15:23 Ticket #1178 (Local storage issue with ckanext-storage) created by fccoelho
I have followed the instruction for installation a configuration of …
13:04 Ticket #1177 (routes.util.GenerationException) closed by rgrp
fixed: The issue here is that the line should never be reached because …
11:09 Ticket #1177 (routes.util.GenerationException) created by fccoelho
Hello, I have done a recent update to mu ckan install, and I am now …
11:07 Ticket #1121 (JSON extras appear in package edit form mangled) closed by dread
wontfix: We don't need to support JSON extras at the moment.
09:31 Ticket #1132 (test_authz doesn't run) closed by dread
invalid: Yes, these are apparently search-related and so are skipped when testing …
09:12 Ticket #1176 (unicode_body exception) created by dread
We seem to occasionally get this exception on ckan.net. User agents …
09:00 Ticket #1175 (Stats extension not working) created by [email protected]
Hi, I get a 500, Internal server error when I enable ckanext-stats. Flavio


21:43 Ticket #1174 (API Representation Registry) created by pudo
As CKAN grows, more and more optional representations of packages will …
14:24 Ticket #1143 (Improve stats page) closed by dread
fixed: All done in ckanext-stats cset:bc54790cacd4 (apart from "fix x axis to …


15:16 Ticket #1153 (Update CKAN wiki front page) closed by lucychambers
15:15 Ticket #1139 (Create CKAN Theme Gallery) closed by lucychambers
14:47 Ticket #1173 (Offer a DCat representation for packages in the API) created by amercader
/api/rest/package/foo.rdf should return a DCat representation of the …
11:00 Ticket #1172 (Remove all try: except: blocks that don't re-raise the original exception) created by thejimmyg
The current codebase has one or two try: except; blocks that don't catch …
09:33 Ticket #1171 (Citation instructions on dataset and resource view pages) created by dread
Some sort of citation helper. Something small on the dataset and resource …


17:53 Ticket #1170 (Production deployment docs out of date) closed by dread
fixed: Done in cset:4d2d0857281f on default
17:49 Ticket #1170 (Production deployment docs out of date) created by dread
Need to cover pip-requirements.txt on different branches in the …
15:18 Ticket #1156 (Scraping harvesters for Paris and Vienna Catalogues) closed by pudo
fixed: Both are now implemented but may need further work to adhere to developing …


18:04 Ticket #935 ("groups" field bug in IATI) closed by pudo
17:02 Ticket #913 (Handle licenses in dcat-tools) closed by pudo
wontfix: moving to CKAN, still need a resolver
17:01 Ticket #912 (Rethink result row representation in dcat-tools/rdfsolr) closed by pudo
wontfix: moving to ckan
16:59 Ticket #944 (Upgrade IATI to CKAN 'default') closed by pudo
fixed: done at iati.ckan.net
16:32 Ticket #1155 (Harvester for data.london.gov.uk) closed by pudo
fixed: Now implemented based on CSV export available on the catalogue page: * …
11:27 Ticket #1169 (Link to csv/json dumps on ckan.net) closed by dread
fixed: Done on default. Will appear on ckan.net next time it is branched and …
10:02 Ticket #1169 (Link to csv/json dumps on ckan.net) created by dread
09:28 Ticket #1122 (JSON Extra data not searchable) closed by dread
09:28 Ticket #1122 (JSON Extra data not searchable) reopened by dread
Changing this to "won't fix" just to be clear


09:41 Ticket #1122 (JSON Extra data not searchable) closed by pudo
fixed: I don't think there's really a nice way to do this with the current solr …


