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#1737 1334591246000000 icmurray See http://ckan.okfnpad.org/feature-1737-expose-solr-based-search-api = Immediate actions * analysis of whether the current action/get.py:package_search() function exposes all we currently need for the use cases described above. * how to return that data (expand the current format?) * analysis of whether the current (action) API v.3 can use query parameters rather than as well as POSTed data. (controlles/api.py:action() ) uses "self._get_request_data()" which in-turn pulls out data from POST body. = Tasks Extend the existing package_search action. * pass the facet fields into the logic layer from the request parameters. - /api/3/action/package_search * facet information not being returned via package_search action (is empty). - curl -X POST -d '{"q": "{!lucene q.op=AND df=text}tags:health +community -profile"}' 'http://thedatahub.org/api/3/action/package_search' - figure out why it's not working, and what the facet information should look like * whitelist any GETable api actions, and optionally construct the query from url params rather than body
#2303 1334654727000000 ross feature-2303-rdf-export-command
#1370 1334674002000000 toby We can supply the following to ShareThis * st_url Specifies URL (can be shortened URL) that you would like shared * st_title Specifies title that you would like shared * st_image Specifies link to image you would like displayed in the shared content * st_summary Specifies summary text/description you wish to share currently we just have the defaults but do we want to set these?
#1370 1334674212000000 toby config options: * social.sharethis_api_key * social.sharethis_style = horizontal | vertical | large | none * social.sharethis_sites = googleplus twitter facebook email sharethis Easy to add new sites we just need the ShareThis name and a description Currently these are all site wide maybe add options for specific templates (via the template not config)
#1370 1334675681000000 toby style & sites can now be passed by individual templates
#2313 1334756921000000 seanh Note that c.new_facets has now been renamed c.search_facets. Before this ticket is closed the old c.facets should also be removed from the template context. It's put there by ckan/logic/action/get.py:package_search(), which also puts the new c.search_facets there.
#2311 1334837867000000 toby most work has been completed comments can be added to templates via ${h.disqus_comments()} recent comments via ${h.disqus_recent()} basic i18n works for languages except norwegian which reverts to english needs ckan 1.7 awaiting clarification re urls changing from under us
#1370 1334838259000000 toby The url issue wants resolving when 1.7 released need to * ensure setup.py setting are complete/correct * publish to pypi * check setup instructions work
#2315 1334919522000000 dread Done, with tests and bootstrapification of the form: [release-v1.6.1 b23b357]
#2292 1335021860000000 rgrp This annoyed me so much I just fixed it: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/5eca7d5e37c0ef392b768b8b3768b2c3f93448b5 Issue was that our auto-completion depended on structure of the HTML which changes with bootstrapification. BTW: have deployed this via copy and paste on datahub so i can use it. Will want to revert this when you do a deploy. @Ross: I note that the same bug probably affects organization auto-complete.
#1370 1335230503000000 rgrp Just to check: I thought this was going into core. This really does not need to be an extension (it is so small ...)
#1370 1335273643000000 toby I've talked to David and we both feel that this should not be a part of core.
#2204 1335287636000000 aron.carroll Making some notes of front-end changes that I think need to be implemented sooooon. {{{ Implement better truncation (the expanded text should pop out on hover rather than expand the entire row) Show the type of related item (an icon would be good here) Test in IE Make the form work without JavaScript by accepting x-www-form-urlencoded. Add classes to first item in a row to clear the row (currently uses :nth-child CSS) Touch gestures and re-ordering (David's request) }}}
#2325 1335366188000000 dread Done in [release-v1.6.1 6343a9c]
#1737 1335460683000000 icmurray Facet results **are** already available through the package_search action api. The facet fields need to be specified in the query, otherwise no faceting will be done (ie - the default facets specified in the .ini file are not used). This leaves "whitelist any GETable api actions, and optionally construct the query from url params rather than body" todo, which I've pulled out into another ticket, as it wasn't originally in this ticket. (#2330)
#1737 1335460997000000 icmurray ... just to add to the above: {{{ >>> pprint(json.loads(requests.post('', json.dumps({'facet.field': ["tags", "groups"]})).content)) <snip> u'search_facets': {u'groups': {u'items': [{u'count': 1, u'display_name': u"Roger's books", u'name': u'roger'}, {u'count': 2, u'display_name': u"Dave's books", u'name': u'david'}], u'title': u'groups'}, u'tags': {u'items': [{u'count': 1, u'display_name': u'tolstoy', u'name': u'tolstoy'}, {u'count': 2, u'display_name': u'russian', u'name': u'russian'}, {u'count': 2, u'display_name': u'Flexible \u30a1', u'name': u'Flexible \u30a1'}], u'title': u'tags'}}}, u'success': True} }}}
#2302 1335516537000000 ross Will eventually want to allow customisation of different CSS but designs are currently under review/change.
