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#1701 enhancement amercader kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Normalize character encoding for ckan search.

Make sure accented characters are normalized when indexed and when searched for.

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#1703 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Make custom fields for ecportal form based on prototype metamodel

The prototype portal gave us a list of classifiers that are expected for the initial launch. Add then to ckanext-ecportal.

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#1704 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Import test datasets from prototype into ckan.

Eurostat datasets mainly.

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#1705 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Implement Vocabularies domain model and API

Add Vocabulary domain class, add logic functions for creating, updating, listing, getting, deleting vocabularies, add tests.

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#1708 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed SOLR configuration lost

The SOLR url, user and password defined in the CKAN config file are ignored and the default SOLR url is used.

This causes:

  • "0 datasets" displayed on the home page
  • Dataset searches result in 0 results and a small message "There was an error while searching". (Nothing about it in the logs)

To reproduce

This bug is only visible if your SOLR instance is not at the default place. To quickly reproduce this problem, setup your machine as a SOLR multicore instance and run: "paster db clean && paster create-test-data && paster serve development.ini". It quits with the error: "solr.core.SolrException?: HTTP code=400, reason=Missing solr core name in path"

Code affected

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#1709 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-01-23 closed fixed Simple_search fails with all packages

The home page always shows the total number of packages as 0, because the query is '*:*' and SQL search doesn't know how to handle it.

Also, simple_search configuration is not documented.

Also, no tests for sql search.

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#1710 enhancement dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed 'Announce' email list for thedatahub

We want to make email announcements to users of thedatahub.org.

The most simple way to do this is to get a dump of the email addresses and subscribe/invite them to a mailman list.

Different ways to do it:

  • 'paster dump-users-csv' creates a CSV file. Apache serves up the directory using password protection. Is this secure enough?
  • CKAN admin pages provides a button to produce the CSV and download it. A config option may be necessary to enable this (disabled by default).

Something more advanced in the future could be:

  • CKAN tells mailman about new subscribers using the mailman web interface. Could be brittle.
  • Mailman doesn't have an Internet API, but it does have a python interface. So CKAN could tell mailman about new subscribers using a python proxy. There may be one out there, or maybe easy to do. But annoying to have to maintain another process running on machine.
  • CKAN sends out the emails itself. A sysadmin is given a form. Users have an opt in/out option in their account. But receiving emails is a sensitive thing so it would need to be right first time, and there are several risks to this approach.
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#1711 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Resource validation page
  • On the resources tab, there's a "Check Resources" button which, when clicked makes an ajax request with the list of URLs entered by the user.

  • The server checka each link for errors and header information about the linked resource. (Using ckanext/archiver/tasks.py:link_checker()).

  • The server returns a list of dicts (json), containing information about the linked resource, and the client uses that to:
  • populate the format field of each resource

The (guessed) 'file_extension' populates the 'format' field. If it's 'htm' or 'html', then we assume it's a listing page, and so don't populate the format field with 'htm' or 'html'.

  • provide feedback if a URL appears to be invalid

If the URL doesn't appear to be a URL at all, or returns a HTTP error, or times-out, then URL field is highlighted in red to indicate it's a bad URL. A tooltip shows the error message to the user.

  • [Optional] provide feedback if a URL appears to point to "Additional Information" - ie the Resource should be entered under "Additional Resources", rather than "Timeseries" or "Individual" datasets.

Analysis and further description on etherpad: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/dgu-package-form? [Section I]

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#1712 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed DGU /data page

CKAN provides the /data page page of data.gov.uk

Breakdown of tasks:

  • [x] Analysis / refinement of spec.
  • [x] Log-in / register as publisher

(Waiting on publisher form)

  • [x] Population of "browse by publisher"

list groups ordered by most datasets (Waiting on publisher integration)

  • [ ] Browse by nation
  • [ ] Featured datasets

Now a possible integration point with drupal

  • [X] Tag cloud
  • [X] Developers section
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#1713 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed DGU dataset search page

Search results page of DGU.


[X] ensure faceting by group (publisher) works [X] allow faceting by UKLP dataset type [X] allow faceting by INSPIRE

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#1714 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed DGU dataset view page

Dataset read page for DGU


  • [X] Fix missing title
  • [X] Links to the social media stuff
    • "Share your app"
    • "Share your idea"
    • "Request new data"
  • [ ] Presentation of additional information should be broken into sections

Content is there. Don't do anything until theming/design work is undertaken.

  • [ ] "More like this": links to similar datasets.


