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#2720 1343214149000000 toby minor fix so seems good to do it now
#2251 1333644538000000 toby most work completed: outstanding issues * add a prune tracking_raw data to cli * add indexes to tracking_raw * add summary page for new data format * add api counter 1) do we record the url or action etc (action seems more sensible) 2) add in __call__ or in action?
#2311 1334837867000000 toby most work has been completed comments can be added to templates via ${h.disqus_comments()} recent comments via ${h.disqus_recent()} basic i18n works for languages except norwegian which reverts to english needs ckan 1.7 awaiting clarification re urls changing from under us
#2375 1340710303000000 toby moving milestone
#913 1306774962000000 pudo moving to CKAN, still need a resolver
#912 1306774876000000 pudo moving to ckan
#2640 1342092306000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2642 1342092375000000 toby moving to phase 2
#2416 1340710252000000 toby moving to phase 2 as not causing problems but still needs proper fix
#2721 1343037422000000 toby moving to phase 3 a s fundamental ckan issue needs team discussions
#2583 1342086274000000 toby moving to phase 3 as really a review of our code type stuff
#920 1295355318000000 [email protected] my first email address was wrong...
#2704 1342716968000000 toby need some thought
#2705 1342716980000000 toby need some thought
#2362 1342085420000000 toby need to get the auto-documentation done now
#2204 1332341044000000 toby needs discussion - planned for 23-3-2012
#2454 1340710442000000 toby needs discussion and low importance
#2289 1340887101000000 toby needs docstrings
#2261 1332838253000000 toby new config option ckan.root_path = /path/from/root/with/{{LANG}}/substitution
#2442 1338383819000000 toby new helper function for popular h.popular(type_, number, min=1, title=None) just related items left now
#2555 1340373267000000 toby non urgent moving milestone
#2251 1332332390000000 toby not really part of ckanext-ga as we need to sit first in the middleware for speed reasons. I'm looking at recording the details and will do a summary page like ga extension. As far as other uses like showing popular resources etc then we need to decide where the data will live - on the resource or separate. Downloads tracked? where is this done in the code/data stored
#2660 1342011096000000 toby not reproducable
#862 1291726261000000 wwaites not to mention sparql endpoint...
#2251 1332340874000000 toby notes from meeting 21-3-2012 US1 As a Site Admin / Visitor (?) I want to see how often a page has been viewed (every page) and how often resources have been downloaded. US1a Next to a resource or a dataset see how often it has been downloaded / viewed US1b I want to see datasets or resources ranked by most downloaded or viewed US1c See a trend graph for a dataset (and resources) Adminstrative Dashboard (?) * I want to see the traffic breakdown by country to my site ... * Ditto for browser type, language, etc etc * I want to see it graphed over time ... == Implementation Details == 1. How do we store this data in CKAN? 2. How do we track (and store)? 3. How do we display * Config option ckan.status.enabled = False (by default) === Storing Data === How does ckanext-googleanalytics do this? Current table: package_id | count_recent | count_total Move to a new stats_summary table id | item_id | object_type | stats_type (total, month_yyyy_mm, ...) | value Do we store this data into the search (solr) so we can search by it? === Displaying Data === * Helper functions / dictize: * Helper function: h.stats_get(object_type, id, stats_type) * h.stats_top_ranked(object_type, number) -> returns object_dicts or just labels or ... * Change to dictize * Location in the default theme (do we show for example in search results too!) * Support for ranking by most popular in search? === Tracking Data === * Our own solution (just write to site_tracking) * Google analytics (plus extension for retrieving data) <- would need a refactor * Piwiki ==== Own Solution ==== site_tracking table id | url | timestamp | action (page_view, resource_download) | * Make javascript to make request to ckan to store clicks and page views. * Add middleware so these requests do not go through pylons and just store data quickly.
#1316 1338193724000000 kindly now get_or_bust function handles this.
#2442 1338381909000000 toby now has actual tracking data to get data install ckanext-googleanalytics from source in analytics package dir run `paster loadanalytics internal 2012-01-01 -c ../ckan/development.ini` you may need to change .ini file name then in ckan dir `paster search-index rebuild -r -c dev.ini` It needs a refactor to make it easier to use
#2510 1339516414000000 toby ok I've done this and also unified the tags they are now tag/class {{{ <ul 'tag-list'> <li> <a 'tag'> }}} on home page tag was on <li> not <a> slightly changes the spacing please review
#1127 1305458489000000 rgrp one other thing: i think the plan is for CEPs to be in restructured text (for easy transfer to docs). This should be mentioned and the template in the wiki should be in ReST.
#1792 1329483249000000 toby package create update use correct schema in get_action
#1300 1315906283000000 rgrp page_heading and optional_footer done in #1108
#2581 1340800263000000 toby part of add dataset stages
#2844 1345454527000000 toby paster db clean fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/107
#1197 1340010256000000 toby personally I'm against these for 4 reasons a) The site should be self explanatory and if it is not this is a failure of design b) a cookie would be needed to prevent these happening all the time - cookies are bad as they interfere with caching proxies. c) I find stuff like this patronising/annoying for the user d) They are a maintenance burden for ckan as we do not have a single instance Therefore I'd suggest closing this as a won't fix - I agree this is just a personal view point and therefore am not going to actually close the ticket but just record my opinion.
