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#2502 1339493182000000 aron.carroll Works beautifully. Be great if we could remove the parens around url_for and add an extra one for h.nav_link but I think call it link_for instead. {{{ {% url_for controller='foo', action='bar', ... %} {% link_for controller='foo', action='bar', class='btn', icon='plus'... %} }}}
#2454 1339493727000000 aron.carroll Hmm, I totally agree with you on the missing username front but it would be nice at least to provide the errors in the same way we do the other forms. Currently it just displays a flash message which is unexpected. I'd suggest we add a generic "failed to login, invalid fields" in the error_summary block. Then more specific "this field is required" when a required field is left empty.
#2502 1339494853000000 toby url_for no longer needs () link_for added but not tested - pretty certain it will just work
#2454 1339495000000000 toby @aron, I'm going to leave this open for the moment but not make the requested change as I need to think of the best way forward. The flash message error is quite hard coded into the logic and I need to think of a nice solution.
#2503 1339495333000000 toby @aron, To clarify this a bit. We want this so that a extension can create a new template say dataset/read.html but rather than rewriting the `core` template in ckan it can extend it in the same way as {% extends %}. The main difference is that {% ckan_extends 'template.html' %} would `walk` the ckan template tree rather than the extensions template tree. Is that what we are thinking?
#2440 1339497700000000 aron.carroll Fixed this up, last thing I think we should do is ensure that the datasets passed to the homepage have descriptions.
#2440 1339498655000000 toby dataset descriptions is a data issue but I'll keep this open for now. We can probably do an exclude if needed.
#2503 1339498751000000 aron.carroll Toby yeah, that's exactly it.
#2440 1339499074000000 aron.carroll Sure, but this is more about displaying nice complete examples on the homepage.
#2510 1339516414000000 toby ok I've done this and also unified the tags they are now tag/class {{{ <ul 'tag-list'> <li> <a 'tag'> }}} on home page tag was on <li> not <a> slightly changes the spacing please review
#2511 1339517817000000 aron.carroll Fixed in b24d162
#2512 1339576809000000 toby This seems to be working now
#2503 1339580675000000 toby implemented in commit 14067ff
#2440 1339581622000000 toby I am changing this to assigned not accepted as this makes trac easier to use
#1796 1339586499000000 ross LXML removed, update requirements on the extensions
#2507 1339596399000000 seanh merged
#2347 1339602763000000 shevski Name-wise: what do we think of 'Related Media' - that suggests news articles, apps & visualisations to me I'n not sure about relating 'ideas' to specific datasets. Looking at the way ideas work in DGU & pd.eu - it's more general and portal-wide so should flesh out user stories for this before adding ideas to related extension
#2498 1339660986000000 toby fixed in the demo branch
#2444 1339669652000000 aron.carroll Done. Any issues should be created as new tickets.
#2448 1339669678000000 aron.carroll Done. Any issues should be created as new tickets.
#2449 1339670041000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2456 1339670080000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2441 1339670118000000 aron.carroll Closing this as the page is up. Issues should be reported as new tickets.
#2510 1339670520000000 aron.carroll Looks okay to me
#2442 1339670612000000 aron.carroll Closing, issues should be opened as new tickets
#2450 1339670997000000 aron.carroll Closing this, issues should be created as new tickets
#2523 1339679814000000 aron.carroll Added in 4f6d8b9 Toby, there's no form data being passed to this page yet, could you add that in?
#2527 1339683264000000 toby Do we have a specific usecase for this?
#2528 1339687025000000 aron.carroll Now implemented as of bc440d5. Doesn't seem to be successfully submitting, has something been setup wrong?
#2322 1339749795000000 rgrp When will this go live? Will this be in v1.7.1?
#2322 1339750135000000 ross No, new new features in point releases, we only put bug features in unless there is an extremely pressing need.
#2322 1339750208000000 ross Going to try that last comment again. No, no new features in point releases, we only put bug fixes in unless there is an extremely pressing need.
#2468 1339757934000000 rgrp DONE. (Closed on github)
#2536 1339770953000000 toby minor changes All links now go to the item - before deleted ones didn't. while this makes sense it is inconsistent and adds complexity. Some wrapping spans eg <span class="object">.. have been removed again these add complication and feel wrong given the issues of i18n PS: why messing with my tickets???
#2198 1339771453000000 kindly Already in the docs.