#2323 1335516967000000 ross Doesn't make sense in Organizations mode. Adding existing dataset would mean that dataset would have to already be in another organization. Leaving this open though to fix in case we decide that datasets *can* be in more than one organization at a time.
#2204 1335795665000000 ross Giving this ticket to Aron to fix the front end
#1810 1335874745000000 johnglover Not using eurovoc tags.
#1811 1335874765000000 johnglover Not using eurovoc tags.
#1812 1335874864000000 johnglover Ross has fixed this via group authentication.
#1632 1335877871000000 seanh Closing this as there doesn't seem to be interest in showing activity streams on group pages anytime soon
#1633 1335877927000000 seanh Closing this as there doesn't seem to be much interest in showing activity streams on group pages anytime soon.
#1764 1335878051000000 seanh Closing because I'm not sure what the reason for doing this would be.
#1621 1335878161000000 seanh Closing because I haven't seen this test fail for ages
#2304 1335878372000000 seanh I'm setting the priority of this high just because it's a low-hanging fruit for this sprint, as it was almost done last sprint.
#2345 1335878420000000 seanh Setting priority high as we want this done by Friday for the 1.7 release.
#2305 1335879165000000 seanh Setting the priority to major as I think it's worth getting this done since the follow support (which is almost finished) is a bit pointless without this.
#2304 1335885463000000 seanh Setting minor again after cleaning tickets out of this sprint
#2305 1335885478000000 seanh Setting minor again after cleaning tickets out of this sprint
#2364 1335890204000000 ross Review the FRY app and investigate alternative payment gateways.
#2347 1335962835000000 ross [ ] Check that dataset privacy can be taken into account.
#2367 1336035031000000 aron.carroll Fixed in [email protected]
#2353 1336037264000000 ross Started the user stories at https://docs.google.com/document/d/185sWPEO9cn1SbquH83UFcLme7xKdgfhCNqOo7pdsRKw/edit
#2349 1336037341000000 ross Openlink hoping to get RDF dump into Virtuoso today.
#2347 1336039458000000 ross Keeping track of UI changes required, and copied Aron
#2256 1336046098000000 toby I'm closing this ticket now ckanext-datahub exists and is live - the other work is included in other tickets
#2373 1336142514000000 dread Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/8b7141cd2ff619a0e35aaa31bbc1d17156647498 on master (and also on release-dgu1).
#2330 1336149571000000 icmurray Implemented, providing two methods of passing an action's parameters. Either, each parameter is specified as a url parameter, eg {{{ curl }}} or, for cases where a more complex data_dict is required, the data_dict can be parsed as a json-encoded dict in a single url-parameter called ``data_dict``, ie: {{{ curl{'q':'police'} }}} As part of this ticket: - I noticed that all module-public members of the action modules were being loaded as actions (including functions imported from other modules). So I've cleared up the action modules to prevent this. - I've cleaned up the action modules to use ``get_or_bust()`` when accessing a passed in data_dict outside before it's been validated by a schema. This provides better error messages for clients. - provided a decorator, ``@side_effect_free``, for users implementing their own actions through the IActions interface to be able to expose their custom/overridden actions as a GET request through the action API.
