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#1603 1338202654000000 kindly Duplicate as new theme will implement this.
#1594 1338203215000000 johnglover We're not using super tickets any more so closing this, most of the smaller tickets are still open however.
#1434 1338203960000000 seanh At least for the core extensions, any i18n-able strings should be getting pulled into the ckan.pot file by default.
#1515 1338204149000000 seanh Closing this super ticket. See remaining tickets with keyword "activity_streams": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&keywords=~activity_streams
#1636 1338204258000000 seanh Resolving as won't fix as this doesn't seem important.
#1692 1338204395000000 johnglover Image URL attribute added to groups (http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2275). Won't add a similar attribute to dataset at present. Another option is to display the group image on dataset page.
#1698 1338204433000000 seanh Closing this super ticket, see remaining tickets with keyword "taxonomies": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=closed&status=new&status=reopened&group=owner&max=1000&order=milestone&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=milestone&col=keywords&keywords=~taxonomies
#2202 1338204729000000 toby these are available through the pkg_dict
#2202 1338204801000000 toby re-reading this it's slightly different re-opening
#2288 1338204815000000 ross Auth groups are being deprecated
#2224 1338205358000000 ross Being done by Aron
#2432 1338205526000000 aron.carroll It would be great to use something like http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/SimpleTicketPlugin to remove most of the options when creating a ticket. Suggestions to remove theme, repository, component and type unless they're actually useful.
#2346 1338205553000000 johnglover Will create a separate ticket for 'organization' to 'publisher' renaming, the rest are done.
#2400 1338205947000000 toby In testing this is not replicable due to lack of info so closing
#1661 1338206091000000 ross We have another ticket for upgrading dependencies.
#1035 1338206251000000 ross Removing until we can come up with a case for implementing
#377 1338206330000000 ross We have another ticket for fixing the API
#282 1338206417000000 ross This was discussed with Toby who has a ticket for this same feature because of disqus requirements.
#863 1338206455000000 ross UI has changed rather a lot in last 18 months, so I killing this bug.
#234 1338206486000000 ross 18 months, no activity.
#1693 1338206601000000 ross Toby fixed this up
#1658 1338206622000000 ross Being done elsewhere
#1650 1338206684000000 ross Branch exists for #1650
#2254 1338210316000000 toby closing. we have fanstatic integration in ckan.demo work tdh is it's own extension h.snippet is in 1.7 ITemplateHelpers in 1.7 This allows most of the issues resolved. Full removal of the IGenshiStream filter still neads some form of in template hooks but this is being looked at as a possiblity in ckan demo and can be considered out of scope for this ticket closing
#2411 1338210872000000 toby This is a long term goal
#1279 1338212028000000 ross Duplicate of #2366
#2438 1338212234000000 icmurray Proposed solution: Add a new q field which can be specified multiple times. Each q parameter is a string: `{field}:term`. `:` characters are escaped in the `{field}` by `\:`. Mark the `fields` parameters as deprecated.
#2405 1338212357000000 ross Suggest Sam might be able to provide you the icon
#1579 1338212496000000 ross I think the new datastore solves this.
#2355 1338212946000000 toby Need to do documentation which is #2362 so has own ticket closing
#2405 1338213564000000 icmurray Questions for client team: 1. Did you have anything in mind for improving the "Powered by CKAN" text and icon? I'll sort out the vertical alignment of the text and icon; and see if Sam has a better icon. 2. The branded section itself is already customizable by a snippet (https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/templates/snippets/data-viewer-embed-branded-link.html). Is that enough? Or are you asking for something else? 3. Personally I think the URI should use the resource uuid, and not name. And from recent discussions on ckan-dev, I think the consensus is the same. How important is this for you? Perhaps it's something that could be overriden in the datahub extension.
#2439 1338214158000000 icmurray The `fields` argument doesn't provide any extra functionality that the `query` argument can't provide. 1. Figure out what the reason for this argument is, just to make sure. 2. Deprecate it, and change any internal uses of it to use `query` field instead.
#2366 1338215334000000 ross Need to make sure there is a clear migration between authgroups and organizations if desired.
#2470 1338284041000000 johnglover Search results validated against schema. Added a class implementing IPackageController, in after_search results are replaced with package dicts got from package_show. A bit heavy-handed, but works for now. Maybe we should just call package_show in the package_search logic function in core?
