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#1109 1303916487000000 dread Close ticket?
#2767 1343645517000000 aron.carroll Closed as of 25d7499. All form.select() calls now require a tuple/list in the form. {{{ options = ( {"value": "opt1-value", "text": "Option One Text"}, {"value": "opt2-value", "text": "Option Two Text"} ) }}
#2695 1343138217000000 aron.carroll Closed as of b661e75. Further improvements can be created as new tickets
#1650 1346670010000000 ross Closed as unnecessary now.
#869 1292059662000000 rgrp Closed by cset:83734b5e251c which implements an IConfigurer interface.
#253 1319709714000000 dread Closed by mistake
#422 1283165156000000 dread Closed by mistake - task remains.
#2570 1340107841000000 aron.carroll Closed in a3939a4
#1074 1314303581000000 rgrp Closed in cset:18a5b48bbee6. Note the templating isn't completely reused but rather uses common methods from _util.html. Likely that a bit more refactoring could be done to share common code but not worth it at present.
#828 1290696586000000 rgrp Closed in cset:66a3efe16ed4
#1271 1313753663000000 rgrp Closed in cset:749cb3a087e3
#305 1272994804000000 rgrp Closed in cset:8136e7369c0c
#729 1288012854000000 rgrp Closed in cset:a9006fd56450
#245 1297066620000000 rgrp Closed in favour of https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/1/support-for-composite-primary-keys
#540 1302694845000000 dread Closing - all the suggestions have been implemented: squid instance and cache headers set for high traffic pages.
#1615 1328888870000000 dread Closing - looks ok to me
#945 1325259350000000 rgrp Closing as all subcomponents now done. (parts of this duplicate the other super ticket #1032). Also move to ckan-v1.6 as that is when last parts were done.
#1801 1343144718000000 amercader Closing as both old and new theme now show password reset links
#75 1296341223000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate (invalid also): * Not sure recording view stats for a given package page is that useful -- so invalid here * Resource download is now ticket:937
#1568 1325267998000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate of #1129 and #1141
#1508 1328000871000000 rgrp Closing as fixed -- while there are some remaining things to do mentioned here such as wordpresser it is agreed these aren't for the immediate present (and we can open new tickets for theme as and when we need them).
#962 1301364987000000 rgrp Closing as have now reworked to: * Support plain text previews for many formats (including xml based formats) * Try to handle everything else as html with an iframe ... * Do not show preview button where not useful * Normalize formats for better recognition (e.g. text/csv, application/xls) See: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-datapreview/changeset/c1d672a6c368 and previous. Also re-updated the dataproxy so it works again (had got out of sync when mistakenly reverted the dataproxy a couple of weeks ago). Could still do api/sparql (using sparql js wrapper) and handle json (as plain text ...?) but these can be new tickets.
#455 1291637172000000 rgrp Closing as invalid as not clear what task is and now almost certainly out of date.
#90 1265890334000000 rgrp Closing as main part done and alternative formats part is now ticket:247
#1245 1317422640000000 rgrp Closing as now mostly done and not really a ticket item.
#1516 1323360020000000 amercader Closing as the main Solr servers are ready to support different Solr schemas. I.e they have two different cores: * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.2 * http://<server>/solr/ckan-schema-1.3 to which CKAN instances can point to. The CKAN instances that have not been updated (the ones under s004) are pointing to a Solr core with an old version of the schema, so they can wait until upgraded to 1.5.1 to update the solr_url property and rebuild the index. Data.gov.uk can be dealt with during the next deployment. It's not clear which Solr server are using the rest of the instances, but they can be updated as necessary when they upgrade their CKAN instance.
#1462 1326284357000000 amercader Closing as this has been fixed and deployed. @thejimmyg Not sure if there are still issues regarding packaging. Feel free to create a specific ticket for this if we need to work on it.
#2527 1340116130000000 aron.carroll Closing as this has been superceded by #2553
#2787 1344543473000000 toby Closing as too general and part of any plugin update
#1687 1329338671000000 rgrp Closing as unclear what this involves (blob storage changes were deployed but webstore ones weren't ...)
#2549 1350561840000000 seanh Closing as we've gone forward with a different solution instead
#2878 1350561906000000 seanh Closing as we've gone forward with a slightly different approach instead
#2879 1350562096000000 seanh Closing as we've moved forward with a slightly different approach to organizations
#2880 1350561968000000 seanh Closing as we've moved forward with a slightly different approach to organizations in core instead.
#1231 1325474087000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix (or duplicate). We now have stats in footer as of #1576. googleanalytics (e.g. http://thedatahub.org/analytics/dataset/top) would be nice to have but should be part of stats
#1464 1328529042000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix as no further info and seems unimportant.
#1600 1333362031000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix atm since think this will either go to main manual or won't be done here. (Also did quite a lot of work).
#676 1295869107000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix. For dev/sysadmin documentation people can follow the link in the CKAN footer to ckan.org where we are consolidating documentation.
