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#1553 1340628453000000 aron.carroll Ross, I think you just did :) I'll make sure the new form takes this into account.
#1553 1343226756000000 aron.carroll Fixed in d41af4c
#1718 1340703280000000 aron.carroll This was fixed at some point.
#2204 1335287636000000 aron.carroll Making some notes of front-end changes that I think need to be implemented sooooon. {{{ Implement better truncation (the expanded text should pop out on hover rather than expand the entire row) Show the type of related item (an icon would be good here) Test in IE Make the form work without JavaScript by accepting x-www-form-urlencoded. Add classes to first item in a row to clear the row (currently uses :nth-child CSS) Touch gestures and re-ordering (David's request) }}}
#2225 1343220502000000 aron.carroll There is a jshint.json config file that all JS in the new base theme conforms to.
#2267 1343229146000000 aron.carroll Fixed in eade4e3
#2367 1336035031000000 aron.carroll Fixed in [email protected]
#2372 1343220160000000 aron.carroll These are now in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/b31109b628a21072ec0c2dec2a5d5a1c2cc0ed9c/doc/coding-standards.rst#javascript-coding-standards
#2408 1341497601000000 aron.carroll This will be done as part of adding javascript in phase 2
#2408 1343657014000000 aron.carroll Fixed in df502fd9269859c73458f4ad8de75939220e0315
#2432 1338205526000000 aron.carroll It would be great to use something like http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/SimpleTicketPlugin to remove most of the options when creating a ticket. Suggestions to remove theme, repository, component and type unless they're actually useful.
#2440 1339421746000000 aron.carroll Has some styling as of b0153ba but needs content to be applied. Toby, can you pull in the top 10 tags, as well as n of the most "popular" datasets and n of the most recent datasets. Actually just providing the functionality as helpers would be great. Do we actually have "featured" datasets implemented at the moment? Not sure what we're going to use for the box on the top left when on a new base CKAN instance.
#2440 1339497700000000 aron.carroll Fixed this up, last thing I think we should do is ensure that the datasets passed to the homepage have descriptions.
#2440 1339499074000000 aron.carroll Sure, but this is more about displaying nice complete examples on the homepage.
#2441 1338287243000000 aron.carroll Order by needs hooking up to form. Currently it's just a @<select>@ element containing a single entry, it needs the other possible options added. Let me know if you want more details.
#2441 1338306828000000 aron.carroll There's already a submit button in the form (it's the question mark) it's up for discussion on Basecamp if this is clear, apparently it's not. I'm going to throw this back to you to implement the popular badges, I'll tidy that form up later. Perhaps we can get a helper such as h.isPackagePopular(pkg) that can be customised on a per instance basis.
#2441 1338306866000000 aron.carroll Not question mark sorry, I meant magnifying glass (inside the search box)
#2441 1339670118000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2442 1338302281000000 aron.carroll Functionality to be added: * Group module needs to display group/publisher title, logo and description if dataset has an associated group. * Popular icon only needs to be displayed if dataset is popular. (say if it has 10+ views for the moment) * Popular icon needs localised text passed in to snippet (See TODO comment above helper https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/read.html#L46) * Related module needs to show most recent item or fallback content.
#2442 1339670612000000 aron.carroll Closing, issues should be opened as new tickets
#2444 1339669652000000 aron.carroll Done. Any issues should be created as new tickets.
#2445 1338473161000000 aron.carroll I generally take the approach that a form submitted via POST should always redirect to a page. This prevents accidental user resubmissions when hitting refresh as well as the annoying popup saying "are you sure you want to re-submit". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get Looking at the rest of CKAN it doesn't do this so I'll leave it up to you.
#2445 1338911121000000 aron.carroll Thanks Ross this is exactly what I wanted. Just wondering about the use of the c.form variable to insert the form into the page. I know we do this with the dataset and groups to support legacy templates, do we need to do this going forward? I'd rather each action just rendered one template and leaves it up to that to render the rest. Toby, there's a couple of TODO statements in the code where the breadcrumbs need fixing. I think the templates just need access to the package dict. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/related/pages/form_page.html#L6 https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/related/edit.html#L5 Also if you generate an error message on one of the forms (leave the title blank) the error string comes out wrapped in quotes. eg. u'title is missing' Also might be of interest, I've converted the templates to use Jinja, and this is a good example of the conversion. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/d779addf6e48be67695b35c031393e2d90d8c22f
#2445 1338911190000000 aron.carroll Oh forgot to mention I've merged the code into feature-2375-demo-theme. We should delete the feature-2445-add-related-new branch.
