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#3002 API v1/2 'legacy' search parameters must be escaped before they are put into a Solr query string ckan defect new 10/19/12
#924 Search box has no search button ckan enhancement new 01/24/11
#948 Highlight (to a sysadmin) which packages are deleted ckan enhancement assigned 02/02/11
#1171 Citation instructions on dataset and resource view pages ckan enhancement mark.wainwright assigned 06/01/11
#1259 "Add a row" for Extras on Package form ckan enhancement johnglover new 08/02/11
#1285 Errors cause emails ckan enhancement assigned 08/23/11
#1314 ckanclient search - generator improvements ckan enhancement assigned 09/07/11
#1326 Write a set of auth plugin functions to integrate with Druapl ckan enhancement new 09/12/11
#1393 Don't skip search tests ckan enhancement johnglover assigned 10/13/11
#1424 Openness notice should be clearer ckan enhancement new 10/26/11
#1581 Blog post about Google Analytics extension for CKAN ckan enhancement mark.wainwright@… new 12/20/11
#2203 Data Viewer support for PDF ckan enhancement kindly assigned 03/04/12
#2243 Fix ckanext-example ckan enhancement seanh reopened 03/19/12
#2247 Resource preview glitch in some browsers ckan enhancement new 03/20/12
#2298 Add sort-by controls to the search results page ckan enhancement icmurray new 04/16/12
#2301 Replace old-style string formatting with format() method (at least in strings marked for translation) ckan enhancement seanh new 04/16/12
#2310 Refactor the search-query construction in feeds.py ckan enhancement icmurray new 04/16/12
#2326 dataset permalinks ckan enhancement toby new 04/25/12
#2336 Move Jenkins' install script into ckan core so it can be versioned ckan enhancement seanh accepted 04/30/12
#2341 Fix Jenkins issue when testing branches that contain model changes ckan enhancement seanh accepted 05/01/12
#2342 Fix Jenkins issue when testing branches with different solr schema versions ckan enhancement seanh accepted 05/01/12
#2348 Java client library for CKAN ckan enhancement assigned 05/01/12
#2350 Hooks in package controller for validating form data ckan enhancement icmurray new 05/01/12
#2416 Normalise resource/data types ckan enhancement toby accepted 05/23/12
#2446 Create demo dataset history/comparison page ckan enhancement johnmartin assigned 05/28/12
#2451 Create demo user list page ckan enhancement johnmartin assigned 05/28/12
#2457 Create demo tags list page ckan enhancement johnmartin assigned 05/28/12
#2461 Create demo revisions page ckan enhancement toby assigned 05/28/12
#2493 Demo site 404 needs some love ckan enhancement aron.carroll accepted 06/06/12
#2530 DataHub purge fails on some revisions ckan enhancement kindly new 06/15/12
#2555 Demo site needs a breadcrumb helper ckan enhancement toby new 06/18/12
#2644 user dashboard for demo theme ckan enhancement shevski assigned 07/10/12
#2673 simplify set of options for resources ckan enhancement new 07/14/12
#2679 Change default behaviour of TemplateController.view to 404. ckan enhancement icmurray new 07/16/12
#2698 markdown preview ckan enhancement toby assigned 07/18/12
#2775 Add bin/less to paster serve command ckan enhancement toby new 07/30/12
#2785 Allow resources to be re-ordered ckan enhancement johnmartin assigned 08/01/12
#2822 Resource additional info titles format/i18n ckan enhancement toby new 08/09/12
#2823 resource additional info title order ckan enhancement toby new 08/09/12
#2831 Create a limited subset of markdown that's supported ckan enhancement new 08/09/12
#2833 Load module templates before calling .initialize() ckan enhancement new 08/09/12
#2834 Defer all publish calls until all modules have been initialised ckan enhancement new 08/09/12
#2835 Client module needs a template loading method ckan enhancement new 08/09/12
#2850 Add JSON support for IE7 ckan enhancement new 08/14/12
#2901 Language Dropdown bug in footer with IE7 ckan enhancement new 09/04/12
#2947 Redirect to the resource page from /resource/{res-id} ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2951 Paster command for building css from less ckan enhancement new 10/01/12
#2952 incorporate javascriopt translations into translations workflow ckan enhancement seanh new 10/01/12
#2996 Fix behaviour of View Profile button in user popover when already on user's profile ckan enhancement new 10/17/12
