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#188 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.11 closed duplicate Improve package listing views

Propose change to tabular-like format showing these attributes (perhaps should be configurable?)

  • Openness status
  • Title (not sure name is needed)
  • Tags

Cost: 4h

1257870031000000 1265294090000000
#192 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Time-related package field

Cost - 2 days

The time period to which a package's data applies is stored in a new field called 'Relevant Date Range'. The value of this field is up to two calendar dates: i.e. either a point in time (e.g. date of a river map is 5/10/09) or a time period (e.g. pollution measurements 1/1/09-1/4/09).

Example part of package:

Date: 5/10/09
Date: 1/1/09 – 1/4/09

1258388163000000 1291733895000000
#193 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Searching by time-related field

Cost - 2 days

Search interface has new options to filter and sort the results by the time-related field of the package. Search options are included in both Web UI and Search API.

The filter specifies a range of dates. The results can be sorted by ascending or descending dates. The last modification date is surfaced in the package. Need to decide for a time-related field value that is date range, what date is used for the search.

Example search parameters:

reldate-range=5/4/09- Exclude packages related to earlier than 5/4/09
reldate-range=5/4/09-5/12/09 Exclude packages related to date outside of 5/4/09-5/12/09
order_by=reldate Sort by date package is related to. Defaults to newest first.
order_by=reldate-newest Sort by date package is related to, newest first.
order_by=reldate-oldest Sort by date package is related to, oldest first.

Related to ticket:192

1258388169000000 1340626463000000
#194 defect rgrp dread v0.11 closed fixed Check star ratings aren't influenced by search engine crawlers

rel=nofollow or robots.txt ?

1258471512000000 1265284389000000
#195 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.11 closed fixed Association listings should be alphabetically sorted (e.g. a group's packages)

Where an item has an association listing (e.g. package's tags or group's packages) these should be sorted in a sensible way. For present choose to sort alphabetically by name.

Cost: 2h

1258475448000000 1258585500000000
#198 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Change package and tag ids to uuids

See how we did it already for other things.

Note: on ckan.net older PackageRevision?.id might not be identical to Package.id but this may need sorting at this point.

1258980613000000 1266837606000000
#199 defect rgrp casbon closed fixed Fix failing tests and provide documentation on how to run tests in datapkg

As of 80:099bdc5b07a6 datapkg has 4 test fails and 1 test error.

There is no documentation on how to run them, so I am using 'python setup.py test'.

datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_ckan ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_cli.TestCLI.test_walkthrough ... FAIL
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/index.py:97: SADeprecationWarning: Use session.add()
datapkg.tests.test_index.TestDbIndex.test_get_when_loaded_as_new_and_init_not_called ... /Users/james/Documents/virtualenvs/okfn/src/datapkg/datapkg/tests/test_index.py:57: SADeprecationWarning: Use session.expunge_all()
1259087361000000 1267649255000000
#200 defect rgrp rgrp closed invalid PythonDistribution write method should write all available metadata

Current write method just creates a bare bones package and does not write any of the available metadata other than name.

1259229583000000 1311176118000000
#201 enhancement rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed Stress test ckan


  • high numbers of simultaneous users
  • incomplete transactions
  • etc.
1259844836000000 1265284419000000
#205 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Custom package importer

Importer function is exposed to logged in users.

Alongside specifying file to import, user chooses between 'form schemas' - 'basic' and 'government'.

  • Basic is as it is currently
  • Government form has pre-defined Extra fields, careful validation of lots of fields, code formats/processes some field data for storage. e.g. searching for tag keywords.

All fields should be in step with the government custom input form.

For fields which have suggested values but the user can input his own value, this is achieved in the spreadsheet with two columns - the first being a drop-down and the second free text.


1260197819000000 1297068450000000
#209 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Validate email address when creating an enquiry

p:wui 2009-09-09 validate email address when creating an enquiry

1260288671000000 1260288728000000
#212 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.11 closed fixed Switch to using m.okfn.org "kforge" media (css and behaviour)

We are already using standard kforge css though copied locally and with a few modifications.

We should switch to using common copy on m.okfn.org. Some work will be required to factor out any changes we have made.

Cost: 2h

1260703728000000 1260703969000000
#215 enhancement rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed UI Review - Home page
  • 'Login via OpenID' -> 'Login with OpenID'?
  • Elements:
    • Search
    • about CKAN
    • 3 column Packages view (see ticket:219)
    • Small tag cloud (RHS)

Also, what about ticket:143 ?

1260879732000000 1266513523000000
#225 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid UI Review - swap URL order

Not so keen on URLS such as /package/edit/mypackagename. These seem to be task-oriented rather than resource oriented (which would be /package/mypackagename/edit), and unstable: there is a common root for /package/edit/mypackage and /package/history/mypackage which is not reflected in the URL structure.

1260880487000000 1311178276000000
#228 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Deal with duplicate packages

This needs to be thought out ...

1262085763000000 1290596875000000
#232 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Add strapline to CKAN logo

Strapline (?): Sharing, discovery and reuse of data and content

Need to consult on this.

Cost: 1h

1262975291000000 1297246297000000
#233 enhancement rgrp rgrp v1.1 closed fixed Allow simple site-specific customization/overriding of templates


  1. Allow for specification of genshi template paths to search in config. This way people can introduce their own templates and these templates can selectively override existing templates. (Already implemented this in shakespeare and it works)
  1. Include an extra site-specific genshi template which can then be used to customize site (e.g. by having specific calls to py:def that user can define but which are ignored if they don't exist).

Can do this using:

<xi:include href="base.html"><xi:fallback /></xi:include>

1263000396000000 1273080352000000
#241 defect rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed License doesn't preview correctly

4 failing tests, including 2 in misc/package_saver and 2 in functional/test_package.

