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#1040 1328806824000000 dread Here are all the CKAN instances potentially involved in this issue: == ckan.net / DGU == These suffered this problem briefly and were fixed 15/3/11 == opengov_es http://opengov.es/ 1.2 == This does not have a theme extension. Is not serving files from root. == nosdonnees_fr http://www.nosdonnees.fr/ 1.3.1a == This does have a theme extension but does not seem to have a trailing blank public path since it is not serving files from root.
#340 1328807317000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.0.2?
#1653 1328887997000000 toby Initial implementation completed. /en/home - is English /fr/home - is French etc. /home uses site default from development.ini Requests to default will redirected to a language specific url if the browser requests an available language. h.url() and h.url_for() amended to use the new url scheme h.url_for_static() added for none language based urls (css, js) Base templates updated. IMPORTANT: pylons.url() removed from ckan.lib.base.render() as this allowed the language functionality to be ignored. Broken templates should use h.url() instead of url().
#1615 1328888870000000 dread Closing - looks ok to me
#1359 1329076613000000 rgrp I have completely overhauled the licenses repo (https://github.com/okfn/licenses), see https://github.com/okfn/licenses/issues/1 and new looking: http://licenses.opendefinition.org/ Next step is to ship the core set of licenses we need for CKAN as part of CKAN and remove the external dependency.
#1359 1329076629000000 rgrp Time so far: 0.5d
#1359 1329132464000000 rgrp Fixed, see https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/2f789700af9ba20ed2970674c6504be8a33401d9 Adopted http://licenses.opendefinition.org/licenses/groups/ckan.json for CKAN as the default (inlined it in code). Took longer than expected as did more work on the licenses service (which was not strictly necessary!)
#1721 1329133348000000 johnglover Done: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/bf3c85fbf9c72c0e8ac27d2079c20e07b6c7c668
#1791 1329138315000000 dread Fixed in [release-v1.6 beaeaed]
#1057 1329150236000000 toby fixed in commit 3d7cbf0
#1653 1329215488000000 toby branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting in ckanext-ecportal is part of this fix
#1692 1329242042000000 dread CMAP are really keen on having this for groups
#1692 1329242134000000 dread CMAP also interested in having some custom CSS for a group, but that is perhaps another ticket.
#1724 1329302302000000 seanh I've updated tag_search() and tag_autocomplete() and added tests for them. So this ticket is finished now on branch feature-1698-tag-taxonomies
#1687 1329338671000000 rgrp Closing as unclear what this involves (blob storage changes were deployed but webstore ones weren't ...)
#1779 1329393759000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1781 1329393814000000 kindly complete at 669a8e9f7a768b147b1668940842b72b2a302088
#1798 1329395560000000 dread Was fixed by Ian in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/5a9054459e3833443bed3e118bbbb6c442e55b0b on branch feature-1453-flexible-tag-names. This has gone into CKAN 1.6.
#1453 1329395697000000 dread This has gone into release 1.6.
#1802 1329409718000000 dread Current progress - I have got most of the dependencies installed - many by pip, but some I had to revert to Windows msi installers. Pad with details here: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/windows. So far done: 1 day.
#1792 1329483249000000 toby package create update use correct schema in get_action
#1802 1329490081000000 dread I've achieved CKAN running with paster and without SOLR (using simple_search). Running locally on an old XP machine, performance seems fine - no noticeable issues. I installed most things into a pyenv using pip. pyutilib, psycopg2 and lxml were slightly problematic, but I have workarounds. I had problems pip and svn and the Cygwin window, so reverted to DOS prompt. I still had the Cygwin tools installed though, so next step is to try it without these at all - they are a big overhead.
#1804 1329491156000000 toby This should be fixed in branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting as we use different logic. However it may affect other return_to calls used elsewhere like adding a new package.
#1400 1329729653000000 rgrp @johnglover: I don't think Ross has done much here and he's obviously occupied with DGU at ;-) As you worked on this earlier would be able to look at this and a) check what docs there are b) add to them as necessary :-)
#1802 1329734716000000 dread Spent so far 1.75d
#1769 1329737597000000 icmurray Duplicate of #1762
#1400 1329746131000000 johnglover Will document and update wiki this sprint then ping Mark about a blog post.
#1741 1329750838000000 kindly done cset:7825caed3361e88a245b5dd2f946da8bedb160e0
#1507 1329752194000000 rgrp Moving as no opportunity to do last sprint.
