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#1402 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed fixed Migrate repository from mercurial to git

Plan to migrate from mercurial git


  • Do trial run
  • Announce conversion date / time
  • Require everyone to have pushed all outstanding changes at that time
  • Do conversion
  • Test
  • Announce on list and ckan.org/
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#1411 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-backlog new Force resource format to be lower case (also mimetype)

Format should be lowercase. Automatically lower case (for extra points have a bit of javascript to force lower case when entering).

  • Even more points: do a update on thedatahub repo to make all format lower case (or script this as an update?)
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#1429 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Provide DOIs for datasets in a CKAN instance

DOI = digital object identifier = http://www.doi.org/

As a Publisher I want a DOI for my dataset so that it can be cited by and linked to by others in a standard and easy way.


  • Probably implement as extension rather than core
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#1432 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new [super] Data processing system for CKAN and Webstore

Super ticket: #1190

A data processing system which utilizes the Webstore. One could get a long way with simple javascript running in the browser for development with this javascript then run offline using something like nodejs. Alternatively one could allow one to specify a url to e.g. a python file which would then be run in a sandbox (with access to some specified set of python modules)

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#1433 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-11-21 closed fixed Support SQLAlchemy 0.7

Why: current stable version of sqlalchemy. geoalchemy stuff required 0.7 and likely that some other things will require it soon.

Probably requires work on vdm https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm

NB: should have discussion before making 0.7 the default required version in CKAN core.

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#1435 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed wontfix Switch to continuous.io for buildbot (?) 1320145831000000 1323283538000000
#1445 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-12-05 closed fixed Resource View page in WUI

Super ticket: #1032

  • Locate at: /dataset/{dataset}/resource/{id}

See: http://wiki.ckan.org/Dataset_View_Page

Implemented in branch feature-1445-resource-view.

Still to do:

  • Add inline data explorer to page
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#1446 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Data Explorer v2

Super ticket: #1602 (Data Previewer v2)

We already have first pass of Data Explorer that was released as part of #1357.

Tickets include (* indicates improvement over current explorer)

Est: 10-15d (should be broken down -- partly is in recline issues)

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#1458 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-future assigned Support previewing kml files in data viewer

Super ticket: #1151 (viewing geo data)

E.g. preview of http://thedatahub.org/dataset/louisvillecrime should bring up a map

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#1459 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Featured Dataset feature

Provide way to mark a dataset as featured. Featured database show up on the front page.

TODO: detail this more.

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#1460 enhancement rgrp assigned Improve extensions documentation

Current extensions documentation needs some work: http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/plugins.html

  • Queue extension section may now be out of date (?)
  • Think about how it integrates with https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-example (especially tutorial and example extension)
  • Document all plugin points (auto-extract from CKAN source??)
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#1472 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-11-21 closed fixed Convert ckanclient to git and github from mercurial 1321624905000000 1321721874000000
#1506 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed [super] UX improvements to dataset edit, create and search + group + user page (Dec 2011)

Historical Parent Tickets

Step Zero

  • COMPLETELY REDESIGN resource edit process

Dataset Edit-Resources

  • Force format field to be lowercase
    • Modify backend to serve it up in that format
  • Subticket #978: Add extra fields to resources in Web UI
  • Fix display of large datasets (http://test.ckan.net/dataset/europeana-lod)
  • When submitting forms with errors, open the correct resource pane.
  • No hint is given that the time format for a resource is in ISO, eg 2005-01-01T10:10:10
  • Resource description field to become the markdown editor we use everywhere else.

Dataset Settings

  • Subticket #1648: Clarify edit terminology
  • Merge Groups and Tags into main Settings section (no point having them on their own and most people will miss this).
  • Fix (i.e. allow / show) name editing on dataset edit.
    • Fix the slugify so it does not overwrite if i change title after fixing name.
    • Make slugify encourage people to use shorter names. Either by cutting off (not so good) or showing a warning and saying something like 'hey you may want to cut this down. Hit edit to customize the dataset name now'
  • Autocomplete the author/maintainer box (requires API extension?) [WONTFIX what? it's not like that field is linked to users of the site or anything]

Dataset View

  • Fix animation glitch in expanding description
  • Can we make the list of files look more like a table? Lose space between files? Lose rounded corners?
  • Verify that there are no more (none) placeholder <td> objects (i believe they've been refactored out)

Dataset Create

  • "Upload or link data files, APIs and other materials related to your dataset."
  • Include the description markdown editor again (keep it small)
  • Licence should maybe be restored
    • "(Don't worry if you don't know what your licence is)"
  • Show the log message field
    • Beautify
  • Pre-populate the log message field?
  • ? Show Home Page field when creating dataset [WONTFIX don't push it]
  • ? Do some Guerilla UX to see whether we need to Redirect to Resources directly after dataset creation? [WONTFIX doesnt make sense with new resource editor awesomeness]

User pages

  • Improvements to user page UX - 1d - #1396
  • Broken links for non-Gravatar use icons - 0.25d - #1719


  • Take before and after screenshots
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#1507 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-backlog assigned Minor fixes to dataset add on Group edit form - 0.5d

Group edit dataset add form needs some work

  • Dataset name is not cleared when you add
  • No way to remove item from list of datasets to be added if I make a mistake
  • (2nd Apr 2012) It now seems that option to add multiple datasets at once has disappeared (perhaps during the CSS/HTML refactor ...)
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#1508 enhancement ross rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed fixed [super] Finalize and deploy some of our major (new) features as of Dec 2011

This ticket is about finalizing, then deploying (to http://thedatahub.org/), and finally announcing some of recent major new features such as:

  • Deploy wordpresser extension for thedatahub (so we can start blogging) - #1533 - WONTFIX
  • (Deploy new Resource and Dataset pages (invite comments))
  • Get thedatahub geo-ified i.e. ckanext-spatial - #1601 (?)
    • Any additional dev that needs to be done? (e.g. geo in search ...?)
  • (Deploy / re-enable ckanext-googleanalytics on thedatahub - #1451 (more stuff #1566))
    • Rename the extension to ckanext-analytics?
  • Custom forms (and use of 'dataset types') - Ticket (??)
  • (Get QA deployed and running - #1582)

It would be best if this was done by someone *unfamiliar* with the extensions so feedback could be provided on quality of install docs etc etc.