  • [N] Stars (I think these are being removed)
  • [ ] Comments

Possible integration point with Drupal. Needs it own ticket.

  • [X] Give feedback to department
  • [X] Tidy up the QA stars
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#1715 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Search index multilingual

Need to make solr schema work for many languages. Get stopwords and choose correct analysis for each.

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#1716 enhancement zephod shevski ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed move or change save warning on edit dataset page [a:0.1d]

To allow navigation between sections to still work, also potentially rephrase to avoid confusion that you have to save every time to add a tag or resource and can't say add description, tag and resource in one go

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#1718 defect aron.carroll dread closed fixed Deprecated JS properties used

I get this warning when viewing the home page:

event.layerX and event.layerY are broken and deprecated in WebKit. They will be removed from the engine in the near future.

CKAN: latest master Browser: Chrome Ubuntu

Minor, but worth checking?

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#1719 defect rgrp dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Broken links for non-Gravatar use icons - 0.25d

Super ticket: #1506

e.g. http://thedatahub.org/user The users with Gravatar have their nice user icons, but the majority of users (without Gravatars) have 'broken link' symbols. Same problem wherever users are shown, such as the dataset history pages.

Broken on 1.5.2b - currently on thedatahub.org.

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#1720 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Add converter functions to convert tags (with a given taxonomy) to/from tags field

Part of #1698

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#1721 enhancement johnglover seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Tag taxonomies table migration 1327944237000000 1329133348000000
#1722 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Update the package model for vocabularies

See the etherpad for notes: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/22

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#1724 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Update logic action functions for vocabularies

ckan/logic/action/get.py:tag_list() Currently (I think) just returns all tags in the CKAN instance that the user has access to. Needs an optional argument to get only tags from a particular vocabulary? When called with no argument, should only return free tags? Also add an optional dataset argument, so you can get tags for a given dataset and/or vocabulary?

ckan/logic/action/get.py:tag_autocomplete() Add optional argument to get only tags for a given vocab? When called with no argument, should get only free tags?

ckan/logic/action/get.py:tag_search() Again, optional arguments for restricting by vocabulary and/or dataset.

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#1725 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Tag autocompletion and commas don't mix

If you use tag autocompletion, it automatically adds a comma after the tag. This is fine if you are going to add another tag, but not fine if it is the last one. If you don't manually remove the final comma than you get form validation error "Tag string: Tag "" length is less than minimum 2"

Affects only version 1.5.2a.

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#1726 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Update harvesting model

We need:

  • "current" column in harvest_object
  • "harvest_source_id" column in harvest_object, foreign key to harvest_source
  • "title" column in harvest_source

The extension should check on startup if the db needs updating and run the necessary scripts.

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#1727 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Add "current" property to harvest objects

Right now is quite difficult to get the most current version of a package via the harvest objects, and the queries involved are prone to errors. A new "current" field will be added which will identify unequivocally the most recent harvested object. Unfortunately this will involve some major changes:

  • Model update (See #1726)
  • Update queries for getting harvest sources' datasets
  • Update ckanext-csw queries for getting the objects
  • Update inspire and ckan harvesters
  • Document new field
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#1728 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Update UKLP harvesters

Three small changes:

  • Set Resource type to None instead of 'Undefined'
  • Set extra 'UKLP' = True instead of 'INSPIRE' = True

These two changes will require manual update of the database.

  • Allow datasets to be updated if the old source is inactive, even if the metadata date hasn't changed:
    if last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date is None \
       or last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date < self.obj.metadata_modified_date \
       or self.force_import \
       or last_harvested_object.metadata_modified_date == self.obj.metadata_modified_date and last_harvested_object.source.active is False:

1328007610000000 1329498181000000
#1730 enhancement johnglover seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Form field for vocabularies

A function that takes a vocabulary name or ID as argument and returns a nice select box for selecting items from that given vocabulary. Meant to be used by form templates, to make it easy for them to integrate custom vocabularies. Could use http://harvesthq.github.com/chosen/

1328007897000000 1328714937000000
#1731 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Publisher support for harvesting

Estimate: 4-5d

Only sysadmins can manage harvest sources right now, we need to allow publishers to handle their own sources.

We need to decide if there will be two different profiles on ckanext-harvest, the current one with only sysadmins allowed to manage the harvesting and a new one supporting publishers (ckan core can be configured to not use the publisher model)

Tasks include:

  • Auth checks on the different controller actions (and the command line interface?)
  • Modify the index page to just show sources the logged user has permissions on.

