the search-query construction in feeds.py) created by icmurray
The feeds controller, used to construct atom feeds, duplicates code found …
15:54 Ticket #2309 (Organizations review with SH) created by ross
Review organizations code with Sean and explain the key parts.
15:52 Ticket #2308 (Merge facet html snippets in the multi-lingual branch) created by icmurray
Seanh and icmurray both touched on the html snippets in facets.html. So …
15:50 Ticket #2307 (Merge 1.6.1 into master) created by icmurray
There are a number of features developed against 1.6.1 that need to be …
14:54 Ticket #2306 (Updates to metadata model) created by johnglover
Finalised metadata model requires several changes to our existing model: …
14:43 Ticket #1634 (Allow users to follow/unfollow activity streams of other users, datasets ...) closed by seanh
14:42 Ticket #2305 (User dashboard with private consolidated activity stream) created by seanh
User story #035 here: …
14:40 Ticket #2304 (Watching/following of dataset/users) created by seanh
User story #037 here: …
13:24 Ticket #2303 (Move ECPortal rdf dump paster) created by ross
Move ECPortal rdf dump paster command into core so that it can be run on …
13:23 Ticket #2302 (Simple theming) created by ross
Needs re-testing after the ODS re-theme. ==== Simple image upload, text …
13:18 Ticket #1496 (Render a user's activity stream on her user page) closed by seanh
12:27 Ticket #2301 (Replace old-style string formatting with format() method (at least in ...) created by seanh
Some strings in CKAN are passed to gettext with more than one %s in them, …
12:26 Ticket #2300 (Write initial docs for multilingual branch) created by seanh
12:25 Ticket #2299 (Set Slovakas default language on data.gov.sk) created by seanh
09:47 Ticket #2297 (Initial analysis of follow support) closed by seanh
fixed: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/27
09:39 Ticket #2298 (Add sort-by controls to the search results page) created by icmurray
Sort-by functionality was exposed through the package controller in [1]. …
09:13 Ticket #2271 (IATI: Some datasets not being indexed) closed by amercader
fixed: This was caused by an human error.
09:11 Ticket #2252 (UKLP harvesters returning errors when importing due to schema changes) closed by amercader
09:07 Ticket #2297 (Initial analysis of follow support) created by icmurray
09:05 Ticket #2296 (Initial analysis of moderated edits) closed by icmurray
09:04 Ticket #2296 (Initial analysis of moderated edits) created by icmurray
What needs doing, and how long will it take?
09:03 Ticket #2295 (Migrate CKAN packaging and apt.ckan.org from dgu-buildbot) closed by icmurray
09:02 Ticket #2295 (Migrate CKAN packaging and apt.ckan.org from dgu-buildbot) created by icmurray
* Create Jenkins task for packaging CKAN * ... and publishing to …
08:57 Ticket #1593 ([super] Create feeds from search results) closed by icmurray


19:35 Ticket #2294 (Unauthorized action on Data API gets 302 rather than 401 or similar) created by rgrp
Well known issue that 401 *in API* end up with 302 redirect to login page …
19:34 Ticket #2293 (Rename of Group results in disappearance of associated datasets from group ...) created by rgrp
Rename of group makes all the datasets associated with the group disappear …
19:23 Ticket #2292 (Group edit form no longer allows for adding of multiple datasets at once) created by rgrp
Can only add one dataset at a time now (not sure when this broke but was …
19:19 Ticket #2291 (DataStorer incorrectly attempts to store JSON in DataStore) created by rgrp
See …


20:38 Ticket #2264 (Do an audit of string translations in CKAN core and ckanext-ecportal) closed by seanh
14:17 Ticket #2290 (Mark facet titles in search pages for translation) created by seanh
The strings Tags, Res_format and Groups on e.g. the package index page …


18:37 Ticket #2289 (Flash messages are not being translated?) created by seanh
There are a couple of flash messages in ckan/controllers/user.py that show …
18:23 Ticket #2288 (Fix i18n of strings on auth group add/edit pages) created by seanh
There are a couple of strings on the authorization group add/edit form …
18:08 Ticket #2287 (Consistent datetime and time period strings localization) created by seanh
Find all places where date, times and time periods are rendered as strings …
17:30 Ticket #2286 (Upgrade to boostrap v2.0.2) created by zephod
I minified bootstrap and apparently downgraded the version. This breaks …
11:40 Ticket #2285 (Data Previewer / Viewer v3 : Embedding! - /resource/../embed) created by icmurray
Allow a user to embed the data viewer in their webpage. * [x] Embedding …
08:18 Ticket #2284 (Local queries/views/viz in Related stuff.) created by ross
From #2204 not sure how much we have thought through using this for …


09:59 Ticket #2283 ([super] Data Previewer / Viewer v3) created by rgrp
* Basic geo map * Facets * Filtering * Pivot table support (?) * …


16:32 Ticket #2276 (Upgrade Slovakia CKAN instance) closed by seanh
16:31 Ticket #2272 (Setup jenkins on the new dev server) closed by seanh
16:18 Ticket #2282 (log api calls for users) created by toby
This was part of #2251 but is now it's own ticket. we need clarity on …
16:04 Ticket #2270 (DataExplorer overview) closed by johnglover


10:37 Ticket #2281 (Pagination styling converted to Bootstrap) closed by dread
fixed: Done in [release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5][release-v1.6.1 9ecbfa5]
10:31 Ticket #2281 (Pagination styling converted to Bootstrap) created by dread
Make the search results pagination styled by Bootstrap. Needs putting …


15:41 Ticket #2260 (Update ecportal theme to match latest changes to tenforce theme) closed by johnglover
fixed: Finished for this iteration, waiting for design work to be completed …
15:07 Ticket #2280 (Move ecportal to organizations, add history template) created by johnglover
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