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#2357 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 5 accepted Create build script for front-end resources

Should minify and concatenate JavaScript? and CSS as part of #2354

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#89 enhancement nickstenning rgrp closed fixed Tag cloud for package tags

Should not be hard to do (lots of existing libraries) but not sure that this is very important.

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#328 enhancement dread rgrp v1.1 closed fixed Mention code libraries in API documentation

Should prominently (at the top?) mention existing code libraries for working with ckan api. Have:

  • Python: ckanclient
  • Perl: luke closs wrote something
  • PHP: drupal library?
  • ...?
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#772 story johnbywater ckan-v1.3 closed duplicate Run CLI harvester command without arguments

Should return help for the harvester (currently crashes).

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#771 story johnbywater ckan-v1.3 closed worksforme Run CLI help command without arguments

Should return something sensible (currently reports an error).

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#1643 enhancement shevski ckan-backlog new Add fixed tags to thedatahub for better browsing

Similar to publicdata.eu, want to have themed areas such as finance, environment, census, etc and country tags

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#109 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Tag search in the REST API

Similar to ticket:108 but for tags:


For tags search is extremely simple since you can only search by name.

Possible Extras

  • Allow "exotic" ordering of results e.g. ordering by number of packages with that tag.
  • Return this number with tag list.
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#821 defect dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed worksforme Some resources have disappeared in CKAN

Simon has spotted 31 packages whose resources have disappeared in CKAN, but still appear in the Drupal front-end.

Here are the details:

  • in CKAN's package view (in web interface, API and dump) no resources display
  • but they WERE created in CKAN, as shown by the revision diffs.
  • they are in the Drupal front-end

So these resources must have been in the CKAN API at some point and then disappeared without trace/revision to alert Drupal.

Packages affected: anti-social-behaviour-orders-1999-2007 asylum-applications-jan-mar-2009 control-of-immigration-quarterly-statistical-summary-united-kingdom-2009-october-december coroners-statistics-england-and-wales courts-statistics-user-survey-england-and-wales court-statistics-company-insolvency-and-bankruptcy-england-and-wales court-statistics-england-and-wales court-statistics-mortages-and-landlord-possession-england-and-wales crime-in-england-and-wales crime-statistics-local-reoffending-england-and-wales crime-statistics-prison-and-probation-england-and-wales crime-statistics-reoffending-of-adults-england-and-wales crime-statistics-reoffending-of-juvenilles-england-and-wales data_gov_uk-datasets digest-uk-energy-statistics-2008 directgov-central-hottest-pages-monthly directgov-central-internal-search-terms-monthly directgov-section-visits-monthly electricity-consumption-2007 electricity-gas-consumption-2007 energy-consumption-uk-2008 final-energy-consumption-2007 foi-statistics-uk-central-government fuel-poverty-statistics-2007 gas-consumption-2007 gb-reported-bicycling-accidents gb-road-traffic-counts gb-traffic-matrix greenhouse-gas-emissions-2008 high-level-indicators-energy-use-2006 judicial-and-court-statistics-england-and-wales laboratory-tests-and-prices local-authority-carbon-dioxide-emissions-2007 magistrates-courts-statistics-survey-england-and-wales monthly-energy-prices monthly-energy-trends ni_012_refused_and_deferred_houses_in_multiple_occupation_hmos_licence_applications_leading_to_immig ni_013_migrants_english_language_skills_and_knowledge ni_023_perceptions_that_people_in_the_area_treat_one_another_with_respect_and_consideration ni_024_satisfaction_with_the_way_the_police_and_local_council_dealt_with_anti-social_behaviour ni_025_satisfaction_of_different_groups_with_the_way_the_police_and_local_council_dealt_with_anti-so ni_026_specialist_support_to_victims_of_a_serious_sexual_offence ni_029_gun_crime_rate ni_031_re-offending_rate_of_registered_sex_offenders ni_032_repeat_incidents_of_domestic_violence ni_034_domestic_violence_-_murder ni_036_protection_against_terrorist_attack ni_038_drug_related_class_a_offending_rate ni_078_reduction_in_number_of_schools_where_fewer_than_30_of_pupils_achieve_5_or_more_a-_c_grades_at ni_101_looked_after_children_achieving_5_a-c_gcses_or_equivalent_at_key_stage_4_including_english_an ni_109_delivery_of_sure_start_childrens_centres ni_126_early_access_for_women_to_maternity_services ni_127_self_reported_experience_of_social_care_users ni_128_user_reported_measure_of_respect_and_dignity_in_their_treatment ni_181_time_taken_to_process_housing_benefit-council_tax_benefit_new_claims_and_change_events ni_184_food_establishments_in_the_area_which_are_broadly_compliant_with_food_hygiene_law ni_185_co2_reduction_from_local_authority_operations ni_190_achievement_in_meeting_standards_for_the_control_system_for_animal_health ni_194_air_quality_-_reduction_in_nox_and_primary_pm10_emissions_through_local_authorities_estate_an other-fuels-consumption-2006 police-use-firearms-england-wales-2007-2008 prison-end-of-custody-licence-releases-and-recalls-england-and-wales prison-population-england-and-wales probation-offender-management-caseload-statistics-england-and-wales probation-statistics-quarterly-brief-england-and-wales quality-indicators-energy-data-2007 quarterly-energy-prices quarterly-energy-trends road-transport-energy-consumption-2007 sentencing-statistics-england-and-wales statistics-terrorism-arrests-outcomes-2001-2008 ukba-control-of-immigration-statistics-2008 ukba-control-of-immigration-statistics-2008-supplementary-tables uk-energy-in-brief-2008 uk-energy-sector-indicators-background-2008 uk-energy-sector-indicators-key-supporting-2008 uk-exportcontrollists uk-exportcontrol-sanctions uk-export-control-statistics uk-glossary-exportcontrol uk-ipo-offences weekly-fuel-prices