1265625546000000 1270569769000000
#243 defect rgrp dread closed worksforme Repetition of number of packages in a group

http://ckan.net/group/publicdomain has:

"There is 16 package in this group. There are 16 packages in this group."

1265750250000000 1266837796000000
#244 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Several links preceded by link URL

e.g. Text on ckan.net home page:

"All material available under an /licenseopen license"

Also seen on the package edit page: "/user/loginClick here to sign in"

I believe this is due to the i18n additions from Benoit. Maybe needs new Genshi. Maybe best to work round in the meantime.

1265750419000000 1271248968000000
#245 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Support for composite primary keys

Problem here is that foreign key then becomes "complicated" (composite).

  • Could also deprecate continuity_id field in favour of the basic foreign key on ie
1265882630000000 1297066620000000
#246 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Support for primary key not named id

At the moment setting of continuity_id depends on base table pkcol being id. Should not be hard to change this -- and may get for free as part of ticket:245 (composite primary keys)

1265882862000000 1297066757000000
#249 enhancement rgrp dread closed invalid Regex search

Search of package name and title (and other fields) using regular expressions.

Current example use-case: Wanting to specify packages with title beginning with 'B'.


  • Syntax for specifying regex over natural language search - could it be contained in the q param so be available to users of the WUI, or do we simply make it alternative fields?


  • Postgres reg ex searching detailed here:


1265994509000000 1311182450000000
#258 enhancement rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed Add uuids into package in REST

Add uuids into package in REST interface.

1266954722000000 1273596163000000
#259 defect rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed isitopen enquiry broken

Pressing the 'make an enquiry' link on the package read page gives 404. (Also links should also be changed from isitopen.ckan.net to isitopendata.org)

Example link is:


which gets forwarded to:


which gives 404

1267012666000000 1273596153000000
#262 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Mark package as duplicate of another package

Need a way to mark packages as duplicate.


  • Could work off a tag (meta-duplicate or somesuch)
  • What happens if we want to delete the package (to we leave a place-holder, do we merge content?)
1267139682000000 1296468392000000
#268 defect rgrp dread closed duplicate Select groups in Package edit form 1268068896000000 1285070682000000
#269 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Improve gov package form

If the notes field could use a WYSIWYG editor with word cleanup this would really help users who may well be pasting in text from Word (and I guess may have been approved or written by someone else)

having auto-complete on tags would both make the system easier to use - and reduce the risk of synonymous tags being created inadvertently.

Does the department drop down options list interact with user permissions - so that users who only have rights to one department only see that option ?

Similarly for licenses - can this reduce to the set of allowed options for this user/

What level of validation is there on the fields?

1268220853000000 1291897538000000
#272 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed fixed Atom/RSS feeds for individual tags and groups

I want to be able to easily check when a package is added (or removed?) from a given tag or groups. To do this I would like access to an Atom/RSS feed for a given tag or group.

  • This would allow people to embed feed widgets in other places
1268988652000000 1340631775000000
#274 defect rgrp rgrp closed fixed Allow searching by any extra field

At the moment only support a very limited set of extra fields (see docs for details). Should support arbitrary extra fields (note no need to put these in special full text index though ...)

Cost: 1h

1269034562000000 1287402800000000
#283 enhancement rgrp dread closed wontfix Manage deletions of unwanted packages

Use case

As a user I want to notify the CKAN admins of a spammed or unsuitable package for deletion.

Suggested solution

In the package view side-bar, there is a note: "To have this package completely removed, contact the [ca.ckan.net administrators [email protected]…]."

Other solutions

A more complicated solution would be to allow packages to be tagged for deletion, which would auto-alert administrators, and allow easier administration of this. But this might be overkill.

c.f. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deleting_an_article

1270660210000000 1311325526000000
#289 enhancement rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed Document config options 1271248690000000 1271249368000000
#291 defect rgrp dread closed worksforme Investigate search options encoding

On ckan.net there is this unchecked-in 'temporary hack'. It seems to be to do with foreign characters in search options. See what its doing and if necessary, put check it in.

diff -r 813ad8b5de0b ckan/lib/search.py
--- a/ckan/lib/search.py	Mon Mar 01 22:23:36 2010 +0100
+++ b/ckan/lib/search.py	Thu Apr 15 19:11:42 2010 +0200
@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@
     def query(self, options):
         '''For the given search options, returns a query object.'''
         self._options = options
+        # temporary hack!
+        if self._options.q:
+            self._options.q = self._options.q.encode('utf8')
         general_terms, field_specific_terms = self._parse_query_string()
         if not general_terms and \

1271351670000000 1273254895000000
#300 defect rgrp dread v1.0 closed fixed Resource ordering issue

Failing test: ckan.tests.models.test_resource.TestResourceLifecycle?.test_03_reorder_resources

Not clear how visible this is to the user.

Related to ticket:292

1272285994000000 1272384474000000
#306 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate datapkg build command

Need to be able to build a distribution. Need:

  • new 'build' command
  • specify distribution format. Suggest at the moment a simple zip or tar.gz build in most straightforward way form distribution.
1272474212000000 1318181194000000
#307 defect rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.7 closed fixed datapkg upload command

Support uploading a distribution somewhere.

  • New cli command: upload
  • Pluggable uploader framework. Suggest initial support

Depends on ticket:306

1272474224000000 1288027815000000
#308 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed duplicate Autocomplete package names & tags in package search

Extracted from ticket:216.

Dubious of its merit.

1273050549000000 1275302577000000
#312 defect rgrp dread closed invalid Race condition creating PackageRating

On ckan.net there are a few packages which cause a 403 exception when you try to rate them: http://www.ckan.net/package/rate/coins-data?rating=3

The exception is occuring here: ckan.rating:39 in set_rating rating_obj = rating_query.one() InvalidRequestError?: Multiple rows returned for one()

It looks like this package got rated twice in quick succession, creating two similar PackageRating? objects. This race condition needs to be solved and these particular rating objects repaired.

