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#2783 enhancement shevski closed wontfix Way to generate homepage backgrounds for demos/ckan hosted

Really we want this for CKAN Hosted & for creating demos.

Currently we're using http://leaflet.cloudmade.com/ - but by finding the area & taking screenshots. Would be better to interate with the app so that: a) this happens automatically and b) correct attribution will be visible on maps

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#7 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid View a release associated with a package

See Update a release (ticket 14) for more information on what should be shown.

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#8 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid View file

As a


I want to

View the files associated with a package.


  • See also ticket:16 (updating a file).
  • Files should either be listed on the same page as a release or there should be a link from the release page to a page listing all the files associated with the release. See also ticket:14 (update a release)

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#12 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid Create a release associated with a package

As a

Authenticated user

I want to

Create a release associated with a package

So that

The package has a new release


  • Permissions are as for updating a package ticket:10
  • for details of release attributes see: updating a release ticket:14
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#13 enhancement somebody rgrp closed invalid Delete a release 1152550611000000 1218545330000000
#14 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid Update a release

As a

Authenticated user

I want to

Update a release

So that

The release details are amended. Attributes of a release are:

  • name (may include '.' and '-'
  • nickname
  • date
  • description


  • permissions: as for updating a package (ticket:10)
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#15 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid Create a file

As a

Authenticated user

I want to

Create a file associated with a release

So that

The release has a new file associated with it


  • Permissions are as for package updating (see ticket:10)
  • file attributes are described in file updating: ticket:16)
    • there are no attributes that are required to be supplied to create a file
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#16 enhancement johnbywater rgrp closed invalid Update a file

As a

Authenticated user

I want to

Update a file associated with a release

So that

The file attributes are changed. File attributes are:

  • (internal) id
  • description
  • source: (url usually)


  • Permissions are as for package updating
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#17 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid Delete a file

See ticket:16 (update a file)

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#18 enhancement somebody johnbywater closed invalid Purge a user (registered person) 1152550871000000 1199787607000000
#19 enhancement somebody rgrp closed invalid Undelete a user (registered person) 1152550881000000 1199787631000000
#22 enhancement somebody johnbywater closed invalid Update person attributes 1152551014000000 1199787243000000
#23 enhancement somebody johnbywater closed invalid Request new password (or a reminder) if old has been lost 1152551256000000 1199786799000000
#26 enhancement somebody johnbywater closed duplicate A registered person creates their own tags for a package 1152551351000000 1152555283000000
#28 enhancement somebody johnbywater closed wontfix Provide a dump of all packages listed on the system in XML 1152551416000000 1200902911000000
#31 enhancement somebody rgrp closed wontfix Add a comment to a package

As a

Registered user

I want to

Add a comment to a package


  • The comment should be tagged with the username of the person making the comment
  • Should we allow comments per release as well as per package? No for the time being.
  • Comments will be 'flat' and not threaded (at least for the present)
  • Comments should be plain text and so html should be escaped (in the future we might look to use some kind of formatter such as markdown)
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#34 defect somebody zool closed worksforme Page Not Found - returns with 200 rather than 404 as it should 1163008961000000 1253781550000000
#49 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Filter Spam in Changes to CKAN Data

As A


I Want To

Have revisions to the CKAN data filtered in order to reduce the spam in the system.


In the long run this is a quite a generic problem common across several OKF systems and probably can become a general component in the okfmisc repo. For time being focus on a well-factored CKAN-specific solution.

Suggest we follow path of trac: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/SpamFilter

Could have a general engine that aggregates spam scores from many different 'plugins' and then marks spam appropriately (actions should be configurable depending on spam level from 'purge' to 'delete' (mark revision as inactive) to 'flag' to 'do nothing').

Main initial plugins would be:

  • regex filter (this would seem very useful here, e.g. do not allow urls in commit messages ...)
    • could augment using the badcontent list approach (can find list on e.g. moinmoin)
  • spambayes and/or akismet
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#50 task rgrp rgrp closed fixed Investigate apt-get in more detail

Research apt-get especially wajig and python wrappers for apt-get. Post results on the wiki.

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#73 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Put enquiry template in db so it can be edited by admins

Currently stored in the python controller file. This is not the right place and putting it in db will allow editing by admins.

May also want to do this for the footer (also in the controller file).