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#1599 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed [contrib] Simple embeddable dataset count widget (esp for group count)

Simple embeddable widget for use on 3rd party sites showing dataset counts for a given search query. Have a specific version just for groups.

  • Simple group count widget in JS for embedding in wordpress and elsewhere
    • Requested by several people (e.g Guo Xu from Econ working group). Already have something like this in CKAN JS for doing an embeddable search box.
  • All you need to do is do a dataset query over the API e.g. http://thedatahub.org/api/search/dataset?groups=economics and then embed in some html!

Estimate: 30m (for someone who knows their jquery).

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#2529 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new DataHub (or CKAN) widgets

Simple widgets in pure JS. For example:

  • Count of datasets in a group (could generalise to a query but not sure how useful that is ...)
  • Embeddable list of top X (5) datasets for a given query
  • Embeddable list of *my* datasets

Either these live at: {site}/widgets and we have some kind of generator (form where I choose my group, or my query).

Or: we have this attached to areas of site where relevant.

Can combine the 2 so that the latter links to the former. Think first will be easier to do and possibly more useful long-term (e.g. can just link people to that page).

Cf. http://okfnlabs.org/ckanjs/

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#1201 enhancement kindly ckan-backlog new seperate out logic in atom feeds to logic layer.

Simplify the logic in the atom feed an make all feeds use logic layer to return lists.

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#2780 enhancement toby shevski demo phase 4 new way for admins to undelete datasets

Since admins can see deleted datasets - there should be a way for them a) to know they are currently deleted & not viewable by normal users - ticket: #2779 b) way to undelete such datasets - this ticket

I suggest a button on the edit form instead of the delete button i.e. remove normal delete button with 'deleted dataset, only admins can view' with undelete button next to the message?

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#2938 enhancement Toby dominik new Explain bundling in doc/resources.rst

Since it makes sense to bundle resources into one js file that are commonly used together, there should be some explanations on how separate js scripts are merged into one file for production.

Explanations could include how groups are handled or different resource files.

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#2221 enhancement rgrp zephod closed fixed Tests are broken for some of us: NotAPairTreeStoreException

Since my last pull I'm getting a strange new error which is presumably to do with my local config or assumptions about the storage extension.

Test output here: https://gist.github.com/2007985

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#2222 enhancement rgrp zephod closed duplicate Tests are broken for some of us: NotAPairTreeStoreException

Since my last pull I'm getting a strange new error which is presumably to do with my local config or assumptions about the storage extension.

Test output here: https://gist.github.com/2007985

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#870 defect memespring ckan-v1.3-sprint-1 closed fixed Menu items not selecting correctly

Since the main menu items have changed (part of the UI redesign) the selected items are not functioning correctly.

Specifically if Home / About or Add Package / Search are selected both menu items are highlighted.

This is because the code assumes only one top-level menu item per controller.

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#3013 defect dominik dominik new common-error-messages is unreadable

Since the update of the doc theme, the page became unreadable.


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#1410 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-v1.5 closed duplicate Add Gravatars to user profiles

Since we now require email addresses, it's sensible to request users' gravatars to add a little flavour to their user profile (and, potentially, other places eg. comments threads?)

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#1409 enhancement zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2011-11-07 closed fixed Add Gravatars to user profiles

Since we now require email addresses, it's sensible to request users' gravatars to add a little flavour to their user profile (and, potentially, other places eg. comments threads?)

[Reopened: Additional] Use gravatars in the HTML generated by helpers.py to create lists of users. Eg. on user/list and dataset/history.

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#63 defect rgrp rgrp v0.9 closed fixed Purge is broken after upgrade of vdm

Since we upgraded to new vdm (v0.4) which has built in purge support existing purge support looks to be broken. Should be reasonably easy to fix this.

Cost: 1h

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#106 enhancement dread rgrp closed duplicate Regularly convert CKAN data to RDF and put on Talis CC

Sister to ticket:90 (Link to RDF version of CKAN data on Talis Connected Commons).

Talis have already kindly done an initial conversion. We should repeat this process regularly and re-upload the data to Talis CC.