1273482785000000 1311176173000000
#313 enhancement rgrp dread v1.1 closed fixed Allow packages to be specified by IDs in REST interface

If a package name changes, a simple CKAN client may not be aware of this (not monitoring the push notifications, revisions or feed), so it is preferable to refer to the package by its (invariant) ID.

It is still useful to refer to a package by its name though, so both should be valid arguments in the REST interface.

1273606248000000 1275404524000000
#316 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Search URL escaping

If you search for unescaped characters such as '`' (backtick) in the URL in Chrome then you get a 500 error.

e.g. http://www.ckan.net/package/search?q=fjdkf2B%C2%B4gfhgfkgf{gpk fjdkf2B´gfhgfkgf{gpk

returns this exception:

URL: http://www.ckan.net/package/search?q=fjdkf%2B%C2%B4gfhgfkgf%7Bg%C2%B4pk&search=Search+Packages+%C2%BB
Module weberror.errormiddleware:162 in __call__
<<              __traceback_supplement__ = Supplement, self, environ
                   sr_checker = ResponseStartChecker(start_response)
                   app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker)
                   return self.make_catching_iter(app_iter, environ, sr_checker)
>>  app_iter = self.application(environ, sr_checker)
Module repoze.who.middleware:107 in __call__
<<          wrapper = StartResponseWrapper(start_response)
               app_iter = app(environ, wrapper.wrap_start_response)
               # The challenge decider almost(?) always needs information from the
>>  app_iter = app(environ, wrapper.wrap_start_response)
Module beaker.middleware:73 in __call__
<<                                                     self.cache_manager)
               environ[self.environ_key] = self.cache_manager
               return self.app(environ, start_response)
>>  return self.app(environ, start_response)
Module beaker.middleware:152 in __call__
<<                          headers.append(('Set-cookie', cookie))
                   return start_response(status, headers, exc_info)
               return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)
           def _get_session(self):
>>  return self.wrap_app(environ, session_start_response)
Module routes.middleware:130 in __call__
<<                  environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] = environ['SCRIPT_NAME'][:-1]
               response = self.app(environ, start_response)
               # Wrapped in try as in rare cases the attribute will be gone already
>>  response = self.app(environ, start_response)
Module pylons.wsgiapp:125 in __call__
               controller = self.resolve(environ, start_response)
               response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)
               if 'paste.testing_variables' in environ and hasattr(response,
>>  response = self.dispatch(controller, environ, start_response)
Module pylons.wsgiapp:324 in dispatch
<<          if log_debug:
                   log.debug("Calling controller class with WSGI interface")
               return controller(environ, start_response)
           def load_test_env(self, environ):
>>  return controller(environ, start_response)
Module ckan.lib.base:50 in __call__
<<          # available in environ['pylons.routes_dict']
                   return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response)
>>  return WSGIController.__call__(self, environ, start_response)
Module pylons.controllers.core:221 in __call__
<<                  return response(environ, self.start_response)
               response = self._dispatch_call()
               if not start_response_called:
                   self.start_response = start_response
>>  response = self._dispatch_call()
Module pylons.controllers.core:172 in _dispatch_call
<<              req.environ['pylons.action_method'] = func
                   response = self._inspect_call(func)
                   if log_debug:
>>  response = self._inspect_call(func)
Module pylons.controllers.core:107 in _inspect_call
<<                        func.__name__, args)
                   result = self._perform_call(func, args)
               except HTTPException, httpe:
                   if log_debug:
>>  result = self._perform_call(func, args)
Module pylons.controllers.core:60 in _perform_call
<<          """Hide the traceback for everything above this method"""
               __traceback_hide__ = 'before_and_this'
               return func(**args)
           def _inspect_call(self, func):
>>  return func(**args)
Module ckan.controllers.package:52 in search
<<                  collection=query,
                       page=request.params.get('page', 1),
                   # filter out ranks from the query result
>>  items_per_page=50
Module webhelpers.paginate:333 in __init__
<<              self.item_count = item_count
                   self.item_count = len(self.collection)
               # Compute the number of the first and last available page
>>  self.item_count = len(self.collection)
Module webhelpers.paginate:204 in __len__
<<      def __len__(self):
               return self.obj.count()
       # Since the items on a page are mainly a list we subclass the "list" type
>>  return self.obj.count()
Module sqlalchemy.orm.query:1094 in count
<<              q = q.params(params)
               q = q._legacy_select_kwargs(**kwargs)
               return q._count()
           def _count(self):
>>  return q._count()
Module sqlalchemy.orm.query:1103 in _count
<<          """
               return self._col_aggregate(sql.literal_column('1'), sql.func.count, nested_cols=list(self.mapper.primary_key))
           def _col_aggregate(self, col, func, nested_cols=None):
>>  return self._col_aggregate(sql.literal_column('1'), sql.func.count, nested_cols=list(self.mapper.primary_key))
Module sqlalchemy.orm.query:1125 in _col_aggregate
<<          if self._autoflush and not self._populate_existing:
               return self.session.scalar(s, params=self._params, mapper=self.mapper)
           def compile(self):
>>  return self.session.scalar(s, params=self._params, mapper=self.mapper)
Module sqlalchemy.orm.session:635 in scalar
<<          engine = self.get_bind(mapper, clause=clause, instance=instance)
               return self.__connection(engine, close_with_result=True).scalar(clause, params or {})
           def close(self):
>>  return self.__connection(engine, close_with_result=True).scalar(clause, params or {})
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:834 in scalar
<<          """
               return self.execute(object, *multiparams, **params).scalar()
           def statement_compiler(self, statement, **kwargs):
>>  return self.execute(object, *multiparams, **params).scalar()
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:844 in execute
<<          for c in type(object).__mro__:
                   if c in Connection.executors:
                       return Connection.executors[c](self, object, multiparams, params)
                   raise exceptions.InvalidRequestError("Unexecutable object type: " + str(type(object)))
>>  return Connection.executors[c](self, object, multiparams, params)
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:895 in execute_clauseelement
<<          else:
                   keys = None
               return self._execute_compiled(elem.compile(dialect=self.dialect, column_keys=keys, inline=len(params) > 1), distilled_params=params)
           def _execute_compiled(self, compiled, multiparams=None, params=None, distilled_params=None):
>>  return self._execute_compiled(elem.compile(dialect=self.dialect, column_keys=keys, inline=len(params) > 1), distilled_params=params)
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:907 in _execute_compiled
<<          context.pre_execution()
>>  self.__execute_raw(context)
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:916 in __execute_raw
<<              self._cursor_executemany(context.cursor, context.statement, context.parameters, context=context)
                   self._cursor_execute(context.cursor, context.statement, context.parameters[0], context=context)
           def _execute_ddl(self, ddl, params, multiparams):
>>  self._cursor_execute(context.cursor, context.statement, context.parameters[0], context=context)
Module sqlalchemy.engine.base:958 in _cursor_execute
<<              self.engine.logger.info(repr(parameters))
                   self.dialect.do_execute(cursor, statement, parameters, context=context)
               except Exception, e:
                   self._handle_dbapi_exception(e, statement, parameters, cursor)
>>  self.dialect.do_execute(cursor, statement, parameters, context=context)
Module sqlalchemy.engine.default:133 in do_execute
<<      def do_execute(self, cursor, statement, parameters, context=None):
               cursor.execute(statement, parameters)
           def is_disconnect(self, e):
>>  cursor.execute(statement, parameters)
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xb4' in position 6: ordinal not in range(128)
1274265928000000 1291831177000000
#329 defect rgrp dread v1.1 closed fixed Bad dates cause exception on Gov form