(Talk with Ross about the specific functions to use)

  • Create/edit form to show a dropdown with the user available publishers.
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#1732 enhancement johnglover seanh ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Update CKAN's search for taxonomies

Initially we'll just add all tags from all vocabularies into the existing tags search facet (this should happen automatically). Later we want to enable templates to use separate search facets for different vocabularies.

Also need to make sure that search terms are matched against the texts of the tag names themselves (should happen already) and maybe also against the texts of the vocabulary names?

1328008169000000 1341224357000000
#1733 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Delete (inactivate) harvest sources

Right now harvest sources can be inactivated (only via the cli), but we need to make sure:

  • Expose this on the web interface (only for sysadmins, see #1731)
  • Inactive sources are not shown in the web interface

Also for deleted packages:

a) Deleted packages get state="deleted" (not actually purged) so they are hidden on front end ACTION: need a button on the front end for "Delete" for sysamdins

Done in #1425. Not sure if the button is only shown to sysadmins.

b) No undelete: If you reharvest a deleted package, it remains deleted

  • Publisher should create a new record with new identifier and same/different content as applicable.
  • If publisher reharvests, a deleted document they get a error and are told to create new identifier for their updated.
  • You won't get the state where a package is updated in its deleted state
  • If they change the ID and reharvest, a new record appears on DGU.

c) Update CSW interface so that export doesn't export deleted packages d) Check geospatial search doesn't search deleted pacakges e) Check deleted packages don't appear in harvest source details, or in the counts or anywhere in the harvest interface or API.

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#1734 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [super] Updates on harvesting for UKLP

Some changes are needed in ckanext-harvest to support the new piece of work in the UKLP harvesters, mainly related to the deletion of existing sources.

  • #1726 Update harvesting model
  • #1727 Add "current" field to harvesting objects
  • #1728 Update UKLP harvesters
  • #1733 Delete (inactivate) harvest sources

At some point we also want to support a publisher model for the harvesting:

  • #1731 Publisher support for harvesting
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#1736 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-v1.7 closed fixed [Super] Multilingual Metadata

Translate all areas of metatdata to selected language. This includes finding datasets in all languages.

Multilingal Metadata: Tasks:

  • Add translation table. 2d
  • Api to add translation 3d
  • Add extention point to dataset view. 3d
  • Add extension point to search index to add translations. 2d.
  • Add all eurovoc data to translations. 1d.
  • Make multilingual solr schema 2d #1715
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#1737 enhancement icmurray rgrp ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Expose solr-based search API

Super ticket: #1745

Required for some improvements to UX (such as autocomplete and better search).

1328014626000000 1340112732000000
#1738 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Add extension point to search index, so can modify dataset dict before index.

It is useful for extensions to add or change items that go into the search index. Add an extension point for this.

1328031572000000 1330086105000000
#1739 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Fix issues where tests where not run.

Test failures in master due to tom and rufus not running tests. 0.3d.

1328047129000000 1328495826000000
#1741 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Add extention point to dataset view.

Need to add extension point to change the data_dict that passed to the dataset view template. This extensions modify what data gets shown.

Tasks include:

  • Fix up data_dict and templates so that the pkg objects do not get used in the templates. This is to assure that all data passed is modifiable. (2d) (complete)
  • Add extension point to Ipackage controller (1d)
  • Test (1d)
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#1742 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Naming of a new package/group can clash with a route

It is possible to create a group or a dataset called new, or edit, which will then be inaccessible as it is blocked by the existing routes with those names.

We should maintain a list of invalid names in the verification that happens behind the scenes in the UI.

1328116317000000 1331555193000000
#1744 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed UX improvements to dataset edit as of Dec 2011

Super ticket: #1506

  • Show edit summary form again, at least on edit pages (and prefill it for create to something sensible like: Creating dataset {title} {name}) [Done #1506]
  • Fix drop down for resource types in resource add/edit to limit to fixed set of options (as per http://wiki.ckan.org/Domain_Model/Resource)
  • Allow reordering of resources (or: and this is somewhat more complex but possibly simpler: allow editing of a resource_order field and we use that to sort resources (this is more like wordpress page_order -- these two options could become the same if we just hijack the existing position field on the join table and get rid of ordereredlist extension)) [DONE #1506]
  • Radically simplify set of licenses [DONE #1359]
  • "Unsaved changes" warning briefly when you click "Save" #1735
  • "Unsaved changed" typo on dataset edit page
1328224628000000 1330349472000000
#1751 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU dataset form: collection of updates from feedback

A collection of improvements to the dataset creation/edition form (feedback form DGU).