In the long run may wish to only re-convert packages changed since the last upload. However given relatively smaller size of full dataset this optimization is probably not yet required.

Attached is the ruby script used by Talis for conversion

Cost: ? (1d+ depending on e.g. how easy integration with Talis CC is)

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#714 bug johnbywater closed fixed DGU package form shall have a read only field for ??? attribute

So that Drupal doesn't need to make any adjustments to the form, and risk data being lost on submission.

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#2568 enhancement aron.carroll shevski ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Crop/shorten titles in breadcrumb headings

So that they don't interfere with buttons such as here: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/en/dataset/afterfibre/resource/5d19f9fa-c5a4-426c-84de-c624d6e8c3b3

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#1789 enhancement seanh ckan-backlog new Implement a tag_update() logic action function

So users can rename a tag and/or move it between vocabularies using the API.

Currently we have create_tag() and delete_tag(), but if you were to 'update' a tag by deleting it and then recreating it all the datasets that had that tag will have lost it and you'll have to re-add it to them all.

What should happen to datasets that have the tag, if the tag gets moved between vocabularies? All the datasets just keep the tag with the new vocabulary? This will become a problem if/when we support 'radio button'-style vocabularies (where each dataset can only have one tag from the vocabulary).

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#2573 enhancement icmurray ckan-future new package_search does not allow solr's per-field facet parameters

Solr allows its facet parameters to be specified on a per-field basis, eg. facet.limit applies to all facet fields, but solr allows it to be overriden for a specific field, eg. facet.tags.limit.

We don't support this at the moment because we have a whitelist of valid solr query parameters that we accept. See ckan.lib.search.query.VALID_SOLR_PARAMETERS.

1340112439000000 1340633101000000
#2368 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-05-15 closed fixed Fix OS X Lion install instructions on wiki

Solr install instructions install the wrong version

1335893719000000 1336477258000000
#1256 defect kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed fix modification extension for moderation

Solr is not working for moderation, pending changes are not being indexed.

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#872 enhancement johnbywater dread closed fixed ONS loader assigns packages to same package even when dept name changes

Solutions: ResourceSeriesLoader? allows synonyms for values.

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#1734 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [super] Updates on harvesting for UKLP

Some changes are needed in ckanext-harvest to support the new piece of work in the UKLP harvesters, mainly related to the deletion of existing sources.

  • #1726 Update harvesting model
  • #1727 Add "current" field to harvesting objects
  • #1728 Update UKLP harvesters
  • #1733 Delete (inactivate) harvest sources

At some point we also want to support a publisher model for the harvesting:

  • #1731 Publisher support for harvesting
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#2320 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Introduce new state: archived

Some datasets become obsolete: e.g. http://datahub.io/dataset/uncdb Do not want to delete them but want them marked as archived or deprecated or something.

1335211949000000 1340624119000000
#908 defect pudo rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Issues deploying extensions with modwsgi / uwsgi

Some extensions import pylons features (such as request) at root.

Have encountered following issues:

  1. You need to import ckanext before any ckan stuff in your wsgi script (extension stats and dataapi)
  1. Running under wsgi daemon mode (normal mode is fine!) the front page (front page only) will not work (does not occur with disqus or synchronous_search but does with stats and dataapi extensions). You get errors like this in the log:
[Mon Jan 17 09:01:19 2011] [error] Exception KeyError: KeyError(-1218594160,) in <module 'threading' from '/usr/lib/python2.6/threading.pyc'> ignored
[Mon Jan 17 09:01:20 2011] [error] Exception AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'clearing'" in <bound method PluginEnvironment.__del__ of  Services for Environment '<default>'
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#2378 enhancement ross ckan-future assigned Extract metadata directly from resources that contain it.

Some files that might be uploaded as resources on a dataset, such as some image formats, already contain metadata. For example some jpeg files might contain Exif ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchangeable_image_file_format ) data.

[ ] Obtain list of embedded metadata 'standards'

[ ] Where the metadata is available it should be added as extra fields on the resource that is uploaded.

[ ] HTML?

[ ] Image formats (exif/gif etc)

[ ] PDF

[ ] Eventually consider ...

[ ] MS Office documents

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#2259 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed Update ecportal theme for master changes (bootstrap)

Some recent changes caused things to break in ckanext-ecportal:

  • change from blueprint to bootstrap
  • other style / css changes (eg: tables, resource view notes field ID, etc. Forms are also broken, but that will be addressed in #2262)
  • change to going through db_to_form_schema on package_show
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#1809 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Catch request exceptions in archiver link_checker task

Some request exceptions are currently not being caught (see the celery log on thedatahub for examples)

1329746267000000 1330528828000000
#1171 enhancement mark.wainwright dread ckan 2.0 assigned Citation instructions on dataset and resource view pages

Some sort of citation helper. Something small on the dataset and resource page that would show how to cite.

wwaites: Some related thoughts on this from opb: http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/opb/papers/ssdbm2006.pdf

timclicks: I'm looking at Dataverse for the first time[0]. It seems very popular in the social sciences. I noticed that there is a recommended citation for each dataset. For example, [1] is has this one: "Targeted Input Programme (TIP) 2000-01", http://hdl.handle.net/1902.1/SSC-MWI-TIP2000-01-M1 V1 [Version]"


Add a small box at bottom of dataset / resource page (or in sidebar on dataset page) with title "Cite this" with contents like:

%title. %author. Retrieved %date. %site_title.