Using the government form, create a new package with name 'test' and date released of '23/5/0210'. The result is a 500 error and 'Server Error' message.

Affects all versions of CKAN.

Why it's happening

The dates module is raising an exception on the invalid date when saving the date, which is not being caught. The exception should have been raised only during the earlier 'validation' step and that would be caught.

1275060617000000 1275079189000000
#355 defect rgrp rgrp closed fixed Dashes versus underscores in package names

Sort out how we deal with dashes versus underscores in package names.

1277221996000000 1311177552000000
#358 enhancement rgrp dread ckan-v1.5 closed duplicate Resources in REST API

(spun out of ticket:336)

Resource added to model API at:


Example model request

GET to: /api/2/rest/resource/a3dd8f64-9078-4f04-845c-e3f047125028


 [{"id": "a3dd8f64-9078-4f04-845c-e3f047125028",
   "package_id": "b8a325c8-af2a-43f3-8245-9db7d73dfbfe",
   "URL": "http://scraperwiki.com/lincolnshire-councillors", 
   "format": "CSV", 
   "Description": "Scrape of www.lincs.gov/councillors.pdf by ScraperWiki.",
   "hash": "", 
   "position": 2


  1. Have it generic (ie. not per resource) and use an action/role on system
  2. Require all resources to attach to packages an inherit their permissions (i.e. read/write etc if and only read/write on associated packages)
  3. Introduce Resource in authorization system (requires migration)

Mixed model

Create / Edit:

if resource associated to package:
    check_permissions(package, update)
    check_system_permissions(c.user, model.Action.Resouce Create/Update, model.System)
1277483282000000 1310128782000000
#360 defect rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.7 closed fixed New sqlite-based DB index

In 0.5 and 0.6 have been more oriented to getting file indexes working to support the convenience of using packages on disk directly. However we now need to go back to having a better central/default index and the best model for this is a simple db index using sqlite (which is now supported in the standard library).

NB: this is a retrospective ticket (been working on this for a couple of months)

1277803174000000 1288004891000000
#361 enhancement rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.7 closed fixed Allow specification of the default index in configuration 1277803305000000 1291135756000000
#404 requirement rgrp pudo datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Make registries pluggable

Allow using different indexes, including ckan, file, dcat, ...

1281346690000000 1297072955000000
#405 task rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Retrieval options for package resources

Download Command (was install command) should support the following modes:

  • Download only the first listed resource (current behaviour, slightly arbitrary)
  • Download resources by interactive selection
  • Download resources by MIME type (cf #235)
  • Download all resources.
1281346806000000 1297214833000000
#409 task rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Refactor cli to be more 'pluggable'
  • (Load cli commands from setuptools entry point name datapkg.cli)
  • Document how other can write new commands
  • Refactor base Command class to support this pluggability (if necessary)
1281348659000000 1297074197000000
#458 task rgrp johnbywater closed wontfix Request to DGU for access to database machine 1282299950000000 1294415537000000
#464 task rgrp dread closed duplicate Request dgu db server access 1282306104000000 1282325194000000
#538 task rgrp johnbywater closed wontfix Update CKAN Trac ticket report queries

Update report queries with more recent versions (below are report queries shipped with trac 0.11.7):

NB: Report 1 has already been done.

id | query

1 |

: SELECT p.value AS color, : id AS ticket, summary, component, version, milestone, t.type AS type, : owner, status, : time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE status <> 'closed' : ORDER BY CAST(p.value AS integer), milestone, t.type, time :

2 |

: SELECT p.value AS color, : version AS group, : id AS ticket, summary, component, version, t.type AS type, : owner, status, : time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE status <> 'closed' : ORDER BY (version IS NULL),version, CAST(p.value AS integer), t.type, time :