#1737 1336328947000000 rgrp Having now thought about this I'm re-opening this ticket for the following reasons: * No real documentation (other than that in this ticket yet available) * It would also be nice to know how this maps to SOLR API (can i use all of the facet options solr provides or not ...?) * And I would again emphasize my preference for having *direct* access to something that looks *exactly* like SOLR API as I can then use client and docs from SOLR to work with it. * No clear resolution of separation between Action and REST API (and search API). Really seems to me there should be convergence between latter 2 (as suggested in the ticket) -- this would also resolve the problem that having GET /api/dataset return all datasets is *not* a great idea * The Action API requires a POST request. Since the primary purpose of the search API would be usage from JS it would be nice if GET and JSONP were supported. (Though given our CORS support we could argue this was optional). Not saying *all* of this needs fixing but some clear approach here would be useful
#2330 1336387328000000 icmurray Replying to [comment:3 icmurray]: > > or, for cases where a more complex data_dict is required, the data_dict can be parsed as a json-encoded dict in a single url-parameter called ``data_dict``, ie: > > {{{ > curl{'q':'police'} > }}} > Another option is to have the data_dict json-encoded in the GET request's body. This is possible, but 1) Although permissable, it's not, as I understand it, conventional to have a GET request's body form the options of the request. 2) Caching proxies won't inspect the body of the request, only the URL.
#2366 1336395238000000 dread For my site I need the Authorization Groups sections gone from the authz pages, for v1.7.1, so I've made these check for the presence of any Authorization Groups in commit: [master 8947302]. So it's another useful stepping stone to getting rid of them cleanly.
#2364 1336483769000000 ross Start of doc listing payment gateways is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E4lX6RnRLDO0ioieKRpVs9a-My9nh6lBjvVahWDm3SY/edit
#2365 1336492342000000 ross See also #1165 and #1096
#2345 1336492725000000 seanh Work on this has started in branch feature-2345-action-api-autodocs
#2349 1336555121000000 ross Chased Openlink today for update
#2366 1336555441000000 ross I think the UI aspects have been removed in 1.7 with hopefully the rest of it going in 1.8 - assuming we have a clean migration script.
#2366 1336560445000000 dread Thanks Ross. It's the dataset authz and admin authz pages which still need Authorization Groups removing. e.g. http://thedatahub.org/dataset/authz/conservative-party-uk-donors-by-sector and http://thedatahub.org/en/ckan-admin/authz
#2358 1336641577000000 amercader Took longer than expected due to last minute changes and problems with the packaged version.
#2257 1336731023000000 toby ckan.restrict_template_vars defaults to true for 1.8 release
#2355 1336731240000000 toby ckan.plugins.toolkit introduced to help control access to ckan for extensions. This should reduce breakage for extensions using this. ITemplateHelpers allows extensions to add helper functions so templates can be less reliant on Genshi filter
#2361 1337016768000000 amercader I actually spent some more time of this because I upgraded PDEU to CKAN 1.7, which was needed to fix the search index and a good testing for the release as well.
#2304 1337073870000000 seanh Currently implemented in this branch https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/master...feature-2304-follow waiting for code review and merge into master
#1586 1337079419000000 icmurray Duplicate of #2298
#2390 1337100788000000 dread Done in d1c2ed08c90c2d94e1b2ced86e8758208a61ee96
#2384 1337100810000000 dread Done in 0bc06c6495c749d6b481164d59cceeca873acefb
#2304 1337158641000000 seanh Finished and merged into master
#2394 1337161917000000 dread Done in [master b486244]
#2389 1337237502000000 rgrp Just to note these were 2 *different* options. '''Either''' you do the fallback approach '''or''' we turn off DataStore by default and only use if enabled (which happens due to explicit enabling of DataStorer turning it on ...)
#2234 1337237687000000 rgrp This looks interesting but is this a priority :-) (also no estimate as yet :-) )
#2347 1337238738000000 rgrp This looks great Ross. Couple of things not included (which I have taken liberty of adding to the description as well - you will probably want to tidy up): * Related is a pretty terrible name in the UI - much better to have it called Apps, Ideas etc (perhaps title tag could even give more details e.g. "Apps, Ideas, Visualization and other material related to this dataset") -- btw i thought this was in #2332 but realize it wasn't (apologies for that!) * Documentation, documentation, documentation - AFAICT I can't see anything in v1.7 or master docs. I imagine this would be a short section like http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/commenting.html (and probably coming right after that in the ToC) which says * What it does * How to enable (and perhaps includes a nice-screenshot!) * How to customize (e.g. can one customize the list of options of things one can create (e.g. can I set it to just be app and idea or ...) * Also liase with Mark W re a blog post about this from the user perspective (a screenshot walkthrough ...) * Clearly mark this old extension as deprecated from v1.7 forward: https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-apps (I just met someone last week who was working on integrating this and had no idea it was replaced by something better in v1.7)
#2234 1337239588000000 ross Yes, definitely need a replacement for wordpresser and sooner rather than later. Doing some experimental noodling to work out an estimate.