#2441 1338287243000000 aron.carroll Order by needs hooking up to form. Currently it's just a @<select>@ element containing a single entry, it needs the other possible options added. Let me know if you want more details.
#2441 1338291362000000 toby @aron, this is now in a snippet (jinja2 allows the selected="selected" more easily) needs some work still eg translation stuff and also maybe completely rewrite the snippet at some point. Anyhow the functionality is there. I added the button for no javascript working. I'm assigning to you for beautification etc on live demo http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset?q=&sort=title_string+asc
#2375 1338292898000000 toby stealing this ticket
#2442 1338302281000000 aron.carroll Functionality to be added: * Group module needs to display group/publisher title, logo and description if dataset has an associated group. * Popular icon only needs to be displayed if dataset is popular. (say if it has 10+ views for the moment) * Popular icon needs localised text passed in to snippet (See TODO comment above helper https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/read.html#L46) * Related module needs to show most recent item or fallback content.
#2442 1338305764000000 toby make readable * Group module needs to display group/publisher title, logo and description if dataset has an associated group. * Popular icon only needs to be displayed if dataset is popular. (say if it has 10+ views for the moment) * Popular icon needs localised text passed in to snippet (See TODO comment above helper https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/read.html#L46) * Related module needs to show most recent item or fallback content.
#2441 1338306828000000 aron.carroll There's already a submit button in the form (it's the question mark) it's up for discussion on Basecamp if this is clear, apparently it's not. I'm going to throw this back to you to implement the popular badges, I'll tidy that form up later. Perhaps we can get a helper such as h.isPackagePopular(pkg) that can be customised on a per instance basis.
#2441 1338306866000000 aron.carroll Not question mark sorry, I meant magnifying glass (inside the search box)
#2432 1338325120000000 shevski Where do new tickets go to await triaging? Is priority set by whoever creates the ticket? Does this get revised? Will we have a field for dev time estimate or where will this go?
#2445 1338375577000000 ross Yup. Will look at this Thurs when I'm back in.
#2445 1338378161000000 toby @Ross you will need to do this based off the feature-2375-demo-theme branch - you can use that branch or one split from it. new templates want to be in templates/... the old templates live in templates_legacy if you need to copy them across that's fine talk to aron or I if you need to know anything
#2442 1338379591000000 toby popular localised need to get live tracking data and fixup (in progress) groups now shown including multiple with link to group page related items I'd like some data for this I'll see if I can add some
#2442 1338381909000000 toby now has actual tracking data to get data install ckanext-googleanalytics from source in analytics package dir run `paster loadanalytics internal 2012-01-01 -c ../ckan/development.ini` you may need to change .ini file name then in ckan dir `paster search-index rebuild -r -c dev.ini` It needs a refactor to make it easier to use
#2442 1338383819000000 toby new helper function for popular h.popular(type_, number, min=1, title=None) just related items left now
#2441 1338384362000000 toby popular badges on package list - may make them optional/configurable at some point but good enough for now. see http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2442 for details With the `order button` this is for none javascript users i'm not sure the magnifying glass looks like the thing to press to reorder the results. I'd hide it when javascript enabled. Do what you will @aron I'm assigning this to you close or reassign to me if you need extras adding
#2331 1338390995000000 rgrp @kindly I really don't get this but I may understand poorly. Google does not work by or-ing does it (as i add things to the search query I get *less* results not more ...). It also makes it really hard to find stuff: as I add query terms to my query I get more stuff not less which makes for terrible finding of stuff - I appreciate that there is a scoring aspect but that seems secondary.
#2433 1338397268000000 toby after discussion it has been agreed to keep the existing behaviour and improve documentation as it is likely to break existing applications etc
#2430 1338397815000000 seanh http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/MasterTicketsPlugin
#2431 1338397906000000 seanh https://github.com/davglass/github-trac
#2391 1338397982000000 seanh I've told them how to do it themselves and offered to help if they get stuck
#2331 1338455981000000 kindly Scoring is primary in my opinion. Who cares if you have 1000 results if the top few are yours. If things are hard to find we need to change our relevancy first. So if you have examples of where you think the scoring is wrong then please make a ticket for that. Google, I imagine, just has a cutoff of anything under a certain score not being shown. We could do that as well but it would take some working out what we wanted that score to be. Full "And" queries also limit any accidental discovery, especially of rare terms. If you do not get your search exactly correct then you get nothing, which is bad. Obviously you can still AND things or +things. The correct solution to this is adding a minimum match parameter which is a middle ground. eg you can say that you want to match over half of the terms. "thing1 thing2 thing3 thing3" means you have to match at least 2. There are many options described here. http://wiki.apache.org/solr/DisMaxQParserPlugin. You can change this in an extension if you want it just requries adding an mm field to the before_search in the Ipackage controller. I do not personally think we should change it as default. I am closing it as wont fix as its trivial to change and is a philosophical difference not a technical one.