3 |

: SELECT p.value AS color,

: 'Milestone '
milestone AS group,

: id AS ticket, summary, component, version, t.type AS type, : owner, status, : time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE status <> 'closed' : ORDER BY (milestone IS NULL),milestone, CAST(p.value AS integer), t.type, time :

4 |

: : SELECT p.value AS color, : owner AS group, : id AS ticket, summary, component, milestone, t.type AS type, time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE status = 'accepted' : ORDER BY owner, CAST(p.value AS integer), t.type, time :

5 |

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6 |

: SELECT p.value AS color, : t.milestone AS group, : (CASE status : WHEN 'closed' THEN 'color: #777; background: #ddd; border-color: #ccc;' : ELSE : (CASE owner WHEN $USER THEN 'font-weight: bold' END) : END) AS style, : id AS ticket, summary, component, status, : resolution,version, t.type AS type, priority, owner, : changetime AS modified, : time AS _time,reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : ORDER BY (milestone IS NULL), milestone DESC, (status = 'closed'), : (CASE status WHEN 'closed' THEN changetime ELSE (-1) * CAST(p.value AS integer) END) DESC :

7 |

: SELECT p.value AS color, : (CASE status WHEN 'accepted' THEN 'Accepted' ELSE 'Owned' END) AS group, : id AS ticket, summary, component, version, milestone, : t.type AS type, priority, time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE t.status <> 'closed' AND owner = $USER : ORDER BY (status = 'accepted') DESC, CAST(p.value AS integer), milestone, t.type, time :

8 |

: SELECT p.value AS color, : (CASE owner : WHEN $USER THEN 'My Tickets' : ELSE 'Active Tickets' : END) AS group, : id AS ticket, summary, component, version, milestone, t.type AS type, : owner, status, : time AS created, : changetime AS _changetime, description AS _description, : reporter AS _reporter : FROM ticket t : LEFT JOIN enum p ON p.name = t.priority AND p.type = 'priority' : WHERE status <> 'closed' : ORDER BY (COALESCE(owner, ) = $USER) DESC, CAST(p.value AS integer), milestone, t.type, time

1283190081000000 1294414537000000
#581 task rgrp johnbywater ckan-v1.2 closed fixed Determine package name from metadata document

Need to establish procedure for automatically generating package names from metadata documents.

1284210874000000 1284689274000000
#715 defect rgrp johnbywater ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed The group list page shall show the group title *or* group name

Symptom #1: Groups without titles don't get a clickable link, because there is no text. Defaulting to the group name would solve this trouble. Symptom #2: Package groups drop-down list show's 'None' when a group doesn't have a title.

Therefore, we need to centralize presentation of group title, so it defers to group name. And we need tests.

Also please sort groups by title on group list page.

1287583089000000 1297796784000000
#776 enhancement rgrp dread closed duplicate Avoid generating vdm warnings

We get a host of vdm warnings frequently in the CKAN logs. Are these genuine worries or can they be avoided?

2010-10-29 17:10:06,003 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property Package.package_search (PackageSearch) to revisioned object
2010-10-29 17:10:06,015 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property Package.all_revisions_unordered (PackageRevision) to revisioned object
2010-10-29 17:10:06,024 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property PackageTag.all_revisions_unordered (PackageTagRevision) to revisioned object
2010-10-29 17:10:06,081 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property PackageExtra.all_revisions_unordered (PackageExtraRevision) to revisioned object
2010-10-29 17:10:06,105 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property PackageResource.all_revisions_unordered (PackageResourceRevision) to revisioned object
2010-10-29 17:10:06,129 WARNI [vdm] Skipping adding property PackageRelationship.all_revisions_unordered (PackageRelationshipRevision) to revisioned object
1288372797000000 1297066840000000
#797 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Rework core html layout to mirror wordpress twentyten

WP twentyten has an excellent core html structure. Furthermore, using that structure makes us compatible with all the WP twentyten compatible themes.

  • Convert to wp twentyten html
  • Switch css to be based off twentyten css (and perhaps rework somewhat)
1289402873000000 1289402982000000
#806 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Metadata created and last modified timestamps for packages

Packages should provide create and last modified attributes which are included in package dict exposed via api.

These attributes will not be in db but are computed (depend not just on package but related objects -- package tags, package resources, package extras etc)

1289854894000000 1324034356000000
#827 defect rgrp dread closed fixed metadata_created_and_modified error

Intermittent failure on ckan default branch. Looks like brittle test.

FAIL: ckan.tests.models.test_package.TestPackageRevisions.test_02_metadata_created_and_modified
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/buildslave/okfn/full/build/buildandsmoke/pyenv/lib/python2.6/site-packages/nose/case.py", line 186, in runTest
  File "/home/buildslave/okfn/full/build/buildandsmoke/pyenv/src/ckan/ckan/tests/models/test_package.py", line 250, in test_02_metadata_created_and_modified
    assert out == exp, (out, exp)
AssertionError: (datetime.datetime(2010, 11, 25, 4, 37, 52, 949380), datetime.datetime(2010, 11, 25, 4, 37, 52, 94938))


1290678624000000 1290766239000000
#828 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Update cache support in home controller to use cache config in ini file

Currently cache usage in home controller is inconsistent with elsewhere and, in particular, does not respect cache_disabled and is not configurable using path notation (e.g. ckan.controllers.home. ...).

This is especially frustrating in a development environment where is currently running into fact front page is being cached.

Fix this.

1290693154000000 1290696586000000
#829 defect rgrp dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-6 closed wontfix Admin CRUD broken

Browsing to the admin interface /admin (even logged in as a sysadmin) gives an exception.

1290695043000000 1303838115000000
#831 task rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Migrate ckan trac to ckan.org

Move ckan trac to new ckan.org location. Will also need to re-enable user accounts etc.

1290760820000000 1290760864000000
#832 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Convert stats to a plugin

Convert stats section to a ckan plugin.

Stats need not be in core and making it a plugin would make it easier to extend and expand.

