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#1550 Allow simple auth via the API ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 12/16/11
#1571 [super] Issues Extension ckan ckan-backlog enhancement rgrp assigned 12/19/11
#1578 [super] Re-enable and refactor ratings ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/19/11
#1598 Reinstate Ratings ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/29/11
#1604 Get ckanext-moderatededits working with CKAN 1.5+ templates ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 12/31/11
#1606 metadata license config option ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/02/12
#1635 Email notifications (e.g. for activity streams) ckan ckan-backlog enhancement seanh new 01/11/12
#1643 Add fixed tags to thedatahub for better browsing ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/12/12
#1644 Order default dataset page by most downloaded resources on thedatahub ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/12/12
#1652 How we intergrate with Drupal Multiligual? ckan ckan-backlog enhancement kindly assigned 01/16/12
#1679 Default roles problem ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/17/12
#1684 Remove all config from ckanext-archiver ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 01/19/12
#1697 A Configurable list of states for a Dataset ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/24/12
#1717 [super] Search UX improvements ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 01/26/12
#1747 Expire old activities ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/05/12
#1750 Move ckan/lib/activity.py into the model ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/05/12
#1789 Implement a tag_update() logic action function ecportal ckan-backlog enhancement new 02/09/12
#1831 Login with email address ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 02/24/12
#2284 Local queries/views/viz in Related stuff. ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 04/12/12
#2508 Make it possible to run CKAN tests for each language ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 06/11/12
#2513 Dataproxy should not default to utf8 ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 06/13/12
#2531 New state option: archived / deprecated ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 06/15/12
#2554 Research Virtuoso cartridges ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 06/18/12
#2590 Publisher dashboard ckan ckan-backlog enhancement shevski assigned 06/25/12
#2729 searching for tags:[tag] works but tag:[tag] doesn't ckan ckan-backlog enhancement kindly new 07/22/12
#2732 New file upload functionality ckan ckan-backlog enhancement assigned 07/23/12
#2962 Search across multiple ckan instances ckan ckan-backlog enhancement new 10/08/12
#653 Trackback links for packages ckan ckan-backlog requirement new 09/21/10
#818 Rethinking the author and maintainer fields ckan ckan-backlog requirement new 11/17/10
#1273 Create docs for API v3 ckan ckan-backlog requirement new 08/15/11
#2546 ODS Managing homepage content ckan ckan-backlog requirement assigned 06/18/12
#1384 CKAN wiki needs updating to refer to thedatahub.org instead of ckan.net and datasets instead of packages ckan ckan-backlog task rgrp new 10/12/11
#2960 Private datasets are not private ckan ckan-backlog task new 10/08/12
#2524 If there are no translation files for selected language fall back to default lang. ckan ckan-ecportal enhancement kindly new 06/13/12
#1096 [super] CKAN Hosted ckan ckan-future defect rufuspollock new 04/19/11
#1457 Bug with DataNL instance ckan ckan-future defect new 11/10/11
#1165 Add multi-site support to ckan ckan ckan-future enhancement new 05/26/11
#1458 Support previewing kml files in data viewer ckan ckan-future enhancement rgrp assigned 11/10/11
#1557 Complete Webstore Preview Extension ckan ckan-future enhancement David Rasnik new 12/19/11
#1558 Publisher Tools ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1560 Follow extension ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1561 To do extension ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1562 Finish Geo Spatial ckan ckan-future enhancement Adria new 12/19/11
#1564 Structured Data (Data API) ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1565 Admin dashboard finished? ckan ckan-future enhancement Rufus Pollock new 12/19/11
#1567 Finish QA extension ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1569 Wordpressser ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1572 Meta data Harvester ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1573 Apps and Ideas ckan ckan-future enhancement David Raznik new 12/19/11
#1596 Refactor authz roles ckan ckan-future enhancement new 12/22/11
#1667 Add an extension point for rendering activity streams ckan ckan-future enhancement seanh new 01/17/12
#1740 Get rid of `from module import ...` ckan ckan-future enhancement new 02/01/12
#1748 Make activity streams conform to http://activitystrea.ms/ standard ckan ckan-future enhancement seanh new 02/05/12
#1749 Allow creating activity details through API ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 02/05/12