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#1512 defect ross rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Modifying user name makes you semi-log-out

If you modify your user name, it looks like you are logged out, but you are actually logged in and therefore can't login. (Reported by Pablo)

As a work around, you need to logout and log back in.


  • We should force this by auto-logging you out (DR: maybe!)
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#1534 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new Change revisions to record userid rather than username

The use of username is problematic because username's can change.

  • Change all revision creation code to use user id (simplest is to change c.author field in lib/base.py (?))
    • (?) Add a field ipaddr for ip address of anonymous users? (or just keep putting this in author field on Revision and then acception that those won't match when we do a look up against user table)
  • Change user view page to look up against user id rather than name
  • Perform migration on existing Revision objects
    • Match should probably be against both openid and username when searching Revisions' author field (especially true on CKAN where some people have already changed their username from being their openid)
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#1576 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed Move stats extension back into core - 0.5d

Est: 0.5d.


  • Why do this?
    • tiny extension with few dependencies - and really nice to have out of the box
    • trial for doing this on larger scale
  • Do we keep as extension (even if in core)?
    • Ans: Yes, keep as extension because:
      • Already set up that way
      • Cleaner
      • Easier to disable / enable
  • How do we integrate with main them (e.g. have stats link)
    • Ans: not sure (this is part of more general issue of how we update theme for varying changes elsewhere). Best answer is to have some widgetization in theme.
  • Hide ratings section (at least until we reinstate ratings #1598)
    • Ans: no, let's not bother (and having ratings there encourages us to do #1598 and/or find out whether people are interested in ratings)
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#1578 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new [super] Re-enable and refactor ratings 1324322443000000 1325473015000000
#1595 defect kindly rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed wontfix Editing of a Group leads to recording a change against all associated datasets

Or at least it appears that way from revision log which displays all Group datasets against the changelog, see http://thedatahub.org/revision/4cdeeb42-3281-4f53-a29d-c694e1fd9217 -- not apparent from that page but see my user page: http://thedatahub.org/user/rufuspollock

This may turn out to be a UX bug rather than a real bug ...

Assigning to kindly for review and comment.

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#1598 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new Reinstate Ratings

Ratings were disabled approximately a year ago because:

  • Unclear purpose and UX. What did ratings tell you? How useful were they?
  • Spamming (esp by bots: you could submit an anonymous rating via a GET request which caused problems)

Both problems are solvable and it would be nice to have this feature reinstated.

  • Purpose: can make this more purposable by limiting to logged in users (or at least distinguishing logged in from non-logged in users)
    • Even better we could allow ratings to be made public (I'm interested in what someone else I respect finds important)
  • Spamming: limit to logged in users and / or use AJAX over an API to submit ...
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#1599 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-09 closed fixed [contrib] Simple embeddable dataset count widget (esp for group count)

Simple embeddable widget for use on 3rd party sites showing dataset counts for a given search query. Have a specific version just for groups.

  • Simple group count widget in JS for embedding in wordpress and elsewhere
    • Requested by several people (e.g Guo Xu from Econ working group). Already have something like this in CKAN JS for doing an embeddable search box.
  • All you need to do is do a dataset query over the API e.g. http://thedatahub.org/api/search/dataset?groups=economics and then embed in some html!

Estimate: 30m (for someone who knows their jquery).

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#1600 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed wontfix [super] User guide with integrated help in the WUI

Provide help to users in the WUI, with this linking to a detailed user guide.

  • User guide (suggest at help.thedatahub.org (or possibly help.ckan.org)
  • Snippets in the WUI with links to full user guide.
    • Provide helper methods for creating these links with config options for setting path to user guide so that the link location can vary on install by install basis
  • General info about publishing/working with/etc data (where we don't duplicate elsewhere)

Est: (?) 5-10d


See http://ckan.okfnpad.org/datahub-help

  • Step-by-step for adding a dataset including tips
  • API (perhaps link to main docs)
  • Command line interface and dpm
  • Using groups

Why do this

We already have wiki.ckan.org and docs.ckan.org. Why do this?

Answer for docs:

  • This is administrative guide and focused on general CKAN software.
  • Hard to provide completely generic help.
  • Integratable with the DataHub? site

Answer for wiki:

  • No spam
  • General feeling that wikis are a little bit loose and untidy. We want this to be smart, clean and useful.
  • Integratable with the DataHub?
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#1601 enhancement amercader rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [super] Well integrated Geo-spatial support including search

Need thoughts from Adria and James. RP thoughts

  • Integration into WUI search: #1469
  • JS Editor for adding/editing spatial attribute: #1818
  • Theme/template hook for adding the map e.g. on dataset page (or elsewhere)
  • Clear Documentation
  • Deployment
  • Announce post
  • (?) Map page for stats section showing location of datasets

Extras (probably separate):

  • csw support ...
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#1602 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.6 closed fixed [super] Data Previewer / Viewer v2

We already have first pass of Data Preview that was done as part of #1357. This is about v2 of this. Two main components:

  • A new version of the separate Data Explorer library (now called Recline Data Explorer) - #1446 Est: 10-15d
    • Why:
      • Cleaner, backbone based solution.
      • Provides editing support if wanted.
      • Collaboration with Max Ogden
  • Integrate this into CKAN (into resource view page) - see #1630 Est: 1d
  • Improvements to Data Viewer / Previewer system in CKAN itself - Est: 2-3d
    • (Update Data Preview-er (View-er) to support images ...)
    • (WONTFIX here - (?) Update Data Preview-er to support geodata - #1151)

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#1603 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed duplicate Search query builder

Super ticket: #1745

Ability to build up search query using a nice javascript-y interface.

