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#1533 1327319887000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (see previous comment).
#1533 1338202636000000 ross This has been superceded by #2234
#1536 1323349465000000 dread Fixed on master - cset:39b745f. Aimed for 1.5.2 branch (should be on thedatahub.org in a few days).
#1536 1330020599000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1540 1326060385000000 amercader Fixed in b80da7a4fe
#1543 1324296991000000 johnglover New ticket, moving to current sprint
#1543 1324316682000000 johnglover Fixed: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f3b2bb9827b082ee09c74ede85ded21838fc9e80 Needed to refactor fix for 1501 slightly so that the search controller can still use its own url generator. Added new test for search pagination.
#1543 1324483367000000 dread This is not broken in 1.5 or earlier. Fix is in 1.5.1 release, so not a problem on any release.
#1545 1325260051000000 rgrp closing as wontfix. These are all images and all from assets.okfn.org items and of such as standard/generic nature they are not worth bringing in-house. If this causes problems for local dev then just add an /etc/hosts for assets.okfn.org that is local or /dev/null like.
#1546 1323775424000000 johnglover Fixed: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fbaf4459b7da95c1db0ade165ea09720539c2f80
#1546 1323962689000000 dread It looks like Rufus forgot the second bit of the AND clause: {{{ and_(model.revision_table.c.id==model.package_revision_table.c.revision_id, + model.package_revision_table.c.continuity_id==self.id) ) }}} Unfortunately John's fix breaks the #191 fix. I'm reopening that to fix it there.
#1546 1323970014000000 dread The fix for the break related to 191 is checked in here: [release-v1.5.1c 2c595ae] and cherry picked to [origin/defect-191-modification-date f98a4b2]
#1546 1324034396000000 dread Broken since introduction in CKAN 1.3. Fixed in CKAN 1.5.1.
#1547 1330084379000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.6
#1548 1323888271000000 dread Done in cset:35bfe8e in master.
#1549 1324037471000000 dread I see a need for short links to any package or resource, so people can Twitter about them. As far as providing forwarding to a resource URL, even if that changes, then I'm not sure there is a need for it to be short - we could just use a long link with the resource-id. e.g. thedatahub.org/resource/c1e89abb-13cd-4e18-9078-03d15bf6f256/url-forward.
#1549 1324385952000000 ross Comment from John Erickson (on ckan-discuss): FYI, such ability to maintain an identifier was an original motivation/requirement of the DOI (which is why the Handle System was the obvious choice for implementation). Note that providing the ability to maintain the short URL implies some kind of authority --- either based on the originating user or a ckan administrator. The idea of analytics as a motivator is very good; this is a great feature of bit.ly Another feature to consider might be short URL lookup based on target URL at short URL creation time, to avoid multiple short URL for the same target.
#1549 1325474219000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix. Originally needed in context of storage but agreed this is no longer needed there. For general usage don't see the point as twitter etc already have shortlink systems and we have no urgent need for one. Happy for someone to reopen if they feel strongly the other way.
#1551 1346662048000000 ross Webstore appears to hav been deprecated in favour of datastore.
#1552 1324056240000000 dread Done: [release-v1.5.1c 9850afc]
#1553 1324056939000000 dread This is now ameliorated in thedatahub.org by requiring login to do any edits. But the bug may be an issue for other sites that want more open settings.
#1553 1326288657000000 ross I think this is caused by the javascript xhr call getting redirected (quietly) to the login page, so the original javascript can't complete as it has a login form rather than the auth form it is looking for. Maybe we should change the JS to realise that it is at the login page and do something different than pretend to still be uploading?
#1553 1329755702000000 rgrp @ross: this is indeed the issue (and I explained this to dread but failed to note here). I suggested this was a limited problem as most sites would not allow anonymous editing (which is where this occurs). However, it is a UX bug for that situation.
#1553 1340628027000000 ross Aron, can I assign this to you for when you do the JS based uploading on demo site/new UI?
#1553 1340628453000000 aron.carroll Ross, I think you just did :) I'll make sure the new form takes this into account.