For resource: %title = %dataset_title. %resource_name.

Could also add export to ref managers (e.g. to bibtex) but that is for later.

1306920799000000 1347358705000000
#2301 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-future new Replace old-style string formatting with format() method (at least in strings marked for translation)

Some strings in CKAN are passed to gettext with more than one %s in them, this is no good as translators may need to change the order of substituted words.

Strings should not use the old style % substitution, they should use the new format method in Python 2.6+, e.g.:

'This {food} is {adjective}.'.format(food='spam', adjective='absolutely horrible')


We should probably only change strings that are marked for translation and that contain multiple %s, don't want to make too much work or cause too many strings to change and need to be re-translated.

1334579264000000 1340635812000000
#682 enhancement dread dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Add ckanclient tests to buildbot

Some work done on this to make tests run independently.

1286386769000000 1297358266000000
#2555 enhancement toby aron.carroll demo phase 5 new Demo site needs a breadcrumb helper

Something to make building breadcrumbs a bit nicer

1340026983000000 1342618384000000
#2900 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new snippets/package_list.html template crashes on dataset that has no 'notes'

Sometimes a dataset dict comes through package_show() with 'notes': None and then the 'notes' key gets stripped from the dict when validation happens (validation only happens if there's an IDatasetForm plugin with a db_to_form_schema() method) and then package_list.html template crashes, e.g. on user profile pages.

Fix in the template? Or in the schema?

The template also crashes on packages with no tags (empty list gets stripped from dict) and probably other empty fields as well

1346335207000000 1346335788000000
#731 bug dread dread ckan-v1.3 closed worksforme Geo coverage field losses in Form API

Sometimes editing a package via api on dgu results in some countries being lost in geo coverage.

1287738539000000 1288038226000000
#2253 enhancement toby toby closed wontfix CMAP [super]

Somewhere for CMAP stuff not in other tickets

need to create some general tickets

  • template changes
  • general demo server setup
1332341133000000 1340038490000000
#355 defect rgrp rgrp closed fixed Dashes versus underscores in package names

Sort out how we deal with dashes versus underscores in package names.

1277221996000000 1311177552000000
#2298 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-v1.9 new Add sort-by controls to the search results page

Sort-by functionality was exposed through the package controller in [1]. But no controls were added to the search-page.

  • What should the sortBy controls/widget look like?
  • Which fields should be exposed?

The above commit is in the release-1.6.1 branch, so this work is dependant upon release-1.6.1 from being merged into master.

[1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/8685c6000d1cb211928b4dbc63990fb72d884f8c

1334569162000000 1340635947000000
#37 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Purge a Revision (i.e. purge all changes associated with that revision)

Spam entries have started to occur on ckan.net in the last few months. It would be useful to be able to purge these revisions -- that is permanently delete all changes to domain objects associated with those revision (one might also permanently delete that revision -- or alternatively simply mark it as purged).

In addition to providing this facility from the shell it would also be useful to be able to do this from the web interface (with associated restrictions on usage via an authorization controller of some sort).

1192650660000000 1199786536000000
#1341 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-backlog reopened Delete spam users from ckan

Spam users where added to thedatahub and we need to clean them.

1315995034000000 1320141540000000
#287 enhancement dread dread v1.0 closed fixed Customise Canadian package edit form

Spec - see attached, which is a copy of the Pirate Pad from Lauren: http://piratepad.net/2C2iwiLDhd

1270801086000000 1270801210000000
#2788 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-v1.9 new Speed improvements on creating/updating and indexing

Specially needed when importing large numbers of datasets.

Profiling the import command from the harvesting extension has shown some areas where improvements could be made.

1343832992000000 1343832992000000
#2754 enhancement aron.carroll shevski demo phase 2 closed fixed Add + icon to two buttons

Specifically the 'add resource' button and the 'add item' button in related section

1343225177000000 1343227446000000
#124 enhancement rgrp rgrp v1.0 closed fixed Display Generic Package Attributes in WUI

Split out from ticket:43

1253709702000000 1254735558000000
#125 enhancement dread rgrp v1.0 closed duplicate Edit Generic Package Attributes in WUI

Split out from ticket:43

1253709712000000 1258377621000000
#1327 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed duplicate [super] Dataset Archiving

Split out of #852. Automated archiving of datasets (related to QA).