#2401 1337273042000000 dread Done in master 112e405d0116bdcf196062520e3474e231337996
#2402 1337302474000000 kindly cset: 12da5e9effeeb1aca0df321c355d8438647ef426
#2403 1337302700000000 kindly cset: 05144f8621ee719c345373934e70719f46e87cf6
#2322 1337339587000000 ross +1 on these, although ../download instead of ../raw and ../view instead of ../viewer
#2204 1337582843000000 rgrp Surely this ticket was closed 3w ago? @Ross: can you close ...
#2332 1337582891000000 rgrp @rossjones / @amercader: can you do a full review and generate sub-tickets as necessary (obviously may not all be this sprint ...)
#2284 1337583675000000 rgrp This needs connecting to the user stories being generated at http://ckan.okfnpad.org/dataexplorer-user-stories
#2405 1337583749000000 rgrp Assigning to ross for review and assignment.
#1737 1337594352000000 icmurray - package_search action is now documented, with reference to the solr search parameters available. http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/apiv3.html (auto-docs not working on rtd at the moment). - actions defined in get.py are now GETable. http://docs.ckan.org/en/latest/apiv3.html#get-able-actions - we won't be providing direct access to solr api, as we think the cost outweighs the benefit.
#2204 1337594723000000 ross Was waiting for documentation, can close now.
#2409 1337688965000000 ross This is in the Package controller and may be related to upcoming ticket on removal of autoneg.
#2406 1337766385000000 toby I installed CKAN yesterday afternoon from source, using the instructions at http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/install-from-source.html Most things worked pretty smoothly and, luckily, when they didn't I was lucky enough to have David Raznick on hand to help sort them out. As a result I've made the following notes on where the doc could be improved. For some ghastly reason I am running Linux Mint, which is some variant of Ubuntu. It's not 10.04, so no package, hence the source install. Sec 2: Not wanting a mysterious file called 'pyenv' in my home directory, I created a directory ~/ckan and typed 'virtualenv pyenv' from there. Everything worked fine. But if I had needed the 'tip' it would have been a little confusing. It would also be worth reminding the user that the dubious package is one they've supposedly just installed, so if that went OK, they won't need to worry about this. The tip also isn't clear about under what circumstances I'd need to do the 'easy_install pip' - I didn't need to (is that also only when python-virtualenv is missing?) Sec 4: This worked, but the example command for installing a particular version is confusing. It says it is for 1.5.1, but replacing '1.5.1' with '1.7' fails because there is a rogue 'c' in the command. Probably it would be better to use the latest version (1.7) as the example anyway. Or is there a way of asking for the latest released version? I understand this checks out the whole Git repository with all history - I can't imagine why I'd need to do this to build a particular version. But David assures me it's very sensible. Sec 6: This worked, but it wasn't very clear what the purpose of the 'List existing databases' step was. Sec 8: So now I had to try to get Solr working using the instructions at http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/solr-setup.html This didn't work at all, in ways I can't now remember, to do with Java. In the end David suggested using Tomcat rather than Jetty (don't ask me what these do, but they have something to do with getting Solr to work ...) and this turned out to be much more straightforward to install and get working, with two caveats (below). David suggested maybe Tomcat should be the default suggested in this doc. - One problem with Jetty was to do with using the wrong version of Java, which seemed to be fixed using "sudo update-alternatives --config java". It didn't fix Jetty - not sure if it would also have been needed with Tomcat. - Soft linking the schema file didn't work - it seems Tomcat doesn't like soft links. We made a copy. After this everything worked, and I now have my very own CKAN. Hurrah! Mark
#2406 1337766413000000 toby The 'post-installation setup' instructions at http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/post-installation.html claim to be for either package or source installations, but only work as stated if you have done a package installation. E.g. after a source install, "paster --plugin=ckan user add admin --config=/etc/ckan/std/std.ini" doesn't work (the ini file is somewhere completely different), but just typing "paster user add admin" from the ckan directory is fine. The instructions should also mention that the virtual environment should be activated. Mark
#2331 1337782689000000 kindly This is a wontfix. I think terms should be ored by default. All modern search engines work like this. If there is an issue due to relevancy (i.e if you type mulitple words and your result not coming near the top) then we should use this examples so we can tweak the results.
