16:09 Ticket #2929 (Remove is_fallback() from I*Form extension interfaces?) created by seanh
If a plugin wants to take over the default package type for example, it …
16:05 Ticket #2928 (Run CKAN tests with example_i*form extensions enabled) created by seanh
Before releasing CKAN 2.0 we need to run all the CKAN tests with a …
16:02 Ticket #2927 (Test new package/group/organization type URLs support) created by seanh
IPackageForm, IGroupForm and IOrganizationForm allow you to define e.g. …
16:01 Ticket #2926 (I*Form tests for per-type templates) created by seanh
Finish the tests for the per-package-type custom template support in …
10:06 Ticket #2925 (Remove trans mangle paster command?) created by seanh
- Is trans mangle really necessary? If you upload a pot file to …
10:04 Ticket #2924 (Better docs for trans js command, and add to release process) created by seanh
Add a better docstring to for trans js command explaining what it does and …
10:03 Ticket #2923 (Change regularise -> regularize) created by seanh
The function is called regularise_html(), can't remember what file it's …
10:01 Ticket #2922 (Better docstring for CKANInternationalizationExtension) created by seanh
I'm unsure about what's going on here. As I understand it, when we run …
10:00 Ticket #2921 (Add docstring to top of lib/extract.py file) created by seanh
I think it couldn't hurt for this module to have a docstring at the top of …
09:57 Ticket #2920 (Genshi text template message extractor no longer needed?) created by seanh
In setup.py, do we still need: ('templates/.txt', 'genshi', { …


14:47 Ticket #2919 (Remove IController from docs) created by seanh
Still in docs but seems gone from code
13:12 Ticket #2918 (Can't remove users from organizations) created by ross
When you remove someone, without adding them, the text box at the bottom …
12:10 Ticket #2917 (Organization admins can delete themselves) created by ross
Organization administrators can delete themselves from the user management …
12:09 Ticket #2916 (User management in orgs needs autocomplete) created by ross
The user management in organizations ( …
10:37 Ticket #2915 (Refactor form_to_db_schema_options()) created by seanh
Having two methods form_to_db_schema(self) and …
10:29 Ticket #2914 (Add form_to_db_schema_options() to IDatasetForm and IGroupForm) created by seanh
This optional method is supported when creating or updating groups and …


14:45 Ticket #2913 (IGroupForm has package_form() method) created by seanh
Should be group_form() I think


09:58 Ticket #2845 (Editing an organization removes all datasets from the organization) closed by seanh
09:57 Ticket #2912 (ckanext/organizations: Neither public or private initially selected when ...) created by seanh
When adding a dataset with the organizations extension on, neither the …
09:49 Ticket #2843 (Adding existing datasets to organizations is broken) closed by seanh


14:23 Ticket #2911 (Internal documentation of Organization Groups) created by kindly
A summary/user story doc of how organizations and groups are expected to …
11:39 Ticket #2910 (User listings are not very compelling) created by johnmartin
They are currently are just a small image / name. They should be: Larger …
11:35 Ticket #2909 (User profile headers are a bit weird) created by johnmartin
They seem to be not exactly well thought out. Needs some thought on better …
11:32 Ticket #2908 (Dataset related with image should retain aspect ratio) created by johnmartin
At the moment if you have an related item with an image associated to a …
11:28 Ticket #2907 (Demo header) created by johnmartin
The user login / avatar with in the header really should be within another …


16:05 Ticket #2906 (Wrong flags in language dropdown) created by dominik
The flags in the dropdown on details pages are not right. You can see …
14:28 Ticket #2905 (Add dataset URL key behaviour) created by johnmartin
On step 1 for adding a dataset can we add a ajax ping that checks if the …
14:14 Ticket #2904 (Show more formats/groups/tags shouldn't display if there aren't more) created by johnmartin
On the search results page when there are no more formats, groups or tags …
14:01 Ticket #2903 (Two search boxes) created by johnmartin
I think the architecture on the search page is a bit odd. Not sure I like …