1290765915000000 1296334980000000
#852 enhancement rgrp wwaites ckan-v1.5 closed fixed [super] Dataset upload and archiving

3 (4) use cases: (With and without access to auth keys.)

  1. upload form on ckan (by default local system has auth key for storage)
  2. datapkg upload (client) (by default without key) (plumbing done)
  3. background job archiving downloads (by queue client)

Most important are:

  1. Upload form on ckan.net (with access to keys)
  2. API for getting credentials for upload from ckan.net api (without access to keys).

Aside: Once 2 was done we could deprecate storage.ckan.net


Required infrastructure

  • #826 - Resource 'extra' fields
  • #358 - Resources in REST API
  • #235 - Resource format normalization and detection

User upload via Web UI

  • #877 - File upload in WUI
  • #878 - Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources

User upload via CLI/datapkg

  • #853 - plumbing for credential-less rest upload
  • #879 - Storage auth API

Also related:

  • #405 - Retrieval options for package resources

More Info

1291722993000000 1315821628000000
#869 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3-sprint-1 closed fixed Add plugin interface to allow editing and extending of config by extensions

Use case: extensions need to add to template and public search paths if they wish to have templates or extra static files (such as js etc).

Allowing plugins to edit the config dictionary on load would allow this (and more!).

Are there any security considerations here? (Is is bad to allow extensions to make arbitrary changes to the config information?)

1291989395000000 1292235262000000
#877 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed File upload in WUI (extension)

Support uploading files to a storage system from WUI with a simple upload form.


  • Implement as an Extension
  • Locate at /upload
  • Add new system action/permission (FILE_UPLOAD) and restrict by default to logged in users
  • Use OFS + boto -> generate form key (and create the bucket if it doesn't exist? Or do we assume bucket already exists)
  • This wants to be tied in to general package workflow. See parent ticket:852.
1292868146000000 1298624165000000
#878 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-12 closed fixed Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources

Create/edit a package -> add a resource -> Oh, i haven't uploaded yet, 'upload here' -> /upload -> standard upload form

Do we need to create a resource out of the file after upload? Do we sync file metadata with local Resource metadata?

If yes suggests (need to ticket):

  • 'ResourceExtras?' for extra metadata on resources
  • Makes 'Resource' into first class object (and make available in WUI)?


  • #877 (Upload in WUI) - should be part of that extension
1292868269000000 1315820838000000
#889 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3-sprint-2 closed fixed Support extra footer material in config option (e.g. for google analytics)

Add a config option 'template_footer_end' which is inserted in layout_template just before </body>.

This allows sysadmins to add extra items, especially, scripts directly into site without having to do any theming and is especially useful for things like google analytics.

Aside: going forward may want to turn this into a extension.

Cost: 1h

1293713189000000 1293715109000000
#898 defect rgrp dread closed fixed Changes stored indefinitely

Every change to every object is being stored in memory, which could add up to quite a lot of memory.

This fixes it by making sure the objects are in a weakref. https://bitbucket.org/kindly/vdm/changeset/8d5f91db641f

1294659490000000 1294662408000000
#899 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed Optimise check_real_change

There is no need to re-query the database to detect if there has been a changed as sqlalchemy knows this. It saves about 15 secs in the ckan tests. https://bitbucket.org/kindly/vdm/changeset/0050d023ca4e

From David Raznick

1294659583000000 1294916615000000
#901 enhancement rgrp dread closed fixed vdm support for sqla 0.6 and sqlite 1294660144000000 1294662466000000
#902 defect rgrp dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Package buttons not clickable / Improve submenu tabs

On a package page there are three buttons to the right - View, Edit, History. Each of these buttons contain an icon and the text, but you can only activate the button by clicking on the icon. When you click on the part of the button where the text is (about 50% of the button) then nothing happens.

Using: Chrome, Firefox

1294756898000000 1297078885000000
#904 task rgrp Stiivi ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Review CKAN documentation

What's bad at the moment?

  • lack of documentation e.g. config (very poorly documented)
  • too many sources of documentation
  • no common theming


Resulting meta-ticket with things to do: ticket:927

1294832610000000 1299840539000000
#916 enhancement rgrp pudo vdm-0.8 closed duplicate Port new vdm to Mongodb

We should create a port of VDM 0.9 for MongoDB to support user editing in WDMMG.

1295277011000000 1297066902000000
#923 defect rgrp dread closed worksforme Search box doesn't work in leaderboard page
  1. Go to: http://ckan.net/stats/leaderboard#content
  2. In the far top-right of the browser, select the search box in 'water'.
  3. Press enter to search. Nothing happens.

Tried in: chrome, firefox

1295867328000000 1340632144000000
#927 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed [super] Improvements to CKAN documentation

List of improvements to CKAN documentation (result of ticket:904). Should convert most items into sub-tickets as we go along.



  • Contributors / credits page: ticket:928
  • (Data proxy documentation: move it to packages.python.org/dataproxy)
  • (List dataapi extensions on http://ckan.org/wiki/Extensions (Name, summary string + point to pypi page ...))
  • Document license configuration and license system - ticket:973
  • Refactor trac frontpage moving general feature overview to ckan.org
  • Create proper roadmap information on http://trac.ckan.org/
  • Add link to wiki.ckan.net to ckan.org
1295869492000000 1300105638000000
#928 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Documentation - CKAN credits / contributors page
  1. Remove contributors list from about page (out-of-date and does not belong there)
    • A "Powered by CKAN" link in footer is enough
  2. Add contributors / team / credits page to ckan.org
    • May want to separate credits (e.g. software use), from contributors (also is team different from contributors)
    • (perhaps with photos!) so that people can see who is part of it and from which organisations. (this is medium-term, not really part of this ticket)
  3. ? CREDITS.txt file to the source repository and add a link to it on bitbucket for more detailed credits info.