20:33 Ticket #1168 (Test system for deb packaging) created by dread
Get buildbot to: * build the deb packages * install them into a fresh …
15:16 Ticket #1167 (Create a standard CKAN system image for Amazon EC2 (AMI)) created by nils.toedtmann
We should create a public AMI with CKAN pre-installed and configured such …
15:10 Ticket #1166 (Less stringent filters for displaying the WMS preview) created by amercader
Right now, for the "View available WMS layers" link to be displayed, the …
12:41 Ticket #1165 (Add multi-site support to ckan) created by nils.toedtmann
Currently, each ckan site needs its own ckan wsgi process. That eats a lot …
11:20 Ticket #1164 (Cloropleth Map of European Data Availability for PDEU) created by amercader
A nice map in the homepage showing the availability of data across Europe
11:19 Ticket #1163 (Improvements to Storage Extension) created by rgrp
Storage is now working but there are * Integrate with Resources (e.g. …
11:18 Ticket #1162 (Define a common extra for storing the geographic extent) created by amercader
We need a common extra across the different harvested sources that defines …
11:08 Ticket #985 (Harvest other data catalogues) closed by amercader
duplicate: Duplicate of #1155 and #1156
11:07 Ticket #1161 (Build a simplified theme for PDEU) closed by amercader
duplicate: Duplicate of #1157
11:03 Ticket #1161 (Build a simplified theme for PDEU) created by amercader
We need to offer a strongly simplified version, read-only of CKAN under …
10:54 Ticket #1160 (Havest CSW servers on PDEU) created by amercader
It could be interesting for the publicdata.eu project to add some CSW …


15:38 Ticket #1159 (Add RDFa to CKAN package pages) created by pudo
RDFa can be used as a simple way to expose linked data or at least sameAs …
15:36 Ticket #1158 (Put PDEU into read-only mode and remove unneeded functions) created by pudo
PDEU should be in a mode where: * Users cannot edit or create packages …
15:32 Ticket #1157 (A simple theme for publicdata.eu, CKAN) created by pudo
Change the visual style of CKAN to be more like these sites: * GitHub?
15:30 Ticket #1156 (Scraping harvesters for Paris and Vienna Catalogues) created by pudo
Import metadata from both sources into PDEU via the Harvesting framework …
15:28 Ticket #1155 (Harvester for data.london.gov.uk) created by pudo
Write a harvester for data.london.gov.uk to import catalogue metadata into …


16:27 Ticket #1154 (Make ckan robust against solr failure) created by nils.toedtmann
According to pudo, a ckan with activated solr extension throws a 5xx when …


12:53 Ticket #1153 (Update CKAN wiki front page) created by lucychambers
Update CKAN wiki front page - a la OpenSpending?: …
09:02 Ticket #1152 (True support for generic CSW servers) created by amercader
The CSW harvesters implemented at the moment were developed with the DGU …


05:46 Ticket #1151 (Preview for geographic data should be a map) created by timmcnamara
Data viewer / previewer for a resource that has a KML file, or others, …


23:18 Ticket #1150 (Non-ASCII chars prevent data preview) created by timmcnamara
Characters outside of ASCII range are not supported within data previews. …
09:54 Ticket #1149 (Change domain object modification plugin to use Session extension.) closed by kindly
fixed: cset:b1634d405066
09:25 Ticket #1148 (test speed improvements and cleanup) closed by kindly
fixed: complete cset:96a43c9d8bd7
09:24 Ticket #1149 (Change domain object modification plugin to use Session extension.) created by kindly
This should make it more efficient as it currently does a lot of repeating …
09:13 Ticket #1148 (test speed improvements and cleanup) created by kindly
The tests have been running slower recently and need fixing. They also …


08:43 Ticket #1111 (FAQ - For CKAN) closed by lucychambers


21:17 Ticket #1147 (Add expired_id to all revision tables.) created by kindly
Revision tables need expired_id to make querying history AND pending …
18:18 Ticket #1146 (make logic layer control its own state) created by kindly
Logic layer should not use any vdm defined state and should manage it …
18:16 Ticket #1078 (Refactors WUI controllers and forms to use logic layer) closed by kindly
15:00 ReleaseProcess edited by dread
00:26 Ticket #1145 (Support the Handle System) created by timmcnamara
The Handle System is an initiative to provide persistent references for …
00:06 Ticket #1144 (Support DSPL) created by timmcnamara
DSPL, the Dataset Publishing Language, is being promoted by Google for its …