  • Will need to create a new domain object/db table. Suggest called miscellaneous and consist of key value pairs utilizing JSON type for values.

Cost: 2h.

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#75 enhancement dread rgrp closed duplicate Record and display package "usage" information
  • Number of package page visits on ckan (can we get this straight from google analytics)
  • Number of times url or download url is used - now ticket:937 (Record download stats for resoures)

How do we do this?

  • Google analytics will miss a lot of this usage (and how do we get that data out anyway)
  • Could use javascript but again misses usage.
  • One option is to redirect link but that is kind of nasty (but may be only option ...)
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#82 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Support diffing of versioned objects

Should have function/facility to get a diff of a version object between 2 revisions. Function should return a dictionary of fields with diffs.


  • Do we deal with m2m relationships (and m2one on the many side)?
  • What is diff?
    • For text fields output of python diff command
    • For non-text field guess just simple +/- for what was there before and now

Cost: 4h (don't think this is a huge request)

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#85 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Convert state from an object to an enumeration

No real benefit of having State object as opposed to a simple text field with enumerated values and this second option is both simpler and more flexible.

Main hassle here is that it requires migration in all projects that use vdm.

If we're going to do this we should do it sooner rather than later.

Cost: 2h (+ 1h for a conversion method)

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#86 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Support for stateful dict-like collections

Already support stateful list-like collections and should extend this to dict-like collections.

(This is prerequisite for implementing versioned "extra" (key/value) attributes on packages in CKAN and elsewhere).

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#87 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Multiple download links

Multiple download links, including links to mirrors and multiple formats/versions

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#89 enhancement nickstenning rgrp closed fixed Tag cloud for package tags

Should not be hard to do (lots of existing libraries) but not sure that this is very important.

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#92 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed wontfix Add RDFa to package pages 1249049927000000 1297344859000000
#95 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Add manifest support

Support for listing files (manifest) contained within a package.

Traditional manifests just list the files. Suggest in addition we have support for optional metadata in form of key, value pairs.

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#96 defect rgrp rgrp closed invalid info command must give up to date information for python-type distributions

(2008-09-10) at present when setup.py is edited info command may not give up to date information if pkg-info (in egg.info) is not rebuilt.

Suggest: info command needs to rebuilds pkg-info in python-type distributions.

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#97 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Do not create a distribution on a path is something already exists there

(2009-03-09) Do not create a distribution at path X if path X already exists and contains material (unless forced via a force option).

Cost: 1h

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#99 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed wontfix Test DbIndex with sqla 0.5

Test DbIndex? with sqla 0.5 (and get it working if it does not work).

Cost: ??

Priority: low because DbIndex? is not currently that important to us (also wonder whether we should try using CKAN code here to stop us reinventing the wheel).

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#100 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Convert existing data on disk to a datapkg distribution

(2008-10-29) convert existing directory on disk to a datapkg distribution (PythonDistribution? by default). This would be presented in the CLI as a convert command.


  • Add a metadata file (setup.py), perhaps prompting for input
  • List all existing data in that directory

Cost: 4h

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#101 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed (Improved) Download support
  1. Given a url download from that url to disk
  2. Given a package use download url to download to disk

Once on disk should uncompress (if necessary).


  • Should download either to tmp directory (defaulted in config) or a specified path on disk
  • In download would like to support as many types of target urls as possible:
    1. Single files (usually compressed filesets but could be individual files)
    2. Index pages listing files to download
    3. Revision control repositories
    4. ...

This will obviously be a significant amount of work. Suggest:

  1. Start off just supporting the first option.
  2. Have something like a plugin system to handle new target types
  3. Reuse existing work (e.g. easy_install and pip handle standard vcs such as svn, hg, git etc)

Cost: 1d

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#102 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Switch to using UUIDs for revision ids

This is better for long term sustainability, especially if we want to "push and pull" from unrelated repositories in the future.


  • May wish to retain a number field updated in the usual incremental way (what's the cost/benefit here?)
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#104 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed View a package at a given version

As a user i want to see a package at "version" X (NB: not revision X).

  • When I visit e.g. /package/read/xyz?version=0.7 I should be shown package at version 0.7 (or a message saying no such version)
  • Implementation:
    • Find revision for this version (search revision history for when version field was last 0.7)
    • Show pacakge at that revision (as in ticket:103)
  • On history page also shows versions in list of revisions associated with the package
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#106 enhancement dread rgrp closed duplicate Regularly convert CKAN data to RDF and put on Talis CC

Sister to ticket:90 (Link to RDF version of CKAN data on Talis Connected Commons).