#2254 1332950678000000 toby plan of attack a) get removal of TDH from core - this will give a better idea of the issues involved b) have a think
#2261 1332840112000000 toby please test logging in/out as the redirect was not testable but should be correct
#852 1291723207000000 wwaites plugin documentation: http://packages.python.org/ckan/plugins.html
#2441 1338384362000000 toby popular badges on package list - may make them optional/configurable at some point but good enough for now. see http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2442 for details With the `order button` this is for none javascript users i'm not sure the magnifying glass looks like the thing to press to reorder the results. I'd hide it when javascript enabled. Do what you will @aron I'm assigning this to you close or reassign to me if you need extras adding
#2442 1338379591000000 toby popular localised need to get live tracking data and fixup (in progress) groups now shown including multiple with link to group page related items I'd like some data for this I'll see if I can add some
#1223 1310573893000000 dread pudo did this in cset:1ab655b7b76a and cset:7a9c6b1060cf ready for release 1.4.2.
#2257 1332950416000000 toby pushed first round of changes into master
#698 1292781368000000 Stiivi pushed parameter passing; change handling of unknown reply type on proxy side: do not raise exception, but reply with 200 Error - unkown reply type, use json/jsonp
#2873 1345208283000000 toby qa extension is crap and needs fixing to work properly due to where it stores data (in the task status - wtf)
#41 1199787967000000 rgrp r198 upgraded trunk to use 0.9.6 and these changes were deployed on production as of 2008-01-06 (PM).
#4 1223908381000000 rgrp r368. Search by package title and name implemented. Other options will become separate tickets.
#415 1288003954000000 dread rdf now available at semantic.ckan.net courtesy of ww
#1024 1299668648000000 pudo re-created this (#1027)
#2202 1338204801000000 toby re-reading this it's slightly different re-opening
#2445 1338473309000000 ross redirects are fine, of course, but redirect on validation failure seems painful ? Also templates in templates_legacy?
#2718 1342788150000000 toby related to #2699
#2298 1340285049000000 toby related to http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2579 move sort functions to helpers
#363 1298840718000000 kindly revision objects are made everytime a new revision is made even if their are no changes.
#1251 1317315159000000 dread rgrp did this last weekend.
#259 1267207964000000 dread rgrp fixed this in cset:45e16431add9
#273 1278578527000000 dread rgrp: We plan to use SOLR. May investigate Xapian. Nothing more to do in this investigation.
#2769 1343734083000000 toby rough cut down needs some design love but new ticket for that http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2778
#2514 1340959787000000 ross s/not/now/ stupid keyboard
#908 1296403695000000 wwaites see also from http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/485 {{{ (pyenv)[email protected]:~/var/srvc/ckan.net$ sudo uwsgi -C -iH /home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv --paste config:ckan.net.ini --uid www-data -s *** Starting uWSGI (32bit) on [Sun Jan 30 16:00:13 2011] *** compiled with version: 4.4.3 Python version: 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Apr 16 2010, 13:28:26) [GCC 4.4.3] uWSGI running as root, you can use --uid/--gid/--chroot options setuid() to 33 *** WARNING: you are running uWSGI without its master process manager *** your memory page size is 4096 bytes allocated 412 bytes (0 KB) for 1 request's buffer. Setting PythonHome to /home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv... binding on TCP port: 9001 your server socket listen backlog is limited to 64 connections initializing hooks...done. Loading paste environment: config:ckan.net.ini Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/paste/deploy/__init__.py", line 3, in <module> from loadwsgi import * File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/paste/deploy/loadwsgi.py", line 8, in <module> import pkg_resources File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 2691, in <module> add_activation_listener(lambda dist: dist.activate()) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 668, in subscribe callback(dist) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 2691, in <lambda> add_activation_listener(lambda dist: dist.activate()) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 2195, in activate map(declare_namespace, self._get_metadata('namespace_packages.txt')) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 1790, in declare_namespace _handle_ns(packageName, path_item) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pkg_resources.py", line 1761, in _handle_ns loader.load_module(packageName); module.__path__ = path File "/usr/lib/python2.6/pkgutil.py", line 238, in load_module mod = imp.load_module(fullname, self.file, self.filename, self.etc) File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/src/ckanext-dataapi/ckanext/dataapi/__init__.py", line 36, in <module> from pylons import config File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/__init__.py", line 4, in <module> from pylons.config import config File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/config.py", line 2, in <module> from pylons.configuration import * File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/configuration.py", line 25, in <module> import pylons.legacy File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/legacy.py", line 11, in <module> from pylons.util import deprecated, func_move File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pylons/util.py", line 18, in <module> from paste.script.appinstall import Installer File "/home/okfn/var/srvc/ckan.net/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/paste/script/appinstall.py", line 23, in <module> from paste.deploy import appconfig ImportError: cannot import name appconfig }}}
#994 1298912830000000 kindly see cset:93188d42fc12
#884 1294253563000000 wwaites see feature-884-rmsource in the main ckan repo deleting my own repo
#90 1264158298000000 wwaites see http://semantic.ckan.net/ data can be loaded into the store easily enough (cron job for now?) http://semantic.ckan.net/data/package-name the RDF equivalent of http://ckan.net/package/package-name has sparql interface at http://semantic.ckan.net/sparql not so sure about the assertions Talis has made about the ckan namespace...