Cost: 1h

1295872661000000 1297115136000000
#929 defect rgrp rene.kapusta ckan-v1.4 closed fixed Handle the case when the licenses service is down better

I'm using v 1.3.1a and get a lot of "WebApp? Error: <type 'exceptions.Exception'>: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>" error messages.

Module ckan.forms.package:87 in build_package_form
<<      # Options/settings
           builder.set_field_option('name', 'validate', package_name_validator)
           builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
           builder.set_field_option('state', 'dropdown', {'options':model.State.all})
           builder.set_field_option('notes', 'textarea', {'size':'60x15'})
>>  builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
Module ckan.model.package:283 in get_license_options
<<      @classmethod
           def get_license_options(self):
               register = self.get_license_register()
               return [(l.title, l.id) for l in register.values()]
>>  register = self.get_license_register()
Module ckan.model.package:278 in get_license_register
<<      def get_license_register(self):
               if not hasattr(self, '_license_register'):
                   self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
               return self._license_register
>>  self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
Module ckan.model.license:46 in __init__
<<              from licenses.service import LicensesService2
                   self.service = LicensesService2(group_url)
                   entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
                   from licenses import Licenses
>>  entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
Module licenses.service:44 in get_licenses
<<          except Exception, inst:
                   msg = "Couldn't connect to licenses service: %s" % inst
                   raise Exception, msg
                   licenses = loads(response_body)
>>  raise Exception, msg
Exception: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>
1295995409000000 1299840884000000
#953 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Add tagline/description to template and set in configuration

Have a tagline / description are under main title and set if from ckan.site_description config variable.

1296809808000000 1296809834000000
#962 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-5 closed fixed Improvements to data preview extension

Basic implementation done (and deployed):


However plenty to improve, e.g.

  • Support more formats (use external systems for preview?)
    • json (!)
    • html (trivial!)
    • sparql
    • ...
  • Do not display preview if no preview

Also suggest reworking to use external services rather than doing preview 'in house' (doing in house places heavy reliance on data proxy service and on converting data to a standard format).

1297072524000000 1301364987000000
#964 enhancement rgrp rgrp datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Create Resource Downloader and make it pluggable

In downloading packages we need to download resources and we need a ResourceDownloader? object for this. these should be pluggable so that we can add support for different types of resources.

1297211004000000 1297211237000000
#973 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Document license configuration and license system.

Document how license system works and specifically how licenses can be configured.

Cost: 2h

1297332948000000 1297678851000000
#975 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Placeholder attribute not displayed in some browsers leading to poor UX

Currently placeholder text like 'Search ...' is not shown in some browsers (e.g. FF and IE).

This leads to poor UX, for example in top bar search where it unclear whether that box is for login or search.

We should fix this by finding a way to display placeholder attribute in all browsers.

1297343755000000 1297344448000000
#992 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Use X-forwarded-for whenever it is available to set remote IP address

At the moment we only use X-forwarded to determine remote user address when remote-addr header is However if a site is behind a cache remote_addr will always be the IP of the cache.

We should fix this by using x-forwarded-for header whenever available and only use remote-addr when it is not available.

Cost: 10m

1298058532000000 1298060474000000
#999 enhancement rgrp dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Factor out ckan.net theme changes to a separate theme repo and apply

Rather than polluting the ckan core code base on ckan.net install with ckan.net specific changes these adaptations should be moved out into a dedicated ckan.net theme.

1298386729000000 1300707328000000
#1001 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-4 closed fixed API should use normal user credentials if available

When using the API 'locally' i.e. from the CKAN instance (as would be the case with an ajax interface) the API, especially that allowing READ requests should use the normal user credentials if they are available prior to looking for an API key.

The key change appears to be to change _get_user_for_apikey method in lib/base.py BaseController? to check the c.user attribute (may wish to rename as the name may now be a bit misleading ...).

This is critical to incorporating any ajax editing into the frontend.

As part of this ticket we should do a general consolidation of the identification system in lib/base.py so that both api_key and normal user auth lead to the same set of auth-related objects being available (suggest c.user and c.userobj and c.author).

1298489705000000 1301310351000000
#1003 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed CKAN Javascript library and demonstration web interface

A plain javascript library for interfacing with CKAN would be very useful (why? see below!). It would also be nice to have a pure html + javascript web interface to CKAN both for its own sake and to act as a demonstrator for the library.


  • Development of bespoke interfaces -- much easier to edit html + javascript than to change ckan core
    • E.g. for specific communities e.g. geodata, science
    • Specialized tasks - multi-package editing
  • Very easy deployment and integration (e.g. can drop in to getthedata or other sites)
1298490086000000 1300100411000000
#1008 defect rgrp pudo ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed eval() of user display name in template head

We're currently setting the user preferences links via a javascript snippet that also evals the name. This should be removed as we're not displaying the user name any longer.

We should also have page fragment caching in Genshi, which is not currently implmented.

cf. http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/Caching/Fragments.html

1298632686000000 1298821826000000
#1010 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-2 closed fixed List CKAN users in WUI

Should have user listing at /user/ rather than user account page.

  • list users, sorted by number of packages contributed/edited
  • Move user home page to /user/{user-id}
  • Paginated
1298649180000000 1298740889000000
#1032 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed fixed [super] Resources in WUI

Add resources into Web User Interface.

  • Locate at: /dataset/{dataset}/resource/{id}
  • CRUD
  • Authorization


  • #945 - Richer resources - Resource Groups, new fields, improved UI
  • #1445 - Resource View page in WUI
  • #1450 - Dataset view pages to match

Moved to superticket #1506:

  • #978 - Edit Resource Extras in Web UI
1299782021000000 1330348463000000
#1070 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Plan a new domain model and layer architecture for CKAN

See http://wiki.ckan.net/Domain_Model especially section on v2.