18:10 Ticket #2902 (genshi is used in Group controller) created by ross
The Group controller uses the genshi module where it may be better for it …
10:57 Ticket #2599 (Test in IE) closed by johnmartin
fixed: This is now closed and waiting pull request merge back in.
10:31 Ticket #2901 (Language Dropdown bug in footer with IE7) created by johnmartin
The language dropdown in Internet Explorer 7 behaves oddly. Essentially I …


11:08 Ticket #1685 (Move archiver download function to core) closed by ross
wontfix: 8 months and no movement, looks like a wontfix.
11:05 Ticket #2865 (1.8 unicode error) closed by ross
11:05 Ticket #2866 (1.8 template error) closed by ross
11:01 Ticket #2736 (Archiver fixes) closed by ross
wontfix: Going to be reworked without celery.
11:00 Ticket #1650 (Add new language/translation of fields for datasets.) closed by ross
wontfix: Closed as unnecessary now.
10:55 Ticket #2577 (Dataproxy raises 500 when it can't get CSV) closed by ross
fixed: Better info was provided by jmckinney
08:47 Ticket #1551 (CKAN auth for webstore changes) closed by ross
fixed: Webstore appears to hav been deprecated in favour of datastore.


14:00 Ticket #2900 (snippets/package_list.html template crashes on dataset that has no 'notes') created by seanh
Sometimes a dataset dict comes through package_show() with 'notes': None …
13:15 Ticket #2899 (Step 2 > Save & add another bug) created by johnmartin
Goto: 1. Add dataset 2. Get to step 2 3. Click "Save & add another" …
13:08 Ticket #2898 (Looses data entered on step 1 of create dataset after login) created by johnmartin
To reproduce: 1. Enter details for new dataset without being logged in …
12:41 Ticket #2897 (db_to_form_package_schema() crashes historical dataset page) created by seanh
If there's an IDatasetForm plugin active with a db_to_form_schema() method …
08:45 Ticket #2366 (Remove Authorization Groups) closed by ross


16:29 Ticket #2896 (resource_create crashes on ValidationErrors with KeyError: 'resources') created by seanh
ckan/logic/action/create.py:resource_create(): try: pkg_dict …


17:38 Ticket #2895 (QA pages (e.g. broken resource links) are not paginated) created by rgrp
And as a result timeout on e.g. the datahub …
12:40 Ticket #2894 (Empty lists get stripped from package dicst in package_show()) created by seanh
If there's an IDatasetForm plugin active with a form_to_db_schema(), then …
12:11 Ticket #2893 (Tags missing from form_to_db_package_schema()) created by seanh
With an IDatasetForm plugin active with a form_to_db_package_schema() …
11:42 Ticket #2892 (IDatasetForm's form_to_db_schema() breaks API?) created by seanh
It looks like when an IDatasetForm plugin with a form_to_db_schema() …
10:23 Ticket #2891 (Update or remove DataStore google presentation) created by seanh
Currently this page: http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.8/datastore.html has …
10:20 Ticket #2890 (Collect data previews and data store docs in one chapter) created by seanh
Currently there is this page: …


12:35 Ticket #2889 (Support JSON values in extras, when returning JSON from API) created by seanh
For example, edit the warandpeace dataset and add an extra with key …


18:11 Ticket #2888 (Datapreview in Iframe) created by kindly
Try and put datapreview in Iframe.
11:54 Milestone demo phase 3 completed
11:54 Milestone demo phase 2 completed


09:17 Ticket #2887 ("Welcome to CKAN!" on front page is untranslatable) created by seanh
ckan/templates/home/index.html contains: <h1 …
08:55 Ticket #2886 (Configurable related items) created by ross
Related items (Apps & Ideas) have a collection of types, which are …
08:49 Ticket #2885 (Labels (editor, admin) not translated in authorization pages for datasets ...) created by seanh