#1553 1329755702000000 rgrp @ross: this is indeed the issue (and I explained this to dread but failed to note here). I suggested this was a limited problem as most sites would not allow anonymous editing (which is where this occurs). However, it is a UX bug for that situation.
#1469 1329760150000000 amercader This is mostly done (current form is http://i.imgur.com/zmfc5.png). Still some tests missing and a little bit of cleanup and documentation required.
#1805 1329760795000000 toby this is fixed in branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting
#1802 1329830097000000 dread * Refined install without using Cygwin - this seems a little easier. * Added example Apache & modwsgi deployment. * Documented extensively at: http://wiki.ckan.org/CKAN_install_on_Windows * Have not tried SOLR on Windows - I'm not convinced this is high priority, and normal install should be fine as it is so separate from CKAN. Spent another 0.5d. Total spent 2.25d
#1737 1329916781000000 dread SOLR syntax is already accepted in: * api/3/search/package * Action API "package_search" Actually api/1/search/package and api/1/search/package accept SOLR syntax too, but they also translate old-CKAN search parameters syntax to SOLR as well. See: http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/apiv3.html
#1810 1329918479000000 johnglover Deferred for now, moving to backlog.
#1811 1329918517000000 johnglover Deferred for now, moving to backlog
#1703 1329918613000000 johnglover Some metadata model info clarified at meeting today, will update ckanext-ecportal accordingly.
#1799 1330000389000000 dread Fixed in [master ea2d824] for both logging in and registering whilst logged in. Cherry picked to release-v1.6
#1804 1330000705000000 dread I'll fix this on release-v1.6 and then reassign to Toby to fix on feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting too if the same issue crops up there.
#1829 1330001828000000 dread This was due to https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f07bfdb9#diff-1 - string "Language has been set to: English" shouldn't have been translated. I've put in a patch to make the code intentions clearer and added a test: [release-v1.6 07d3a02]. This only affected the 1.6 beta, and is fixed for the release.
#1236 1330019788000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.4.3
#1445 1330019916000000 dread This went into CKAN 1.6
#1450 1330019974000000 dread In CKAN 1.6.
#1528 1330020444000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1413 1330020486000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1536 1330020599000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1491 1330020630000000 dread went into CKAN 1.6
#191 1330020677000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1518 1330020742000000 dread Fix went into CKAN 1.6
#191 1330020983000000 dread Replying to [comment:15 dread]: > Went into CKAN 1.6 Sorry, I meant 1.5.1
#1608 1330036982000000 dread This has gone into CKAN 1.6
#1804 1330037202000000 dread Fixed this on release-v1.6 in cset 557e72330db7. Spent 0.5h. Reassigning for Toby to look at branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting
#1605 1330038773000000 dread #1682 now merged in
#1682 1330038786000000 dread Now merged into #1605
#1447 1330082636000000 nils.toedtmann I had forgotten to check s019 how well my cleanup script is working (and now s019 is gone), but at least it didn't destroy it :-) You might want to give it a try on s025/PDEU. (Tell me if you want me to do that).
#1447 1330082808000000 dread Yes please Nils!
#1101 1330082908000000 dread Stats already in site nav - adjusting title to just mention google analytics.
#1462 1330083671000000 dread This went into CKAN 1.5.1.
#1657 1330083881000000 dread c.f. "Mounting CKAN at a non-root URL" at http://wiki.ckan.org/Deployment
#1283 1330083933000000 dread This went into CKAN 1.6
#1547 1330084379000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1521 1330084599000000 dread This went into CKAN 1.6
#1701 1330084925000000 dread I can't find these changesets - am not sure which release this is in.