  • Add facets by selecting attribute and adding -> search facet options in dropdown -> added to search (with 'x' to remove -- as we currently do).
    • (a bit like the data.hri.fi)
  • Some improvements to css
  • Improvements to faceting
    • Ability to configure faceting and number of items to show (?)
  • Pure JS search implementation to make it easy to reuse across site
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#1605 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [super] Multilingual support in CKAN


  • dataset and resource metadata (and other objects such as groups?)
  • Field values in taxonomy (e.g. country names - Eurovoc)
    • #1665 Research into Eurovoc
    • Display Taxonomy in different languages
  • Field values not in taxonomy (e.g. title & description)
    • Use extra fields e.g. _i18n_title_fr = Le data.
    • (If lots of fields would need translating then would consider having a new package for each language, linked together with PackageRelationships?. But I think it is just title and description (resource description etc. are so minor, not worth translating?), so using extra field better.)
  • EC extension (templates, form)
    • Currently the pot file is just for CKAN core. New pot file for CKAN core and this extension? Or separate ones for extensions?
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#1630 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Integrate Data Explorer v2 into Data Viewer

Super ticket: #1602


  • Include (or git submodule) data explorer into vendor
  • Update existing js integration code
  • Fix css and any bugs

Est: 1d

Actual: 1d

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#1691 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed invalid paster user create command takes password on command line

Needed to support automated deployment more easily.

Est: 15m

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#1692 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed wontfix Add image attribute to Dataset and Group

Add image attribute for Dataset and Group which would be shown in prominent place.

For dataset this could be a relevant image and for Group this would be more of a logo.

I think this has very high value from a UX point of view.


  • Do we need to support uploading and storing the image (or do users store elsewhere)
    • Could use something like transloadit service
    • Use our own storage facility with a reserved directory
  • Do we need to do resizing etc?
    • Maybe. Perhaps can prefer this in reasonably small size and then just size down in css for thumbnails etc.
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#1697 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new A Configurable list of states for a Dataset

Currently have 'active' and 'deleted' suggest also:

  • 'draft'
  • 'hidden'

(Do we need both). Also write out workflows related to these.

1327400630000000 1338204189000000
#1737 enhancement icmurray rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Expose solr-based search API

Super ticket: #1745

Required for some improvements to UX (such as autocomplete and better search).

1328014626000000 1340112732000000
#1744 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed UX improvements to dataset edit as of Dec 2011

Super ticket: #1506

  • Show edit summary form again, at least on edit pages (and prefill it for create to something sensible like: Creating dataset {title} {name}) [Done #1506]
  • Fix drop down for resource types in resource add/edit to limit to fixed set of options (as per http://wiki.ckan.org/Domain_Model/Resource)
  • Allow reordering of resources (or: and this is somewhat more complex but possibly simpler: allow editing of a resource_order field and we use that to sort resources (this is more like wordpress page_order -- these two options could become the same if we just hijack the existing position field on the join table and get rid of ordereredlist extension)) [DONE #1506]
  • Radically simplify set of licenses [DONE #1359]
  • "Unsaved changes" warning briefly when you click "Save" #1735
  • "Unsaved changed" typo on dataset edit page
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#1745 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Dataset search UX improvements as of Jan 2012

Changes to make search both more exploratory and more satisfying to use

  • Search query build - #1603
    • Ability to add new facet fields "live"
    • That is add fields which then contain faceted options (a bit like data.hri.fi)
  • (??) Autocomplete / drop down on search (i.e. search while you type)
    • Dubious about value / cost ratio here

Probably would involve to pure JS and HTML implementation.


Probably require

  • API changes to expose solr style API directly #1737
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#1753 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Last fixes of Webstorer + Deploy on the DataHub 1328527932000000 1330990061000000
#1782 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-future new Improvements to datasets page UX (Feb 2012)
  • Relationships in sidebar [WONTFIX yet without some link to documentation or datastructure, something for me to render?]
  • Icons for *types* of resources in resource list
  • List of 'Owners' (administrators) at top right of sidebar (a la group page)
    • Much prefer owner to administrator ...
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#1797 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed [super] Webstore v2 - Integrated and based on ElasticSearch

Main tasks:

  • Integrated seamlessly into CKAN (authorization etc)
  • Based off ElasticSearch?

Etherpad: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/webstore


  • New API point (config + controller) [0.75d]
    • /api/data/{resource-id}
  • Authorization [0.5d]
  • Documentation [0.25d]
  • Upgrade data viewer to use ES [0.5d]
  • Convert webstorer to new setup - http://github.com/okfn/ckanext-webstorer [1d] - #1753
    • See below
  • "Create DataStore? Resource" in Resource creation (??)
    • Just creates a resource with blank url and datastore enabled (webstore_url non null)
  • Tick box to enable DataStore? in Resource edit form (for time being would just set webstore_url to any non-null/non-empty value)
    • Also need to use this info in DataStore? extension?
  • Create nice instructions on Resource page about using the DataStore?
  • Rename webstore -> datastore
  • Deploy [0.5d]


Layout on ES


index = ckan-{ckan-id}
type-id = resource-id (1)

Request path

Req => Nginx => CKAN App (authz) => req to elasticsearch and returns results

See as an example: https://github.com/okfn/elastic-proxy


  1. How do we decide what to use in the viewer e.g. Webstore data versus DataProxy?
    • Check for existence of webstore_url on Resource (should really be webstore_enabled boolean or similar, however we stick with url for the time being because it exists and we avoid migration). If exists use Webstore o/w don't.
  2. How do we decide when webstore is activated
    • Ans: see previous.
  3. Do we (and how do we) allow for resources which are just for webstores
    • Ans: we have to set webstore_url = True ... on save. Or add a big button saying: "Create Blank Resource" ...
  4. How does webstorer work ...
    • CSV import - NS: make sure we add e.g. rownum or id = rownum ...
    • Separate mini-service (webstorer.thedatahub.org ...)
  5. How do we selectively disable recline where not appropriate (e.g. query support makes no sense for DataProxy?)
    • Ans: do not bother at present. Focus on Webstore route.
  6. Where does geodata support come in (in Recline or separately)
    • This is a separate issue

User Story 1

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource via uploading a CSV file -> Save

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource + Data API to resource and nice Preview of the data


  1. Allow normal upload process
  2. Webstorer queue task which should get triggered by new resource. Check the resource and if it can convert into the associated resource webstore database.
  3. Update the resource in some way (set webstore_url)

User Stories

User Story 2

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource via linking to some remote file (CSV or otherwise) or uploading some data (CSV or otherwise)

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource + nice Preview of the data (wherever possible)

User Story 3

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource which will be webstore database in CKAN -> User saves data to this data store.

