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#796 defect pudo ckan-v1.3 closed invalid AlphaPage for non-latin languages

The AlphaPage? implementation assumes that all packages start with a latin character. This is not true for Russian, Chinese, Arabian and Persian languages etc. We should either use a unicode solution (i.e. display a full class of characters based on the current locale) or use generic paging instead.

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#809 requirement pudo ckan-v1.3 closed wontfix Link to the Wiki pages in package form

This would allow for a community-driven definition of field values, conventions, etc.

Plus: create wiki.ckan.net

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#810 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.5 closed wontfix Move "add packages" field up in group form

Subticket of forms super ticket #961

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#835 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Authorization CLI and Documentation

As a sysadmin I want to take CKAN out of wiki-mode into normal mode. In normal mode visitor and logged in users cannot create or add packages.

Suggest put this as an internal command in authz system and add to cli as paster command.

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#848 enhancement pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-1 closed fixed Ability to hide extras fields on package read

for helsinki regional infoshare.

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#849 defect pudo closed duplicate Import extra CSS from main template

The CSS @import directive at the bottom of the main CKAN css file is not understood in all browsers, move this to a seperate import.

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#865 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-1 closed fixed Support external strings in JS
  • Provide and include a "language.js" file.
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#874 enhancement pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-2 closed fixed Extract solr search backend into an extension

Move the solr SearchBackend? to a seperate code base, remove any mentions of the CKAN model.

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#882 defect pudo pudo closed wontfix Update i18n user docs and backport genshi i18n:domain fixes from WDMMG 1293192044000000 1340626094000000
#890 enhancement kindly pudo ckan-v1.6 closed invalid Introduce timed actions into ckanext-queue

The ckan queuing system should provide the option to subscribe to timed re-submissions of specific resources. This could look as follows:

  • routing_key: Package
  • operation: daily
  • payload: pkg.as_dict()

Where operation is one of daily, weekly, monthly or any other interval.

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#891 task johnglover pudo ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Resource download worker daemon

Superticket: #1397

Write a worker daemon to download all resources from a CKAN instance to a local repository.


  • Do we only want to download openly licensed information? ANS: no, we do everything (though do need to think about this re. IP issues)
  • Should we have clever ways to dump APIs? ANS: no.
  • Do we respect robots.txt even for openly licensed information? ANS: No (we're not crawling we're archiving)
  • Use HTTP/1.1 Caching headers? ANS: if not changed since we last updated don't bother to recache.
    • Complete support for ETags
    • Expires, Max-Age etc.
  • Check


  • Download files via HTTP, HTTPS (will not do FTP)


  1. [Archiver.Update checks queue (automated as part of celery)]
  2. Open url and get any info from resource on cache / content-length etc
    1. If FAILURE status: update task_status table (could retry if not more than 3 failures so far). Report task failure in celery
    2. Check headers for content-length and content-type ...
      • IF: content-length > max_content_length: EXIT (store outcomes on task_status, and update resource with size and content-type and any other info we get?)
      • ELSE: check content-type.
        • IF: NOT data stuff (e.g. text/html) then EXIT. (store outcomes and info on resource)
        • ELSE: archive it (compute md5 hash etc)
      • IF: get content-length and content-length unchanged GOTO step 4
  3. Archive it: connect to storage system and store it. Bucket: from config, Key: /archive/{timestamp}/{resourceid}/filename.ext
    • Add cache url to resource and updated date
    • Add other relevant info to resource such as md5, content-type etc
  4. Update task_status

Optional functionality

  • If result object is HTML, search for references to "proper data" (CSV download pages etc.)
  • Download from POST forms (accepting licenses or weird proprietary systems)
  • Support running on Google Apps Engine to save traffic costs.

Existing work

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#892 enhancement johnglover pudo ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Make stored data available in WUI - 0.5d

Once we have storage, make the data available in the following ways:

  • Now have a cached_url field can show in the frontend ...
  • Add a [<a href="${cached_url}">cached</a>] link to right of real url on resource listing on dataset page.
  • On resource page: will not add it yet.
    • At the moment no clear place to pu this given nice big download button (could put in list of items on left but that does not seem right and note that it will turn up in big list of info at bottom)
  • Add test (?)
  • Deploy
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#893 defect pudo ckan-v1.4 closed wontfix ExtrasField should not overwrite more specific extras

At the moment, ExtrasField? cannot be used in conjunction with more specific extra fields, such as TextExtraField? or SuggestTextExtraField?.