#2419 1337863024000000 toby @aron the reason for this is that controller/package.py renders the form `package/new_package_form.html` as part of it's work and then makes this available a `c.form` to the template. I'm not sure I like this as an approach but it is how it is currently done. If you split your form into a new template `package/new_package_form.html` then you get all the errors etc. I think for now we should do this and then look at if doing it all in one template pass might be more sensible. reassign to me if you want me to do this else I'll leave it with you
#2417 1337864155000000 toby fixed in demo-theme branch
#2322 1337864855000000 ross Viewer almost exists with the /embed link and so have just used that with a better default size to provide a prettier url. Can still use the width=&height= that are used in the /embed url.
#2380 1337868169000000 ross datagm is VERY broken with 1.7 Waiting for datasuite UI changes.
#2414 1337869578000000 ross LXML is currently used for markdown_extract and check_solr_schema_version Changing check_solr_schema_version should be possible, Used in markdown_extract to just strip HTML tags.
#2383 1337872916000000 icmurray This helper function won't parse UTC offset if passed a UTC offset as "+01:00"; but incorrectly parses the UTC offset "+0100" as 100 microseconds. Resolution: - I've decided to keep the behaviour of not parsing UTC offsets because we currently don't store timezone information in the database; and I think that either dropping the tzinfo, or adjusting for it would appear to be "magic behaviour" from the user's perspective. Also, as this is a helper function, I think it makes sense to keep the behaviour as is, even if it's slightly non-standard. This fix [1] maintains all the old non-ISO behaviour: - not allowing UTC offset to be specified. - arbitrary delimiters between date and time values. - microsecond precision. But won't parse "+0100" as microsecond precision. I tried using a couple of python modules for parsing date strings; but none maintained the same behaviour. [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/d6c9e48f8df5e926abd3fb1a1607f4f5a30075b4
#2418 1337875172000000 toby all facets now shown and selected have <li class="active"> @aron styling of active facets with long names breaks. we could make the names shorter in snippet/facet_list.html via truncate or make the selected taggy thing wider
#1737 1337942345000000 rgrp I *strongly* disagree re access to solr API -- i don't really care if it is direct but I want something that looks like it at least for core query parameters and facets ... Is there some major issue around security etc (e.g. limiting to only public datasets or similar?)
#1737 1337943671000000 icmurray For completeness, package_search docs can be viewed at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/logic/action/get.py#L983 @rgrp: are you happy with this ticket now, does it expose all you need? If so, I'll close it...
#2422 1337945204000000 seanh Closing because I'm not able to reproduce and it turned out floapps had publisher auth on which was overriding his rights auth
#2420 1337950422000000 toby merged into master
#2433 1337960203000000 toby the affected actions =============== package_list package_relationship_create revision_show group_list package_update_validate It would be nice to get this fixed and I'm loathed to suggest adding a version 4 hack. If we make this change it will break things for existing users. This behaviour has existed since the action api was added as far as I'm aware So should we a) leave it forever and document b) break things and fix it - when 1.7.1 or 1.8?
#1345 1337961353000000 nils.toedtmann This becomes an actual problem on the CKAN farm s057, see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/1245
#2345 1337962454000000 seanh Done but now I need to fix readthedocs again
#2398 1337963342000000 seanh I'm closing this because we've got a whole bunch of tickets from the dev meetup about fixing the dependencies and requirements file that should deal with this problem
#2386 1337967006000000 seanh Done. ckanext-spatial and ckanext-qa are not activated because they don't work with the current version of CKAN. datastorer is not installed yet.
#2348 1338193014000000 ross A fairly good start has been made on this at https://github.com/okfn/CKANClient-J Lowering priority for completion for now
#2349 1338193148000000 ross Initial DNS change doesn't seem to have taken, chasing Nils to see if he can take a look.
#2423 1338193199000000 ross Duplicate of #2414
#2424 1338193269000000 ross Duplicate of #2413
#2410 1338193633000000 ross Tim Lebo and Keith Alexander are both now looking at how they can implement this themselves, so for now this is wontfix. We can reopen this as part of any future work with VoID
#1316 1338193724000000 kindly now get_or_bust function handles this.
#1533 1338202636000000 ross This has been superceded by #2234
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