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource (Webstore resource) which can now be written to or read from by the user

Solution: just create a resource with blank url (or better, have a new option to create webstore resource ...)

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#1823 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new Spring clean bin directory

Huge number of accumulated (and likely unnecessary) scripts in /bin directory.

1329773331000000 1338203554000000
#1828 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Upgrade to Recline v0.3

Recline v0.3 has introduced some breaking changes in API and usage. Upgrade to use it.

1329943304000000 1330525412000000
#2201 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed duplicate Add citation info to Dataset and Resource page


%title. %author. Retrieved %date. %site_title.

For resource: %title = %dataset_title. %resource_name.

1330765080000000 1330765400000000
#2202 enhancement rgrp ckan-future reopened Display page view count on dataset and resource pages

Just like we display download counts we should display view counts.

1330765455000000 1338204929000000
#2203 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.9 assigned Data Viewer support for PDF
  • Boot viewer for format/mimetype: application/pdf, application/x-pdf, application/acrobat, applications/vnd.pdf, text/pdf, text/x-pdf
  • propose we use pdf.js - https://github.com/mozilla/pdf.js
  • We could also try iframing for browsers with native support but this seems more complex
1330860293000000 1348568961000000
#2204 enhancement ross rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed [super] Related (Stuff) Extension

This is a reworking of the existing apps extension.

Initial proposal at http://wiki.ckan.org/Proposals#Apps_in_CKAN and http://wiki.ckan.org/Proposals#References.2FLinks_in_CKAN


What do we call this extension?

  • related
    • RP best IMO but perhaps too close to separate relationships concept?
  • relatedstuff
  • links
  • references


"Related Stuff": Apps as in an application (website/service/tool) that uses this dataset (as in Apps and Ideas extension)


New table named Related with following structure

|| id (int) || type || title || description (markdown) || image_url || owner_id || url || created (timestamp)
  • type = Idea | App | API | Visualization | Post | Paper | News Article
    • Suggest we make this a ckan.ini config option (comma separated ...?)
      • Do we want the possibility of different templates for different types of Related objects?
  • image: ?? Depends where we store images. Simplest option would be to change to image_url and leave it to users to have already uploaded an image somewhere. If not we need to support image uploading and storage. See #1692 (add image attribute to datasets and groups) for more discussion, once implemented the URL here can be an internal url.
  • owner_id = user_id or creating user (see authorization below)

Related2Dataset (note that related_id, dataset_id tuple should be unique). This allows for m2m connections. If a given related item is only with one dataset this could be simplified. May contain status so dataset owner can turn this on/off.

|| id || dataset_id || related_id || status

status should be used to allow for a dataset owner (for dataset_id) to de-activate the relationship between the dataset and the related.


  • /dataset/{dataset-name}/related/{related-item-id}/{related-item-title-stringified}
    • If a reference item could exist in its own right (and perhaps refer to multiple datasets then it should get its own url at e.g. /related/{id}
  • /dataset/{dataset-name}/related/add => Modal dialog on related tab so we can use API to create them.

/dataset/{id}/related <- list

  • use image_url for small icon etc, title description (shortened?)
  • Click through to full related item (optional)
  • dataset owner is shown show / hide button ... (or on /dataset/{id}/related/{id} )
  • related owner sees an edit button / icon (pops up modal)

/dataset/{id}/related/{id} (optional)

/dataset/{id} will have a Related tab (with bubble with count).

  • Drop down with Add Related -> Pop-up modal and save via API

(Not used: /related/add with dataset prefilled ... )



Addition of related item be considered orthogonal to datasets (and hence with separate authorization i.e. i can add the info that site X uses dataset Y without needing permission to edit dataset Y).

Thus any logged in user could add a Related item. We set the owner of the related item to creating user and going forward only that user or a sysadmin can update or delete.

NB: we could have a system where datasets owners have to approve related items before they show up next to their dataset. This would add substantial complexity so I propose we leave out of phase 1.

Tasks and estimates {7.5d}

[x] Model + Migration for Related table. {0.75d}

[x] Controller for Related (or relevant sections in Package controller). {0.75d}

[x] Routing setup. {0.25d}

[x] Schema for related. {0.5d}

[x] Logic layer actions. {1.0d}

[x] Auth (default + publisher). {0.5d}

[x] Templates + Dataset changes (new tab etc). {1.0d}

[x] JS Application for adding Related objects in a modal. {1.0d}

[x] Testing. {0.75d}

[x] Dataset owner disabling of Related (via M2M table). {0.5d}

  • Updated to allow author of related to delete as well

[x] Documentation. {0.25d}

1330862992000000 1337594723000000
#2223 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Switch to bootstrap from blueprint


  • We already use quite a bit of boostrap
  • We already plan to use bootstrap JS
  • Bootstrap is excellent and pretty light
1331384974000000 1332842692000000
#2224 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed wontfix Simplify javascript and css dependencies and add minified version
  • Get rid of jquery UI
  • Remove modernizr (what do we use it for?)
  • Convert jquery.tmpl to jquery mustache (?)
  • Remove ckanjs moving core parts of it directly into our code.

Compress everything for releases and add minified version to build (with switch to enable use of this?)

1331385623000000 1338205358000000
#2225 enhancement aron.carroll rgrp demo phase 2 closed fixed Run jshint on our javascript and clean up as needed 1331407316000000 1343220502000000
#2226 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed [super] Refactor and improve documentation (v1.7)

Documentation is key to the success of projects!