Talis have already kindly done an initial conversion. We should repeat this process regularly and re-upload the data to Talis CC.

In the long run may wish to only re-convert packages changed since the last upload. However given relatively smaller size of full dataset this optimization is probably not yet required.

Attached is the ruby script used by Talis for conversion

Cost: ? (1d+ depending on e.g. how easy integration with Talis CC is)

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#107 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Provide information about uploading material

Often people who are registering resources want to make the associated material available. We should:

  • Provide a dedicated upload page giving instructions as to upload process
    1. Explain we don't store the data itself on CKAN. Suggest uploading to a store somewhere and then linking using download_url (that is its purpose)
    2. Upload to
      • Talis CC for RDF
      • archive.org
      • grid.okfn.org
  • link to this page from next to download_url item on new package page

In long run (now ticket:186) we may automate this by providing a ckan upload facility which caches the data and then reuploads it to relevant service (disadvantage is "we" are the owner of the data on that service ...)

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#109 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Tag search in the REST API

Similar to ticket:108 but for tags:


For tags search is extremely simple since you can only search by name.

Possible Extras

  • Allow "exotic" ordering of results e.g. ordering by number of packages with that tag.
  • Return this number with tag list.
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#132 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Security hole - read package/group list (REST)

Using REST interface you can list packages and groups without authorization being checked.

Can be fixed using more advanced query to check authz.

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#133 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Security hole - search package/group (WUI & REST)

Using WUI or REST interface you can search packages and groups without authorization being checked.

On the REST interface you can also read all the attributes of the packages using the 'all-fields' option.

Can be fixed using more advanced query to check authz.

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#137 enhancement rgrp dread closed duplicate User has editable home page
  • Generic text box for markdown about the user 'About'

Model's user table reflects these:

  • 'about' attribute
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#142 defect pudo dread closed fixed Update User object with additional fields such as 'nickname'

Suggested fields:

  • id, name (username/profile name), openid, email, password, extras (JsonType?)
    • + current items: apikey, about, created)
    • current contents of name is usually openid and should migrate to openid field (could match based on starting with http://)
  • May also want a fullname field (or perhaps that can

just go in extras - may be better to have its own field as useful to search on this )

Related changes (probably separate tickets):

  • Improve user home page to include this additional information (and have it be editable)
  • Use user 'name' (username) for home page links (rather than current user/<id>)
  • Where we show lists of revisions, each revision author is now a link to the author's user page.

Related to ticket:136 and ticket:138.

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#146 defect pudo rgrp closed worksforme Problem when an admin user logs in between commencing editing and saving
  1. Visitor starts editing a package (or creates a new package)
  2. Visitor logs in before previewing or committing
  3. Visitor is an admin (or sysadmin)
  4. Preview or commit fails

Reason (conjecture): the form we use for package editing is now dependent on whether you have admin privileges (we allow editing of state by admins). When you login the old form is now incorrect and this results in the formalchemy fieldset breaking.

1255013773000000 1291829862000000
#165 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid Use 'tag:' instead of 'tags:' for wui package search

Because people might try and do "tags:gov sweden" when "tag:gov sweden" makes more sense (sweden is searched for in all fields in these cases).

But in REST i/f search allow "tag"="gov" OR "tags"="gov sweden" in parameters.

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#168 enhancement rgrp dread closed duplicate Show admins for a group in group view 1256291481000000 1257414795000000
#169 enhancement dread dread closed duplicate Package derivations

A 'Derived' relationship can be applied from one package to another.

e.g. sussex-demography is derived from census-2001

'Derived' relationship is:

  • directional
  • many:many
  • stateful

'derived' table columns:

  • id (primary key)
  • source_package (foreign key)
  • result_package (foreign key)
  • description (markdown text)

Further tickets:

  • WUI - package view - shows 'derives from package x' and 'derived package y' with UML-like diagram of x -> this package -> y
  • WUI - package edit form - new option to say it 'derives from' or 'has derivation' and you select the appropriate
  • REST if - expose reading and writing this property
1256304927000000 1266928708000000
#176 enhancement dread dread closed duplicate Package dependencies