#1553 1343226756000000 aron.carroll Fixed in d41af4c
#1559 1326973608000000 dread Jilly, is this the work to get the Disqus (comments) extension to work with CKAN 1.5.1 (broken due to new templates)? Finland are currently wanting this. Shall I have a crack?
#1559 1332242129000000 rgrp Fixed. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/9965818e20f7532b37eb97a3b76c078263eb0dd1 and https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-disqus/commit/ae6bf09a153831e75f9182a4b30921973ff7d080
#1563 1324314806000000 rgrp This is done and invalid to add this again.
#1568 1325267998000000 rgrp Closing as duplicate of #1129 and #1141
#1570 1324314741000000 rgrp Deleting this ticket as integrated file storage has been available and finished for months.
#1571 1325265148000000 rgrp Rewrote description extending it significantly and linking to etherpad and code.
#1571 1325555270000000 rgrp Done (4d) ago: rename todo(s) -> issue(s) in extension
#1574 1325582298000000 ross Related: #1608 Merge storage into Core #1609 Celery task for ckanext-archiver to write to webstore.
#1574 1325590211000000 ross Added #1611 as relevant to webstore integration
#1574 1325774336000000 rgrp @ross: Is it possible to update the detailed description of this ticket so it reflects current reality (whatever that is ;-) ) (BTW: you can edit the main descript of the ticket by scrolling to the bottom of this ticket edit page)
#1574 1325847164000000 ross Updated description.
#1574 1325847230000000 ross __Some issues to be addressed__ * What about existing content stored on google/s3? * Metadata for OFS should use username/userid? If user changes username we could just change the pairtree metadata json file, it should not be automated or easy for users to change username though. * OFS Metadata should contain the form data from CKAN upload * Remove _owner from OFS metadata (unnecessary) __Some issues to still consider__ * Allow .sqlite upload? * Allow .sql upload?
#1574 1326904965000000 ross Added related ticket #1681 for documentation/announce to be done asap.
#1575 1325866330000000 rgrp Can we also lose the Canada government group. Let's just have have the Canada group plus a tag for gov (e.g. just gov or gov-canada or canada-gov or ...)
#1575 1326808631000000 dread Tags corrected and Canada gov group changed to canada-gov. Script checked in as bin/canada.py [master 731111d]. Spent 2.5 hrs.
#1576 1325183389000000 rgrp Updated wiki page (stats was not on there yet!): http://wiki.ckan.org/Extensions#Stats_-_Statistics_for_CKAN and added deprecation notice on https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-stats
#1576 1325190496000000 rgrp Fixed. Merge cset: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/cb29d62133bb4d060622f2fa752dd281b71a252b
#1576 1327056070000000 rgrp Some questions arising from this. Now on http://ckan.okfnpad.org/extensions * How do I add Stats to a menu ... * ANS (?): Main menu: should make this configurable sooner rather than later (what about footers ...) * How do I have plugins support other plugins ... * E.g. stats incorporate QA info == Extensions in Core == * Do we centralize templates and public directory or not ... * (+) quicker, simpler * (-) have to change things, does it mess up non-core extensions * Tests: need to be run! (Put them into core area ...) == Qu: Going forward how do we handle extensions and plugins == Specifically: * Inclusion of html into *core* html - e.g. showing download counts ... * Concrete examples: * Including widgets into the dashboard * Including widgets in stats section * (not simply inclusion of html into routing system separate from core -- which is relatively trivial) * More entry points? == Other stuff I think we should look at == * config in dashboard
#1577 1325473564000000 rgrp Foreign characters aren't allowed in file names I would image as they will be part of url. worth noting this at some point but don't think this is very high priority and hence deferring out of v1.6.
#1578 1325473015000000 rgrp Removing from v1.6 as not high enough priority atm to justify.
#1579 1338212496000000 ross I think the new datastore solves this.