#1197 1340010256000000 toby personally I'm against these for 4 reasons a) The site should be self explanatory and if it is not this is a failure of design b) a cookie would be needed to prevent these happening all the time - cookies are bad as they interfere with caching proxies. c) I find stuff like this patronising/annoying for the user d) They are a maintenance burden for ckan as we do not have a single instance Therefore I'd suggest closing this as a won't fix - I agree this is just a personal view point and therefore am not going to actually close the ticket but just record my opinion.
#1737 1340011001000000 icmurray The GET-able actions ( #2330 ) are in master, and will make it into 1.8
#1737 1340011203000000 rgrp But not v1.7.1? (When is v1.8 due?). Also for the record a couple of things I found when trying to use this: * No support for facet sort order or facet limit afaict ...
#2484 1340013145000000 toby merge requested https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/17
#1737 1340015695000000 icmurray Replying to [comment:22 rgrp]: > But not v1.7.1? (When is v1.8 due?). Not 1.7.1 as it's not a bug fix (https://docs.google.com/document/d/170fxET3kd9dJ4L6VAj3yZugtK0rrVe44J4HuLbTUsEU/) I don't know when 1.8 is due. > > Also for the record a couple of things I found when trying to use this: > > * No support for facet sort order or facet limit afaict ... Thanks, that's good to know. facet.limit should be working [1], so if it's not, then that's a bug. I can check that. for facet.sort, I've added ticket #2543 [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/logic/action/get.py#L1022
#1197 1340018903000000 seanh Hi Toby, yes I think I agree with you, it reminds me of when I install new Android apps on my phone, some of them start off by bothering me with some sort of guided tour or long instructional text, I hate this and always skip through without reading it, expecting to be able to figure out the interface for myself. The one thing that something like this could be useful is, rather than showing someone how to use the site, showing them what the site is capable of so they can assess whether it meets their needs/is something they're interested in. However, we already have a good guided tour of this type on ckan.org/features, those pages are really pretty good. Close this as wontfix?
#1197 1340019675000000 toby Thinking horrible thoughts, there was a rumour of a ckan tour, for something like that this would be useful. Not sure where that plan is at? if there is a ticket for it maybe link to this one and close?
#1197 1340020357000000 seanh AFAIK there isn't a ticket for that, it was something originally requested as part of the demo site, but since the devs think it's a horrible idea I don't think it's going to happen, easiest way to make a CKAN tour would be a series of static pages like the one we already have on ckan.org, I think that combined with a real functioning demo site probably meets the requirement. Anyway, closing this as wontfix
#2379 1340033026000000 ross Implemented in master
#2317 1340033433000000 kindly Getting replace as part of new theme.
#2371 1340038431000000 toby awaiting release and demo theme merge
#2253 1340038490000000 toby closing as nothing has ever happened with this ticket
#2536 1340038712000000 toby https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/25
#2405 1340097846000000 icmurray Bump: Questions for client team above...
#2563 1340106310000000 aron.carroll Done in 73fe36c
#2570 1340107841000000 aron.carroll Closed in a3939a4
#2568 1340108132000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 4d3cd87
#1737 1340112732000000 icmurray Replying to [comment:23 icmurray]: > > > > Also for the record a couple of things I found when trying to use this: > > > > * No support for facet sort order or facet limit afaict ... > > Thanks, that's good to know. > > facet.limit should be working [1], so if it's not, then that's a bug. I can check that. facet.limit is working as I'd expect. eg (on master): {{{ import requests import json from pprint import pprint as pp pp(json.loads(requests.get('http://ian-laptop:5000/api/3/action/package_search?q=data&facet.field=tags&facet.limit=1').content)) }}} Returns a result where only the tag with the highest count is returned in the search_facets result dict. One thing I did spot though was that we aren't able to specify per-field parameters. ie whilst `facet.limit` sets the facet limit for ''all'' facet fields, solr allows that to be overridden on a per-field basis, eg `facet.tags.limit`. This isn't something we support at the moment. I've created a ticket for this, #2573 . Let me know if this something that you'd find useful, otherwise I'll leave it on the backlog for a future iteration.
#2565 1340116053000000 aron.carroll Social links open in a new tab as of bb41d86
#2527 1340116130000000 aron.carroll Closing as this has been superceded by #2553
#2564 1340118952000000 aron.carroll Fixed as of df8f82c
#2566 1340119694000000 aron.carroll Buttons are added in d15cf6f. Toby could you hook these up with appropriate routes.