(Related to ticket:169 - Package derivations)

A 'dependency' relationship can be applied from one package to another. It implies that a package requires the download or existence of another package which it 'depends on'. (Analogous to software package dependencies.)

e.g. london-traffic-visualisation depends on road-map

'Dependency' relationship is:

  • directional
  • many:many
  • stateful

'dependency' table columns:

  • id (primary key)
  • dependent (foreign key)
  • dependency (foreign key)

Further tickets:

  • WUI - package view - have list of dependencies (do not need to list packages which depend on this one)
  • WUI - package edit form - new option to say 'depends on' (no need for 'has dependent package')
  • REST api - expose reading and writing 'depends on' property.


  • How do we deal with dependency at a particular version?
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#177 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid Service documentation

This is docs for users of a CKAN service (e.g. ckan.net), as opposed to someone installing / administering the software. (The latter has docs on knowledgeforge.

Editability - wiki?

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#181 enhancement rgrp jwyg closed invalid New 'stats' box on right hand sidebar

With up to date statistics such as:

  • total packages
  • total tags
  • total users
  • most active users
  • last update
  • etc.

Could also be nice to have a more dedicated stats page - with information such as graphs showing rate of packages being added and such like. See ticket:184

1257534385000000 1296339510000000
#183 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed worksforme Browse packages by rating

At moment order packages by title.

1257534606000000 1290604779000000
#184 enhancement dread rgrp closed fixed Stats page

Create /stats/ page displaying main statistics, e.g:

  • Most highly rated packages
  • Most edited packages
  • Largest groups
  • Top tags (by packages)
  • Package addition rate
  • Users with most packages

Related to ticket:181 - Stats side-bar


1257534756000000 1266837414000000
#185 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid Package form field hiding

Make parts of the package form hidden by default, to make it look simpler. Users are invited to click a button to reveal the less important fields.

Fields hidden by default: version, author, author_email, maintainer, maintainer_email

1257763437000000 1291830039000000
#186 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Automated upload to archive.org s3

(Follows on from ticket:107). We want to provide facility for users to automatically upload material.

1257803430000000 1296341182000000
#190 defect pudo dread closed fixed Package comments

Cost 7 days

When viewing a package, users can read user comments and leave their own. Users need to be logged in to leave a message. Comments appear immediately. A mechanism for deleting unwanted comments is provided to an authorized user. Comments are sorted with the most recent first. Comments are available for read, creation and deletion in both the Web UI and over the REST API.

The admin for the package and a superuser can delete unwanted comments, both on the package page and a collation of all comments on their user page. Users can delete their own comments(?) Need to consider whether over the REST API we encourage the use of a 'frontend user' APIKEY which can be used to leave comments for another, actual user.

Example at bottom of package page:

Leave a comment:

Subject _
Comment _

Submit button


Explanation doc
Posted on 25h May 2009 by http://bertdavies.myopenid.com
It says on the pollution data web page that not all the stations have a CO2 sensor, so you have to extrapolate from the ones that do. See my visualisation of CO2 across London for an idea of what you can do: bertdavies.com/pollution-2008.jpg
More info
Posted on 24th May 2009 by http://ronsmith.myopenid.com
Excellent data, but why is there no value in the CO2 column for some of the testing stations?

Implementation details:

Comments table is with columns:

id package_id date (date) comment (multi-line text)
1258387105000000 1280820852000000
#192 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Time-related package field

Cost - 2 days

The time period to which a package's data applies is stored in a new field called 'Relevant Date Range'. The value of this field is up to two calendar dates: i.e. either a point in time (e.g. date of a river map is 5/10/09) or a time period (e.g. pollution measurements 1/1/09-1/4/09).

Example part of package:

Date: 5/10/09
Date: 1/1/09 – 1/4/09

1258388163000000 1291733895000000
#193 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Searching by time-related field

Cost - 2 days

Search interface has new options to filter and sort the results by the time-related field of the package. Search options are included in both Web UI and Search API.

The filter specifies a range of dates. The results can be sorted by ascending or descending dates. The last modification date is surfaced in the package. Need to decide for a time-related field value that is date range, what date is used for the search.