16:06 Ticket #2519 (Dataproxy (converters) enhancement) closed by ross
fixed: Fixed by pull request from jpmckinney
16:05 Ticket #2668 (Permission for sysadmin to read a deleted publisher) closed by ross
16:01 Ticket #2884 (Lock icon shown next to unknown licenses) created by seanh
Set the license of a dataset to blank (the first option) or to 'License …
10:52 Ticket #2883 (Add high level dev overview to 'For CKAN Developers' section of docs) created by seanh
Here's a draft: https://gist.github.com/3414107
09:18 Ticket #2882 (Remove User Stories Overview from docs?) created by seanh
Why is this here? Is it up to date? Is anyone keeping it up to date? Does …
09:06 Ticket #2798 (Admin Config reset) closed by toby
09:05 Ticket #2881 (Remove or improve 'Domain Model' docs page) created by seanh
http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.8/domain-model.html Currently not very …


13:58 Ticket #2864 (don't show `create one now` message on other's user pages) closed by toby
13:44 Ticket #2876 (Admin Config changes are not forced) closed by toby
12:42 Ticket #2880 (Datasets (Package) should have owners) created by ross
Each dataset should have an explicit owner that is an organisation. This …
12:39 Ticket #2879 (Datasets (Package) should have a 'public' field) created by ross
The Package model should have a boolean field added to it describing its …
12:37 Ticket #2878 (Roles and Permissions for Organisations) created by ross
As part of merging Organisations into core, it is necessary that we …


00:33 Ticket #2877 (Bugs with datastore v2) created by rgrp
In progress 1. [major] q does not seem to work reliably. e.g. using …


14:41 Ticket #2875 (Fanstatic css issues) closed by toby
13:21 Ticket #2371 (fanstatic integration) closed by toby
fixed: closing as part of 2375 branches
13:19 Ticket #2671 (fix allow_partial_update) closed by toby
fixed: I believe this is fixed in master/2375
13:18 Ticket #2596 (Create demo extension) closed by toby
fixed: closing as too vague and probably done
13:00 Ticket #2876 (Admin Config changes are not forced) created by toby
need to make sure these update everywhere when done
12:56 Ticket #2875 (Fanstatic css issues) created by toby
Fanstatic does not support @import ... relative imports for images etc …
08:18 Ticket #2331 (Search should AND terms not OR terms) reopened by rgrp
Re-opening yet again. This is something brought up by entire client team …
08:01 Ticket #2874 (Clean up bin directory) created by rgrp
Full of obsolete material