Automated archiving using worker process

  • #890 - Timed actions in ckanext-queue
  • #891 - Resource download worker daemon
  • #892 - Make stored data available in WUI
1315821490000000 1320662446000000
#373 requirement dread johnbywater closed fixed Sort out gov daily script

Split various jobs up into separate scripts. Change ONS importer to run remotely. Run ONS remotely. Run dump locally.

Requested by DGU.

1279885887000000 1286376176000000
#187 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.11 closed fixed Full-text search

Standard search should search notes field in addition to name, title and tags (discussed in ticket:108 but not done). For this to work we need proper text search since o/w we get poor ordering and lots of bad results.

If we do this we need:

  1. To weight across fields in a sensible way
  2. We can also use proper text search on title or ...

Easiest way to do this is to use existing facilities in dbs e.g. postgres has full text support since 8.3: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.3/static/textsearch.html

Using this with sqlalchemy: http://lowmanio.co.uk/blog/entries/postgresql-full-text-search-and-sqlalchemy/

Issues with fulltext search:

  • tags not indexed, so would need to 'or' search of tags. This would cause problems with the order_by of the query, since the tags wouldn't have a ranking.
  • if tags are indexed then perhaps we don't want them converted into lexemes? Exact match could well be better.
  • can we split the name on dash or underscore before being indexed?
  • natural language search doesn't do partial words, so search for 'gov' doesn't bring up 'government'.
  • do we keep the existing search system usable with a config file switch for if we install on a db aside from postgres?
  • we want to weight name and title higher than other fields - achievable with custom trigger.
1257869950000000 1265892403000000
#2348 enhancement ross ckan-future assigned Java client library for CKAN

Start a Java library for interacting with the CKAN Action API.

Currently requires support for Groups, Tags, Resources, and Search.

An example app would be very useful.

1335879980000000 1346670024000000
#1137 enhancement kindly rgrp assigned Remove need for statefulness in vdm

Statefulness, especially statefulness for relation (esp m2m) is cause of most of the complexity in vdm. It is required because, atm, revision objects have FKs to continuity objects.

This ticket proposes the following changes:

NB: this could be limited just to case of join tables (leaving state stuff on other tables)

  • Remove FKs from revision to continuity (or allow for them to be nullable).
    • We could just limit this to m2m stuff
  • Delete of an object leads to:
    • Deletion of continuity object
    • Adding an entry in revision table with state set to deleted (we retain state on revision table)

If this is done we will no longer need to worry about filtering on state on relationships as join table will only contain "active" relationships.

If we do this on all tables we remove need for any state awareness in client (e.g. no need to filter tables on active state).

The only disadvantage of this change is that undeletion becomes more problematic (we have to recreate some continuity objects).

1305211628000000 1340631974000000
#1223 enhancement pudo pudo closed fixed Caching of static files

StaticURLParser can have caching - use it

1310573854000000 1310573893000000
#2734 enhancement toby shevski demo phase 2 closed fixed once format on resource form has errored, no longer submits form

Steps to reproduce:

  1. go to edit a resource, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/ted/resource_edit/a621a6ad-6f1c-46d1-b858-03cdb7a25c07
  1. Change the format field to something it doesn't get. e.g. add a comma "HTML,"
  1. Get message: "The form contains invalid entries:

Last modified: Date format incorrect Size: Invalid integer"

  1. Format field reverts, try to re-save/submit form - i.e. click on "update resource"
  1. nothing happens (same if you even try changing the format field
1343059061000000 1343127101000000
#2919 defect seanh ckan-v1.8 new Remove IController from docs

Still in docs but seems gone from code

1347461253000000 1347461253000000
#433 defect wwaites datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Data package metadata in the Egg

Still not sure if we shouldn't use the existing setuptools machinery to manage this -- there is already a way to get at the metadata. In any event, I've just made an addition to datapkg that makes it possible to put datapkg_sources as a dictionary in your package's setup.py. Afterwards it is possible to pull the metadata out of the egg. Of course this could easily be changed to save the information in whatever form, indeed if you pass it a string instead of a dictionary it will just write whatever you gave it into the datapkg_sources.spec. The point is, I think that the egg is a good place to stuff this information.

For non-python users, it is always possible to simply put up the datapkg_sources.spec somewhere on the web so they can directly retrieve the data files.

From the docstring::

    This is the implementation for an [egg_info.writers] entrypoint.
    Datapkg adds an argument to setuptools's setup() function called
    datapkg_sources. The argument should be a dictionary of the form:

    .. code-block:: python

            datapkg_sources = {
                "cra2009" : "http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/cra_2009_db.csv"

    The result of this is that there will be a file in the egg called
    datapkg_sources.spec that looks like this::


    How do you get at this data? Simple::

    .. code-block:: python

        import pkg_resources
        dist = pkg_resources.get_distribution("ukgov_treasury_cra")
        spec = dist.get_metadata("datapkg_sources.spec")

    and 'spec' will be the contents of the file as a string.
1282078660000000 1283183647000000
#1163 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Improvements to Storage Extension

Storage is now working but there are

  • Integrate with Resources (e.g. create a resource for each file upload and give option to associate with a package)
    • Should we introduce rule that files *not* associated with a Resource are periodically deleted?
  • Allow setting of a file name/path before upload
  • Allow for file overwriting/deleting etc (how should this work -- do we want to allow this sort of thing)
  • Integrate local file upload stuff in api/auth/*

Different Backend Issues

Local file store is rather different from 'remote' storage in various ways:

  • For remote you don't want to use many buckets as there are bucket limits while for local you want to. Should we there have a single path that users provide which we then partition differently for different backends.
1306408778000000 1310133808000000
#359 requirement pudo rgrp datapkg-0.7 closed fixed Create Storage with pluggable extensions

Storage represents something you can upload to (download is done in ticket:406).