Move material into main docs from wiki

Create a User Guide

Basic step-by-step on getting started with CKAN (See start on set of slides here e.g. http://blog.thedatahub.org/2012/03/02/tutorial-publish-data-with-the-datahub/)

  • Publishing data
  • Authorization and workflows
    • Publisher Profile (Workflow)

Break into sections

Suggest something like:

# General
* Intro
* Conceptual Overview
* What CKAN helps you do (http://ckan.org/)
* FAQ ? (or point to the wiki)

# For Administrators

* Installation and Setup
  * Configuration options
* Customization - Theming etc
* Authorization and Workflows
* Storage

# For Users (Publishers, Data Wranglers, etc etc)
* Walkthrough of publishing a dataset
* Storage
* API (see Developers section)

# CKAN Developers

* Domain Model
* Extensions
* i18n

CKAN Developers
* Buildbot
1331481965000000 1332475494000000
#2235 enhancement rgrp ckan-future new Group drop down on dataset edit should use chosen and sort groups by name 1331907357000000 1338204726000000
#2236 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Updates to Recline and integrate them
  • (Recline) Better graphing (multiple graph types etc)
  • (Recline) Bootstrapify
  • Integrate
1331910381000000 1332153688000000
#2258 enhancement rgrp ckan-future new Customizable contributor agreement
  • Customize text at bottom of forms
  • Also need to make clear that this does not apply to the data itself (that is covered by the license you choose on your dataset ...)
1332751549000000 1338204747000000
#2267 enhancement aron.carroll rgrp demo phase 5 closed fixed Add generator=ckan tag in head

Add generator=ckan tag in head of templates to identify site as generated by CKAN

1333040018000000 1343229146000000
#2278 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-16 closed fixed DataStore enabled is disabled by default but is needed for DataStorer to run

Major UX gotcha reported by several people is that DataStore? is disabled by default and must be enabled for DataStorer? to run and import data.

Suggest switch to enable datastore by default for file and file.upload types (disable for API). People can always disable if they want.

1333441048000000 1333441177000000
#2279 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.8 new Write tutorial for our DataStore API / Data Explorer

Unfortunately ES is a little bit complex / opaque to newcomers. Need to write a simple tutorial walking through this.

This is documentation / example only (no code!)

1333482263000000 1338205426000000
#2283 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed wontfix [super] Data Previewer / Viewer v3
  • Basic geo map
  • Facets
  • Filtering
  • Pivot table support (?)
  • Export data (?)
  • Save data query and share
  • More and better graphing
  • Embedding! - /resource/../embed

User stories and analysis: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/feature-2283-data-viewer-v3

1334138341000000 1340623843000000
#2291 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.9 new DataStorer incorrectly attempts to store JSON in DataStore

See http://thedatahub.org/dataset/ecb13156-cf11-4e91-b51c-f287d154276e/resource/5db67915-40cb-467e-9d72-194ea4973670

This was marked as json format (and is JSON) but appears to have been imported as a quasi-CSV. Either this hsould not be imported at all or it should be imported as JSON ... (which is straightforward to do).

Assigning to David for triage and review.

1334431147000000 1340636737000000
#2292 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed Group edit form no longer allows for adding of multiple datasets at once

Can only add one dataset at a time now (not sure when this broke but was working ~2-3m ago).

Assigning to seanh for review and estimation. I'd rate this as quite annoying but not absolutely critical (hence assigned priority).

1334431388000000 1335021876000000
#2293 defect ross rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Rename of Group results in disappearance of associated datasets from group page

Rename of group makes all the datasets associated with the group disappear on the group listing page. (But they are still there if you look at edit).

Suspect this is because we are using group name (rather than id!!) in the search index ...

As group rename should be rare I'm marking this as minor though actual effect is major.

Assigning to rossjones for review and cost assessment.

1334432078000000 1340266982000000
#2294 defect kindly rgrp ckan-v1.9 assigned Unauthorized action on Data API gets 302 rather than 401 or similar

Well known issue that 401 *in API* end up with 302 redirect to login page (which makes no sense and is very confusing for clients).

Fix this by ensuring that error messsages on API get passed through correctly.

Minor because affect is annoying but not terminal

1334432104000000 1340624003000000
#2317 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed wontfix Corrections to dataset creation form for v1.7
  • Add home page url
  • Remove group option (seen it confuse several users) - perhaps replace with tags (?)
  • Check form looks ok in portugese (seems to be a problem with css)
1335022061000000 1340033433000000
#2318 enhancement seanh rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed Bug with Portugese translation and Javascript

If you switch to Portugese and try to add a resource on dataset edit it will fail. This is because there is a string translation in js_strings.html that has quotes in it. When this is inserted into the file this causes a js exception which then prevents any further js processing.


CKAN.Strings.youHaveUnsavedChanges = "Você tem alterações não salvas. Certifique-se de ter clicado "Salvar Alterações" abaixo antes de sair desta página.";
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

To fix is simple i imagine: need to escape " correctly in js_strings.html (or translations used).

I have temporarily patched this live in order to allow the hackday here to continue.

1335033889000000 1335774178000000
#2319 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed wontfix Better auto-complete for groups on dataset edit page

Use jquery chosen?

1335211353000000 1340624083000000
#2320 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Introduce new state: archived

Some datasets become obsolete: e.g. http://datahub.io/dataset/uncdb Do not want to delete them but want them marked as archived or deprecated or something.

1335211949000000 1340624119000000
#2321 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Use resource names/titles in URLs

Would make them much nicer but requires:

  • Ensure uniqueness (or deal with ambiguity)
  • (?) Slug/names versus titles
    • Aside: what is currently called name should probably be title
1335236412000000 1340624174000000
#2322 enhancement ross rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 closed fixed Convenience offset on end of resource urls: /raw, /api, /viewer


/raw or /download (latter may be better)


=> redirects to resource url (download)



=> either redirects or directly serves /api/data/{resource-id}

Viewer (Explorer?)