1294135783000000 1298293527000000
#903 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Proper handling of deleted packages in Solr serps

Currently, deleted packages are filtered from search results after solr returns. That means result count can drop below the requested number, down to 0. Thus we need to filter before or in Solr.

1294831054000000 1296588070000000
#909 enhancement pudo ckan-backlog assigned DCat importer for CKAN

Write an importer that supports most well known variants of DCat in importing the data as CKAN packages. In particular, the following sources should be supported:

  • CKANrdf generated exports
  • opengov.se RDF (not really DCat)
  • Sunlight Nationdatacatalog as harvested by dcat-tools.
1295265958000000 1346669602000000
#910 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.5 closed invalid Refactor CKANrdf to support extras

Extra fields should be represented in some manner.

1295266026000000 1310128544000000
#911 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-3 closed fixed Add pager to dcat-tools/rdfsolr 1295266211000000 1296467375000000
#912 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.5 closed wontfix Rethink result row representation in dcat-tools/rdfsolr
  • Should license go in the bottom line?
  • Formats should be styled as in CKAN
1295266299000000 1306774876000000
#913 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.5 closed wontfix Handle licenses in dcat-tools
  • Create a list of all valid predicates where licenses are stored.
  • Create a license normalization registry in GSpread
  • Fill spreadsheet from OKD/OSI lists.
1295266407000000 1306774962000000
#914 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-3 closed fixed Handle formats in dcat-tools
  • Create a list of valid predicates for format information (accessURL et al)
  • Execute #235 via Google Spreadsheets and include in DCat enrichment
1295266569000000 1297069958000000
#915 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3-sprint-3 closed fixed Deploy dcat-tools/rdfsolr to publicdata.eu as a placeholder

We should present something there, why not start with a meta-search.

1295267040000000 1296467518000000
#916 enhancement rgrp pudo vdm-0.8 closed duplicate Port new vdm to Mongodb

We should create a port of VDM 0.9 for MongoDB to support user editing in WDMMG.

1295277011000000 1297066902000000
#935 defect pudo pudo closed fixed "groups" field bug in IATI

An internal server error was reported when trying to create a new package (not when editing):

WebApp? Error: <class 'sqlalchemy.exceptions.IntegrityError?'>: (IntegrityError?) null value in column "name" violates not-null constraint 'INSERT INTO package (id, name, title, version, url, author, author_email, maintainer, maintainer_email, notes, license_id, state, revision_id) VALUES (%(id)s, %(name)s, %(title)s, %(version)s, %(url)s, %(author)s, %(author_email)s, %(maintainer)s, %(maintainer_email)s, %(notes)s, %(license_id)s, %(state)s, %(revision_id)s)' {'maintainer': None, 'name': None, 'author': None, 'author_email': None, 'notes': None, 'title': None, 'maintainer_email': None, 'url': None, 'state': 'active', 'version': None, 'license_id': None, 'revision_id': '0141c09c-4eb3-4dda-a6b1-e07f2c73b4c5', 'id': '7fe16a29-f183-471a-99c5-2c2e81dd86e4'}

The error could not be reproduced in a non-apache/mod_wsgi environment, even with a dump of the live database. Further investigation by manual editing of the package form left the "groups" field as the likely cause. After updating the packages installed, and temporarily editing the package controller the problem vanished after a restart of the web server.

Possible causes include:

  • Stale pyc file
  • Threading issue
  • Dependency issue

As the problem is gone for now, it cannot be further investigated atm.

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#942 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Fix SERP pager argument passing

It only passes "q", but the whole query must be serialized.

1296469490000000 1297074807000000
#943 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Create CKAN Wiki

Set up a Mediawiki to contain info on CKAN.net (community) conventions etc.

1296469547000000 1297076498000000
#944 defect pudo pudo iati-4 closed fixed Upgrade IATI to CKAN 'default'
  • Move code base, fix any breakage.
  • Deploy to eu8
  • Test
  • Deploy to eu14


Later CKAN codebase has a bunch of improvements / fixes that it would be good to have.