  • [x] validation error formatting
  • [x] geograohic coverage: add local authority
  • [x] resource format field
  • [x] resource format auto-complete
  • [x] renamed data tab -> files tab
  • [x] integrate Adris'a INSPIRE changeset, and migration scripts as part of build
  • [x] remove "discontinued" from the update frequency
  • [x] disable the disabling of save
  • [x] Remove ability to edit url on the edit-form (and remove "url not available")
1328526612000000 1329733458000000
#1752 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU: collection of updates from feedback
  • [x] hide black stars on the data-view page
  • [x] Edit on view form (if you have the right permission)
  • [x] RES_FORMAT ~> Resource Format
  • [x] Map Based Search -> UK Location Map Based Search
  • [x] Note at the top right expalining that these are seach filters (if they are) -> this requires "add a dataset" and "other access" to be moved to a different place (just some whitespace is fine)
  • [x] Display publisher and provider (UKLP records only).
  • [x] analysis of filter by OGL / non-OGL
  • [x] provide /dump on the build server
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#1753 enhancement kindly rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Last fixes of Webstorer + Deploy on the DataHub 1328527932000000 1330990061000000
#1754 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Add activities for extras

When an extra is added to or removed from a dataset or is updated, an activity should go in the dataset's and user's activity streams.

1328528318000000 1328528330000000
#1755 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Alpha paged view of publishers

The publisher index page should show an alpha paged list of publishers.

1328530634000000 1328631064000000
#1756 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Treeview of hierarchical publishers

The publisher index page should show a treeview of the publishers within the system. Probably behind a tab.

1328530689000000 1328709846000000
#1757 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed DGU Hide administrators from public view

On publisher view page - hide administrators from public view - only logged in admins of group should see them.

1328530775000000 1338205187000000
#1758 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Check user management auth

Ensure publisher edit page only allows admins to manage users. #1675 is related.

1328530915000000 1328709897000000
#1759 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Create publisher form access

Only sysadmin can access create publisher form.

1328530956000000 1329732744000000
#1760 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Extract current publisher hierarchy

Get access to live Drupal MySQL database to get latest publisher list for migration.

Write a one-off script for import of the data.

1328531001000000 1328709560000000
#1761 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU History visibility

History on user profile should only be visible to a user who is a member of at least one group.

1328532889000000 1328716686000000
#1762 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed DGU Join publisher form

A new form for create publisher -> Add publisher access to your account' New wizard Autocomplete publisher name if linked from publisher view. Email address used to publish should be activated/validated on first use. Original email still used to log in.

1328532992000000 1329729305000000
#1765 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Enhance Tag and Package models with vocabularies

Add a vocabulary column to the tags database table, change tags to have unique (tag_name, vocabulary_id) instrad of unique tag name, update methods in the Tag and Package classes to deal with the fact that tags may belong to vocabularies and that tag names are no longer unique.

1328537061000000 1329131124000000
#1766 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Update and deploy EC Portal theme 1328537446000000 1328541227000000
#1767 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Write end-to-end functional tests for tag vocabularies

Need to test:

  • API call to create new vocab
  • API call to add tags with a given vocab
  • API call to update tags
  • Dummy plugin to test that updating tags works via WUI
1328537586000000 1329326678000000
#1768 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-v1.7 closed fixed DGU: 7a. Public Publisher Dashboard (including QA Work and notifications) MUST PHASE 1 1328539740000000 1337159873000000
#1769 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed 6. Publisher Registration Improvements MUST PHASE 1 1328539789000000 1329737597000000
#1771 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed 32. Browse by Tags PHASE 1 MUST 1328539862000000 1329733648000000
#1772 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed 13. Provider labelling MUST PHASE 1 [UKLP #14 MUST] 1328539902000000 1329733962000000
#1773 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed 17. Filter “UK Location Records” MUST PHASE 1 [UKLP #21 SHOULD] 1328540130000000 1329733534000000
#1774 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed 22. Mixed Licenses MUST PHASE 2 1328540153000000 1329733550000000
#1775 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Enable adding many tags at once to controlled vocabularies via API

We already have API calls for adding one tag or removing one tag at a time to/from a vocab. Want more convenient ways to add or remove many in one call, or just pass in a list of tags to completely replace a vocab's current list.