#1695 1330085001000000 dread Went into CKAN release 1.6
#1425 1330085282000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1701 1330085360000000 amercader Sorry, this ticket referred to the EC Portal project, the changesets are from ckanext-ecportal. This hasn't gone into core yet, which is ticket #906
#1630 1330085600000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1738 1330086105000000 dread Cset is actually dd2c0c677117f06a52aa22b3b2717bb605263570 and went into CKAN 1.6
#1396 1330086237000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1515 1330086273000000 dread The main body of this went into CKAN 1.6, including: #1298, #1299, #1495, #1511, #1623, #1631, #1637, #1663, #1666, #1686, #1639, #1694
#1717 1330088539000000 zephod 1. Already exists; "tags:csv" rather than "tag:csv" 2. Format is user selected; we just show the most popular choices. Perhaps an effort should be made to force people to homogenize their format choices (my work with automatic icons will do this to an extent). Also, res_format doesn't appear on thedatahub.org, but for some reason it does on test... 3. There are thousands. We just show the most popular/relevant tags for your search. This could break out into another ticket though - eg. autocompleting tag input on the page? 4. Can't remember what this is... 5. I did this a while ago and popular opinion was that it should change back. This gives us room for expanded options like on thedatahub's live search page right now, and matches the layout of the Groups view page. 6. They should maybe be ordered by relevance, which includes popularity in some metric? This should be broken into a seperate ticket if you want it to go ahead and given to a Solr expert.
#1447 1330089662000000 nils.toedtmann OK i fixed a bug in my script and refactored it so that it can now be dropped into /etc/cron.daily/ while still deleting as unprivileged user. It is now running on s025, removing everything older than 7 days. Please verify in 9 days or so that it's working. Consider to add [https://bitbucket.org/okfn/sysadmin/src/default/etc/cron/remove_old_files this cron job] to the ckan deb package e.g. as "/etc/cron.daily/ckan-cleanup"
#1830 1330089912000000 dread Now if you set openid_enabled to false, you are not given the option in user settings to associate your account with openid. Cset: [master b295bde] I looked at removing the openid middleware, but we use it for logging out users, whether they logged in or not - it looks like friendly form plugin is not as good as the openid one in this respect! We could hack the logout function into the friendly form to sort this out, but not sure the effort is worth it at the moment.
#1788 1330111162000000 rgrp Believe most of these are resolved by https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/27f4fc776b9199621d259749cf20787328df101f @zephod: could you check again and see if anything remains?
#1804 1330347185000000 toby This has been fixed in master for a while and was only a 1.6 issue
#1032 1330348463000000 zephod Streamlining supertickets. #1506 is the new parent of #978; all tasks remaining in this ticket are complete.
#1744 1330349472000000 zephod Massive refactor of parent ticket mean this is all done and can be closed off. See #1506 for remaining UX work.
#1400 1330524586000000 johnglover Async task docs are at: http://wiki.ckan.org/Writing_asynchronous_tasks Archiver readme at: http://github.com/okfn/ckanext-archiver Emailing Mark RE blog post.
#1828 1330525412000000 rgrp Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/e6da48d9337575a83bc6a30896e68d1081b43847
#1809 1330528828000000 johnglover Caught exceptions in QA instead, error message stored as openness_score_reason
#978 1330547181000000 zephod This was not trivial to implement. The backend supports arbitrary key/value pairings on resources, and the frontend can now handle this. Add, edit and delete resource extras according to the form state. I had to make a modification to the backend: When saving a resource, you have to submit the complete set of extras. Unsubmitted extras are assumed to be deleted. (This matches the behaviour of the package form). https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/a41cd0c9b04c757f5fa37acaba6be71e345a9c1f#L0R39
#1797 1330550304000000 rgrp New API endpoint, Authorization and documentation done and merged to master. Time so far. 1.5d. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/a054071e2e29e70e7cfa69df8c117ad5d5871a24
#1670 1330603657000000 ross Explanation of how to work with the auth profile now at http://wiki.ckan.org/Working_with_the_publisher_auth_profile Needs reading/testing. Started admin guide documentation in branch feature-1670-publisher-profile-docs
#1788 1330623913000000 zydio Replying to [comment:1 rgrp]: > Believe most of these are resolved by https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/27f4fc776b9199621d259749cf20787328df101f > > @zephod: could you check again and see if anything remains? I noticed that Thedatahub with latest code is still messed up..I was working with absolute paths in my environment without the h.url_for_static() to include the html5shiv.js script so I missed a problem, which can be fixed with my new [pull request #4](https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/4). I'm aware of only one problem left: when you hit the "Upload a File" button inside the Dataset Edit/Resources tab nothing happens in IE < 9. This is related to those IE versions not being able to dynamically insert HTML 5 tags, which breaks some jquery-tmpl (actually JQuery) operation (if you debug the code everything works in jquery-tmpl until one of the latest operation involving JQuery returns null instead of the expected object). I was able to fix the issue in my environment by adding the following conditional comment: {{{ </script> <!--[if lt IE 9]> <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/jquery.html5.preie9fix.js"> </script> <![endif]--> }}} where the jquery.html5.preie9fix.js is simply the [gist](https://gist.github.com/887560) published by Akkuma in a [jquery-tmpl issue (#36)](https://github.com/jquery/jquery-tmpl/issues/36#issuecomment-918495). This script patches JQuery on the fly on IE < 9 to rework in memory html 5 blocks handled by JQuery, so that it doesn't break. And this fixes the "Upload a File" button on IE. I didn't commit/pull this specific fix for the following reasons: * the script embeds innerShiv, which is a previous incarnation of html5shiv (now included in CKAN). It doesn't sound fine to include 2 pieces of code with similar effect, but I couldn't reproduce the fix with html5shiv! * in my environment I have included this fix sitewide even if I didn't spot other problematic features..I don't know if it would be better to include it only on the dataset edit page in the official CKAN code. Summary: I leave to you guys the choice on how to deal with this problem.