  • 8h
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#949 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Generic username/password login

based on repoze.who-friendlyForms

1296658126000000 1297074827000000
#952 task wwaites pudo ckan-backlog closed invalid CKAN should run under nginx/uswgi

second part of #908

1296730498000000 1310125204000000
#980 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Fixes to HR Infoshare

We've fixed a few things in CKAN that were discovered and tracked by HRI in their own issue tacker. This includes:

  • add authz checks to package edit links (cset:0752316cd2fe)
  • replace gettext with _ in controllers, to support unicode error msgs (cset:822340e6077e)
  • handle broken html in notes field without crashing on package read (cset:4b6be037dda0)
  • update i18n (cset:37d57dc3c492, cset:ea03173f5e77, cset:f16f4ee40fe7)
1297430918000000 1297503177000000
#985 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed duplicate Harvest other data catalogues
  • data.london.gov.uk (1d, ping DERI)
  • catalogues from Paris and Vienna (1d)


  • digitaliser.dk (1d)
  • data-publica.com (2d)
  • data.suomi.fi (2d)
  • dati.piedmonte.it (1d)
  • portalu.de (2d)
1297679799000000 1306408134000000
#987 defect pudo pudo closed duplicate Common harvesting framework

We are now harvesting metadata from other sources in various places around CKAN. Such harvesting can include:

  • CSW/WFS for INSPIRE/UKLII (yields CKAN packages)
  • Catalogue scraping for LOD2 experiments (yields RDF graphs)
  • Atom/DCat for LOD2 production (yields RDF graphs)
  • OAI-PMH for http://datadryad.org/ and other dspace (yields CKAN packages)

We should aim to consolidate the harvesting clients into a common system that is easy to extend when needed and can be re-used in different scenarios.

In general, such a system would have the following stages:

  • Source selection: find what to download/scrape/harvest/parse
  • Index retrieval (i.e. package index)
  • Item retrieval (i.e. package entity)
  • (Optional: Serialization)
  • Normalisation
  • Loading/Merging? into CKAN

Exisiting harvesters are at:

1297684756000000 1311177705000000
#989 enhancement kindly pudo ckan-future new Extending the model from plugins

We need to support extending the model from plugins. This could involve:

  • Adding a plugin hook to extend the mapper
  • Adding an upgrade hook for plugin schema migrations
  • Documenting how this is to be done
  • Find a way to avoid conflicts
1297689724000000 1340034311000000
#1007 defect pudo pudo closed wontfix Backport WDMMG translations for extensions i18n

Needed to allow extensions to be internationalized in the code and in templates. Requires in-template i18n domain switching which is broken between Genshi and Pylons, thus needs this hackish class.

cf. https://bitbucket.org/okfn/wdmmg/src/198841e770e5/wdmmg/config/environment.py#cl-16

1298630621000000 1340626203000000
#1008 defect rgrp pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed eval() of user display name in template head

We're currently setting the user preferences links via a javascript snippet that also evals the name. This should be removed as we're not displaying the user name any longer.

We should also have page fragment caching in Genshi, which is not currently implmented.

cf. http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/Caching/Fragments.html

1298632686000000 1298821826000000
#1019 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Webhooks notification service

We propose the following push approach using individual packages:

  1. New, updated and deleted packages are pushed to a url endpoint on Wordpress (WPURL). This endpoint will be a configuration option on the CKAN side. A POST or PUT http method will get used. The payload will be a json document of the following form:


payload: The entity data as available from the REST API entity-type: 'Package', operation-type: 'create'|'update'|'delete' # one of these options


It will be sent as the body of the request with content-type set to application/json.

  1. The wordpress side will provide a 200 on success. Any other response will be taken as a failure. On failure, submission will be archived and failure logged and notified to system administrator. Submission can be resent later automatically by sysadmin after review.
  1. Pushes will happen continuously and approximately simultaneously with updates (a webhooks type model)
  1. [optional] CKAN side will support configuring authorization for basic authentication if applied on WP side.
  1. [optional] List queue status (including failures) on ckan adminstrative dashboard.
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#1021 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Config option to disable OpenID

HRI don't like federation, want to login normal way only. Make this a config option and perhaps even mess with runtime repoze config

1299492920000000 1299518828000000
#1022 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Error reporting in CKAN worker API

Report on errors by any worker daemons, send them out via E-Mail

1299493047000000 1299512991000000
#1023 defect pudo pudo closed wontfix Re-queueing of worker requests with errors

Schedule worker calls to be ran several times, with certain intervals.

1299493179000000 1340626231000000
#1024 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed duplicate Lock down all controller actions in CKAN

When a user visits the site, he/she may only see a login box.

1299493428000000 1299668648000000
#1027 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Authorization checks on all controller actions

We want to have authz checks on all controller actions so that we can lock down CKAN to a login-only mode.