  • storage sub package with defined interface (maybe just use OFS)
  • Only support uploading single files for the moment (though can do multiple files).
    • Relationship to build (ticket:306)
    • No support for syncing e.g. hg/git repos -- that's up to you as a user
  • Upload command

At end of this we can deprecate Repository.

Having Repository encapsulate Index and Storage (without Storage being explicit) is not helpful and leads to duplication.

1277750654000000 1291135692000000
#232 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Add strapline to CKAN logo

Strapline (?): Sharing, discovery and reuse of data and content

Need to consult on this.

Cost: 1h

1262975291000000 1297246297000000
#1286 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new Remove remaining formalchemy stuff

Stuff I've spotted:

  • forms/*
  • template/group/edit_form.html
  • template/package/edit_form.html

This can go once new DGU form is in.

1314116996000000 1342436420000000
#1295 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Simplify package create form

Sub ticket of #1294

  • Initial screen just title, name, description (notes), license (and tags?).
  • State that you can add data and more information on next screen. This takes you to Package 'view' where you can then do more stuff.
    • Flash some instructions? e.g. that resources are missing?
  • Name slug should by default look uneditable (cf wordpress way to do the slug)
1314406014000000 1315948009000000
#1211 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.5 closed fixed [super] Drupal integration

Sub-tasks / tickets:

  • #1335 Action API - access to any logic layer function
  • Standardize logic functions on ordering: (context, data_dict) and put parameters into data_dict.
  • Add package_create_validate & package_update_validate logic functions
  • Allow extensions to provide logic layer functions (IActions)
1309958442000000 1315948703000000
#1296 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Improved resource adding/editing on dataset/page page

Subticket of #1294.

  • Nice way to edit all resource attributes
  • Nice way to add new resources
    • Including file upload (cf #878).
      • Cf work in ckanjs (this can be a straight integration).
1314406093000000 1315948224000000
#1297 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed In-place preview of edited description markdown on edit dataset form

Subticket of #1294.

Can integrate from working system on ckanjs.

1314406183000000 1317649974000000
#810 enhancement pudo pudo ckan-v1.5 closed wontfix Move "add packages" field up in group form

Subticket of forms super ticket #961

1289992287000000 1310128477000000
#1311 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Modal user register and login form

Subticket of: #1294

Rather than having to visit a dedicated page it would be good if registration and login could be done from a modal form (separate or combined ...).


  • It could be used from dataset creation page in situations where user needs to be registered / logged in to create a dataset (so we could allow someone to start creating a dataset and only get them to login at the end ...)
  • It allows for quicker and easier logging in


  • See Friedrich's work on the datahub
1315297227000000 1315297227000000
#160 enhancement dread rgrp v0.11 closed fixed Implement internal links in CKAN notes markup

Suggest form is: key:value (with optional space after ':'.

Keys would be for an object, i.e. 'package', 'tag', 'group'.

Becomes a link.

This would be implemented by implementing a 'Parser' or 'Processor' object which is run before markdown is done. Regex replace.

Cost: 4h

1256030751000000 1265312986000000
#2570 enhancement aron.carroll shevski ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed add 'back to dataset' button to resource pages

Suggest making this consistent with http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/adur_district_spending/related by adding same button in top right of resource pages

1340039680000000 1340107841000000
#310 defect dread rgrp v1.1 closed fixed Commit message box looks wrong in edit page since edit style overhaul

Suggest move this below the label and make full width of screen and only 3/4 rows high (more like a wiki site).

  • Also change label to: Edit summary (Briefly describe the changes you have made)
  • Remove: you can markdown formatting here.
  • Move author: if you have not signed in smaller and closer (like markdown instructions are nwo).
  • Change commit -> save
  • Remove "please save" just have the bullet points
1273348714000000 1279300525000000
#2201 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed duplicate Add citation info to Dataset and Resource page


%title. %author. Retrieved %date. %site_title.

For resource: %title = %dataset_title. %resource_name.