#2416 1338464207000000 toby commit 37622d5 does this but probably in the wrong place but works for now. Need to revisit at some point.
#2466 1338467285000000 seanh Looks like we need to upgrade to Trac 0.12 and then install this plugin: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter
#2479 1338468431000000 markw An alternative (and better, but harder) way of dealing with the 'maintainer' issue would be to allow messages to be sent between CKAN accounts, and to have a field whose value is the maintainer's login.
#2414 1338471374000000 ross Merged by kindly
#2445 1338472050000000 ross Okay, the 303 on validation failure seems a little excessive though given that we're posting to that URL. Is a 200 okay?
#2445 1338472161000000 ross Am working in feature-2445-add-related-new
#2445 1338472624000000 toby @ross the validation error seems correct to use 200 for the created the 303 seems ok but i'd just use pylons redirect myself Also did aron say we want this as a javascript free add item form
#2445 1338472966000000 ross He didn't say but I assumed yes given current impl uses dodgy JS->API.
#2445 1338473161000000 aron.carroll I generally take the approach that a form submitted via POST should always redirect to a page. This prevents accidental user resubmissions when hitting refresh as well as the annoying popup saying "are you sure you want to re-submit". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get Looking at the rest of CKAN it doesn't do this so I'll leave it up to you.
#2445 1338473309000000 ross redirects are fine, of course, but redirect on validation failure seems painful ? Also templates in templates_legacy?
#2445 1338474490000000 toby @aron I'm fine with the redirect thinking it's just the specific 303 rather than just whatever pylons does. @ross, templates_legacy are there for ckan users who have their own templates as we are completely rewriting all the existing templates there is a lovely .ini setting to switch between the new and legacy modes
#2442 1338477973000000 toby @aron, related items on dataset page has been added it's really basic and just displays the fields that seem useful. we may need to add the add related item feature first as they are hard to add. please make it beautiful
#2371 1338481174000000 toby implementation trial in ckan demo branch #2375
#2437 1338484676000000 seanh Please add to the file started to doc/coding-standards.rst Also, for the Python coding standards see http://wiki.okfn.org/Coding_Standards as a starting point
#2437 1338487089000000 seanh I've also added the commit message guidelines as they reference a trac plugin I'm going to get installed. I'll leave the rest to you. I remembered that http://wiki.ckan.org/Main_Page has a bunch of pages under Developer Resources that should probably be updated and merged into these coding standards and deleted from the wiki
#2445 1338542340000000 ross I *think* this is done in feature-2445-add-related-new although I may have missed something, if you could take a look and let me know if it is what you wanted.
#1345 1338551926000000 nils.toedtmann See #2485 for workarounds containing the leak(s).
#1737 1338719220000000 rgrp Let's close. What would be nice though is ETA on the GET support getting deployed on the DataHub -- just tried using it today and realized it didn't work :-)
#2487 1338892521000000 johnglover https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-ecportal/commit/958208cfec1dfddb792b9b0ce0ac835fb1e2872a
#2464 1338910189000000 johnglover Fixed for now, but had to keep group type as 'organization' as the string is hardcoded into the publisher auth profile in 1.7.1.
#2445 1338911121000000 aron.carroll Thanks Ross this is exactly what I wanted. Just wondering about the use of the c.form variable to insert the form into the page. I know we do this with the dataset and groups to support legacy templates, do we need to do this going forward? I'd rather each action just rendered one template and leaves it up to that to render the rest. Toby, there's a couple of TODO statements in the code where the breadcrumbs need fixing. I think the templates just need access to the package dict. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/related/pages/form_page.html#L6 https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/related/edit.html#L5 Also if you generate an error message on one of the forms (leave the title blank) the error string comes out wrapped in quotes. eg. u'title is missing' Also might be of interest, I've converted the templates to use Jinja, and this is a good example of the conversion. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/d779addf6e48be67695b35c031393e2d90d8c22f
#2445 1338911190000000 aron.carroll Oh forgot to mention I've merged the code into feature-2375-demo-theme. We should delete the feature-2445-add-related-new branch.