#2532 1340874456000000 toby see void now
#2856 1345049793000000 shevski server error URL: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/apps/49a509f7-4eb6-456f-b1fc-87cfde90c60d
#317 1279286041000000 pudo should be done after refactoring the search functions.
#2744 1343211810000000 shevski should probably be same width of format field, e.g. here: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/dataset/new_resource/gold-prices
#320 1279105983000000 dread site_title added in cset:b4c0e0a5630d site_logo is changeable in one place in the template so not essential
#569 1297177220000000 wwaites so this means a dependency on amara (finally). on the plus side it is one of the better xml python libraries, xpath, xslt, etc. on the down side it how many xml libraries do we depend on and use now? this is for the schematron...
#2375 1338292898000000 toby stealing this ticket
#2204 1332843232000000 toby still awaiting discussion
#2461 1344543838000000 toby stop the error
#1370 1334675681000000 toby style & sites can now be passed by individual templates
#1363 1317656645000000 johnglover table: task_status id entity_id entity_type task_type key value date_updated state unique(entity_id, task_type, key) example keys: last_task_id
#2852 1345106515000000 toby text updated and red again
#2433 1337960203000000 toby the affected actions =============== package_list package_relationship_create revision_show group_list package_update_validate It would be nice to get this fixed and I'm loathed to suggest adding a version 4 hack. If we make this change it will break things for existing users. This behaviour has existed since the action api was added as far as I'm aware So should we a) leave it forever and document b) break things and fix it - when 1.7.1 or 1.8?
#2951 1349168981000000 toby the files like red.css should also be done as part of this. and before minification of files - should really be part of same process
#2658 1343378309000000 toby the mor i think about this the crapper it seems wtf - can we just close it and hope it goes away?
#2738 1343124741000000 toby the resource has no webstore_url and therefore no data api I assume that some data is in the datastore but personnaly I don't know the data closing as this is the correct behaviour as far as is known - Ie complete guess ;p but that is how it is done in ckan core
#1323 1315594333000000 dread thedatahub has a couple of auth groups with no name. The form allows it! Fixed in cset:bebd0a46ebc6 * form requires the name field * existing auth groups without name can be viewed/edited if necessary (referring by ID) This has probably been a problem since auth groups were added to CKAN.
#2523 1340368036000000 toby there and working
#1050 1300452200000000 johnlawrenceaspden there's already a file ckan/tests/test_authz.py, which looks like the appropriate place for new tests.
#2202 1338204729000000 toby these are available through the pkg_dict
#317 1279005278000000 pudo this has been in for a while now but still needs to be extended to include the indexing of entities (ckan.model.search_index)
#2574 1342092416000000 toby this is all sorted so closing
#2755 1344505304000000 toby this is dependent on #2790 (pending) and #2356 (waiting merge) other fixes have been done therefore closing this even if the effects won't be seen till those fixes are merged
#2839 1344854522000000 toby this is fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/88
#1805 1329760795000000 toby this is fixed in branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting
#541 1294924872000000 wwaites this is implemented with the cookie javascript technique. not so suitable for pages where content is radically differerent depending on the logged in user but for small bits like the logged in status works perfectly well, likewise for edit links.
#2702 1344255984000000 shevski this is just a placeholder reminding me that need to create these tickets. Will pick out the main things and close this eventually
#2267 1343135541000000 toby this is not important as far as phase 2 is concerned - but you can do if you want
#1165 1306413953000000 nils.toedtmann this is similar, but not equal to #1096
#2674 1342456931000000 toby this is some elastic search / nginx type issues - to be honest I know nothing about this. niether are setup on s031 and our documentation didn't help much
#2660 1342090270000000 toby this is sorted in master
#2652 1343378442000000 toby this should sort some resource format issues
#2662 1342018898000000 toby this was actually an issue with form error anyhow fixed in both 2375 branches but needs pushing to the server
#2494 1338994890000000 toby this was due to out of date version of demo branch - updated
#2571 1340369783000000 toby this works so closing
#1177 1307361157000000 fccoelho to upgrade I used the method describeb on bitbucket, after upgrading pip-requirements: pip -E pyenv install -r pip-requirements.txt after that I did a paster --plugin ckan db upgrade --config ckan.emap.fgv.br.ini the revision id on my pyenv/src/ckan is: 5730c79db461+ tip yes, I have restarted apached after upgrading
#2701 1343949913000000 toby track is shit - missing helpers return `''`
#508 1282822372000000 dread ultrastable branch created from 1.0.1 - version on dgu. Developing policy at wiki:BranchingPolicy
#318 1276271343000000 wwaites url validation reputed to be here: http://www.livinglogic.de/Python/url/Howto.html
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