#1549 1325474219000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix. Originally needed in context of storage but agreed this is no longer needed there. For general usage don't see the point as twitter etc already have shortlink systems and we have no urgent need for one. Happy for someone to reopen if they feel strongly the other way.
#1621 1335878161000000 seanh Closing because I haven't seen this test fail for ages
#2422 1337945204000000 seanh Closing because I'm not able to reproduce and it turned out floapps had publisher auth on which was overriding his rights auth
#1764 1335878051000000 seanh Closing because I'm not sure what the reason for doing this would be.
#881 1296335072000000 rgrp Closing due to lack of clarification.
#38 1200903004000000 rgrp Closing for time being as sql dump seems sufficient. If JSON is to be provided (per package and with Atom feed of changes) this should be made into a separate ticket.
#253 1270632458000000 dread Closing in favour of the 4 tickets it is split into.
#1276 1315948394000000 rgrp Closing since done (though not yet in main!)
#1277 1315948417000000 rgrp Closing since done (though still need to merge into default)
#2441 1339670118000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2449 1339670041000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2456 1339670080000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2504 1339409776000000 aron.carroll Closing this as there are just snippets remaining now and they're a lower priority.
#1632 1335877871000000 seanh Closing this as there doesn't seem to be interest in showing activity streams on group pages anytime soon
#1633 1335877927000000 seanh Closing this as there doesn't seem to be much interest in showing activity streams on group pages anytime soon.
#2474 1338982780000000 aron.carroll Closing this as we've decided to go with Jinja. There's some basic docs here: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/templating.rst And a template overview: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/doc/template-blocks.rst Generally it's worth looking at the Groups pages to see how they're built.
#1746 1355141062000000 seanh Closing this as won't fix, we decided to do http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/3018 instead
#907 1297072303000000 rgrp Closing this now and improvements can go in a new ticket.
#1037 1304937601000000 thejimmyg Closing this now, any outstanding small issues will be logged in new tickets.
#1698 1338204433000000 seanh Closing this super ticket, see remaining tickets with keyword "taxonomies": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=closed&status=new&status=reopened&group=owner&max=1000&order=milestone&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=milestone&col=keywords&keywords=~taxonomies
#1515 1338204149000000 seanh Closing this super ticket. See remaining tickets with keyword "activity_streams": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&order=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&keywords=~activity_streams
#927 1300105638000000 rgrp Closing this ticket as #841 is minor. More work on docs can go in new tickets.
#1189 1323173227000000 thejimmyg Closing this ticket in line with ticketing policy since it is over 6 months old. If someone would like to develop an extension that uses spideroak as a back end we can look at it again.
#2696 1343138454000000 aron.carroll Closing this ticket. Only completions returned by the CKAN API are shown (which are existing formats I believe)
#2469 1340639702000000 seanh Closing this, has been broken down into individual tickets, see ckanbuild milestone
#2450 1339670997000000 aron.carroll Closing this, issues should be created as new tickets
#1602 1328175719000000 rgrp Closing ticket as everything done except geo (pre)viewing and that is a substantial chunk of work that needs planning and is already separately ticketed (and was already marked as (?)).
#2442 1339670612000000 aron.carroll Closing, issues should be opened as new tickets
#103 1300363180000000 thejimmyg Closing, we'll take this up in #1012.
#1141 1325352507000000 dread Closing, with remaining tidy up work for newer CKAN versions split off into new ticket: #1604
#202 1265892350000000 rgrp Closing. Bulk of work has been done and we have deployments at fr.ckan.net and de.ckan.net. Remaining work on forms needs some reflection and has been turned into new ticket:248.
#216 1273050561000000 rgrp Closing. Everything done except for item 4: "autocomplete package names & tags" which I'm not sure needs doing and certainly won't be done any time soon. Have created a new ticket for this: ticket:308
#1710 1327583922000000 dread Code done in [master 804b549] headed for release Example usage (on the appropriate server): {{{ paster db user-dump-csv /tmp/users.csv }}}
#2605 1343127369000000 ross Code for the CTE fix is in master ready for 1.8 branch.
#1453 1321635178000000 dread Code review: * basically - really excellent code and very thorough :-) * links should have %20 rather than spaces (tests/misc/test_format_text.py:61) * also check unicode chars encoding in urls (tests/misc/test_format_text.py:115) * also check searching for the tag with this encoding (ckan/tests/functional/api/model/test_tag.py:35) * we follow the PEP8 coding style which I interpret to mean not having blank lines after a function definition. But whichever, we're not consistent from file to file, but we should be within each file. e.g. ckan/tests/forms/test_package.py:12. * moo package problem - need to ensure test works on its own and when run as part of the suite, so independent of whether moo exists. tests/functional/api/test_action.py: * best to make tag search case insensitive - see ckan/tests/functional/api/model * It's worth keeping the old test in addition to your modified one - because query for just {q:''} will return both packages too. ckan/tests/functional/api/test_package_search.py:203 * Let's add an example of tag search with quotes in /doc/api.rst:337 * Please put imports at the top of the file, unless there's a good reason ckan/tests/functional/api/test_package_search.py:296 * Can you not the old test any more? It seems sufficiently to the test you changed it to, so can we include both? ckan/tests/functional/api/test_package_search.py:295
#1413 1323269472000000 dread Code reviewed - looks really good. Do merge in to master if it is not already. A couple of tips: * we all use 'model.User' instead of 'model.user.User' but it's not important for tests... * probably better to use CreateTestData.create_user() to create user objects in the future, avoiding faffing around with creating revisions etc. that are also nastier to debug when they go wrong.
