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#645 1284750525000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.2.3
#395 1281110035000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.2
#396 1281110035000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.2
#372 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#383 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#391 1280514163000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.1.1
#852 1315821628000000 rgrp Moved dataset archiving into new ticket #1327 and this is therefore now done.
#1252 1314406271000000 rgrp Move to v1.5 since this will coincide with release.
#1300 1315908961000000 rgrp Move of js to optional_footer done in cset:dcb21f0d976f. As part of #1294 have done a lot of css adding. Not sure how much more to do here.
#1506 1328225770000000 rgrp Move dataset edit to #1744. Dataset search moved out altogether to #1745.
#1609 1325774098000000 rgrp Move analysis into main body of ticket.
#1715 1328494878000000 kindly Mostly there, need to added types and stopfiles. Need to add actual multilingual fields. Decided to translated title as well for relevance.
#218 1263055964000000 nickstenning Mostly done. Alphanumeric filtering à la KForge is probably still worth doing at some point.
#217 1263055918000000 nickstenning Mostly done.
#349 1277820679000000 anonymous Mostly done, but issue regarding departments still outstanding: can the association between packages, groups, and departments be placed elsewhere?
#1136 1305210925000000 rgrp Most of this change has been implemented in the changeset branch [1] but could be backported reasonably easily to main. [1]: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/src/changeset/
#1137 1305211672000000 rgrp Most of this change has been implemented in the changeset branch [1] but could be backported reasonably easily to main. [1]: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/src/changeset/
#576 1284222948000000 wwaites Most of the way to 0.6 compatibility with cset:ce6b870570c1/vdm All tests still pass with 0.4 and 0.5
#691 1295610145000000 rgrp Most of package relationships was implemented in ticket:253 and its subtickets. Therefore closing this as duplicate.
#1129 1325268100000000 rgrp More UI work remains in #1141
#2647 1343229185000000 aron.carroll Modal stuff is in.
#1069 1302510609000000 rgrp Mistakenly assigned to this sprint.
#44 1215543484000000 rgrp Minor importance and at this point we will defer into v0.7.
#31 1177006817000000 rgrp Milestone milestone20 deleted
#2783 1343818702000000 toby Milestone ckanhosted deleted
#1096 1311182262000000 thejimmyg Milestone ckan-v-future deleted
#1066 1301930311000000 dread Migrations: * Default (open) CKAN instances will have visitor as a reader on the system, and will have to upgrade them to anon_editor. * DGU & DataGM instances have visitor as a reader on system and must stay like that. * Pudo's specially locked instance, where editor has been changed to only read can now use the 'reader' role (assuming he's happy for them to create users) Migration script (37) is designed to cope with the default (open) setup, and the other special cases must be dealt with using CLI at the time of upgrade: DGU & DataGM must run: {{{ paster rights remove visitor anon_editor system: paster rights make visitor reader system: }}}
#805 1298379084000000 dread Migration tests added to buildbot using kindly's new nose option #965. Also removed legacy system of migration testing in: ckan/migration/tests and updated docs. cset:643673c7db3e
#175 1257780907000000 dread Migration requires quoting of table names 'user' and 'group' - need SA migrate v0.5.6.
#77 1255176732000000 dread Migrate script done in cset:f232b05eb875
#142 1256417440000000 rgrp Might be interested here in auto-extracting a nickname from openid (or getting service to give it to us). This question is of relevance on this point: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/572939/extracting-a-username-from-an-openid-identity (though basic answer is "you can't").
#27 1202400048000000 rgrp Methods potentially in need of access control at present (on controllers/package.py) * update (_update) * create Frankly, for time being we can probably leave these unsecured but with monitoring. Should they be abused we can add access control fairly easily. So decision: no work on access control/auth for time being here. Focus instead should be on: * documentation of post parameters (rgrp) * returning restful status values (201 Created, 204 Updated, etc) * returning machine readable output from read and list (json)
#2558 1340301273000000 aron.carroll Metadata is back as of b20538f Groups currently aren't showing because the {{{c.groups_available}} param isn't available. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/new_package_metadata.html#L7
#2651 1342084112000000 ross Messytables has been updated. A new branch for ckanext-datastorer has been created, hoping to get someone with a fully working setup to help test.
#358 1310128782000000 thejimmyg Merging with #922 go there for latest updates.
#802 1294233294000000 thejimmyg Merging with #801
#772 1294413313000000 thejimmyg Merging with #770
#773 1294413400000000 thejimmyg Merging with #770
#774 1294413412000000 thejimmyg Merging with #770
#444 1294414008000000 thejimmyg Merging with #691
#748 1294412916000000 thejimmyg Merging with #676.