#1788 1330624155000000 zydio Erh...sorry for some formatting errors in my comment. I used markdown formatting for links, and used the #NUMBER format to cite issues, which obviously is interpreted by Trac as references to his own issues...my bad.
#1648 1330632344000000 zephod Done in the #1506 branch
#1788 1330644056000000 rgrp Re the Upload file button not sure what's best. We do have plans to replace jquery-tmpl with mustache in the near future (but not clear exactly *how* near). We'll think about this and get back to you. Thanks for the detailed debug report.
#2201 1330765400000000 rgrp Duplicate of #1171.
#407 1330769956000000 rgrp Long out of date ...
#1807 1330809641000000 seanh Implemented the recently-changed-datasets activity stream on branch feature-1807-recently-changed-datasets in CKAN and merged it into master (but the default templates don't make use of it). Added the recently-changed-datasets activity stream to the front page template on branch master in ckanext-ecportal.
#1649 1330860766000000 rgrp A general comment: I wonder if we can pull the *core* part of that extension into core and strip out any external dependencies like rdflib. Specifically the 80% use of this extension is the DCAT read/write: * Get a Dataset / Resource etc as DCAT RDF (I'd suggest we *just* supply something simple like n3 or even json-ld (see below)) * (Possibly not even essential) Consuming Dataset info in that format And even more radical solution would be to simply use json-ld: http://json-ld.org/ which would then just involve minors mods to our json output. Having this in core (with option to enable?) would be a nice 80/20 (it was this feature that everyone asked for at the LOD meetup -- no-one mentioned SPARQL).
#1816 1330863079000000 rgrp As per detailed comments in http://wiki.ckan.org/Proposals#Apps_in_CKAN I think Apps is a confusing name. What we are talking about here is the "Related Stuff" item mentioned in that ticket. Rather than update ckanext-apps I suggest we do a rewrite. I've created a detailed super ticket at #2204 and assigned to you Adria for review and thoughts. (While I understand #2204 may involve more work which we maybe cannot do before relaunch I'd still recommend starting on that rather than spending time upgrading this extension -- if we have to disable it for relaunch I don't think that is a big deal ...)
#1654 1330863104000000 rgrp I'd vote -1 on SPARQL endpoint and doing the simple version of #1649 as proposed in my comment http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/1649#comment:2
#1797 1330863639000000 rgrp Data Viewer support for new DataStore in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/9ab8b0283bb086eb4cd663ff73c27066bdd3c79a
#1151 1330908188000000 rgrp Not sure we will be able to fix this easily as we need a dataproxy for general case. Think it better to focus on the case where data in DataStore and we use Recline. As such closing as wontfix for the present.
#1737 1330908235000000 rgrp Did not get to this sprint as focused on #1797.
#1753 1330908337000000 rgrp As of today kindly has this working in https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-webstorer/tree/webstorer-for-datastore and deployed on the DataHub. Need to merge into master and to possible rename of extension, update docs and we are done.
#1806 1330942356000000 toby version one completed
#1731 1330942924000000 amercader The underlying auth layer is done, still there isn't UI integration (list of publishers in index page, publisher field in form...). Needs to be moved to the next sprint.
#1703 1330956340000000 johnglover Nearly done, need to write converter to rename tags to keywords, waiting for Toby's API work to be finished.
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