1330765080000000 1330765400000000
#1695 enhancement dread dread closed fixed Relationships - improvements

Suggested by Richard Cyganiak in http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2012-January/001977.html

1327323280000000 1330085001000000
#142 defect pudo dread closed fixed Update User object with additional fields such as 'nickname'

Suggested fields:

  • id, name (username/profile name), openid, email, password, extras (JsonType?)
    • + current items: apikey, about, created)
    • current contents of name is usually openid and should migrate to openid field (could match based on starting with http://)
  • May also want a fullname field (or perhaps that can

just go in extras - may be better to have its own field as useful to search on this )

Related changes (probably separate tickets):

  • Improve user home page to include this additional information (and have it be editable)
  • Use user 'name' (username) for home page links (rather than current user/<id>)
  • Where we show lists of revisions, each revision author is now a link to the author's user page.

Related to ticket:136 and ticket:138.

1255010314000000 1289219098000000
#2585 enhancement seanh ckan-v1.9 new Escape solr control characters in search queries, add advanced search screen

Suggestion from David Read:

We noticed that some search queries produce unexpected search results in CKAN, due to them containing special characters. For example if you were to search for "Spend over £25,000 - NHS Leeds" then it would not come up with the dataset with that exact name. It was excluding datasets with the word "NHS" due to the dash/minus sign. It works fine if you escape the minus sign: "Spend over £25,000 \- NHS Leeds".

So in data.gov.uk I've added escaping of such control characters in our plugin and this useful routine:


Perhaps you would consider providing this in CKAN core in future?

I think there is an occasional case when power users would want to use the special characters - brackets, +, -, boolean operators etc. but maybe these could be reserved for an 'advanced search' screen?

1340360773000000 1340625078000000
#1596 enhancement dread ckan-future new Refactor authz roles

Suggestions from rgrp:

  • Get rid of Roles, and replace them with direct assignment of actions, even though there are many actions, and extensions can add arbitrary ones.
  • Debatable whether we should cut the number of actions to correspond to the three roles defined by the base system.
  • Have a method of finding roles (or, in future, actions) relevant to a given protection object (e.g. FILE-UPLOAD(ER) not relevant to Packages)

(This ticket is split off from #1065)

1324549888000000 1338205019000000
#1558 enhancement David Raznik jilly mathews ckan-future new Publisher Tools

Summarise final set of requirements for this and finish development and test. Estimated 10 working days.

1324291573000000 1324291573000000
#1670 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Publisher profile documentation

Super #1669

Analysis of all permissions for users given their publishers to ensure that we have covered all of the bases and haven't missed any use-cases.

1326802549000000 1338205180000000
#1673 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Add approval status field to groups

Super #1669

As groups need to be authorised in some cases, particularly publisher profiles, we need a field to denote how this is managed.

We should add an 'approval_status' field that will be used to denote its status. By default this will be "approved" but this will allow us to override it with a "pending" or "denied" status. The latter should also change the main status of the Group.

1326802753000000 1328526644000000
#1672 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Publisher profile user authz

Super #1669

Authz for normal users in publisher profile as per sysadmin

1326802680000000 1328526625000000
#1675 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Publisher admin authz

Super #1669

Authz for the publisher admin (who has permission to administer the publisher group themselves).

1326802923000000 1328709915000000
#1676 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Publisher editor authz

Super #1669

Editor authz for publisher groups need to be implemented and tested.

1326802971000000 1328526670000000
#1671 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Publisher profile sysadmin authz

Super #1669

Implement authz for sysadmins in publisher profile

1326802607000000 1328526614000000
#1674 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Test auth logic hooks for publisher profile

Super #1669

Test all of the new auth logic hooks for publisher profile to make sure they work as expected. Also make sure that we have a test to compare the naming of the core auth funcs with the profile hooks (so we can see what may have changed in one but not the other).

1326802841000000 1328526677000000
#2680 enhancement shevski shevski demo phase 3 closed fixed review group deletion

Super admins & owners/creators of groups need a way to delete them

Is the auth model in place for all this stuff? May be worth sitting down and going through how this should work

Currently can change state from active to deleted - this is not ery user friendly (want a button with a 2 step process maybe?) & I'd like to know who can view this option? Everyone who can edit a group? Who can edit?

1342436525000000 1344509493000000
#2209 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Object->RDF mapping

Super is [1649]

We need to provide customisable mappings between CKAN models and RDF. This needs to be easily configurable for different clients and should take into account objects related to the model being mapped.

Current contenders for impl are:

  1. ordf.org's Object Description Mapper (which uses OWL)
  1. RDFAlchemy, although this looks like it may result in fixed mappings
  1. A custom scheme with a simple json file
  1. A template based approach using Genshi templates?

Approach is to get a mapping complete of the attributes directly in the package class, and then provide mappings for related objects (tags/resources etc).

We'll then need to be able to publish the RDF to a triplestore.

See http://ckan.okfnpad.org/rdfmapping for further analysis.

1331027277000000 1336566051000000
#1735 enhancement zephod dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed wontfix "Unsaved changes" warning briefly when you click "Save"

Super ticket #1744

If you edit a dataset, simply add a tag and click on "Save" then you get the message "You have unsaved changed. Make sure to click 'Save Changes' below before leaving this page." inserted whilst the submission takes place. (This is because the click moves focus away from the tag field). This (reasonably common) edge-case could usefully be squashed.