Do data viewer but without anything else showing (full-screen?). this would not be just the data explorer but other cases too (including iframe etc ...)


Resource (pre)-viewer without anything else (perhaps include resource title)

Assigning for kindly for review.

These would take about 20m to implement and would be *very* convenient from my experience of using the data API.

Implementation at enhancement-2322-convenience-urls

1335236581000000 1344086640000000
#2328 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Link to Catalog API for each Dataset, Group and Tag

At the moment no way for a normal user to find JSON versions of this material. Would it be worth adding back a link somewhere on the page?

1335442501000000 1340624331000000
#2329 enhancement rgrp ckan 2.0 assigned Add back in RSS/Atom links on relevant pages

E.g. on dataset page, on revision page, on user page and on search results.

1335442540000000 1346664271000000
#2331 defect kindly rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 reopened Search should AND terms not OR terms

Appears current default search in CKAN ORs terms rather than ANDing them (i.e. adding more terms increasing number of items found rather than reducing it).

Not sure when this crept in or if it has been there for a long time.

1335637485000000 1356474344000000
#2332 enhancement amercader rgrp ckan-v1.7 closed fixed Fixes for v1.7 release

A place to list crucial fixes for v1.7 release:

Related extension:

All not complete now moved to #2347

  • Related Item has comments on index page (they should not show up here -- why is this happening!)
  • Related item should be to left of history (history could in fact move to RHS)
    • What about losing icons since we duplicate for related item
  • Related item plus sign is very poorly aligned within box
    • Add related items should be in drop down like for resources (?) to make it easy to add items
    • Hover should show a title that gives some information about what related are (not at all clear)
  • Related item only includes App, Idea, Visualization but not API | Post | Paper | News Article options as in original ticket #2204

Search results:

  • #2331 - search should add not or
  • Search results should be similar across group pages and normal search results (suggest adopting group page style)
    • Search results resource link should link to resource page rather than url for that resource
    • Suggest we could tidy this a bit (e.g. have resources in mini-sidebar of search result ...?)

Data viewer:

a) Data Viewer checks if datastore is empty nad falls back to ther options if emtpy b) DataStore? enabled is off by default and only turned on either explicitly by user or by DataStorer? on successful store ...

  • (? not really a fix) Give out a link as well as embed instructions (I often want to link to the explorer in a given state)
    • Should this link to the resource page or to a dedicated viewer page - cf # 2322 (resource sub-urls like /download, /api ...)
    • Do #2322 ...
  • Decent powered by icon for the Embed for the DataHub? (make this text customizable and allow html ...)
  • Embed link uses uuid rather than dataset name (this goes to perma-url question ...)
  • Data viewer embed url includes all the resource info

Dataset page:

  • Put home page link somewhere more prominent (e.g. the top of the sidebar)
  • Put author more prominent (at top right)
  • (? - new work) List CKAN owners at top right in sidebar
  • Make resources stand out more
  • Rename resources tab and heading to Data & Resources

Dataset edit and create:

  • Corrections to dataset creation form for v1.7 - #2317
  • Better auto-complete for groups on dataset edit/new page - #2319
    • Remove groups box and replace with tags on the new page (or is this needed for organizations stuff?)
  • Description / notes text area is not wide enough.
    • Should also be larger on edit page
  • Problem with date instructions on add/edit resource: "Dates are in ISO Format — eg. 2012-12-25 or %c2010-05-31T14:30%d."
  • Add/edit resource: new code to auto-check urls being added is great but from UX point of view has draw back that (esp on low speed connections) page just seems to hang for a long time with nothing happening. I wonder if either
    • A) this could happen after resource created on form (e.g. it creates, and then an overlay comes up saying: checking url and gathering url information or similar)
    • Or B) we still do this before creating new resource form on page but we still should show something like a spinner and some info like "checking url and gathering url info ...)

Resource view:

  • Do not show no description in no description (just show dataset info)


  • Fix spacing above page title (i.e. dataset title etc)
  • Bootstrap 2.0.2 (@zephod was *supposed* to have done this) - should be trivial and gives important bugfixes for data viewer
  • Fix subnav width on resources pages (does not extend all the way to the right like it should)
  • Fix spacing of top menu and search box (do not look right)
  • Group pages:


  • Ensure that we out-of-the-box config for CKAN has (#2388):
    • Only logged in users able to create
    • Creation permissions have only creators able to update a dataset

Deployments (without deployment we cannot know these are working):

  • Social extension
  • Analytics
1335644116000000 1340033281000000
#2333 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Introduce new resource type datastore

This is a resource that is *just* in the datastore. At the moment there are hacky ways to do this (create resource with meaningless URL etc) but we should do this properly:

  • New Option: DataStore? Table in add a resource form
  • URL field is disabled (or points at /api/data or something rather pointless)
  • Download button is disabled
    • Better would be to find a way to serialize an ES table or stream it ...
1335651360000000 1340624473000000
#2334 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.9 assigned Improved data import

Placeholder for thinking about this ...

  • Allow users to configure info for CSV import (e.g. separators, quotes etc)
1335651662000000 1340624538000000
#2404 enhancement rgrp ckan-future assigned Auto-screenshot for related items

As a User I want an image generated for my related item automatically so that I do not have to take picture myself and upload it somewhere

Implementation: (?) Use phantomjs or something like http://snapito.com/ Investigate for 1.8, will be needed for TDH Oct.

1337583347000000 1346669526000000
#2405 defect icmurray rgrp ckan-v1.9 assigned Improvements to data viewer embed
  • Decent powered by icon for the Embed for the DataHub?? (make this text customizable and allow html ...)
    • Current icon and text looks really bad
  • Embed link uses uuid rather than dataset name (this goes to perma-url question ...)
  • Data viewer embed url includes all the resource info (not needed -- just url and backend info ...)
  • Embed extension urls do not respect original domain but instead use site_url (I'm guessing). E.g. datahub.io domain ends up with links to embed on thedatahub.org
1337583565000000 1340635981000000
#2495 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed duplicate Stats page has lost styling ...