14:13 Ticket #2873 (ckanext-qa: dataset summary incorrect) created by danieljohnlewis
For example see: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/qa/dataset/five_stars
13:41 Ticket #2868 (1.8 SOLR error) closed by ross
13:35 Ticket #2872 (Non-open licenses are marked as open) created by seanh
Set a dataset's license to 'Other (Not Open)', the dataset will have an …
12:59 Ticket #2871 (user profile about text does not show up) closed by toby
12:33 Ticket #2860 (target blank link in qa report) closed by toby
11:02 Ticket #2871 (user profile about text does not show up) created by shevski
tested with my http://s031.okserver.org:2375/user/shevski and daniel's …
10:58 Ticket #2870 (1.8 tag_list not defined) created by ross
From: <thedatahub.org@…> Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:20 …
10:58 Ticket #2869 (user profile not linked on disqus until page refresh) created by shevski
Reported by Daniel: Problem: DISQUS comments don't appear with profile …
10:58 Ticket #2868 (1.8 SOLR error) created by ross
From: <thedatahub.org@…> Date: Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 8:34 …
10:57 Ticket #2867 (1.8 url_for error) created by ross
From: <thedatahub.org@…> Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 10:30 …
10:57 Ticket #2866 (1.8 template error) created by ross
URL: …
10:56 Ticket #2865 (1.8 unicode error) created by ross
URL: http://thedatahub.org/el/tag/jutatt%C3%A1sok Module …
10:55 Ticket #2864 (don't show `create one now` message on other's user pages) created by shevski
e.g. I can see 'You haven't created any datasets. Create one now?. ' …
10:54 Ticket #2863 (non-admin users can edit other's draft datasets) created by shevski
edit button shows up for daniel lewis for …
10:52 Ticket #2862 (Revised revised groups description) created by markw
Revised text for 'What are groups?' box at demo.ckan.org/group (after …
10:47 Ticket #2861 (Add qa breadcrumb) created by shevski
can we add in the breadcrumb navigation to qa pages so that you can go …
10:43 Ticket #2860 (target blank link in qa report) created by shevski
can we get the link going to an explanation of the 5 star system on page …
10:40 Ticket #2642 (Adapt harvest frontend to new theme) closed by shevski
fixed: done
09:26 Ticket #2859 (Fix the build) created by icmurray
The requires files have been removed. These were required by buildkit. …
08:58 Ticket #2856 (server error when clicking on deleted app link) closed by toby
fixed: fixed now gives 404 The issue of not wanting a 404 is outside the scope …
08:48 Ticket #2652 (get qa working with the demo) closed by toby
08:41 Ticket #2852 (better message for trying to refresh inactive sources in harvest) closed by toby
fixed: text updated and red again
08:30 Ticket #2858 (Harvester tweaks) closed by toby
08:03 Ticket #2853 (unclear error message in refreshing harvest source) closed by toby
fixed: @both notices now blue
08:02 Ticket #2855 (language box no longer functional) closed by shevski
fixed: I cleared my cache and it's working now
07:46 Ticket #2858 (Harvester tweaks) created by toby
I've had a look at the new harvesting theme, it looks great, thanks. I did …


16:59 Ticket #2857 (no UI to follow another user although option on dashboard) created by shevski
e.g. second option in left hand sidebar is follow another user' …
16:54 Ticket #2856 (server error when clicking on deleted app link) created by shevski
1. go to http://s031.okserver.org:2375/user/okfn 2. Click on activity …
16:45 Ticket #2855 (language box no longer functional) created by shevski
e.g. tried changing the lang here: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/ to no …
16:38 Ticket #2854 (no way to see which dataset an app is related to on /apps page) created by shevski
e.g. from http://s031.okserver.org:2375/apps?page=1 you cannot edit a …
16:34 Ticket #2853 (unclear error message in refreshing harvest source) created by shevski
Tried to refresh the datagm harvest source to get error message: "An …
16:31 Ticket #2852 (better message for trying to refresh inactive sources in harvest) created by shevski
Currently if you try to refresh (i.e. schedule the harvester to re-run) an …
14:21 Ticket #2816 (DomainObjectOperation not in model) closed by toby
12:12 Ticket #2851 (Preview of PDF tries to connect to datastore) created by ross
e.g. …
10:44 Ticket #2772 (Update transifex for 1.8 translations) closed by seanh
fixed: Transifex was updated and translators notified, translations were made and …
09:42 Ticket #2847 ('show inactive sources' checkbox displaying incorrectly) closed by toby
09:41 Ticket #2808 (Confirm delete dialog badly placed on small screen) closed by toby
09:41 Ticket #2836 (Need extra info for forms) closed by toby


12:25 Ticket #2849 (header tagline misalighned) closed by toby
12:24 Ticket #2848 (no dataset descriptions on front page) closed by toby
10:38 Ticket #2850 (Add JSON support for IE7) created by aron.carroll
The JavaScript? just isn't going to work without it. Look into either the …
10:03 Ticket #2849 (header tagline misalighned) created by shevski
should be left alighned, not right aligned. Otherwise tag line disappears …
10:01 Ticket #2848 (no dataset descriptions on front page) created by shevski
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