#1582 1324489033000000 johnglover celery and ckanext-qa both deployed to thedatahub. ckanext-archiver also installed as the link checker is used by ckanext-qa, but the plugin is not activated. QA scan of all datasets (CRON job) currently scheduled once a week (Sunday, 4:30am)
#1582 1326110801000000 johnglover blog post added: http://ckan.org/2012/01/09/qa-on-thedatahub/
#1583 1324484387000000 rgrp I'm not sure star rating is the key thing I want to know and I also think it will be visually very confusing (I associate stars with ratings now with some automatic quality assessment + (IMO) 5 star isn't that useful). I'm much more interested in things like: * Is this down (all the time) * Has this been down recently * When was this last modified (not quality per se ...) This is an area where referring back to the original user stories (if any) around QA is really useful. I guess my feeling would be some of this should be about providing e.g. helper methods so that theme designers can incorporate things into their design with some work putting this into default CKAN theme.
#1583 1327422386000000 zephod Working on this on branch feature-1583-qa. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1583-qa Design work is done, it needs integrating with the live API. That's all in the QA extension. Suggest all my work should be moved into the ckanext-qa extension and plugged into the API available there. Shouldnt have developed this in core after all.
#1583 1327424812000000 markw Added request to fix table of broken resource links, which is itself broken
#1583 1327582611000000 zephod Complete. CKAN: * https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/048f58748b052ecd9efaa0b6940d3c1659990494 CKANEXT-QA: * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/dc040f9fdfe01cf420919b0779d61043b5ec76cb * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/590150dcd947d4a12ff2ec7c396f5dee4cbbaee9 * https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-qa/commit/590150dcd947d4a12ff2ec7c396f5dee4cbbaee9
#1583 1327582702000000 zephod And this: CKAN: * https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/8f3c70c3f3008acf9e3bfcc813f40df07c6ee4c5
#1584 1325475164000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 until determined it is in (super ticket is in).
#1586 1324480384000000 dread Went into CKAN 1.5.1
#1586 1324480406000000 dread Replying to [comment:1 dread]: > Went into CKAN 1.5.1 Sorry, that was an error - ignore.
#1586 1337079419000000 icmurray Duplicate of #2298
#1587 1339433286000000 johnglover Fixed on ckanext-qa branch release-v1.7.1
#1588 1325475117000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (super is in atm).
#1589 1325475095000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (super ticket is in).
#1590 1326711608000000 amercader Added in 658f76e4a0 and deployed to the production site.
#1591 1325704907000000 dread Today I upgraded s057: br cz ie norway
#1591 1325764196000000 dread I've now completed the upgrade for datacatalogs.org. All that remains now is DGU. Reassigning to Ian as I'm away shortly.
#1591 1325866229000000 rgrp Report of time spent / time estimate would be brilliant :-)
#1591 1326117568000000 dread Spent about one day on this from myself.
#1591 1327317321000000 rgrp Done. (DGU waiting on integration)
#1591 1327320209000000 dread All covered off. DGU is 1.5 but security issue fixed previously.
#1591 1328735849000000 nils.toedtmann Some critical CKANs (e.g. PDEU, DataNL, DataGM) seem to be still on pre-1.5 versions. Shouldn't they be upgraded too? Or is that tracked elsewhere?
#1591 1328789470000000 dread This ticket was created in response to the security issue in CKAN 1.5 only - it does not affect other versions. There is a different argument to upgrade older CKANs installed elsewhere, but there tend to be problems with extensions and themes not being compatible, so I think should be considered on a case-by-case basis and how much budget is available.
#1592 1326304321000000 amercader Fixed on 1e649a62fcf
#1593 1333385052000000 icmurray Implemented in branch [https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commits/feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results] Not quite close as I've only included links to the atom feed in the <head>. Will do that this week.
#1594 1325473486000000 rgrp #1583 seems important and quick. #1584 I'm more dubious about esp as I think time estimate may be a bit optimistic :-) (e.g. #1584 includes search of reports ...). At this point in time I'd vote for #1583 plus deployment as good enough for v1.6.
#1594 1328000053000000 rgrp With #1583 done this is lower priority so deferring into next major milestone.
