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#2787 1344543473000000 toby Closing as too general and part of any plugin update
#2527 1340116130000000 aron.carroll Closing as this has been superceded by #2553
#1462 1326284357000000 amercader Closing as this has been fixed and deployed. @thejimmyg Not sure if there are still issues regarding packaging. Feel free to create a specific ticket for this if we need to work on it.
#1516 1323360020000000 amercader Closing as the main Solr servers are ready to support different Solr schemas. I.e they have two different cores: * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.2 * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.3 to which CKAN instances can point to. The CKAN instances that have not been updated (the ones under s004) are pointing to a Solr core with an old version of the schema, so they can wait until upgraded to 1.5.1 to update the solr_url property and rebuild the index. Data.gov.uk can be dealt with during the next deployment. It's not clear which Solr server are using the rest of the instances, but they can be updated as necessary when they upgrade their CKAN instance.
#1245 1317422640000000 rgrp Closing as now mostly done and not really a ticket item.
#90 1265890334000000 rgrp Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
#455 1291637172000000 rgrp Closing as invalid as not clear what task is and now almost certainly out of date.
#962 1301364987000000 rgrp Closing as have now reworked to: * Support plain text previews for many formats (including xml based formats) * Try to handle everything else as html with an iframe ... * Do not show preview button where not useful * Normalize formats for better recognition (e.g. text/csv, application/xls) See: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-datapreview/changeset/c1d672a6c368 and previous. Also re-updated the dataproxy so it works again (had got out of sync when mistakenly reverted the dataproxy a couple of weeks ago). Could still do api/sparql (using sparql js wrapper) and handle json (as plain text ...?) but these can be new tickets.
#1508 1328000871000000 rgrp Closing as fixed -- while there are some remaining things to do mentioned here such as wordpresser it is agreed these aren't for the immediate present (and we can open new tickets for theme as and when we need them).
#1568 1325267998000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate of #1129 and #1141
#75 1296341223000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate (invalid also): * Not sure recording view stats for a given package page is that useful -- so invalid here * Resource download is now ticket:937
#1801 1343144718000000 amercader Closing as both old and new theme now show password reset links
#945 1325259350000000 rgrp Closing as all subcomponents now done. (parts of this duplicate the other super ticket #1032). Also move to ckan-v1.6 as that is when last parts were done.
#1615 1328888870000000 dread Closing - looks ok to me
#540 1302694845000000 dread Closing - all the suggestions have been implemented: squid instance and cache headers set for high traffic pages.
#245 1297066620000000 rgrp Closed in favour of https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/1/support-for-composite-primary-keys
#729 1288012854000000 rgrp Closed in cset:a9006fd56450
#305 1272994804000000 rgrp Closed in cset:8136e7369c0c
#1271 1313753663000000 rgrp Closed in cset:749cb3a087e3
#828 1290696586000000 rgrp Closed in cset:66a3efe16ed4
#1074 1314303581000000 rgrp Closed in cset:18a5b48bbee6. Note the templating isn't completely reused but rather uses common methods from _util.html. Likely that a bit more refactoring could be done to share common code but not worth it at present.
#2570 1340107841000000 aron.carroll Closed in a3939a4
#422 1283165156000000 dread Closed by mistake - task remains.
#253 1319709714000000 dread Closed by mistake
#869 1292059662000000 rgrp Closed by cset:83734b5e251c which implements an IConfigurer interface.
#1650 1346670010000000 ross Closed as unnecessary now.
#2695 1343138217000000 aron.carroll Closed as of b661e75. Further improvements can be created as new tickets
#2767 1343645517000000 aron.carroll Closed as of 25d7499. All form.select() calls now require a tuple/list in the form. {{{ options = ( {"value": "opt1-value", "text": "Option One Text"}, {"value": "opt2-value", "text": "Option Two Text"} ) }}
#1109 1303916487000000 dread Close ticket?
#2808 1344944258000000 aron.carroll Close in 97d92ba
#2206 1331046486000000 johnglover Close enough for now. Still have to restyle language drop-down to match template, but will fix when updating the list of languages. Also still to decide on menu styles/locations (for CKAN login and main menu, and ODP main menu).