1299666256000000 1299682082000000
#1056 defect dread pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-6 closed fixed User links for OpenID users are broken

Use case:

  • Login using OpenID
  • Click on 'My account' - results in 404


  • User user.id instead of their name
  • Escape the URL properly.
1301060249000000 1302882616000000
#1096 defect rufuspollock pudo ckan-future new [super] CKAN Hosted

Many users of CKAN want to have their own instance without much effort. Setting these up in separate places is a maintenance nightmare, we should much rather have some tenant separation in core CKAN. Some ideas:

  • introduce model.Site and c.site
    • site has: custom CSS, extra_template_path, title, languages list, package_form, group_form (all configured via web UI)
  • Subdomain detector to activate sites.
  • use site in Authorizer instead of System, have a NullSite? for global things
  • allow cross-site search
  • packages are in a list of sites, m:n rather than 1:n
    • list of sites is string-based, can contain sites not in site table to express harvested external material which is not editable locally.
1303235062000000 1339774484000000
#1108 enhancement zephod pudo ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Create a more modern theme for CKAN

CKAN looks a bit aged, it should be styled more modernly and some elements could be re-arranged:

  • Collect user info in top bar
  • re-add the logo to ckan.net
  • Remove tags from main menu, replace with /sitemap.xml


quora.com, github.com, Google Projects, Google Refine, etc.

CKAN.net or CKAN general theme?

To be decided. Suggest we start with ckan.net specific and then backwards integrate (?). Existing ckan.net theme repo:


1303830790000000 1315140879000000
#1155 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed fixed Harvester for data.london.gov.uk

Write a harvester for data.london.gov.uk to import catalogue metadata into PDEU. API (or at least documentation) is available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/londondatastore/files/

1306337318000000 1306773174000000
#1156 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed fixed Scraping harvesters for Paris and Vienna Catalogues

Import metadata from both sources into PDEU via the Harvesting framework but by scraping their respective catalogue pages.

1306337428000000 1306855111000000
#1157 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed fixed A simple theme for publicdata.eu, CKAN

Change the visual style of CKAN to be more like these sites:

This does not include major UX work.

1306337573000000 1309804029000000
#1158 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed fixed Put PDEU into read-only mode and remove unneeded functions

PDEU should be in a mode where:

  • Users cannot edit or create packages
  • Users cannot sign up on their own
  • AuthorizationGroups? and RevisionHistory? is completely gone from the UI
  • Groups have been repurposed as Subjects
1306337786000000 1309804060000000
#1159 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed fixed Add RDFa to CKAN package pages

RDFa can be used as a simple way to expose linked data or at least sameAs the API version of the data but we need to make sure we do not expose anything different from the "official" representation.

1306337907000000 1307615133000000
#1174 enhancement pudo pudo pdeu-1 closed wontfix API Representation Registry

As CKAN grows, more and more optional representations of packages will become used. Besides RDF (which is the motivation for this ticket), support for DSPL, home-grown XML, or CSV listings is imaginable.

To properly support this CKAN should have an extensible representation registry that can be extended when new output types become available (and without changing the API in the process). This needs to integrate in two places:

  • We need to add support for file format extensions to the package handler and REST API.
  • We need to add HTTP content type negotiation (Accept headers).

To support this we should have a registry with two registers:

  • to map format extensions to mime types (e.g. "json" -> "application/json")
  • to map mime types and entity types to converter functions (e.g. 8"application/json", ckan.model.Package) -> func(obj, mime_type) )

This should be set up on load_environment so that IConfigurer plugins can feed into it.

The registry should then first be added to _finish in the REST API (which needs to be refactored to be passed the {format} part of the URL if one is given. Based on the format part and HTTP headers, an appropriate representation can be generated by the registry and then be returned to the user.

Forwarding of requests to the regular WUI controllers with Accept headers set or a format specified can be implemented in a separate effort.

1307050992000000 1307615200000000
#1199 enhancement pudo pudo closed fixed Implement an email function for users.

We need an email function in CKAN to accept messages sent to users. The basic signature will be:

  • mail_user(user_obj, subject, body, mime_type='text/plain', headers={})

This has a number of use cases:

  • Retrieval of lost passwords
  • E-Mail confirmation

Finally, the mail function should be exposed in the API for sysadmin clients. This way we can have scripts traverse CKAN for 404s, invalid data or missing fields and ping users about that automatically (requires traversal by revision, not package, to get the associated users).