  • Add tags_create() function that calls the existing tag_create() many times?
  • Also tags_delete()?
  • Or just let tag_create() and tag_delete() accept a list?
  • Add tags argument to vocabulary_update() to pass in a list of tags to replace the vocab's current tags? (But it should still be possible to simply rename a vocab without changing its tags and without having to pass in the tag list.)
1328541056000000 1329754459000000
#1776 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Granular editing of vocabulary tags

Add API calls for adding one or more tags to and removing one or more tags from a vocabulary, without affecting the other tags in that vocabulary and without having to pass the full list of the vocabulary's tags.

1328541213000000 1329302364000000
#1777 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Write about multilingual features for ec.

Basic description of multilingual features intended to be supported.

1328542835000000 1329393295000000
#1779 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Add multilingual translation table.

A new table with 3 columns should be added. term, term_tranlastion, language_code. This table will be used for all translations, including tags. The table should have indexs on both the term and (term, language_code) combination.

1328548631000000 1329393759000000
#1781 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Api to add translations.

Add api to translation to the term_translation table.

  • add to logic 2d
  • test 1d
1328549031000000 1329393822000000
#1783 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Locale change exception when unicode in URL

If the current page URL has unicode in it (e.g. u'/tag/biocombust\xedveis') then I'm not sure how why it isn't more encoded, but we are seeing links such as http://beta.dados.gov.br/dados/locale?locale=hu&return_to=/dados/tag/biocombust%C3%ADveis&hash=7fd941b5ba1a28bc84406c4191bf07b45a42a251 which cause an exception when the foreign character is passed to ckan.lib.hash.get_message_hash().

1328611485000000 1328612744000000
#1786 enhancement dread [email protected] ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Relationships lost when editing package

If I have a relationship between two packages, and then I edit any property of one of them (Author email, for example), the relationship will automatically be lost.

1328635226000000 1328640597000000
#1788 defect zephod zephod ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed IE7 compatibility problems

From Antonia Acuno, via Ira:

It appears that the current layout for the datahub does not work in IE7, which would mean a problem for us as most gov uses it and is one of those we have to support...any views?

Tested in several gov departments computers, so a common enough issue.


From Rufus: We haven't officially supported IE7 so far but can put engineering effort into this if absolutely needed. I note that IE 7 is now 3y out of date and is likely a security risk. Obviously this is something to ask Antonio about.

1328799250000000 1333133365000000
#1791 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-02-20 closed fixed Changing locale on /dataset/new causes exception

When you are on the /dataset/new page and you try and change locale then you get a 500 error.

This is because it adds the 'cache' parameter, to ensure any proxy cache in the chain does not just send the cached page.


1329134556000000 1329138315000000
#1792 enhancement toby kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed [super] api to use same validation and logic as wui forms.

The api currently uses the default validation schemas regardless of the form you specified on the front end. There should be a way to post through the api using the same validation rules.

1329146487000000 1333037710000000
#1794 enhancement ross ross closed fixed Publisher changes

Changes to publishers for customer that would otherwise clutter up the master branch.

1329214301000000 1332148972000000
#1796 enhancement ross dread ckan-future closed fixed Get rid of lxml dependency

lxml is used in CKAN core in two places:

  • ckan/lib/helpers.py:239 Parsing Markdown and ensuring it is valid XML (i.e. tags close nicely so the HTML of the rest of the CKAN page is not disruptable).
  • reading the SOLR config XML to determine what version it is.

Both of these could be done with xml.dom built into Python and would save us a sizeable and slightly problematic dependency.

lxml is needed by these extensions: ckanext-inspire, ckanext-harvest, ckanext-csw & ckanext-wordpresser, so we'd have to add this to their requirements.

1329244440000000 1340635557000000
#1797 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed [super] Webstore v2 - Integrated and based on ElasticSearch

Main tasks:

  • Integrated seamlessly into CKAN (authorization etc)
  • Based off ElasticSearch?

Etherpad: http://ckan.okfnpad.org/webstore


  • New API point (config + controller) [0.75d]
    • /api/data/{resource-id}
  • Authorization [0.5d]
  • Documentation [0.25d]
  • Upgrade data viewer to use ES [0.5d]
  • Convert webstorer to new setup - http://github.com/okfn/ckanext-webstorer [1d] - #1753
    • See below
  • "Create DataStore? Resource" in Resource creation (??)
    • Just creates a resource with blank url and datastore enabled (webstore_url non null)
  • Tick box to enable DataStore? in Resource edit form (for time being would just set webstore_url to any non-null/non-empty value)
    • Also need to use this info in DataStore? extension?
  • Create nice instructions on Resource page about using the DataStore?
  • Rename webstore -> datastore
  • Deploy [0.5d]