#2560 1340617540000000 aron.carroll Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource but stage 3 should remain active. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource, clicking next should take you to stage three with the same data as when you went back.
#2550 1340626589000000 ross Clarify
#2552 1340626635000000 ross Clarify
#1087 1310134714000000 thejimmyg Child ticket of #954
#1107 1310134646000000 thejimmyg Child ticket of #954
#1041 1310135309000000 thejimmyg Child ticket of #1142
#2937 1348238875000000 seanh Cherry-picked into 1.8
#1504 1324035928000000 dread Cherry picked for 1.5.1.
#1425 1319735012000000 dread Cheers for taking this on Tom
#1530 1323283663000000 dread Cheers Lucy. Ok the gap between the name field and its help text is way too big. Zeph, any chance you can take a look?
#2837 1344847463000000 aron.carroll Checkboxes created with {{{ form.checkbox() }}} should be styled correctly. Got a link to an example?
#2349 1336555121000000 ross Chased Openlink today for update
#1012 1301943096000000 dread Changing this to 'Fixed' and #103 to 'Wont fix' to ensure this feature is noted.
#1122 1306747706000000 dread Changing this to "won't fix" just to be clear
#179 1257762996000000 dread Changeset was to solve 'deprecated' messages. See line 46 ff. of changeset.
#363 1291733459000000 dread Changes to user properties aren't linked to a package.
#2239 1334581838000000 ross Changes to schema/rdf output
#1670 1328519319000000 ross Changed to reflect the need to generate documentation
#979 1315221162000000 dread Changed the title back - it was accurate. The comment was because with formalchemy, WUI and API ran off the same 'form' code. This functionality may already be there with the new stuff, but certainly needs tests.
#2255 1332934041000000 ross Changed description based on docs of stuff to verify.
#842 1296468313000000 rgrp Change to awaitingtriage as definitely not critical.
#979 1314404905000000 rgrp Change from Edit Resource extras in the API to Edit Resource extras in the WUI as believe we already have API editing and reference to #978 implies this is about the WUI.
#888 1294830297000000 Stiivi Chages to Data Proxy: * tests added with configurable list of known URLs * use brewery for transformations (included reference to brewery framework in a new vendor directory) * side effect: code to make google find external packages in vendor directory (from now on, all external packages should go there and be referenced from .hgsub if they are mercurial repositories) * changed response contents: moved from 'headers' to root, renamed 'response' to 'data', added field list as 'fields' * changed way of registering transformers (now class object is used instead of name) * added 'encoding' and 'dialect' parameters for CSV * added optional data audit (parameter 'audit') Changes: https://bitbucket.org/Stiivi/dataproxy/changeset/fccbdd275be5 Data information: http://databrewery.org/doc/data_quality.html#brewery.dq.FieldStatistics
#1809 1330528828000000 johnglover Caught exceptions in QA instead, error message stored as openness_score_reason
#414 1288003770000000 dread Catalogue API went live with caching a couple of weeks ago
#1138 1316965357000000 rgrp Cannot see this issue any more on default (as deployed on e.g. test).
#293 1271885457000000 johnbywater Can't reproduce this exception. Have added tests covering adding, removing and updating resources, and it all seems to work.
#2865 1345131215000000 ross Can't replicate locally in either master or release-v1.8 /el/ isn't a valid locale, and so the problem is unicode in urls where ckan is trying to generate a 404.
#2209 1331551393000000 ross Can't edit comments .. so Current thinking is that option 4 is a default (as per ckanext-rdf) rdf output that is generated not in code (as currently) but using a genshi xml template to read the package into an RDF format (as if it were HTML). This would then be overrideable so that for ecportal where the format of the RDF is different (change of vocabs etc) we can just point the config to a new template. Pros: Easy to implement Easy to use Not hard-coded as currently Fast execution Cons: Requires knowledge of required RDF output if default is not useful RDF and not any of the other formats yet. Only works with package/resource/tags unless more work is done
#1649 1331550598000000 rgrp Can you elucidate on this template idea? I was thiking we want specification/configto be in the form of mappings (e.g. field X is really type Y etc rather than a specific piece of rdf/xml or n3) though perhaps that makes more sense. Let's centralize discussion on this in #2209.