Note we have already written code like this (*and* tested it) in isitopen:

1308821986000000 1310555589000000
#1200 enhancement pudo closed duplicate Port PDEU theme to CKAN.net

PDEU has a newer layout which could be adapted to also be used on ckan.net. For this, things should be cleaned up, copied to the ckanext-ckan.net repo as needed and re-colored the core CKAN color scheme.

Maybe we could have this coincide with a CKAN rename?

1308824017000000 1311180218000000
#1223 enhancement pudo pudo closed fixed Caching of static files

StaticURLParser can have caching - use it

1310573854000000 1310573893000000
#1259 enhancement johnglover pudo ckan-backlog new "Add a row" for Extras on Package form

The default package form offers 4 empty extras fields. Like the resource section, it should have an "add more" button to add another row.

1312302693000000 1312907056000000
#1260 enhancement pudo ckan-backlog new Remove duplicate functions from _util.html

There seems to be both a list view for dictized and non dictized data structures for all entities in _util.html at the moment. Probably in the back of someone's mind already, but cleanup here would be nice.

1312366652000000 1313401499000000
#1261 defect pudo ckan-backlog new Investigate dots in extras search

It seems that searching for extras_foo:value works with solr, but extras_foo.bar:value doesn't. No theory on why.

1312366768000000 1312366768000000
#1262 enhancement pudo ckan-backlog new Enforce "create-user" permission

This does not seem to have any implications at the moment, it should lock down registration and remove all related links.

1312375296000000 1323090112000000
#1281 defect pudo pudo ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Locale change flash message in wrong language

When you change the locale, it displays a flash message "Language has been set to: English" in the original language, not the one we have just changed to.

1314021656000000 1314021919000000
#1381 enhancement amercader pudo ckan-sprint-2011-10-24 closed fixed Managing groups via package entity API

It is not currently possible to assign or remove groups by adding or removing their group name from the "groups" list on the REST API. This should be allowed, as it is easier than first adding a package and then editing each group it must belong to.

1318266706000000 1324037815000000
#1461 defect pudo closed fixed CkanClient doesn't submit auth headers for GET requests

e.g. package_register_get.

1321354037000000 1321359503000000
#1624 defect dread pudo ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed fixed Typo in dataset edit mode

Futher Information -> Further Information

1326121197000000 1326216362000000
#1642 defect pudo ckan-backlog new Extra link generators generate garbled HTML

I had a package descriptions with URLs that contain "group:foo". This produces garbled output as the system tries to generate two sets of links: the outer link and an inner link.

Need to fix the parser.


Webdienst basierende Bereitstellung von Geobasisdaten der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg. Folgende Geobasisdaten werden als WebMapTileService? (WMT-S) für die Dauer des Wettbewerbs netzbasiert unter der Creative Commons Lizenz zur Verfügung gestellt: Digitale Orthophotos 40 cm Auflösung (Layer: apps4d_DOP40), Digitale Stadtkarte (Layer: apps4d_DISK), Digitale Regionalkarte (Layer: apps4d_DIRK), Digitale Karte 1:5000 (Layer: apps4d_DK5).

Metadateneinträge zu den Daten im PortalU:

One fix is quoting the URLs

1326382171000000 1339773967000000
#929 defect rgrp rene.kapusta ckan-v1.4 closed fixed Handle the case when the licenses service is down better

I'm using v 1.3.1a and get a lot of "WebApp? Error: <type 'exceptions.Exception'>: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>" error messages.

Module ckan.forms.package:87 in build_package_form
<<      # Options/settings
           builder.set_field_option('name', 'validate', package_name_validator)
           builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
           builder.set_field_option('state', 'dropdown', {'options':model.State.all})
           builder.set_field_option('notes', 'textarea', {'size':'60x15'})
>>  builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
Module ckan.model.package:283 in get_license_options
<<      @classmethod
           def get_license_options(self):
               register = self.get_license_register()
               return [(l.title, l.id) for l in register.values()]
>>  register = self.get_license_register()
Module ckan.model.package:278 in get_license_register
<<      def get_license_register(self):
               if not hasattr(self, '_license_register'):
                   self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
               return self._license_register
>>  self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
Module ckan.model.license:46 in __init__
<<              from licenses.service import LicensesService2
                   self.service = LicensesService2(group_url)
                   entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
                   from licenses import Licenses
>>  entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
Module licenses.service:44 in get_licenses
<<          except Exception, inst:
                   msg = "Couldn't connect to licenses service: %s" % inst
                   raise Exception, msg
                   licenses = loads(response_body)
>>  raise Exception, msg
Exception: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>
1295995409000000 1299840884000000
#990 defect rene.kapusta closed fixed umlauts in title / text

It's not possible to use umlauts (like "CKAN Österreich") in the title / text.