Layout on ES


index = ckan-{ckan-id}
type-id = resource-id (1)

Request path

Req => Nginx => CKAN App (authz) => req to elasticsearch and returns results

See as an example: https://github.com/okfn/elastic-proxy


  1. How do we decide what to use in the viewer e.g. Webstore data versus DataProxy?
    • Check for existence of webstore_url on Resource (should really be webstore_enabled boolean or similar, however we stick with url for the time being because it exists and we avoid migration). If exists use Webstore o/w don't.
  2. How do we decide when webstore is activated
    • Ans: see previous.
  3. Do we (and how do we) allow for resources which are just for webstores
    • Ans: we have to set webstore_url = True ... on save. Or add a big button saying: "Create Blank Resource" ...
  4. How does webstorer work ...
    • CSV import - NS: make sure we add e.g. rownum or id = rownum ...
    • Separate mini-service (webstorer.thedatahub.org ...)
  5. How do we selectively disable recline where not appropriate (e.g. query support makes no sense for DataProxy?)
    • Ans: do not bother at present. Focus on Webstore route.
  6. Where does geodata support come in (in Recline or separately)
    • This is a separate issue

User Story 1

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource via uploading a CSV file -> Save

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource + Data API to resource and nice Preview of the data


  1. Allow normal upload process
  2. Webstorer queue task which should get triggered by new resource. Check the resource and if it can convert into the associated resource webstore database.
  3. Update the resource in some way (set webstore_url)

User Stories

User Story 2

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource via linking to some remote file (CSV or otherwise) or uploading some data (CSV or otherwise)

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource + nice Preview of the data (wherever possible)

User Story 3

User -> CKAN instance -> Add Dataset -> Adds a Resource which will be webstore database in CKAN -> User saves data to this data store.

=> Result = New Dataset + Resource (Webstore resource) which can now be written to or read from by the user

Solution: just create a resource with blank url (or better, have a new option to create webstore resource ...)

1329306185000000 1331412644000000
#1798 defect dread closed fixed API search in non-q fields has exception for unicode characters

You get an exception if you use the API to search packages and specify a non-ascii character in a field other than q.

For example:


This "N-dash" (Unicode character 2013) causes this exception:

Module ckan.controllers.api:460 in search
<<                      if ver in u'12':
                               # Otherwise, put all unrecognised ones into the q parameter
                               params = convert_legacy_parameters_to_solr(params)
                           query = query_for(model.Package)
                           results = query.run(params)
>>  params = convert_legacy_parameters_to_solr(params)
Module ckan.lib.search.query:38 in convert_legacy_parameters_to_solr
<<      for search_key in non_solr_params:
               value_obj = legacy_params[search_key]
               value = str(value_obj).replace('+', ' ')
               if search_key == 'all_fields':
                   if value:
>>  value = str(value_obj).replace('+', ' ')
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2013' in position 30: ordinal not in range(128)

This problem affects CKAN 1.5 and 1.5.1 only.

1329395420000000 1329395560000000
#1799 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed To login as a different user or register, you need to logout first

When you are logged in, you cannot login as a different user before first logging out. (This is a restricting in repoze.who, which gives priority to an existing recognised identity over another one you supply.)

Yet, the CKAN login form appears when you try to do something you're not allowed to, even if you are logged in already. You login with a different identity and nothing happens - you remain as the first identity - this is incorrect.

(It is also a little confusing to be sent to the log-in page, although we do have a flash message explaining, and you might want to relogin as a superuser if you can.)

Whilst in this area, it would be worth fixing the problem for developers where you are logged in, do "paster db clean" and then try to log in - AuthTkt? recognises your old cookie but the User object doesn't exist, so you get an error logging in. In this instance we should tell people to log-out.

1329402820000000 1330002176000000
#1801 enhancement dread ckan-backlog closed fixed No links to password reset

You can reset your password (#1186) but you have to know the URI (/user/reset) - there is no link to this page!

1329405290000000 1343144718000000
#1802 enhancement dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Investigate CKAN deployment on Windows

See how possible it is to run CKAN on a Windows server.


  • Get CKAN code and dependencies installed on Windows
    • ideally as similar to standard package install as possible
    • virtualenv/pip should work
    • try Cygwin to help
    • SOLR and Postgres could potentially run on other servers if necessary.
  • Try to run on Apache
  • See if there are any issues
1329409512000000 1329830097000000
#1803 enhancement toby toby ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed clean up routes 1329483497000000 1332333091000000
#1804 defect toby dread ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed CKAN mounted at URL - changing language problem

e.g. clicking on Deutsch link is and redirect goes to so /dados/dados/ when it should be /dados.