#1002 1311675754000000 dread Can you also delete the "paster changes" in ckan/lib/cli with this removal?
#1575 1325866330000000 rgrp Can we also lose the Canada government group. Let's just have have the Canada group plus a tag for gov (e.g. just gov or gov-canada or canada-gov or ...)
#537 1288023097000000 dread Can this ticket be updated? Were any tasks listed here done? Anything remaining still planned?
#31 1185472236000000 rgrp Can get this functionality via Notes section of package. Might want to reopen in future if specifically need something 'comment-like' rather than 'text-wiki-like' but for time being what we have is fine.
#2323 1340188400000000 ross Can create a new ticket if the requirements change.
#2322 1344086640000000 rgrp Can I confirm this is in v1.8 ...
#283 1270715817000000 rgrp Can I *strongly* suggest we just use the existing perfectly-good-system for flagging stuff called "tags" :) I suggest we have agree in the community a standard set of "meta" tags for this kind of stuff. E.g. i'm already using the "duplicate" tag for marking duplicates (I also add in notes the link to duplicate package but that's optional). So I suggest we: 1. Create "reserved" tag prefix "meta" 2. Create following specific tags (suggestions/comments welcome): * meta.duplicate - duplicate of another package. If possible indicate in notes or an extras field (to be decided) what it is duplicate of * meta.spam Editors can then just visit http://ckan.net/tag/read/meta.spam and work through list of packages there. If "push" notifications are required as well as "pull" then I suggest this be put in an external service (e.g. rss2email) rather than integrated into CKAN core.
#318 1283179768000000 wwaites CO may not realise the implications when they said it was low priority. The implication of this lack of validation is that it is impossible to generate valid URIs in the RDF which means it cannot be imported by Talis. So until there is a solution to this, no RDF catalog.
#1692 1329242042000000 dread CMAP are really keen on having this for groups
#1692 1329242134000000 dread CMAP also interested in having some custom CSS for a group, but that is perhaps another ticket.
#331 1282833125000000 dread CKAN timestamps should not be in a timezone, since when the clock goes back, it could cause problems for vdm. But there may be cases when CKAN is running on a machine that needs the clock set for a particular country (say for a front-end running on the same machine), and so vdm should be changed to create timestamps using UTC specifically (rather than add a timezone, since a mixture of timezones won't sort). And when we display it (or reply to a request) we convert it to the local timezone, as suggested in the description.
#692 1294247841000000 thejimmyg CKAN doesn't need to implement this, Drupal does. Incidentally, the initial version is implemented on UAT anyway.
#1111 1304935139000000 lucychambers CKAN FAQ now complete (Sections 1,2,5,6 - needs uploading onto site): http://ckan.okfnpad.org/FAQ At CKAN Community Meetup it was decided that Sections 3 and 4 would form a separate contributor's manual.
#1699 1327425070000000 johnglover CKAN 1.5.1 with EC Portal extension has been deployed to test server. Full setup docs are in the ckanext-ecportal extension.
#405 1297211204000000 rgrp By mime-type and all resources done in cset:7bd693614c80 and previous (with other improvements to download system).
#2566 1340119694000000 aron.carroll Buttons are added in d15cf6f. Toby could you hook these up with appropriate routes.
#144 1257533957000000 rgrp But we don't record views ...
#364 1281451132000000 dread But this works with the new SOLR search now - close?
#1737 1340011203000000 rgrp But not v1.7.1? (When is v1.8 due?). Also for the record a couple of things I found when trying to use this: * No support for facet sort order or facet limit afaict ...
#1152 1307352165000000 amercader Bumping to ckan-v1.5-sprint-3 and updating the CC email addresses so people actually get any updates.
#2405 1340097846000000 icmurray Bump: Questions for client team above...
#198 1264688525000000 dread Bulk of work for this is in cset:d213e942245b
#982 1298887980000000 dread Buildbot scripts now fixed.
#662 1301076443000000 dread Bug: license_id field is assigned the value of the 'license' parameter.
#1546 1324034396000000 dread Broken since introduction in CKAN 1.3. Fixed in CKAN 1.5.1.