1297801036000000 1311180850000000
#1 enhancement somebody rgrp milestone1 closed fixed Visitor visits service


Visitor visits service

As a

Visitor (general web user)

I want to

Visit the website of the service (frontpage)

So that

  • See the front page and discover information about the service
  • Perform various activities related to the service such as registering and finding packages, registering as a user and logging in
1152549417000000 1183636342000000
#13 enhancement somebody rgrp closed invalid Delete a release 1152550611000000 1218545330000000
#16 enhancement johnbywater rgrp closed invalid Update a file

As a

Authenticated user

I want to

Update a file associated with a release

So that

The file attributes are changed. File attributes are:

  • (internal) id
  • description
  • source: (url usually)


  • Permissions are as for package updating
1152550796000000 1250619162000000
#19 enhancement somebody rgrp closed invalid Undelete a user (registered person) 1152550881000000 1199787631000000
#29 enhancement rgrp rgrp milestone16 closed fixed Improve installation process
  1. install documentation (currently source:trunk/INSTALL is empty)
  2. improve ckan-admin as necessary
  3. create default data (such as licenses)
1152553638000000 1183648166000000
#30 enhancement zool rgrp v0.3 closed fixed Tags are added to a package by package owner

As A

Site User

I Want To

Create/Edit/Update/Delete? tags associated with my package


  • Tags are service-wide and not package specific
  • Tags should not allow spaces (but allow everything else e.g. ':')
  • web interface details
    • should provide a text box where users can add space separated tags (a la delicious).
    • tag creation should be seemless (so if a tag does not already tag exists it should automatically be created in the background)
    • would like to provide a list of relevant existing tags. For time being could just list all existing tags below entry box but in long run would like auto-updating/auto-suggesting listing a la delicious
1155905753000000 1185472559000000
#31 enhancement somebody rgrp closed wontfix Add a comment to a package

As a

Registered user

I want to

Add a comment to a package


  • The comment should be tagged with the username of the person making the comment
  • Should we allow comments per release as well as per package? No for the time being.
  • Comments will be 'flat' and not threaded (at least for the present)
  • Comments should be plain text and so html should be escaped (in the future we might look to use some kind of formatter such as markdown)
1157374505000000 1185472236000000
#32 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.3 closed fixed View a tag

As a


I want to

View a tag's page which should list all packages associated with that tag (or link to a page containing that list).


  • The tags should have a nice primary url such as /tag/<tag-name> (could also use the plural i.e. /tag/<tag-name>)
1157375968000000 1185472746000000
#33 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed List and search tags

As a


I want to

View a list of the tags on the system and search for a tag by name


  • As for a search of packages should search for tags that contains a given search string (or could use a glob approach allowing wildcards).
1157375983000000 1199788094000000
#35 defect rgrp rgrp v0.4 closed fixed IP Address for non-logged in users is always when deployed behind a proxy (e.g. on ckan.net)

When IP address is used to identify non-logged in users (for example on create and editing of packages) it is always when using a reverse proxy (standard deployment configuration on a production machine and used e.g. on http://www.ckan.net).

This could be corrected by using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR when available.

1177006633000000 1185471537000000
#36 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.4 closed fixed Edit package page should support previews

When editing a package one would like to be able to preview one's changes before saving.

1177007112000000 1185470035000000
#37 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Purge a Revision (i.e. purge all changes associated with that revision)

Spam entries have started to occur on ckan.net in the last few months. It would be useful to be able to purge these revisions -- that is permanently delete all changes to domain objects associated with those revision (one might also permanently delete that revision -- or alternatively simply mark it as purged).

In addition to providing this facility from the shell it would also be useful to be able to do this from the web interface (with associated restrictions on usage via an authorization controller of some sort).

1192650660000000 1199786536000000
#38 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Make data available in machine-usable form

Currently all data is only available via the web interface which makes it difficult to obtain in bulk. Data should be provided in other more convenient, machine usable forms:

  • DB Dump
  • JSON for each package page (maybe Atom as well)
1194521614000000 1200903004000000
#39 enhancement johnbywater rgrp v0.7 closed fixed When listing packages show more information than just name.

When a package listing is shown (as on http://ckan.net/package/list) more information than just name should be shown. For example package titles should be shown as well as names (could also list tags and other stuff but simplest is just title).