#2448 1339669678000000 aron.carroll Done. Any issues should be created as new tickets.
#2449 1339670041000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2450 1339670997000000 aron.carroll Closing this, issues should be created as new tickets
#2454 1338993375000000 aron.carroll Implemented the templates for this. There are currently no decent error messages for missing fields, would be nice if we could have more specific error messages. eg. invalid username, username required, password required etc.
#2454 1339493727000000 aron.carroll Hmm, I totally agree with you on the missing username front but it would be nice at least to provide the errors in the same way we do the other forms. Currently it just displays a flash message which is unexpected. I'd suggest we add a generic "failed to login, invalid fields" in the error_summary block. Then more specific "this field is required" when a required field is left empty.
#2455 1338998214000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 1dbe4df
#2456 1339670080000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2458 1343818531000000 aron.carroll This will be up on s031 by the end of the day for feedback
#2458 1344262256000000 aron.carroll Made changes as of 9729f1c 1. Clicking a tag now takes you to the search page 2. When clicking the tabs the location now updates so you can bookmark pages. 3. Not sure how datasets are rated. 4. Text changes made.
#2474 1338982780000000 aron.carroll Closing this as we've decided to go with Jinja. There's some basic docs here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/templating.rst And a template overview: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/template-blocks.rst Generally it's worth looking at the Groups pages to see how they're built.
#2493 1338986768000000 aron.carroll Editing ticket title (sorry Toby I know you hate it)
#2502 1339493182000000 aron.carroll Works beautifully. Be great if we could remove the parens around url_for and add an extra one for h.nav_link but I think call it link_for instead. {{{ {% url_for controller='foo', action='bar', ... %} {% link_for controller='foo', action='bar', class='btn', icon='plus'... %} }}}
#2503 1339498751000000 aron.carroll Toby yeah, that's exactly it.
#2504 1339409776000000 aron.carroll Closing this as there are just snippets remaining now and they're a lower priority.
#2507 1339436591000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of 2a5714b, pull request here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/22
#2510 1339670520000000 aron.carroll Looks okay to me
#2511 1339517817000000 aron.carroll Fixed in b24d162
#2523 1339679814000000 aron.carroll Added in 4f6d8b9 Toby, there's no form data being passed to this page yet, could you add that in?
#2527 1340116130000000 aron.carroll Closing as this has been superceded by #2553
#2528 1339687025000000 aron.carroll Now implemented as of bc440d5. Doesn't seem to be successfully submitting, has something been setup wrong?
#2556 1340212090000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2b3b005
#2557 1340185609000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 123b914
#2558 1340188906000000 aron.carroll Started this as of 4d3c87a however tags need to be hooked up (apparently they can only be added on update at the moment). Also by moving the groups to the metadata form I now get integrity errors while saving. Toby could you please take a look at this.
#2558 1340301273000000 aron.carroll Metadata is back as of b20538f Groups currently aren't showing because the {{{c.groups_available}} param isn't available. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/new_package_metadata.html#L7
#2558 1340615257000000 aron.carroll Marking as fixed. Will create new issues as they arise
#2559 1340617445000000 aron.carroll This is looking good. A couple of things to do. 1. Added resources should be displayed in the sidebar. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L36 2. Clicking "previous" needs to take you back to the add dataset action not the edit dataset action. 3. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form but stage two should be active (green). 4. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form then clicking next should take you to the last resource you were editing.
#2560 1340617540000000 aron.carroll Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource but stage 3 should remain active. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource, clicking next should take you to stage three with the same data as when you went back.
#2563 1340106310000000 aron.carroll Done in 73fe36c
#2564 1340118952000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of df8f82c
#2565 1340116053000000 aron.carroll Social links open in a new tab as of bb41d86
#2566 1340119694000000 aron.carroll Buttons are added in d15cf6f. Toby could you hook these up with appropriate routes.
#2567 1340120404000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2564dfd
#2568 1340108132000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 4d3cd87
#2569 1340123360000000 aron.carroll Templates added in 4e84622 Toby, the implementation in the resource form needs data passing to it. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L35-36
#2570 1340107841000000 aron.carroll Closed in a3939a4
#2576 1340300413000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fbeda87
#2576 1340617688000000 aron.carroll Fixed proper in 4bf158b
#2584 1340620576000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9bebf3d
#2598 1340875020000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 8dc7c56
#2599 1340798251000000 aron.carroll This is still broken in IE7 as of 543954b but pretty good in other browsers.