1339056932000000 1340624905000000
#2529 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new DataHub (or CKAN) widgets

Simple widgets in pure JS. For example:

  • Count of datasets in a group (could generalise to a query but not sure how useful that is ...)
  • Embeddable list of top X (5) datasets for a given query
  • Embeddable list of *my* datasets

Either these live at: {site}/widgets and we have some kind of generator (form where I choose my group, or my query).

Or: we have this attached to areas of site where relevant.

Can combine the 2 so that the latter links to the former. Think first will be easier to do and possibly more useful long-term (e.g. can just link people to that page).

Cf. http://okfnlabs.org/ckanjs/

1339750049000000 1340624917000000
#2530 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-v1.9 new DataHub purge fails on some revisions

See http://datahub.io/ckan-admin/trash and try to purge revisions (*not* datasets). It will fail on some of the revisions with errors like:

Problem purging revision 391db9e8-df57-4e0e-8fe6-d4e0c2318344: (IntegrityError?) update or delete on table "revision" violates foreign key constraint "group_extra_revision_revision_id_fkey" on table "group_extra_revision" DETAIL: Key (id)=(391db9e8-df57-4e0e-8fe6-d4e0c2318344) is still referenced from table "group_extra_revision". 'DELETE FROM revision WHERE revision.id = %(id)s' {'id': u'391db9e8-df57-4e0e-8fe6-d4e0c2318344'}

1339750498000000 1341268280000000
#2531 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new New state option: archived / deprecated

Deleted means things will get purged at some point.

Archived means they stay around but get hidden from search results and a big warning notice gets displayed saying this is archived / deprecated.

@richard cyganiak ...

1339750787000000 1339770649000000
#2535 enhancement rgrp assigned SSL certificate for DataHub + https by default

DataHub? is increasingly used and we should ensure it uses ssl as part of general security.

See also #1446 (Need to support https login for multiple instances as part of the CKAN package install)

1339758027000000 1346662082000000
#2582 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Do not hide notes / readme on dataset pages

Current we hide most of readme and then let users reveal it. Stop doing this and if necessary add a quick link down to resources section. (Maybe also rename resources to Data and Resources ...?)

Aside: believe I have mentioned this somewhere a month + ago but could not find the ticket.

1340312340000000 1340625009000000
#2673 enhancement rgrp new simplify set of options for resources

Far too many resource options. Lets restrict back to data file and API. Visualizations etc can either get linked in description or in the Related items.

1342300559000000 1342300559000000
#2764 enhancement rgrp closed duplicate Simplify filestore

Definitely do:

  • Local file filestore: Remove pairtree (and OFS) and do something very simple


  1. Local file only. Allow for uploaders to GS / S3 in the background
    • Advantages: simpler, if local upload can do progress bars etc etc
    • Disadvantages: strain for web-app (upload a 2GB file what happens)
      • This is probably fixable ...
  2. Stick with how we are

New filestore without pairtree

Each uploaded file is located on disk at:




Need the uuid to avoid collisions.

Metadata: Store no metadata.

1343303928000000 1343320440000000
#2844 enhancement rgrp new SQL-only (no solr) version of CKAN
  • Search needs to run of local DB (again)
  • paster db clean attemps to connect to SOLR (still works as does db first but then excepts which is not nice UX)
1344859168000000 1345454527000000
#2874 enhancement rgrp rgrp assigned Clean up bin directory

Full of obsolete material

1345190508000000 1345190515000000
#2877 enhancement kindly rgrp assigned Bugs with datastore v2

In progress

  1. [major] q does not seem to work reliably. e.g. using the setup from this gist https://gist.github.com/1930806 and doing a ?q=DE yields no results (does not work with "q=de" either)
    • q=second does work ...
  2. [major] q does not work with 2 values (see below)
  3. Query on search with limit 0 results in total of 0 (should either be null or correct total). Queries with other limits yield correct total AFAICT
    • Also weird fact that limit is returned but as as as string - should it not be an integer
  4. Types on fields: could these not be canonical and as per recline (or is it important to allow exact sql types ...)

Multiple query values

Try a query such as: "second UK" and you will get 500 error:


ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) syntax error in tsquery: "second UK" 'select "_id", "id", "date", "x", "y", "z", "country", "title", "lat", "lon", count(*) over() as "_full_count"\n from "4f1299ab-a100-4e5f-ba81-e6d234a2f3bd" where _full_text @@ to_tsquery(%s) limit 100 offset 0' (u'second UK',)


Filter support: should think in more detail about this (may want to follow recline style)

Simple filters in query parameters would be nice too ...

1345250002000000 1346320395000000
#2895 enhancement rgrp new QA pages (e.g. broken resource links) are not paginated

And as a result timeout on e.g. the datahub ...

1346175485000000 1346175485000000
#929 defect rgrp rene.kapusta ckan-v1.4 closed fixed Handle the case when the licenses service is down better

I'm using v 1.3.1a and get a lot of "WebApp? Error: <type 'exceptions.Exception'>: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>" error messages.

Module ckan.forms.package:87 in build_package_form
<<      # Options/settings
           builder.set_field_option('name', 'validate', package_name_validator)
           builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
           builder.set_field_option('state', 'dropdown', {'options':model.State.all})
           builder.set_field_option('notes', 'textarea', {'size':'60x15'})
>>  builder.set_field_option('license_id', 'dropdown', {'options':[('', None)] + model.Package.get_license_options()})
Module ckan.model.package:283 in get_license_options
<<      @classmethod
           def get_license_options(self):
               register = self.get_license_register()
               return [(l.title, l.id) for l in register.values()]
>>  register = self.get_license_register()
Module ckan.model.package:278 in get_license_register
<<      def get_license_register(self):
               if not hasattr(self, '_license_register'):
                   self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
               return self._license_register
>>  self._license_register = LicenseRegister()
Module ckan.model.license:46 in __init__
<<              from licenses.service import LicensesService2
                   self.service = LicensesService2(group_url)
                   entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
                   from licenses import Licenses
>>  entity_list = self.service.get_licenses()
Module licenses.service:44 in get_licenses
<<          except Exception, inst:
                   msg = "Couldn't connect to licenses service: %s" % inst
                   raise Exception, msg
                   licenses = loads(response_body)
>>  raise Exception, msg
Exception: Couldn't connect to licenses service: <urlopen error (104, 'Connection reset by peer')>
1295995409000000 1299840884000000
#990 defect rene.kapusta closed fixed umlauts in title / text

It's not possible to use umlauts (like "CKAN Österreich") in the title / text.