#440 1294417436000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371. We'll do this as part of the move to the new DGU servers.
#485 1294411946000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371.
#395 1294417538000000 thejimmyg Merging with #371
#1065 1311174208000000 thejimmyg Merging with #1094 so see the discussion there too.
#1094 1311173649000000 thejimmyg Merging with #1065 and closing.
#296 1294407032000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#297 1294407051000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#298 1294407080000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#299 1294407099000000 thejimmyg Merging into #896.
#2428 1341314475000000 seanh Merged. The only thing I didn't do was add a test case that runs pip freeze and tests that all the right versions of deps are installed.
#570 1294407974000000 thejimmyg Merged with #569.
#497 1294407705000000 thejimmyg Merged with #497
#1011 1299245206000000 sebbacon Merged to default https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/e8217c317a8e
#2223 1332842692000000 zephod Merged into master here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/0bf4b33955df3806785f9b42a55acaeb45596e25
#2639 1343297711000000 amercader Merged into master before 1.8. There are a couple of issues with that need to be fixed on recline code base: * Filter does not fire the state change event (Embed URL does not get updated) https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/195 * File format not saved in Dataproxy state (Embed fails with dataproxy files with no extension) https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/196 When we fix these on recline we can update the build on ckan core.
#1491 1323703317000000 seanh Merged into master
#826 1297429910000000 dread Merged into default in cset:613d7bd5fc96. Future tickets in this area include: * #978 Full edit in Web UI * #979 Edit Resource extras in the API
#870 1294914243000000 anonymous Merged into default in cset:54ae110094be
#901 1294662466000000 dread Merged in cset:b8a649f51cab from Seb's changes.
#898 1294662408000000 dread Merged in cset:89bf917f9b46
#899 1294662417000000 dread Merged in cset:89bf917f9b46
#900 1294662424000000 dread Merged in cset:89bf917f9b46
#2414 1338471374000000 ross Merged by kindly
#749 1294412986000000 thejimmyg Merge with #691
#1797 1331412644000000 rgrp Merge fix https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/476a5bd32a3fac5d2dd85614f5d86c79f4ff6547
#838 1291636351000000 memespring Merge css files http://ckan.org/ticket/846
#1010 1298740889000000 rgrp Meant this cset:d2651db566ef
#1616 1326452451000000 dread Maybe we just need a '-f' option to force it to continue if an exception occurs? It's a manual process and it's good to know loud and clear if there is a an exception setting up a new server say, but have the option to force it if the system is down temporarily is a critical service.
#191 1305814900000000 dread Maybe allow searching by package creation date too? Suggestion from kindly: when indexing a package, have the search backend also store the metadata_modified value, to make it easy to search on it.
#890 1318529648000000 rgrp May want to close as invalid as obsoleted by more recent queue work.
#891 1318602128000000 rgrp May only do link-checker and not do full storage in this sprint.
#1685 1340188083000000 ross May be subsumed into a service, will keep ticket as a reminder to cleanup
#27 1215543933000000 rgrp Massive ticket now thoroughly addressed (early start in r242 and ff. then later in r275, r276 etc). Also now have start of demo ckan REST client at browser:ckanclient
#1744 1330349472000000 zephod Massive refactor of parent ticket mean this is all done and can be closed off. See #1506 for remaining UX work.
#1703 1331142926000000 johnglover Marking this stage as complete. Keywords can be added/updated via WUI and API, but are still labelled 'tags' when called via package_show API call, but this will be addressed in a separate ticket.
#1192 1312191462000000 rgrp Marking this as closed as Anna has completed and this is now deployed at http://docs.ckan.org/.
#1743 1328527086000000 rgrp Marking as wontfix - as per discussion here: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2012-February/001652.html
#2558 1340615257000000 aron.carroll Marking as fixed. Will create new issues as they arise
#101 1267648607000000 rgrp Marking as fixed as Item 1 and item 2 have now been done (at least partially), using urlgrabber. However no "distribution" support (we just assume all downloads are "payloads" and get metadata from ckan). See cset:ae89cbc898c7/datapkg cset:8448f862c588/datapkg cset:df22cd0f92a1/datapkg etc.
#1064 1323169787000000 thejimmyg Marking as duplicate because #1464 will take it on.
#1446 1326281594000000 rgrp Marking as complete as Data Explorer is now functional enough for our purposes. Tickets done include (* indicates improvement over current explorer) * Core Backbone Models representing Dataset and Tabular data: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/10 * New theme: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/22 * Read-only mode: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/17 * Introduce hash navigation / state support (*): https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/19 * Re-enable editing in DataTable (*): https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/13 * [super] DataTable view (in Backbone) (*): https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/14 * DataExplorer parent view (*): https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/12 * Simple graph widget using flot: https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/11 NB: quite a bit of work done pre 2012-01-09 iteration but in that iteration that we finished the work.