Affects CKAN 1.6b only (not yet released).

1329484956000000 1330347185000000
#1805 enhancement toby closed fixed Error pages do not translate

eg 404 page

create a 404 error via a bad url - translation links go to /document/error not the actual bad url

1329489216000000 1329760795000000
#1806 task toby toby ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed make drop down language selector

language chooser should look like the ec one

1329741393000000 1331295310000000
#1807 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Recently added/updated datasets for EC portal

For EC Portal need a page (or HTML snippet embedded in the front page?) listing recently added or updated datasets.

  • Could be generated from the activity streams
  • Should it list datasets only, or other activities as well?
  • May be related to #1785 (Replace 'Revisions' page with site-wide activity stream)
1329742326000000 1330809641000000
#1808 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Translation of content on dataset view pages

All data is that is translatable should be translated when viewed.

This includes tag names will be ID codes. When viewing a dataset page, look up the current language of the interface (ckan_lang or something in the environs) and display the string for the tag in that language.

Related to the dataset view extension points for translation, recently added by kindly/=.

1329742530000000 1331146804000000
#1809 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Catch request exceptions in archiver link_checker task

Some request exceptions are currently not being caught (see the celery log on thedatahub for examples)

1329746267000000 1330528828000000
#1812 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-backlog closed fixed Restrict editing rights/permissions based on publisher
  • see how this currently works with DGU first
1329747889000000 1335874864000000
#1813 task amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Upadate ckanext-pdeu to work with CKAN 1.6

Tasks include:

Estimate 4d

  • Update requirements (git)
  • Search facets error
  • Error on dataset read (extras in context)
  • Url generator for rdf
  • Make templates work with latest theme
  • Use dicts in templates (isopen())
1329757128000000 1330102557000000
#1814 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Check publicadata.eu harvesters

Estimate 2d

Once ckanext-pdeu is running on CKAN 1.6, upgrade ckanext-harvest to be able to update the CKAN harvesters (default tags and extras).

Also check non-CKAN harvesters (specially scrappers) to see if they are still working.

Make a list of current harvesters with status and potential ones.

1329757408000000 1332152596000000
#1816 enhancement amercader amercader ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Update ckanext-apps to work with CKAN 1.5.1 - 1.6

Estimate [2-3d]

If possible, it should work with both 1.5.1 and 1.6.

Needed for PDEU, also at some point for IATI

1329757864000000 1331302835000000
#1817 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Importer for EC publisher info
  • write importer for publisher info (currently in JSON format), add to ckanext-ecportal
  • add group translations to translations table
  • run on test server
1329762290000000 1329922818000000
#1819 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-04-02 closed fixed change search index code to use package_dictize instead of obj.to_dict

Search index code needs to use package_dictize so that it can get the new vocablurary information and is more consistant with the rest of the system. This is in preperation for their translation being put in the search indexer.

1329770555000000 1338193886000000
#1820 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Index multilingual data when mulilingual extension is added.

All translated fields and vocabularies need to be added to search index in the correct fields.

1329770903000000 1332163374000000
#1821 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed create internal multilingual extension that brings together all multilingual features

This extension point needs to combine.

  • Making sure the correct data get put in search index.
  • Make the search queries are modified to weight multilingual search correctly.
  • View pages, including search results are translated.
  • Bring together all search schema modifications.
1329771267000000 1330990111000000
#1822 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Weight mulilingual searches correctly

Dismax query across languages. Titles and selected languages, weighted more highly.

1329772080000000 1330990127000000
#1825 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Write docs for vocabularies API

Done on branch feature-1698-tag-taxonomies

1329845122000000 1330807330000000
#1826 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed weight queries so that title is more important than rest of body

Currently everything is considered equally when doing a normal search. Use dismax when there is not a fielded search to get round this. This is part of the work for #1822 as the dismax option is needed for multilingual search.

1329924260000000 1330990247000000
#1828 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Upgrade to Recline v0.3

Recline v0.3 has introduced some breaking changes in API and usage. Upgrade to use it.

1329943304000000 1330525412000000
#1829 defect dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Changing back to English prints the flash message in the previous non-English language

On the homepage click "francais" and then "English". The flash message reads "Le langage a été fixé à: français" when it should say "The language is now: English".

1330000660000000 1330001990000000
#1830 enhancement dread dread ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed OpenID disablable

Allow OpenID to be disabled as a login option.