16:07 Ticket #1143 (Improve stats page) created by dread
* Ensure we don't include deleted packages in the stats * Some visual …
14:04 Ticket #1142 ([super] Major Overhaul and Extension of CKAN Documentation) created by rgrp
Child tickets: * #1041 Start Using the CKAN Wiki for Tutorial-style …
12:16 Ticket #1141 ([super] Moderated Edits User Interface) created by johnglover
Proposer: John Glover Seconder: James Gardner == …
11:31 Ticket #1140 (Adding the package to the group is not search indexed) created by dread
To reproduce: 1. paster db init 2. paster create-test-data


15:34 Ticket #842 (Todo list CKAN extension) closed by johnglover
15:24 Ticket #1139 (Create CKAN Theme Gallery) created by lucychambers
Take screenshots of existing ckan instances esp those mentioned …
09:00 Ticket #1127 (CREP0001: Formalise new feature discussion and definition using CREPs) closed by sebbacon


18:33 Ticket #1092 (refactor logic layer to seperate out api, form logic) closed by kindly
fixed: completed cset: ca1ac4112ea2
09:24 Ticket #1131 (Search param validation exception not caught) closed by dread
fixed: Fixed on branch release-v1.3.5 cset:3461ed6bab0c
09:23 Ticket #1083 (userobjectroles added twice can't be deleted) closed by johnlawrenceaspden


09:44 Ticket #1138 (minor navigations behave inconsistently) created by johnlawrenceaspden
For Authorization Groups, if you have admin privileges you see view, edit …


14:47 Ticket #1137 (Remove need for statefulness in vdm) created by rgrp
Statefulness, especially statefulness for relation (esp m2m) is cause of …
14:34 Ticket #1136 (Move to SessionExtension in vdm) created by rgrp
When vdm was created there was no SessionExtension so we use …
14:19 Ticket #1135 (Changeset model for vdm) created by rgrp
Move to Changeset model for vdm. A changeset model is like an Audit-Log …


14:38 Ticket #1109 (When extras has a value other than a string an integrity error occurs in ...) closed by kindly
fixed: I am happy this is fixed in cset:445fc04333dd.
10:14 Ticket #1134 (CREP0003: Description and Configuration of Harvesters) created by amercader
Proposer: Adrià Mercader == Abstract == The new harvester …


19:15 Ticket #1133 (command line rights manipulation doesn't work) created by johnlawrenceaspden
It appears that the command $ paster rights add russianfan admin …


18:48 Ticket #1132 (test_authz doesn't run) created by johnlawrenceaspden
Trying to run the tests in test_authz.py with $ nosetests --ckan …
17:53 Ticket #736 (URL validation for CSW and WMS links) closed by amercader
fixed: See https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckanext-harvest/changeset/a7b6d8c0dde7
17:04 WikiStart edited by dread
11:53 Ticket #1131 (Search param validation exception not caught) created by dread
Example request: […] Gives 500 error: […]
10:59 Ticket #1130 (First time users) created by lucychambers
Send users to FAQ first time on CKAN
10:40 Ticket #1037 (More Robust Harvesting for DGU) closed by thejimmyg
fixed: Closing this now, any outstanding small issues will be logged in new …
10:20 Ticket #728 (CSW Harvesting shall be optimised in respect of reharvesting only records ...) reopened by thejimmyg
10:20 Ticket #767 (Harvest metadata records from ArcGIS CSW API) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: We are now live and have used a variety of servers in testing.
10:17 Ticket #784 (End to end testing for UKLP) closed by thejimmyg
wontfix: The UKLP test manager is looking at a new test proposal, we have had …
09:50 Ticket #728 (CSW Harvesting shall be optimised in respect of reharvesting only records ...) closed by wwaites
wontfix: filters not properly supported by e.g. geonetwork. so we defer.
09:48 Ticket #1084 (ckan.net RDF links changed) closed by wwaites


23:00 Milestone ckan-v1.4 completed
Main changes for v1.4 * Richer resources - Resource Groups, new fields, …
23:00 Milestone ckan-v1.4-sprint-7 completed
10:44 Ticket #1129 (CREP0002: Moderated Edits) created by kindly
Proposer: David Raznick == Abstract. == We are trying to …
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