Example search parameters:

reldate-range=5/4/09- Exclude packages related to earlier than 5/4/09
reldate-range=5/4/09-5/12/09 Exclude packages related to date outside of 5/4/09-5/12/09
order_by=reldate Sort by date package is related to. Defaults to newest first.
order_by=reldate-newest Sort by date package is related to, newest first.
order_by=reldate-oldest Sort by date package is related to, oldest first.

Related to ticket:192

1258388169000000 1340626463000000
#198 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Change package and tag ids to uuids

See how we did it already for other things.

Note: on ckan.net older PackageRevision?.id might not be identical to Package.id but this may need sorting at this point.

1258980613000000 1266837606000000
#199 defect rgrp casbon closed fixed Fix failing tests and provide documentation on how to run tests in datapkg

As of 80:099bdc5b07a6 datapkg has 4 test fails and 1 test error.

There is no documentation on how to run them, so I am using 'python setup.py test'.

datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_ckan ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_walkthrough ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/index.py:97: SADeprecationWarning: Use session.add()
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get_when_loaded_as_new_and_init_not_called ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/tests/test_index.py:57: SADeprecationWarning: Use session.expunge_all()
1259087361000000 1267649255000000
#200 defect rgrp rgrp closed invalid PythonDistribution write method should write all available metadata

Current write method just creates a bare bones package and does not write any of the available metadata other than name.

1259229583000000 1311176118000000
#205 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Custom package importer

Importer function is exposed to logged in users.

Alongside specifying file to import, user chooses between 'form schemas' - 'basic' and 'government'.

  • Basic is as it is currently
  • Government form has pre-defined Extra fields, careful validation of lots of fields, code formats/processes some field data for storage. e.g. searching for tag keywords.

All fields should be in step with the government custom input form.

For fields which have suggested values but the user can input his own value, this is achieved in the spreadsheet with two columns - the first being a drop-down and the second free text.


1260197819000000 1297068450000000
#209 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Validate email address when creating an enquiry

p:wui 2009-09-09 validate email address when creating an enquiry

1260288671000000 1260288728000000
#210 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid User registration

Native registration scenario: Complete registration form, require unique email address (indicate this not displayed on site), full name (indicate this is displayed on site), password. Dispatch email confirmation message. Respond to email confirmation message causes user to be logged in. Users are assigned a uuid.

1260292578000000 1266509788000000
#211 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid User login

Native login scenario: Complete login form, require email address. Any session is resumed.

Mandated technical requirement: use Repoze (see plugin:form of repoze.who); borrow from BlastOff?.

See CKAN or Microfacts for usage of repose with openid.

1260292624000000 1266509848000000
#219 enhancement nickstenning dread closed wontfix UI Review - Package
  • Propose three-column package listing: two lists of highest-scorers on some metric and last column is an invitation to register a new package, with a little copy explaining what's involved and why you'd want to.
  • Add in search widget
1260879947000000 1294914901000000
#222 defect nickstenning dread closed fixed UI Review - Package history

Package history page package/history/mypackagename

  • "Revisions" is redundant
  • "Compare" button is in a ridiculous place. It should be above/below (both) the table, but not *in* it!
  • Ditto to overall "Recent Changes" page comments w.r.t. timestamps, GUIDs (ellipsis), and (if poss) author links.
1260880198000000 1282909280000000
#225 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid UI Review - swap URL order

Not so keen on URLS such as /package/edit/mypackagename. These seem to be task-oriented rather than resource oriented (which would be /package/mypackagename/edit), and unstable: there is a common root for /package/edit/mypackage and /package/history/mypackage which is not reflected in the URL structure.

1260880487000000 1311178276000000
#228 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Deal with duplicate packages

This needs to be thought out ...

1262085763000000 1290596875000000
#232 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Add strapline to CKAN logo

Strapline (?): Sharing, discovery and reuse of data and content

Need to consult on this.

Cost: 1h

1262975291000000 1297246297000000
#234 enhancement memespring rgrp closed wontfix UI Review - Autocomplete package names & tags in search

Broken out from ticket:216

1263056678000000 1338206486000000
#236 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed fixed The system shall present to all users a form for starting data openness enquiries 1264157100000000 1264157324000000
#237 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed fixed The system shall accept submissions from authenticated owners of activated accounts using the data openness enquiry form by presenting the enquiry summary and prompting for confirmation 1264157377000000 1264157420000000
#238 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed invalid The system shall accept submissions from unauthenticated users of the data openness enquiry form by creating an anonymous pending enquiry action, and by redirecting the user to login form, passing a reference to the pending action 1264157814000000 1266509806000000
#243 defect rgrp dread closed worksforme Repetition of number of packages in a group

http://ckan.net/group/publicdomain has:

"There is 16 package in this group. There are 16 packages in this group."