#1778 Replace classmethod's with module-level functions ckan ckan-future enhancement seanh assigned 02/06/12
#1782 Improvements to datasets page UX (Feb 2012) ckan ckan-future enhancement zephod new 02/07/12
#1787 [super] Improve RESTful API ckan ckan-future enhancement new 02/08/12
#1790 Click to delete tags, rather than have all existing tags in the tag text box ckan ckan-future enhancement new 02/10/12
#1824 Add vocabulary pages ckan ckan-future enhancement new 02/21/12
#2200 Add vocabulary_id option to tag_show() logic action function ckan ckan-future enhancement seanh new 02/29/12
#2202 Display page view count on dataset and resource pages ckan ckan-future enhancement reopened 03/03/12
#2234 Write a CKAN extension for pulling items from RSS/Atom feeds into CKAN templates ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 03/16/12
#2235 Group drop down on dataset edit should use chosen and sort groups by name ckan ckan-future enhancement new 03/16/12
#2244 clean up auth ckan ckan-future enhancement toby new 03/19/12
#2258 Customizable contributor agreement ckan ckan-future enhancement new 03/26/12
#2265 'More Like This' for a dataset ckan ckan-future enhancement new 03/27/12
#2282 log api calls for users ckan ckan-future enhancement toby new 04/10/12
#2287 Consistent datetime and time period strings localization ckan ckan-future enhancement new 04/12/12
#2378 Extract metadata directly from resources that contain it. ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 05/10/12
#2404 Auto-screenshot for related items ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 05/21/12
#2411 .ini file is a mess ckan ckan-future enhancement toby new 05/22/12
#2552 Controlling access to features ckan ckan-future enhancement assigned 06/18/12
#2573 package_search does not allow solr's per-field facet parameters ckan ckan-future enhancement new 06/19/12
#2810 heroku ckan support ckan ckan-future enhancement new 08/07/12
#1800 Tidy up *_list() and *_search() functions in ckan/logic/action/get.py ckan ckan-future refactor new 02/16/12
#1815 Reenable Sparql endpoint on publicdata.eu pdeu ckan-future task amercader new 02/20/12
#2382 Investigate options for basic geocoding ckan ckan-future task amercader new 05/14/12
#2762 test_related.py crashes ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 07/26/12
#2919 Remove IController from docs ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 09/12/12
#2936 Updating a group via the API clears its packages ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 09/19/12
#2958 Uploading files with unicode characters in filename fails in CKAN 1.7 and 1.8 ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 10/04/12
#2965 Stats extension broken on 1.8 ckan ckan-v1.8 defect new 10/15/12
#2499 Documentation for the internal analytics ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement toby new 06/07/12
#2761 Document all the errors you can get when setting up filestore, and how to fix them ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement new 07/26/12
#2771 Documentation and examples for IDatasetForm and IGroupForm ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement seanh new 07/27/12
#3003 New pg databases should be created with UTF8 encoding rather than system default ckan ckan-v1.8 enhancement new 10/19/12
#2763 Multilingual tests failing ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 07/26/12
#2815 db_to_form_package_schema() strips tracking summary, isopen ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect seanh new 08/08/12
#2846 Organizations allows you to set an organization as the parent organization of itself ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/13/12
#2881 Remove or improve 'Domain Model' docs page ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/21/12
#2882 Remove User Stories Overview from docs? ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/21/12
#2884 Lock icon shown next to unknown licenses ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/21/12
#2891 Update or remove DataStore google presentation ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/28/12
#2892 IDatasetForm's form_to_db_schema() breaks API? ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/28/12
#2893 Tags missing from form_to_db_package_schema() ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/28/12
#2894 Empty lists get stripped from package dicst in package_show() ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/28/12
#2896 resource_create crashes on ValidationErrors with KeyError: 'resources' ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/29/12
#2897 db_to_form_package_schema() crashes historical dataset page ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/30/12
#2900 snippets/package_list.html template crashes on dataset that has no 'notes' ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 08/30/12
#2912 ckanext/organizations: Neither public or private initially selected when adding dataset ckan ckan-v1.8.1 defect new 09/10/12
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