#371 1300217820000000 thejimmyg Marking as closed since http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/600 now takes on this ticket. I will check nils has added the new DGU Bytemark servers are added to Nagios.
#1626 1326215877000000 dread Mark wrote some About text: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2012-January/001963.html David tidied it up and inserted it into code, adding a config option to change the first section [master 517aec4] aimed for release 1.5.2.
#28 1200902911000000 rgrp Mark as wontfix as not sure what benefit this provides given the the sql dump of data already provided in relation to ticket:38. If necessary it can be reopened in the future.
#2264 1333635637000000 seanh Many strings have been fixed (and committed on master). Still to go: When uploading a file: - The "Browse..." button. This comes from the user's browser? - Hangs when I try to upload a file, so the rest of this UI is unchecked. The licenses on the dataset add, edit and view pages, "License Not Specified" etc. Dataset state on dataset view page, e.g. "active". When adding or editing resources: - The resource types (Data File, etc.) The strings seem to come from resource.resource_type. - "You can use Markdown formatting here", "Should a DataStore table and Data API be enabled for this resource?", "Dates are in ISO Format — eg. 2012-12-25 or 2010-05-31T14:30". I can't get strings with hyperlinks in them to translate here. Dataset view page: - License not specified. Dataset search page: - "Tags", "Res_format" and "Groups" in the sidebar. Leaving because this code has been refactored on feature-1821-multilingual-extension. Fix after that branch has been merged. Dataset view page: - The resource types, e.g. "plain text". - The field names under additional information: cache_last_updated etc. Dataset history view: timestamps not localised. Login page: - "Login failed. Bad username or password. (Or if using OpenID, it hasn't been associated with a user account.)" This string is marked for translation but I can't seem to get translations to work for flash messages. Also "Sean Hammond is now logged in" flash message. Register page: - "Missing value" in error message when you try to register and don't give an email. The string seems to come from formencode. stdtrans() not working? User view page: - Activity streams strings. Activity streams genshi function needs a little refactoring to be i18n-friendly. Users page: - "less than 1 month". This string comes from Pylons' time_ago_in_words() function which doesn't appear to support i18n. New auth group (and edit auth group) page: - "Unique identifier for group. 2+ chars, lowercase, using only 'a-z0-9' and '-_'". This string is marked for translation but for some reason it isn't working. - "Name: Please enter a value" (in an error msg) - "User name". The string comes from class FormBuilder? Also, need to check that all tooltips are translated!
#43 1246441195000000 rgrp Making this versioned/revisioned turns out to be slightly more complex than anticipated (need a stateful associated list). So defer to 0.95
#2204 1335287636000000 aron.carroll Making some notes of front-end changes that I think need to be implemented sooooon. {{{ Implement better truncation (the expanded text should pop out on hover rather than expand the entire row) Show the type of related item (an icon would be good here) Test in IE Make the form work without JavaScript by accepting x-www-form-urlencoded. Add classes to first item in a row to clear the row (currently uses :nth-child CSS) Touch gestures and re-ordering (David's request) }}}
#559 1310127694000000 dread Makes sense to me... Works for me too, so leaving closed.
#2605 1343126767000000 ross Make a decision on how we can test this cleanly and get it into 1.8
#927 1299841206000000 rgrp Major update including notes of what has been done (where not a separate ticket) and addition of a few items.
#264 1272390013000000 dread Mainly sorted in ticket:292. Also related changes in cset:ed4c500fcd90
#371 1294676093000000 anonymous Mainly handled in http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/564 now. Close here?
#2458 1344262256000000 aron.carroll Made changes as of 9729f1c 1. Clicking a tag now takes you to the search page 2. When clicking the tabs the location now updates so you can bookmark pages. 3. Not sure how datasets are rated. 4. Text changes made.
#1485 1323172388000000 icmurray Made a small start on this: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1485-package-form-extension
#90 1265315677000000 dread Machine-readable link added in cset:9a7726fec351 but not 303 redirect yet. Cost so far: 1.5h
#226 1273247829000000 dread Lots of excellent suggestions here.
#1053 1310126546000000 dread Looks to me like DELETE always changed the state to Deleted, so an invalid ticket. We can deal with purging in another ticket if needed.
#2510 1339670520000000 aron.carroll Looks okay to me
#2466 1338467285000000 seanh Looks like we need to upgrade to Trac 0.12 and then install this plugin: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter
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