  • New domain model is planned but not yet finally agreed.
  • Layer architecture is complete and implemented
1301910940000000 1310117129000000
#1074 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Refactor authz web user interface to have common code and templating

Currently repeat the same template and code across Package Authz, Group Authz, and Authz Group authz.

Having now implemented a new, cleaner setup in ckanext-admin we should port this back into core.

  • Common template code (checkbox template)
  • Logic code (or just common code) for wiring into authz system
  • Look for all places thoroughout the system where usernames, authzgroups or groups need to be typed into boxes, and make sure that they auto-complete appropriately.

Will also deliver a significant improvement in the form of ajax user lookup.

1302271586000000 1314303581000000
#1106 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-6 closed fixed Bugs related to routes arising from API refactor + removal of default routes

Various bugs I've been encountering:

Latter issue was masked by existence of 'default' routes:

   map.connect('/{controller}', action='index')

Having these is, I think, bad practice as it is better to be explicit and we should therefore remove asap.

In addition I think we should be cautious about 'default' routes in core such as:

    map.connect('/api/rest/:register', controller='api', action='list',

As it makes it harder for extensions to introduce their own APIs (here one could perhaps add something at /api/rest/{my-object} but only by using before_map rather than after_map).

1303747360000000 1303834069000000
#1119 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-7 closed fixed Fully functional storage extension with file upload

Previous work in #877 and #879 + #853 (storage API). In this ticket:

  • Improve authorization
  • Establish convention for laying out files on disk
  • Add documentation
  • Fix bugs with #879 (does not currently work -- boto may have changed)
1304094382000000 1305037201000000
#1151 enhancement rgrp timmcnamara ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed wontfix Preview for geographic data should be a map

Data viewer / previewer for a resource that has a KML file, or others, such as GeoRSS and GeoJSON, we should provide a map.

  • Support for KML files: #1458

This is non-trivial for external files as we need a way to jsonify. For files stored locally this is more of a recline issue (and will require a bit of work to either guess columns or allow user to specify them).

1306043217000000 1330908188000000
#1163 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Improvements to Storage Extension

Storage is now working but there are

  • Integrate with Resources (e.g. create a resource for each file upload and give option to associate with a package)
    • Should we introduce rule that files *not* associated with a Resource are periodically deleted?
  • Allow setting of a file name/path before upload
  • Allow for file overwriting/deleting etc (how should this work -- do we want to allow this sort of thing)
  • Integrate local file upload stuff in api/auth/*

Different Backend Issues

Local file store is rather different from 'remote' storage in various ways:

  • For remote you don't want to use many buckets as there are bucket limits while for local you want to. Should we there have a single path that users provide which we then partition differently for different backends.
1306408778000000 1310133808000000
#1190 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed [super] CREP 0004 Data API and Data Processing System

For some time (e.g. 1y+!) we have known that we want to integrate some kind of datastore / data processing system with CKAN. We've had a CREP in progress on this for some months (may copy that here at some point):


We can distinguish 3 modules that are needed:

  1. "Webstore": A datastore with dataapi - #1208

Suggestion is this would be sqlite based with a simple sql based API. http://ckan.net/api/data/{user|org}/{datastore_name}?q={some-read-sql-query}

  1. Automated conversion of suitable resources into datastore upon resource creation so that e.g. they are accessible via the API. #1398
  1. A data processing system which utilizes this datastore. One could

get a long way with simple javascript running in the browser for development with this javascript then run offline using something like nodejs. Alternatively one could allow one to specify a url to e.g. a python file which would then be run in a sandbox (with access to some specified set of python modules) - #1432

More info

1308227611000000 1323270522000000
#1195 defect rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Storage extension to handle incorrect routes better

We've seen exceptions caused by people getting the file storage link wrong, adding a slash to the end.

e.g. http://ckan.net/storage/f/file/e696d857-e997-41c8-be08-408697168ca8/

We should aim to handle all requests better than causing exception. 404 (or even 302 in this case) is better than 500.

1308576769000000 1311964374000000
#1202 enhancement rgrp rolf closed invalid Links to datapkg utility don't lead to info about it

In the presentation of data packages, the link in "The information on this page and the downloads / resources are also available using the datapkg command line utility." (http://knowledgeforge.net/ckan/doc/datapkg/install.html) ends up at the home page of ckan.org

Perhaps link it to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/datapkg/overview for now, to save some searching for people who want to find out more?

1309263613000000 1315821804000000
#1208 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Webstore: a datastore with web API
  • SQLite based
  • Use Cyclone for async http server on top with auth
  • Designed to not be specific to CKAN or anything else

Current code is here: https://github.com/okfn/webstore.

API Spec


Two basic ways to query::

    GET: /{owner}/{db-name}/?sql=...
    GET: /{owner}/{db-name}/?table=...&attr=value&attr=value&limit=...


      u'keys': [u'id', u'name'],
      u'data': [
          [1, u'jones'],
          [u'aaa', u'jones']


POST to::


Payload is json data structured as follows::


unique_keys: [list of key attributes] data: {dict of values}


Authentication and Authorization

Authentication: use basic auth header.


  • Default: all read, owner can write
  • Restricted: owner can read and write, everyone can do nothing

Possible future: config file can specify a python method (TODO: method signature)

Integration with Other Systems

TODO: Specify how to delegate authenatication to user database in some other system.

1309804460000000 1312191646000000
#1239 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Remove and re-add tag on package not working

See reports on list at:

Tracked this to issue in dictization/model_save whereby was ignoring case where Package Tag already there but in deleted state. Rather than describe at length see fix.

1311441020000000 1312453156000000
#1247 task rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Put docs on ReadTheDocs

Put docs on ReadTheDocs? instead of eu13.

1311941948000000 1311955185000000
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