#2610 1341501424000000 aron.carroll Replaced by #2611
#2611 1342008509000000 aron.carroll Done aside from Change 'Groups' to 'Publishers' everywhere which is now #2658
#2614 1343685572000000 aron.carroll Done in 71aca07. Moving paster to a seperate ticket.
#2644 1343925546000000 aron.carroll Updated the theme in 2b81958, seems very similar in functionality to the profile page...
#2647 1343229185000000 aron.carroll Modal stuff is in.
#2648 1342517191000000 aron.carroll Assigning to Ira to QA
#2659 1342089310000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9ff7a9b
#2661 1342092578000000 aron.carroll Styled in c165639 Toby, it would be good to display a flash message once the dataset has been deleted.
#2661 1342524525000000 aron.carroll Implemented in d980ec7. But we really need to go over the delete implementation as it could be much cleaner.
#2665 1342088650000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fe1d9ec
#2667 1342431877000000 aron.carroll Okay added the form and created a pull request for this feature. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/68
#2667 1342530810000000 aron.carroll Done in 63c193e. Assigning to Ira for QA
#2669 1343907572000000 aron.carroll It's a nice blue tag now.
#2675 1342461534000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 9dbf936
#2676 1342461123000000 aron.carroll Does this actually offer any benefit over just visiting the related data page?
#2677 1342461576000000 aron.carroll Fixed in f8da5b7
#2678 1342461370000000 aron.carroll I don't think there's actually any logic in CKAN to let you delete a related item at the moment. So assigning to Toby to take a look.
#2681 1342461453000000 aron.carroll Okay, is format supposed to be a mime type eg. application/json, text/csv etc or a straight file format?
#2681 1343135874000000 aron.carroll Dupe of #2696
#2684 1342539637000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9ae7f13
#2687 1342534855000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 0a7f05e
#2690 1342542394000000 aron.carroll Improved spacing and alignment in 679e2d0
#2695 1343057477000000 aron.carroll This is up on s031 for QA. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new Ira please QA.
#2695 1343138217000000 aron.carroll Closed as of b661e75. Further improvements can be created as new tickets
#2696 1343065979000000 aron.carroll Ira this is up on s031 needs some QA, I'm also going to be working on it tomorrow. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new_resource/my-awesome-stuff
#2696 1343138454000000 aron.carroll Closing this ticket. Only completions returned by the CKAN API are shown (which are existing formats I believe)
#2698 1343914688000000 aron.carroll We need an api endpoint that can render a markdown string on submission. * Client posts a string of text to the endpoint. * Server responds with a 200, text/html response containing the rendered markdown. * Server returns a 400 and empty body if the content is not valid markdown. * Server returns a 500 and empty body if something else crashes. Alternatively for better error handling we could use a JSON transport. * Client posts a blob of json containing a "content" key with the markdown string. * Server returns a 200 (application/json) and blob of json with a "content" key with the rendered markdown. * Server returns a 400 (application/json) and blob of json with a "error" key containing a useful message for the user. * Server returns a 500 (application/json) and blob of json with a "error" key containing a useful message for the user.
#2700 1343580145000000 aron.carroll Needs pretty little flags, I think that's it.
#2700 1343914288000000 aron.carroll Added the flags in 06257ac. Ira can you sanity check that the flags are all correct. I need to get a proper German one from Sam as he used a European flag in the mockup.
#2700 1344256383000000 aron.carroll Okay could you give me any pointers you want to add. Plus ask Sam to create a flags for the missing countries. Cheers.
#2700 1344505614000000 aron.carroll Cool, done in bf23242
#2701 1343920287000000 aron.carroll I've updated the disqus extension (in development branch) and added the snippet to the development branch of the demo plugin. Toby, not sure about the way the disqus plugin is implemented via a helper vs the spacial plugin using a snippet. Would be good to decide on the "one" way to do this.
#2701 1343920314000000 aron.carroll BTW moved this to phase three as I consider it done.
#2703 1342624713000000 aron.carroll Just needs a new action that loads the same resource_form.html template with an empty stages array.
#2704 1343914890000000 aron.carroll This relates to #2705. We need to decide what happens when the user clicks on one of the sidebar links. At the moment they'll get a warning if they've edited the form telling them they'll lose thier changes. Perhaps we should submit the form using ajax, showing a spinner to the user, then send them on to the next resource. This is the same situation as if we add an "add new resource" button to the listing.
#2710 1342630558000000 aron.carroll Displayed in a lightbox as of f347f11
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