Cost: 1

1194608920000000 1223908298000000
#40 defect rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Reserved html characters (such as &) in urls mean package does not render for read view

A url such as: http://someurl.com/xyz?x=1&VERSION=1.1&Service=WFS when set as url or download_url breaks the rendering of the package with an error like:

There was an error rendering the package: not well-formed (invalid token): line 1, column 181

Have checked that removing the & stuff makes the error go away so this looks like an issue with escaping urls when displaying them ...

1195565228000000 1200993319000000
#41 task rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Upgrade to Latest Version of Pylons (0.9.6.*) and Deploy on Production Machine

Should do this sooner rather than later to avoid 'clear water' opening up and need to deploy then asap onto production machine to avoid 'clear water' between trunk and production (which then prevents pushing from trunk to production).

1199786854000000 1199787967000000
#42 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.6 closed fixed In WUI where List of Items to Display is Large Results should be Paged

As A


I Want To

View lists of items but not have too many on a page (as this leads to slow page loads and difficulty navigating the list). Where there are more items in the results of my action that can be fit on a single page the results should be 'paged' in some manner.


Main place this issue arises:

  • List of tags
  • List of packages
  • Repository history (/revision)

Should probably have no more than 50 (or so) items on a page. Obvious solution is for actions that return lists to have some kind of pageno parameter and then use this in controller to select what to display.

1199787162000000 1204133257000000
#43 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.10 closed fixed Generic Attributes for Packages

As A


I Want To

Add arbitrary named attributes to packages (an attribute being a name, type, value triple).


  • We will do this using a dedicated (versioned) table associated to Package
  • Do we allow multiple attributes of the same name?
    • For the present: No (since we will key by attribute name)
    • Could allow for single attribute but with multiple values using json list ...
  • What types do we allow or do we just rely on JSON to take care of this?

Questions (Original)

  • How complex is this to implement?
  • What would an arbitrary user be able to edit? Possibilities:
    1. 'create new attribute' and setting the value (so name and type would be chosen from predefined list).
    2. 'create', setting of name and value (but not type -- type already set in predefined list)
  • Could just use (machine) tags -- though this could be seen as a bit of a hack.
  • Would solve having to create special file/url attributes (though I think that perhaps file stuff is important enough to merit first class support in the domain model -- though, that said, since one won't want to have a file limit adding unlimited file support is very similar to unlimited attributes of arbitrary type).
1199788109000000 1253709802000000
#44 enhancement johnbywater rgrp v0.7 closed fixed Provide RSS/Atom Feed of Repository History

As A


I Want To

Get an RSS/Atom Feed of the Repository History to use in my feed reader (or elsewhere).


  • Preference for Atom.
  • should just add parameter to /revision/list/ (or /revision/) to select atom format e.g. ?format=atom.
  • should have a 'days' attribute specifying number of days back to go e.g. &days=30



1199788457000000 1223390660000000
#49 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Filter Spam in Changes to CKAN Data

As A


I Want To

Have revisions to the CKAN data filtered in order to reduce the spam in the system.


In the long run this is a quite a generic problem common across several OKF systems and probably can become a general component in the okfmisc repo. For time being focus on a well-factored CKAN-specific solution.

Suggest we follow path of trac: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter

Could have a general engine that aggregates spam scores from many different 'plugins' and then marks spam appropriately (actions should be configurable depending on spam level from 'purge' to 'delete' (mark revision as inactive) to 'flag' to 'do nothing').

Main initial plugins would be:

  • regex filter (this would seem very useful here, e.g. do not allow urls in commit messages ...)
    • could augment using the badcontent list approach (can find list on e.g. moinmoin)
  • spambayes and/or akismet
1204134691000000 1257244973000000
#50 task rgrp rgrp closed fixed Investigate apt-get in more detail

Research apt-get especially wajig and python wrappers for apt-get. Post results on the wiki.

1215456052000000 1267648356000000
#51 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.7 closed fixed Upgrade CKAN to use sqlalchemy and vdm v0.2

Move CKAN codebase to use sqlalchemy (rather than sqlobject) along with vdm v0.2.

NB: the upgrade itself should not be too hard, the work will be in providing a satisfactory migration script to convert existing data on ckan.net service.

1220900438000000 1223908230000000
#52 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.7 closed invalid Paginated results sets should be customizable across domain objects
  1. Tag results could/should show number of associated packages
  2. Package results should show title (and be in list)
  3. Pagination should be able to be applied to other result sets than simply register listing (e.g. search results ...)
  4. Revisions should be listed in a table with full details
1223549648000000 1223908425000000
#53 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.8 closed fixed View Information about Package history (i.e. package revisions)

As A


I want to

View information about a package history, i.e. what revisions it has.