1265750250000000 1266837796000000
#244 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Several links preceded by link URL

e.g. Text on ckan.net home page:

"All material available under an /licenseopen license"

Also seen on the package edit page: "/user/loginClick here to sign in"

I believe this is due to the i18n additions from Benoit. Maybe needs new Genshi. Maybe best to work round in the meantime.

1265750419000000 1271248968000000
#245 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Support for composite primary keys

Problem here is that foreign key then becomes "complicated" (composite).

  • Could also deprecate continuity_id field in favour of the basic foreign key on ie
1265882630000000 1297066620000000
#246 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Support for primary key not named id

At the moment setting of continuity_id depends on base table pkcol being id. Should not be hard to change this -- and may get for free as part of ticket:245 (composite primary keys)

1265882862000000 1297066757000000
#249 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid Regex search

Search of package name and title (and other fields) using regular expressions.

Current example use-case: Wanting to specify packages with title beginning with 'B'.


  • Syntax for specifying regex over natural language search - could it be contained in the q param so be available to users of the WUI, or do we simply make it alternative fields?


  • Postgres reg ex searching detailed here:


1265994509000000 1311182450000000
#252 enhancement dread johnbywater closed invalid Change revision object so that it has parent(s) attribute 1266519767000000 1296477560000000
#262 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Mark package as duplicate of another package

Need a way to mark packages as duplicate.


  • Could work off a tag (meta-duplicate or somesuch)
  • What happens if we want to delete the package (to we leave a place-holder, do we merge content?)
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#268 defect rgrp dread closed duplicate Select groups in Package edit form 1268068896000000 1285070682000000
#269 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Improve gov package form

If the notes field could use a WYSIWYG editor with word cleanup this would really help users who may well be pasting in text from Word (and I guess may have been approved or written by someone else)

having auto-complete on tags would both make the system easier to use - and reduce the risk of synonymous tags being created inadvertently.

Does the department drop down options list interact with user permissions - so that users who only have rights to one department only see that option ?

Similarly for licenses - can this reduce to the set of allowed options for this user/

What level of validation is there on the fields?

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#270 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed fixed Refactor ckan/lib/importer and ckanclient/loader.

There is code to create packages in-process (ckan/lib/importer) and via HTTP (ckanclient/loaders/base). There is also code to read different kinds of package source (Google Spreadsheets spreadsheet, other spreadsheet).

Propose to refactor all this to have template method in base command class (subclasses may implement command line interface, graphical user interface, or Web interface), where the template method calls on aggregated strategy objects for: reading raw spreadsheet data from spreadsheet application; for inferring CKAN package entities from the raw spreadsheet data; and for writing package entities to CKAN service.

Spreadsheet readers to be factored to allow for variations of spreadsheet application.

Raw data inferrers to allow for variations in spreadsheet cell structure.

CKAN writer strategies to allow for either CKAN client or direct linking.

Actual cases then supported by specifying existing strategies (or defining new ones) in a script that invokes the command class.

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#272 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Atom/RSS feeds for individual tags and groups

I want to be able to easily check when a package is added (or removed?) from a given tag or groups. To do this I would like access to an Atom/RSS feed for a given tag or group.

  • This would allow people to embed feed widgets in other places
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#274 defect rgrp rgrp closed fixed Allow searching by any extra field

At the moment only support a very limited set of extra fields (see docs for details). Should support arbitrary extra fields (note no need to put these in special full text index though ...)

Cost: 1h

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#275 defect dread rgrp closed fixed Add forms renderer for JsonType fixing bugs in admin interface

This will solve e.g. issues in formalchemy admin interface (which is due to lack of renderer for Json type)

Cost: 0.5h

from ckan.model.types import JsonType

forms.FieldSet.default_renderers[JsonType] = formalchemy.fields.TextFieldRenderer
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#282 enhancement thejimmyg dread closed wontfix Provide diverts when package name changes

When a package's name is changed, references to the old name (in the WUI and REST) are redirected to the new name (assuming the old name is not being reused by another package).