#2445 1338975600000000 toby @aron, this is as good a place as anywhere to answer your question about the c.form thing. a) some of this we are sort of stuck with. datasets for example can be of different types and have different forms for different datasets. so they need to be rendered separately. I have no idea why or how much this is used but it exists as an option to complicate everything, not much we can do about it. b) I think trying to do pages as a single rendering is not going to be easy because of the way ckan has been created maybe we can change this over time. One major issue for me is that ckan does lots of crazy stuff for some reasons but these reasons are not apparent from the code. Maybe there is some documentation somewhere but I'm not convinced. anyhow we should maybe close this ticket now. You've added some stuff in the comment for me to do maybe that should be added as a new ticket?
#2491 1338979614000000 toby fixed by commit e6554e7
#2445 1338982754000000 toby closing as todos moved to other tickets and also completed
#2474 1338982780000000 aron.carroll Closing this as we've decided to go with Jinja. There's some basic docs here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/templating.rst And a template overview: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/template-blocks.rst Generally it's worth looking at the Groups pages to see how they're built.
#2493 1338986768000000 aron.carroll Editing ticket title (sorry Toby I know you hate it)
#2454 1338993375000000 aron.carroll Implemented the templates for this. There are currently no decent error messages for missing fields, would be nice if we could have more specific error messages. eg. invalid username, username required, password required etc.
#2454 1338994536000000 toby I am against providing much more that you did something bad things like invalid username leak info - people should not know if usernames exist. Maybe I'm a bit mean about this. I'd be happier to add some javascript check on the form post that checks for no password etc - maybe that's not so practical
#2494 1338994890000000 toby this was due to out of date version of demo branch - updated
#2455 1338998214000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 1dbe4df
#2293 1339062853000000 ross Intercepting the group name change and forcing a reindex of all of the datasets within that group seems like the obvious approach (rather than more lookups by ID after processing search results). Should take less than a day.
#2349 1339075361000000 ross Created symlink from /var/www/nginx-default/dump to the rdf output folder, accessible via http://s055.okserver.org/dump/ with daily dump available at http://s055.okserver.org/dump/rdfexport.tgz
#2497 1339085489000000 toby yes is ckan 1.7 issue
#2502 1339407123000000 toby {% snippet 'template_name', var=value, var2=value ... %} {% url_for(controller='foo', action='bar', ...) %} let me know if you want these changed eg remove need for () in url_for merged into demo branch they are just available in jinja templates no need to do anything special Let me know any problems or if you need some others added
#2504 1339409776000000 aron.carroll Closing this as there are just snippets remaining now and they're a lower priority.
#2488 1339412538000000 johnglover Works for me on 1.7.1. Perhaps floapps was using older groups (of type 'group' instead of 'organization') and/or didn't add a user to the group?
#2496 1339418832000000 toby fixed in demo branch
#2509 1339419867000000 johnglover https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/20
#2440 1339421746000000 aron.carroll Has some styling as of b0153ba but needs content to be applied. Toby, can you pull in the top 10 tags, as well as n of the most "popular" datasets and n of the most recent datasets. Actually just providing the functionality as helpers would be great. Do we actually have "featured" datasets implemented at the moment? Not sure what we're going to use for the box on the top left when on a new base CKAN instance.
#2440 1339423966000000 toby @aron, tags what functionality do we want for this? I can just reuse the facet_list snippet but then we have all sorts of interactivity. Do we want this more a static list of tags (linked to somewhere but no add remove stuff)? seems more sensible I think featured datasets I've no idea I'll try to discover
#2349 1339428913000000 ross Notified Hugh that http://datahub.io/dump/rdfexport.tgz will contain all of the RDF files every 24 hours if they want to fetch and import them. Have asked to make sure that this is satisfactory.
#2440 1339430956000000 toby you may want to look at your css as the dataset is generated by the package_list snippet I've made all packages popular for now
#2454 1339431487000000 toby @aron, I'd like to close this as a won't fix - your thoughts
#1587 1339433286000000 johnglover Fixed on ckanext-qa branch release-v1.7.1
#2507 1339436591000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 2a5714b, pull request here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/22
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