#3026 Support icons on nav_named_link ckan enhancement amercader new 11/30/12
#2277 Use the new atom feeds in IATI ckan refactor icmurray new 04/02/12
#2603 Remove deprecated 'fields' parameter from resource_search ckan refactor icmurray new 06/26/12
#2621 Remove the deprecated 'fields' parameter from tag_search and tag_autocomplete ckan refactor icmurray new 06/28/12
#1544 delete old git branches ckan task new 12/12/11
#1261 Investigate dots in extras search ckan defect new 08/03/11
#1317 password reset - improve user search ckan defect assigned 09/07/11
#2656 Feed with few results has bad paging link, causing exception ckan defect seanh new 07/11/12
#1260 Remove duplicate functions from _util.html ckan enhancement new 08/03/11
#1647 add links to ckan discuss & dev to thedatahub ckan enhancement new 01/16/12
#1823 Spring clean bin directory ckan enhancement new 02/20/12
#1096 [super] CKAN Hosted ckan defect rufuspollock new 04/19/11
#1182 Comments from deleted packages appear in "Recent Comments" feed ckan defect new 06/09/11
#1185 Administrators can't delete packages from web UI ckan defect new 06/15/11
#1203 Moderated edits: html code shows as "changed" although it is not ckan defect johnglover new 06/28/11
#1355 Package extras property does not include the newly created ones ckan defect new 09/26/11
#1457 Bug with DataNL instance ckan defect new 11/10/11
#1642 Extra link generators generate garbled HTML ckan defect new 01/12/12
#1668 repoze version discrepency ckan defect new 01/17/12
#2197 Storage Metadata API: add/update not working with local file storage (Pairtree) ckan defect assigned 02/28/12
#2335 Unicode characters don't work in CKAN ini files ckan defect seanh assigned 04/30/12
#2406 Errors in source install doc ckan defect kindly new 05/21/12
#2415 Confusing message on attempting to register new account with upper case ckan defect kindly new 05/23/12
#2485 Encourage leak containment by limiting the number of requests a CKAN process serves ckan defect icmurray new 06/01/12
#2486 Should be able to use . in dataset names ckan defect new 06/02/12
#2520 Document undocumented config options ckan defect seanh assigned 06/13/12
#2607 'Upload a file' appears on resource form when storage not enabled ckan defect assigned 06/27/12
#2622 Login fails in Opera 12 ckan defect new 06/28/12
#2721 deleted groups should not show on 'Add to Groups' dropdown ckan defect toby new 07/22/12
#2728 deleted group shows on search index - for admins ckan defect toby new 07/22/12
#2762 test_related.py crashes ckan defect new 07/26/12
#2763 Multilingual tests failing ckan defect new 07/26/12
#2784 model dictize sensitive data ckan defect icmurray new 08/01/12
#2815 db_to_form_package_schema() strips tracking summary, isopen ckan defect seanh new 08/08/12
#2820 English Language: Visualization -> Visualisation ckan defect new 08/09/12
#2846 Organizations allows you to set an organization as the parent organization of itself ckan defect new 08/13/12
#2857 no UI to follow another user although option on dashboard ckan defect toby new 08/15/12
#2863 non-admin users can edit other's draft datasets ckan defect toby new 08/16/12
#2869 user profile not linked on disqus until page refresh ckan defect new 08/16/12
#2873 ckanext-qa: dataset summary incorrect ckan defect toby assigned 08/16/12
#2881 Remove or improve 'Domain Model' docs page ckan defect new 08/21/12
#2882 Remove User Stories Overview from docs? ckan defect new 08/21/12
#2884 Lock icon shown next to unknown licenses ckan defect new 08/21/12
#2891 Update or remove DataStore google presentation ckan defect new 08/28/12
#2892 IDatasetForm's form_to_db_schema() breaks API? ckan defect new 08/28/12
#2893 Tags missing from form_to_db_package_schema() ckan defect new 08/28/12
#2894 Empty lists get stripped from package dicst in package_show() ckan defect new 08/28/12
#2896 resource_create crashes on ValidationErrors with KeyError: 'resources' ckan defect new 08/29/12
#2897 db_to_form_package_schema() crashes historical dataset page ckan defect new 08/30/12
#2898 Looses data entered on step 1 of create dataset after login ckan defect new 08/30/12
#2900 snippets/package_list.html template crashes on dataset that has no 'notes' ckan defect new 08/30/12
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