#1140 1312537257000000 dread Broken since CKAN v1.1. I have added this fix to v1.4.2 and v1.4.3 releases.
#1293 1314905799000000 johnglover Branch: feature-1293-rename-package-to-dataset Routing and test editing should be finished (all tests passings). Have not added test for redirect yet.
#2771 1350303564000000 seanh Branch is here, but not finished yet: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/2750-add-docs-and-examples-for-idatasetform-and-igroupform
#1515 1323106050000000 seanh Branch for this feature: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/master...feature-1515-activity-streams
#1650 1338206684000000 ross Branch exists for #1650
#325 1278599979000000 dread Both sending and received tickets closed.
#1180 1307544223000000 dread Both issues solved using a whitelist on anchor tags. Second issue was a link with unicode expression of the quote. e.g. <a href=\u201dsomelink\u201d>somelink</a>
#1156 1306855111000000 pudo Both are now implemented but may need further work to adhere to developing conventions wrt to location etc.
#1600 1327335778000000 rgrp Booted: https://github.com/okfn/help.thedatahub.org
#2251 1332331650000000 rgrp Big +1: everyone wants to know page views. Would like detail of how this goes into interface. Downloads already being tracked. Also isn't this just an extension to ckanext-googleanalytics.
#2577 1346669735000000 ross Better info was provided by jmckinney
#868 1292890251000000 [email protected] Below is a patch to make the tests run at least 2.5 times faster (about 15 mins on my old laptop). Instead of dropping the tables each time, it just deletes everything in them, using a low level connection. All the tests pass this way. It's a surprisingly clean patch. Here are a few points concerning it. * I tested truncating the tables but it's slower. If there are any big tables in the tests this way is the fastest (faster than drop). * The sequences (id columns) will start from where they left off. * I also investigated making postgres template database and cloning it, but the complication was not worth it. * sqlalchemy iterates the tables in reverse dependency order, which make this possible. * I targeted rebuild_db as that what most of the tests I saw where using, however I have not checked all tests to see if they all are. * There is a slight hack on the repo object to make sure it knows that "clean_db" is coming from the tests. * I refactored init_db for code reuse. * I have not done a version check. sqlalchemy >= 0.5 do this in a different way as outlined in the comments. {{{ diff -r 7f2239b0f743 ckan/model/__init__.py --- a/ckan/model/__init__.py Fri Dec 17 10:34:47 2010 +0000 +++ b/ckan/model/__init__.py Mon Dec 20 23:25:04 2010 +0000 @@ -41,6 +41,9 @@ def init_db(self): super(Repository, self).init_db() + self.add_initial_data() + + def add_initial_data(self): # assume if this exists everything else does too if not User.by_name(PSEUDO_USER__VISITOR): visitor = User(name=PSEUDO_USER__VISITOR) @@ -69,6 +72,26 @@ import migrate.versioning.api as mig version = mig.version(self.migrate_repository) return version + + def clean_db(self): + # delete only added for tests + if hasattr(self, "delete_only") and self.delete_only: + self.delete_all() + else: + super(Repository, self).clean_db() + + def delete_all(self): + + self.session.remove() + ## use raw connection for performance + connection = self.session.connection() + ## sqla sorts in reverse dependancy order. + ## in >= 0.5 use reversed(metadata.sorted_tables()) instead of table_iterator + for table in self.metadata.table_iterator(): + connection.execute('delete from "%s"' % table.name) + self.session.commit() + + self.add_initial_data() def setup_migration_version_control(self, version=None): import migrate.versioning.exceptions diff -r 7f2239b0f743 ckan/tests/__init__.py --- a/ckan/tests/__init__.py Fri Dec 17 10:34:47 2010 +0000 +++ b/ckan/tests/__init__.py Mon Dec 20 23:25:04 2010 +0000 @@ -55,6 +55,7 @@ import ckan.model as model model.repo.rebuild_db() +model.repo.delete_only = True class BaseCase(object): }}}
#1788 1330111162000000 rgrp Believe most of these are resolved by https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/27f4fc776b9199621d259749cf20787328df101f @zephod: could you check again and see if anything remains?
#1658 1338206622000000 ross Being done elsewhere
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