  • History info should be available at package/history/pkg-name
  • Most basic info is just info from revision (when it occurred, author etc)
  • More sophisticated would be to have diff support to see differences between revisions
1223552139000000 1239133021000000
#54 enhancement johnbywater rgrp v0.7 closed fixed Support dump and load of CKAN data to JSON

As a


I want to

Dump (serialize) CKAN data to a simple transport format (e.g. JSON) and be able to load it again.


  • Already have simple db dump. However dumping to JSON has various advantages, particularly where changes to the data need to be made upon reloading (e.g. during a migration).
  • Dump should include *all* CKAN data (i.e. all the data in the CKAN db tables)
1223907883000000 1230211256000000
#55 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.7 closed fixed Code to migrate data from v0.6 to v0.7 using dump and load

Associated to ticket:51 (upgrade CKAN to new vdm) and ticket:54 (dump/load) need to convert v0.6 data for v0.7.

Obvious way to do this is via alteration to data load method.

1223908240000000 1223909891000000
#56 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.8 closed fixed Show icons indicating package openness

As A

User or Visitor

I Want To

See simple icons (e.g. tick/cross) next to packages (in lists or on main page) indicating openness status of package.

So That

It is easy to see the openness status of a package.


  • Suggested by Liz Turner
  • Openness = open license at present (no easy way to determine whether accessible)
  • Have separate tick for downloadability (i.e. existence of download url)
  • Could do more stuff in future (e.g. money where tag price- exists, etc etc)
1230211123000000 1239018857000000
#57 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.8 closed fixed Basic datapkg integration with CKAN

Using datapkg a user can:

  • list packages on CKAN
  • get info about package on CKAN
  • register and update a package on CKAN
1238750826000000 1239018717000000
#58 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.9 closed fixed Make bookmarklet to enable easy package registration on CKAN

Make bookmarklet to enable easy package registration on CKAN


  1. This requires redoing web interface to allow 1-step package creation/editing (as opposed to name then everything else approach at the moment)
1239018517000000 1239974365000000
#59 enhancement johnbywater rgrp v1.0 closed fixed Provide a basic guide to CKAN on the site
  1. Use contents from ckan package notes section (rgrp)
  2. Update that section to be more guide-like (jwyg)
1239018583000000 1273080019000000
#60 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.9 closed fixed Front page usability improvements
  1. List in sidebar 3 latest created/updated packages.
  1. Put package search box on front page (might also want to move some of front page content into an about page).
  1. Similarly might want package creation box on front page.
1239094266000000 1246434921000000
#61 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.10 closed fixed When dumping data to json do not dump private information like API keys

Cost: 1h

1239123529000000 1265890790000000
#62 enhancement dread rgrp v0.10 closed fixed Change tags to contain any character (other than space)

Requires us to url encode the tag names when displaying them ...

1240585095000000 1250181376000000
#63 defect rgrp rgrp v0.9 closed fixed Purge is broken after upgrade of vdm

Since we upgraded to new vdm (v0.4) which has built in purge support existing purge support looks to be broken. Should be reasonably easy to fix this.

Cost: 1h

1245148623000000 1245656000000000
#64 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.10 closed fixed Switch to repoze.who for authentication

Switch to repoze.who + openid plugin for authentication from authkit.

Already did this in microfacts so should be fairly easy.

1245168853000000 1246127063000000
#65 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.9 closed fixed Add version attribute to package

It is essential packages have a version attribute to assist in tracking releases etc (and to allow compatibility with other packaging systems e.g. distutils which is being used by datapkg).

cost: 2h

1245262864000000 1246434569000000
#66 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.10 closed fixed Improve user account UI
  1. Link at top should say "Your Account" when you are logged in
    • when not logged in should say: "Log in via openid"
    • Open Id info on /account/ should move to /account/login/ or be deleted
    • Going to /account/ when not logged in should redirect to /account/login/
  1. When logged in the basic account index page should not give generic information but should reflect fact you are logged in by:
  • Saying something like: "You are logged in as: ..."
  • Showing your apikey or a link to apikey
  • Giving you a logout link

We can think of a bunch of other stuff that could go on their (recent edits, packages you own etc) but these will be separate tickets.

1245263685000000 1250785405000000
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