1297801036000000 1311180850000000
#327 defect pudo pudo closed wontfix Create a web hook worker for CKAN

This will be useful as an example consumer of the new queue notifications (#325).

  • A user can register any URL to be notified upon an event.
  • Possible extensions: GET with ID only vs. POST with serialized object
  • E-Mail notifications are also hooks, essentially.

We need to have a UI module that allows for the hook CRUD and some feedback (e.g. non 200 status codes)

1274807361000000 1296467361000000
#395 task pudo ckan-v1.3 closed duplicate Set up profiling to analyze performance issues

At the moment, some pages within CKAN tend to load slowly. We should create a profiling setup in which we can measure response times for complete requests and individual methods calls.

This could be used to identify bottlenecks and find an appropriate caching or tuning strategy to improve CKAN performance.

NB: We should also agree on a maximum request latency.

TODO: Read up on all those QoS tickets to avoid overlapping efforts.

1280824739000000 1294417538000000
#401 task pudo pudo closed fixed Provide base worker as queue consumer

We should create and document a basic queue consumer and task processor for CKAN. It will connect to the CKAN update queue, read messages and dispatch them to a consumer function (such as a downloader or an analysis app)

1281018724000000 1286189243000000
#402 task pudo pudo ckan-v1.3 closed duplicate Archiving worker to back up package resources from a CKAN instance

Write a worker that scans all packages in a ckan instance and uploads the data to storage.ckan.net or another suitable storage system.

  • Naming scheme?
    • Bucket: {ckan-instance-id}-{package-name}? {ckan-instance-id}-{package-id}?
      • What happens if names change
    • File: filename? hash?
  • Store hash back on ckan instance?

The caching worker will consumer update notifications and fetch packages.

Extra points for:

  • Properly checking for source file modification (Last-modified, Etag)
  • Using PIP VCS Backends for retrieval
  • OFS/S3 Storage
1281018912000000 1296467635000000
#403 requirement pudo closed fixed Create web service for OFS storage

Create a thin web service that will allow users to upload files to OFS on S3 without knowing S3 credentials. This could also provide static urls for all stored resources.

1281346110000000 1287392451000000
#404 requirement rgrp pudo datapkg-0.8 closed fixed Make registries pluggable

Allow using different indexes, including ckan, file, dcat, ...

1281346690000000 1297072955000000
#408 requirement pudo pudo ckan-v1.2 closed fixed Integrate CMS via proxying
  • As sysadmin/user of CKAN I want to integrate a CMS to support easy addition of additional content ...
  • I want to integrate with navigation
  • As a minimum I want to be able to add content pages (more stuff would be e.g. comments, sidebars, main menu ...)

Why: CMS are great at creating content and have very good editors and theme support ...

Previous work


  • deliverance: retheming on the fly


  1. Rewrite urls for proxying
  2. You need a theme to substitute into
  3. pylons

Extreme version:

  • 2 sources -> pylons/ckan app, cms
  • 1 theme source: ckan or cms

1 frontend/proxy app which re-themes everything

Owned by CKAN:

  • package/
  • tag/
  • group/
  • api/
  • /

Everything else proxied.

1281348581000000 1281609572000000
#410 requirement pudo pudo ckan-v1.2 closed fixed Latest comments widget on home page

This would be an extension to the disqus plugin that would patch itself into home/index.

1281348733000000 1281619720000000
#411 requirement pudo pudo ckan-v1.2 closed fixed Deploy and test Varnish on eu3
  • Need to figure out cache invalidation for CKAN
  • Evaluate against an internal cache (i.e. memcached)
1281349275000000 1287393033000000
#430 task thejimmyg pudo closed wontfix Upgrade CKAN to Pylons 1.0

Pylons 1.0 has been out for a while and appears to be running stable on a few production sites. It also introduces a few new features, among them the ability to specifiy controllers using the entrypoint mechanism.


This might be a bit ugly since the default behaviour of some pylons objects, such as tmpl_context, app_globals and redirect has changed.

1281962485000000 1298283075000000
#431 task pudo pudo closed wontfix Solr index testing tool

There seem to be a few conditions under which either queue processing or the indexer fail in their current state. To get a more systematic picture of these failures, we should have a small testing tool to compare the index to the database of a live CKAN instance.

1281963532000000 1295260262000000
#501 requirement pudo ckan-v1.2 closed duplicate Read-only maintenance mode

CKAN should have a read-only maintenance mode with a nice little banner on all pages, appropriate REST messages etc. Bonus points if this is triggered via an environment variable and thus can be triggered by the surrounding apache.

1282554617000000 1282724566000000
#517 requirement pudo pudo iati-1 closed fixed Standard domain model for entries

cf. Tariqs mail

Updated version: https://spreadsheets5.google.com/ccc?key=tuOtQjD0Psoqr1pWTS8EXZQ&hl=en#gid=0

Original Version

Publishing Entity:
Publishing Entity Type: (Donor, Recipient, Community Data..)
Activity period:
Verification status: enumeration of statuses (checked, not checked etc)
Resource links: to the actual IATI record
Number of activities: ...
Date record updated:
Date data updated:
License: Need this field even if it may be a standard license

So naively mashing these together, we get something like:

Publisher Type
Verification Status
Contact e-mail
Resource format
Resource URL
Resource ID
Activity period
Number of activities
Date record updated
Date data updated
1282893081000000 1284041561000000
#518 requirement pudo pudo iati-1 closed fixed IATI WUI Editing
  • Create custom form
1282893167000000 1283896718000000
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