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#283 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Manage deletions of unwanted packages

Use case

As a user I want to notify the CKAN admins of a spammed or unsuitable package for deletion.

Suggested solution

In the package view side-bar, there is a note: "To have this package completely removed, contact the [ca.ckan.net administrators [email protected]…]."

Other solutions

A more complicated solution would be to allow packages to be tagged for deletion, which would auto-alert administrators, and allow easier administration of this. But this might be overkill.

c.f. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deleting_an_article

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#285 enhancement rgrp assigned Paginate list of packages on tag read page

Is this worth doing? On hmg.ckan.net start to have a lot of packages with a given tag ...

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#291 defect rgrp dread closed worksforme Investigate search options encoding

On ckan.net there is this unchecked-in 'temporary hack'. It seems to be to do with foreign characters in search options. See what its doing and if necessary, put check it in.

diff -r 813ad8b5de0b ckan/lib/search.py
--- a/ckan/lib/search.py	Mon Mar 01 22:23:36 2010 +0100
+++ b/ckan/lib/search.py	Thu Apr 15 19:11:42 2010 +0200
@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@
     def query(self, options):
         '''For the given search options, returns a query object.'''
         self._options = options
+        # temporary hack!
+        if self._options.q:
+            self._options.q = self._options.q.encode('utf8')
         general_terms, field_specific_terms = self._parse_query_string()
         if not general_terms and \

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#294 enhancement thejimmyg dread closed duplicate Add/remove extra fields in Package edit form

Currently the package form gives you 3 fields for extras. To get more you have to hit preview. This is obscure. It would be better to have some buttons to add/remove fields, just like with the resources.

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#296 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed duplicate Commit CKAN revisions to changeset system 1272279521000000 1294407032000000
#297 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed duplicate Update CKAN repository from changeset system 1272279556000000 1294407051000000
#298 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed duplicate Pull changesets from remote CKAN instance 1272279591000000 1294407080000000
#299 enhancement johnbywater johnbywater closed duplicate Merge diverging lines of changesets 1272279698000000 1294407099000000
#301 enhancement rgrp assigned Package discussion pages

A package discussion page is like a wikipedia discussion page: an editable free text page for people to have discussion/post comments about a given package.

It provides a way for people to make suggestions about a package without needing access to main package.

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#306 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate datapkg build command

Need to be able to build a distribution. Need:

  • new 'build' command
  • specify distribution format. Suggest at the moment a simple zip or tar.gz build in most straightforward way form distribution.
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#308 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Autocomplete package names & tags in package search

Extracted from ticket:216.

Dubious of its merit.

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#309 defect pudo dread closed fixed Tag list shows unused tags

Deleted tags are visible on the /tag page and are searchable.

Delete tags are ones that were in use once and then discarded, so this includes ones which are not used on any packages any more, including misspelling, mistakes, and deprecated tags. It would makes sense to remove them.

Example tag that is viewed at /tag and searchable: http://ckan.net/tag/2rand[0

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#312 defect rgrp dread closed invalid Race condition creating PackageRating

On ckan.net there are a few packages which cause a 403 exception when you try to rate them: http://www.ckan.net/package/rate/coins-data?rating=3

The exception is occuring here: ckan.rating:39 in set_rating rating_obj = rating_query.one() InvalidRequestError?: Multiple rows returned for one()

It looks like this package got rated twice in quick succession, creating two similar PackageRating? objects. This race condition needs to be solved and these particular rating objects repaired.

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#314 defect johnbywater johnbywater closed fixed Bugs getting revisions from the REST API

Bug report regarding getting revisions:

Getting revisons by ID (on the latest ID) GET "http://test-hmg.ckan.net/api/search/revision?since_revision=44aac9b6-ba24-43a8-87a1-f6923dc523ff"

Returns a whole load of stuff (it's also quite slow - about 10 seconds)

I'm expecting it to return just an empty array - am I doing something wrong here - if so could you clarify correct use of the API?

GET "http://test-hmg.ckan.net/api/search/revision?since_time=2010-04-30T23:45" Returns the empty string - I'd expect an empty array ie []

GET "http://test-hmg.ckan.net/api/search/revision?since_time=2010-04-31T23:45" Returns an internal server error 500 - I think it should probably be "bad Request" 400 (the date is invalid)

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