#2567 1340120404000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2564dfd
#2569 1340123360000000 aron.carroll Templates added in 4e84622 Toby, the implementation in the resource form needs data passing to it. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L35-36
#2575 1340184557000000 toby @adria, Do you have a url or some more info as I can't reproduce this
#2557 1340185609000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 123b914
#2513 1340187230000000 ross Have pushed back to 1.9 but if may be the the converter service will replace it in the meantime.
#1652 1340187535000000 ross Is this still required?
#1684 1340187582000000 ross Left in backlog, but may need re-assessing depending on the data services plan.
#1685 1340188083000000 ross May be subsumed into a service, will keep ticket as a reminder to cleanup
#2323 1340188400000000 ross Can create a new ticket if the requirements change.
#2312 1340188741000000 ross We have a ticket for object ownership (group and package) #2548 which will make it much easier to implement this functionality of showing user owned datasets in a 'virtual group'. Will close this in preference to the other ticket which is needed for other features too.
#2558 1340188906000000 aron.carroll Started this as of 4d3c87a however tags need to be hooked up (apparently they can only be added on update at the moment). Also by moving the groups to the metadata form I now get integrity errors while saving. Toby could you please take a look at this.
#2575 1340188954000000 toby wtf I never added that I did write in an hour ago f****g trac
#1452 1340190587000000 ross I believe this has been addressed by Toby.
#1345 1340190737000000 ross Moved out of milestone so that it gets looked at again soon
#1444 1340190852000000 ross 7 months, no activity, dead bug.
#1328 1340191065000000 ross Let's see if this is still an issue in 1.8
#2556 1340212090000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 2b3b005
#2365 1340266964000000 ross After discussion with DR, it was decided that multisite wasn't something we would approach now, instead going for individual (shared codebase) installs.
#2558 1340271359000000 toby @aron, not quite sure what your problem was. I had an integrity error on part 1 save which is fixed. my issues 1) part 1 tags not saved 2) part 2 resources not saved 3) part 3 no form shown - i thought you had one showing where did it go? will look at 1 & 2 for starters
#2558 1340280814000000 toby 1) tags save but don't show in dataset edit - will push fix soon
#2558 1340284495000000 toby 2) resources save but not sure if being validated etc needs testing but working to an extent @aron, I'm pushing this back to you now reassign as needed
#2298 1340285049000000 toby related to http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2579 move sort functions to helpers
#2484 1340285964000000 toby merged into master
#2581 1340287539000000 toby do before data.pop(key)
#2374 1340287976000000 ross count is returned at the top level of the dict (at the same level as results) Was added by dread on 2012-05-04, must have been in a recent patch.
#2576 1340300413000000 aron.carroll Fixed in fbeda87
#2558 1340301273000000 aron.carroll Metadata is back as of b20538f Groups currently aren't showing because the {{{c.groups_available}} param isn't available. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/new_package_metadata.html#L7
#2582 1340313961000000 rgrp As this has been a serious UX issue for a while and it may take a while to be fixed I've taken the temporary step of fixing this directly on the datahub.
#2558 1340359174000000 toby groups available now is a helper function (templates updated) commit d0506f3
#2569 1340362284000000 toby @aron, which page is this on? can you add a url - cheers
#2558 1340367843000000 toby @aron, metadata now saves pushing back to you - in branch
#2523 1340368036000000 toby there and working
#2581 1340369369000000 toby fixed in commit 0f84d99 in the demo branch david can you just look at this for a sanity check - I'm just concerned that only state benefits from this if good reassign to me and i'll remove the fixme
#2576 1340369674000000 toby @aron the resources sidebox is still broken breadcrumb is fixed though
#2571 1340369783000000 toby this works so closing
#2555 1340373267000000 toby non urgent moving milestone
#2440 1340373461000000 toby i'm closing we can make tickets for specific issues
#2569 1340375156000000 toby i'm assuming this is the add data part 2 add dataset form
#2569 1340375595000000 shevski Ticket itself is for resource pages, e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/afterfibre/resource/f5d81da5-2e55-4302-8ed2-58401d2c139e - there are two other resources in that other dataset, should be able to navigate between
#2587 1340375763000000 shevski If we have a name then yes, should be even without link.
#2569 1340376578000000 toby @ira, that's fixed in the dev branch just not pushed to demo we need the one i've suggested too
#2587 1340376975000000 toby fixed by 99d14bd
#2528 1340380415000000 toby fixed in 109ec86 what else are we wanting with this?
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