Currently (CKAN 1.6) there is a config option openid_enabled which stops the login option being displayed, but:

  • In the User edit form you can still add your OpenID
  • The repoze.who.openid middleware is still required - can it be avoided?
1330002137000000 1330089912000000
#2198 enhancement zydio closed fixed API documentation is missing Storage Metadata API info

Now that ckanext-storage is back into the core (v1.6), CKAN documentation should probably contain info on Storate Metadata API.

1330421743000000 1339771453000000
#2199 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Translation of content on dataset search pages 1330440107000000 1331146832000000
#2204 enhancement ross rgrp ckan-sprint-2012-04-30 closed fixed [super] Related (Stuff) Extension

This is a reworking of the existing apps extension.

Initial proposal at http://wiki.ckan.org/Proposals#Apps_in_CKAN and http://wiki.ckan.org/Proposals#References.2FLinks_in_CKAN


What do we call this extension?

  • related
    • RP best IMO but perhaps too close to separate relationships concept?
  • relatedstuff
  • links
  • references


"Related Stuff": Apps as in an application (website/service/tool) that uses this dataset (as in Apps and Ideas extension)


New table named Related with following structure

|| id (int) || type || title || description (markdown) || image_url || owner_id || url || created (timestamp)
  • type = Idea | App | API | Visualization | Post | Paper | News Article
    • Suggest we make this a ckan.ini config option (comma separated ...?)
      • Do we want the possibility of different templates for different types of Related objects?
  • image: ?? Depends where we store images. Simplest option would be to change to image_url and leave it to users to have already uploaded an image somewhere. If not we need to support image uploading and storage. See #1692 (add image attribute to datasets and groups) for more discussion, once implemented the URL here can be an internal url.
  • owner_id = user_id or creating user (see authorization below)

Related2Dataset (note that related_id, dataset_id tuple should be unique). This allows for m2m connections. If a given related item is only with one dataset this could be simplified. May contain status so dataset owner can turn this on/off.

|| id || dataset_id || related_id || status

status should be used to allow for a dataset owner (for dataset_id) to de-activate the relationship between the dataset and the related.


  • /dataset/{dataset-name}/related/{related-item-id}/{related-item-title-stringified}
    • If a reference item could exist in its own right (and perhaps refer to multiple datasets then it should get its own url at e.g. /related/{id}
  • /dataset/{dataset-name}/related/add => Modal dialog on related tab so we can use API to create them.

/dataset/{id}/related <- list

  • use image_url for small icon etc, title description (shortened?)
  • Click through to full related item (optional)
  • dataset owner is shown show / hide button ... (or on /dataset/{id}/related/{id} )
  • related owner sees an edit button / icon (pops up modal)

/dataset/{id}/related/{id} (optional)

/dataset/{id} will have a Related tab (with bubble with count).

  • Drop down with Add Related -> Pop-up modal and save via API

(Not used: /related/add with dataset prefilled ... )



Addition of related item be considered orthogonal to datasets (and hence with separate authorization i.e. i can add the info that site X uses dataset Y without needing permission to edit dataset Y).

Thus any logged in user could add a Related item. We set the owner of the related item to creating user and going forward only that user or a sysadmin can update or delete.

NB: we could have a system where datasets owners have to approve related items before they show up next to their dataset. This would add substantial complexity so I propose we leave out of phase 1.

Tasks and estimates {7.5d}

[x] Model + Migration for Related table. {0.75d}

[x] Controller for Related (or relevant sections in Package controller). {0.75d}

[x] Routing setup. {0.25d}

[x] Schema for related. {0.5d}

[x] Logic layer actions. {1.0d}

[x] Auth (default + publisher). {0.5d}

[x] Templates + Dataset changes (new tab etc). {1.0d}

[x] JS Application for adding Related objects in a modal. {1.0d}

[x] Testing. {0.75d}

[x] Dataset owner disabling of Related (via M2M table). {0.5d}

  • Updated to allow author of related to delete as well

[x] Documentation. {0.25d}

1330862992000000 1337594723000000
#2205 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Document Tag Vocab schema/form setup 1330941067000000 1330956840000000
#2206 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-03-19 closed fixed Change site header to match latest ODP template 1330958095000000 1331046486000000
#2208 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Export strings from ckan and ckanext-ecportal to combined pot file

All strings from the ckanext-ecportal extension (and from CKAN core) need to be exported to a pot file to send to tenforce.

1330961806000000 1339596371000000
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