#1594 1338203215000000 johnglover We're not using super tickets any more so closing this, most of the smaller tickets are still open however.
#1595 1325604696000000 kindly This will be fixed when the activity stream will be in place of the revision list. There is no bug with the revisioning, it just is getting everything related to the group.
#1597 1324550545000000 dread This feature is requested by Colin Calnan
#1597 1325202152000000 rgrp Is there not a limit option to the package_search action (if not maybe there should be (with say a maximum of 200 ...)). Also I'm not sure how essential this is to #1521. In general we just want to search (and facet on) datasets and resources not on tags. So IMO: this is a low value item.
#1597 1326821156000000 dread I found that adding facet:limit=200 does what we need.
#1598 1325474818000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 as many more important things to do.
#1599 1325555192000000 rgrp Done. See http://okfnlabs.org/ckanjs/widgets/count/ and live deploy at http://openeconomics.net/ (RHS sidebar).
#1600 1327335778000000 rgrp Booted: https://github.com/okfn/help.thedatahub.org
#1600 1327401279000000 rgrp Update (for reasons to do with CNAMES) repo is now: https://github.com/okfn/datahub-help Pages are now deployed at (no theming yet!): http://help.thedatahub.org/
#1600 1328183223000000 dread Nice tutorial - that is one nice use case for the Data Hub we want to push. And good to be able to have context help in CKAN, with configurable URLs. I'm just wondering why boot another Sphinx, on top of our existing wiki.ckan.org, ckan.org & ReadTheDocs solution? Why has it changed from a couple of months ago when we redesigned the docs with Anna and we all decided that User Docs should live in the wiki.
#1600 1333362031000000 rgrp Closing as wontfix atm since think this will either go to main manual or won't be done here. (Also did quite a lot of work).
#1602 1328175521000000 rgrp Image (pre)viewing done in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/2b08425c3aef424d4192838e418b7ad9ccc6a129.
#1602 1328175553000000 rgrp (Time elapsed: 1h.)
#1602 1328175719000000 rgrp Closing ticket as everything done except geo (pre)viewing and that is a substantial chunk of work that needs planning and is already separately ticketed (and was already marked as (?)).
#1603 1338202654000000 kindly Duplicate as new theme will implement this.
#1605 1327317069000000 dread Need to merge with #1682
#1605 1330038773000000 dread #1682 now merged in
#1608 1325586861000000 ross We should consider some admin dashboard hooks for data such as total file storage usage+count
#1608 1325681756000000 ross The current storage API might need cleaning up and merging into the normal API. Although this may require changes to the current API Controller. Not sure, so adding a note as a reminder.
#1608 1328101443000000 rgrp Want to re-enable direct upload to cloud storage.
#1608 1328175329000000 rgrp Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/4488795a54866a02305268d77a2648fa85538ee8 And working on <http://thedatahub.org/>, test etc. One important note: test using remote storage has been disabled -- see https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3c9ddd31d741eb8ec8c145063ce967e781947a88 Time spent: 0.25d.
#1608 1330036982000000 dread This has gone into CKAN 1.6
#1609 1325586917000000 ross from the pad: What happens when I upload a CSV? * End up with file in permanent storage * IF file is of type ... csv,xls,xlsx,sqlite,.sql * End up with new db in webstore * Where? {username}/{resource-id}/... * If a single table: name it after the file name (appropriately slugified) * A resource *always* corresponds to a 'database' in webstore ... * In Data Explorer have "Sheets" tab ... * Resource url = /dataset/{x}/resource/{y}/link -> cached_url ... * Move uploaded file into permanent storage
#1609 1325774098000000 rgrp Move analysis into main body of ticket.
#1609 1326905350000000 rgrp Any comment on how this related to #1398 - Automated conversion of resource data into webstore. They seem to be exact duplicate -- but obviously #1398 was done and this wasn't.
#1610 1325773944000000 rgrp IMO this is very low priority at the moment (also I guess this ticket which is webstore only should go in http://github.com/okfn/webstore/issues -- though that is something of a moot question)
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