#1357 1318162150000000 rgrp Code to create a test dataset for data preview: https://gist.github.com/1273560 (have not added to CKAN CLI since it seems too specialist and liable to change ...)
#401 1281373828000000 pudo Coming along nicely: * http://bitbucket.org/pudo/ckanextworker
#1549 1324385952000000 ross Comment from John Erickson (on ckan-discuss): FYI, such ability to maintain an identifier was an original motivation/requirement of the DOI (which is why the Handle System was the obvious choice for implementation). Note that providing the ability to maintain the short URL implies some kind of authority --- either based on the originating user or a ckan administrator. The idea of analytics as a motivator is very good; this is a great feature of bit.ly Another feature to consider might be short URL lookup based on target URL at short URL creation time, to avoid multiple short URL for the same target.
#441 1282724509000000 dread Comment from pudo: Apache version is documented here: http://knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/466
#441 1282724585000000 anonymous Comment from pudo: CKAN should have a read-only maintenance mode with a nice little banner on all pages, appropriate REST messages etc. Bonus points if this is triggered via an environment variable and thus can be triggered by the surrounding apache.
#154 1255621856000000 dread Comment from rgrp: I don't think we have to prescribe one or the other.
#153 1255621895000000 dread Comment from rgrp: Yes, and want this for tags too -- this involves working out how to order joins in sqlalchemy (shouldn't be too hard).
#926 1296637927000000 rgrp Comments from RP - http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2011-January/000181.html Libraries I have used: FormEncode, FormAlchemy (what we are currently using, before that formencode). Neither seemed perfect but I think the form issue is a 'hard' problem (perhaps with no perfect answer) [1]. FormAlchemy, in retrospect, was probably a mistake as it merges too much model/validation/form generation into one thing. At least 3 functions involved: 1. Generating (or just filling) a form template with 'form data' (and errors) 2. Converting model data to form data (also happens for APIs in fact) -- let's call this 'dict-ization' 3. Converting form data to model data (and validating) (inverse of previous step) I think one can and should separate 1 from 2+3 (and one of problems with formalchemy is it doesn't -- the attraction being you don't repeat yourself as forms get generated from model but I think this is actually a false economy in medium-term). I'm not specifically recommending the following as I haven't used them but I've looked through docs, they are active and reasonably mature: 1. Flatland: http://discorporate.us/projects/flatland/docs/tip/ * Only does 2+3 which is a good thing IMO 2. WTForms: http://wtforms.simplecodes.com/ * Used in standard flask docs: <http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/patterns/wtforms/>
#155 1255621836000000 dread Comments from rgrp: Very reasonable - and should not be too hard to do (bit of javascript and support at the backend ...)
#1010 1298733856000000 rgrp Complete see branch feature-1010-list-users and closing changeset cset:feature-1010-list-users.
#1079 1302777496000000 kindly Complete see cset:35ba6ad033ae
#1583 1327582611000000 zephod Complete. CKAN: * https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/048f58748b052ecd9efaa0b6940d3c1659990494 CKANEXT-QA: * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/dc040f9fdfe01cf420919b0779d61043b5ec76cb * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/590150dcd947d4a12ff2ec7c396f5dee4cbbaee9 * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/590150dcd947d4a12ff2ec7c396f5dee4cbbaee9
#1377 1318245795000000 zephod Complete: cset:b216952644aa
#1264 1318245716000000 zephod Complete; cset:b216952644aa
#510 1294138332000000 dread Completed 21st Dec 2010.
#1369 1318165086000000 rgrp Completed and merged in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/e75158acdcfa
#1001 1301229082000000 rgrp Completed and merged into default in cset:cb200f339dbb. At the moment have done the very simple option but pudo's approach seems better and we could refactor towards that going forward.
#1357 1318164458000000 rgrp Completed and merged into default in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/9ea072d67245
#1275 1314110016000000 johnglover Completed in branch feature-1275-solr-search. Up to date with current default but not yet merged into default. John
#405 1297214793000000 rgrp Completed in cset:a7df5071f200
#1108 1315140879000000 rgrp Completed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/9be1ae232ec3 cset:9be1ae232ec3
#1320 1318164603000000 rgrp Completed in https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/f9dfb0506594
#936 1303838713000000 rgrp Completed it seems :-) see https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-follower
#932 1296496416000000 dread Completed on branch and merged into default in cset:25c94cdbd283
#1295 1315948009000000 rgrp Completed with merge into default in cset:8bb0720a2150
#1296 1315948027000000 rgrp Completed with merge into default in cset:8bb0720a2150
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