Also note typo: "unsaved changed"

1328009420000000 1328609804000000
#1445 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-12-05 closed fixed Resource View page in WUI

Super ticket: #1032

  • Locate at: /dataset/{dataset}/resource/{id}

See: http://wiki.ckan.org/Dataset_View_Page

Implemented in branch feature-1445-resource-view.

Still to do:

  • Add inline data explorer to page
1320665049000000 1330019916000000
#945 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.6 closed fixed [super] Richer resources - Resource Groups, new fields, improved UI

Super ticket: #1032

This is a meta ticket for changes that are going to happen in resources.

  • New resource group table. #956
  • New kind field in resource. #957
  • UI for new kind field. #958
  • Resources in REST API ticket:358
  • Resources in WUI #1445
  • Make Resources first class entity. #922 (duplicate?)

Background on this change can be found at:

1296475283000000 1325259350000000
#1458 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-future assigned Support previewing kml files in data viewer

Super ticket: #1151 (viewing geo data)

E.g. preview of http://thedatahub.org/dataset/louisvillecrime should bring up a map

1320936488000000 1340632932000000
#1432 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new [super] Data processing system for CKAN and Webstore

Super ticket: #1190

A data processing system which utilizes the Webstore. One could get a long way with simple javascript running in the browser for development with this javascript then run offline using something like nodejs. Alternatively one could allow one to specify a url to e.g. a python file which would then be run in a sandbox (with access to some specified set of python modules)

1320142747000000 1339774041000000
#1396 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Improvements to user page UX - 1d

Super ticket: #1506

  • Show member since
  • Display email (in obfuscated form)
  • List all owned datasets (in standard manner)
    • Will need change to logic layer to show datasets on user dict (this is useful for the API as well ...)
  • (Re)move list of changes
    • Should have activity (once activity available)


  • ?? Allow users to provide a home page, organization (requires migration)
1318527967000000 1330086237000000
#1744 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed UX improvements to dataset edit as of Dec 2011

Super ticket: #1506

  • Show edit summary form again, at least on edit pages (and prefill it for create to something sensible like: Creating dataset {title} {name}) [Done #1506]
  • Fix drop down for resource types in resource add/edit to limit to fixed set of options (as per http://wiki.ckan.org/Domain_Model/Resource)
  • Allow reordering of resources (or: and this is somewhat more complex but possibly simpler: allow editing of a resource_order field and we use that to sort resources (this is more like wordpress page_order -- these two options could become the same if we just hijack the existing position field on the join table and get rid of ordereredlist extension)) [DONE #1506]
  • Radically simplify set of licenses [DONE #1359]
  • "Unsaved changes" warning briefly when you click "Save" #1735
  • "Unsaved changed" typo on dataset edit page
1328224628000000 1330349472000000
#1648 enhancement shevski ckan-backlog closed fixed Clarify that additional info = extra fields + add guidance

Super ticket: #1506

Need to decide which term to use and then have the same for editing as well as viewing a dataset.

In creating/editing a dataset, want more explanation about adding extra fields (probably as a tooltip or similar).. i.e. that this let's you add extra custom metadata such as 'location: uk' which is then searchable etc

1326674843000000 1330632344000000
#1719 defect rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Broken links for non-Gravatar use icons - 0.25d

Super ticket: #1506

e.g. http://thedatahub.org/user The users with Gravatar have their nice user icons, but the majority of users (without Gravatars) have 'broken link' symbols. Same problem wherever users are shown, such as the dataset history pages.

Broken on 1.5.2b - currently on thedatahub.org.

1327938788000000 1328541630000000
#1630 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Integrate Data Explorer v2 into Data Viewer

Super ticket: #1602


  • Include (or git submodule) data explorer into vendor
  • Update existing js integration code
  • Fix css and any bugs

Est: 1d

Actual: 1d

1326279098000000 1330085600000000
#1446 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Data Explorer v2

Super ticket: #1602 (Data Previewer v2)

We already have first pass of Data Explorer that was released as part of #1357.

Tickets include (* indicates improvement over current explorer)

Est: 10-15d (should be broken down -- partly is in recline issues)

1320665596000000 1326281658000000
#1737 enhancement icmurray rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Expose solr-based search API

Super ticket: #1745

Required for some improvements to UX (such as autocomplete and better search).

1328014626000000 1340112732000000
#1603 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed duplicate Search query builder

Super ticket: #1745

Ability to build up search query using a nice javascript-y interface.

  • Add facets by selecting attribute and adding -> search facet options in dropdown -> added to search (with 'x' to remove -- as we currently do).
    • (a bit like the data.hri.fi)
  • Some improvements to css
  • Improvements to faceting
    • Ability to configure faceting and number of items to show (?)
  • Pure JS search implementation to make it easy to reuse across site
1325268364000000 1338202654000000
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