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#978 1325259266000000 rgrp Think this should be part of a larger refactor of resource editing now that #1445 (resource page in WUI) is done
#199 1267649255000000 rgrp These tests are no longer failing afaict. To run tests you can just use nosetests -- documented in cset:ebdfc89ccd86/datapkg
#439 1294413903000000 thejimmyg These have been agreed and are awaiting signoff.
#1292 1320145732000000 dread These fixes all went into release 1.5.
#2226 1332159640000000 seanh These deployment docs seem worth moving into sphinx as well: http://wiki.ckan.org/Deployment
#695 1287766973000000 dread These changesets do the trick. I've: * merged Ollie's changes into default and metastable branches. * updated ckan.net to latest metastable and reindexed it. * ckan.net now searches on latest packages, including sanskrit example. * test-hmg.ckan.net also updated to latest metastable for testing with UAT. * ckanhmg is to be updated next week and DGU ticket remains for this.
#1386 1324036930000000 dread These changes go into release v1.5.1.
#984 1297628554000000 kindly These are the errors listed in severity order. * group revision tables joins wrong in many ways. * changemask table not added. * licence_id wrong type. * package_revision.download_url and changset.status not dropped. * package.name and tag.name unique constraint not added. * update cascaded defined wrongly. Attached are the fixes that will need to be run in ckan_migration_fixes.sql
#2372 1343220160000000 aron.carroll These are now in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/b31109b628a21072ec0c2dec2a5d5a1c2cc0ed9c/doc/coding-standards.rst#javascript-coding-standards
#1306 1319797204000000 dread These are expressed as functional API tests - see tests/functional/api/test_action.py. There's not a lot of difference (apart from Paste coming in there) so no real need to duplicate API and logic layer tests, or to switch them to talk directly to the logic layer.
#1050 1315394117000000 dread There's been no objections to my comment 6 months ago saying this is invalid, so marking it invalid. Feel free to reopen if there is indeed a case here.
#948 1300271268000000 dread There's also the API to consider. One edge case to consider too - currently we don't allow reuse of the name of a deleted package, which is confusing. The deleted package should be moved aside (renamed), unless the deleted package is entirely the same as the new or renamed package.
#2441 1338306828000000 aron.carroll There's already a submit button in the form (it's the question mark) it's up for discussion on Basecamp if this is clear, apparently it's not. I'm going to throw this back to you to implement the popular badges, I'll tidy that form up later. Perhaps we can get a helper such as h.isPackagePopular(pkg) that can be customised on a per instance basis.
#676 1294413641000000 thejimmyg There was discussion of this on the list a few months ago, was there a conclusion?
#484 1294417248000000 thejimmyg There isn't a catalogue web UI, just CKAN. I don't understand this, marking invalid. See instead #482.
#483 1294417216000000 thejimmyg There isn't a catalogue web UI, just CKAN. I don't understand this, marking invalid. See instead #482 and #484.
#2203 1348568961000000 dominik There is work on this in the dataviewer-iframe branch.
#2569 1340877069000000 toby There is now the list in the sidebar but it points to view resource not edit - that will be part of phase 2
#826 1297416879000000 kindly There is nothing to stop anyone from putting any extra attributes in the extra_info field dict. So any have the flexibility you need. The config option is to add some fields that act in exactly the same way as python attributes, having the same semantics as them. i.e if you have an extra field called alturl, you can do obj.alturl = 'fdsffs'. This is the best of both worlds as far as I can tell.
#1354 1316970374000000 amercader There is no way to maintain backwards compatibility, so let's forget about it for now
#381 1294410466000000 thejimmyg There is no mention of what the test defect is. All tests pass so marking invalid.
#413 1294407429000000 thejimmyg There is no caching in the current DGU CKAN code.
#712 1294408364000000 thejimmyg There is no 0.4 metadata spec yet so we can't model it. If there was, the discussion would be on #711 anyway.
#1086 1303381200000000 johnlawrenceaspden There is no (obvious) way to delete an authzgroup.
#2639 1345125344000000 rgrp There is also an additional issue which is that recline no longer uses elasticsearch_url so we will need to patch this either in js or in the controller code for the embed ...
#1425 1326821722000000 dread There is a package_delete logic function to achieve this (and indeed group_delete too). One of the reasons we haven't advertised it with a button is that anyone with 'edit' privileges can go round deleting packages. It's one thing spotting graffiti, but when you delete packages, it takes a lot of effort to spot nefarious deletions. I think should either restrict deleting to sysadmins or have a separate authz-action DELETE-PACKAGE that is not given to the average logged-in user. I believe Wikipedia does something similar - the average Joe can edit, but can't delete pages.
#2252 1333108787000000 amercader There is a new ticket for the same schema as forms issue: #2268 The exception was fixed on [https://github.com/okfn/ckanext-inspire/commit/0dff1f6 0dff1f6]
#2225 1343220502000000 aron.carroll There is a jshint.json config file that all JS in the new base theme conforms to.
#213 1262689477000000 dread There is a fab file for microfacts already.
#1004 1323172489000000 dread There is a description of groups, but that is not the subject of this ticket. In fact if you're not logged in you do get taken to the login page (which is quite correct). I agree with your earlier comment that the text of the link needs changing. Sorry to be reopening this, but I think the previous comment misses the point. Doing this ticket would be a valuable quick fix. Putting on backlog.
#563 1294231961000000 thejimmyg There is a choice here as to whether we provide an export to GeoNetwork or support a minimal CSW interface ourselves.
#511 1297075354000000 thejimmyg There have been quite a lot of improvements, this is now OK.
#1004 1323171375000000 thejimmyg The yellow box on the right is now back and you don't get taken to the login page. We'll write more detailed instructions once the group refactor is done.
#1370 1334838259000000 toby The url issue wants resolving when 1.7 released need to * ensure setup.py setting are complete/correct * publish to pypi * check setup instructions work
#1731 1330942924000000 amercader The underlying auth layer is done, still there isn't UI integration (list of publishers in index page, publisher field in form...). Needs to be moved to the next sprint.
#736 1294409747000000 thejimmyg The tests we write for this would need to: * Submit harvest source form with valid CSW location * Submit harvest source form with invalid CSW location We can now close #790 and #791. Note that discussion on end-to-end testing is now at #784.
#1639 1328212781000000 seanh The templates have been rewritten to use CSS classes instead of embedded styles, but those CSS classes don't exist yet, they need to be added to a css file somewhere to style the activity streams.
#941 1297689750000000 thejimmyg The system will need some way of plugging in the model. See ticket #989 for progress on this. Other ideas: * The apps will need an image upload * We might like a voting system for apps and ideas, potentially that could be re-used later. Let's discuss the above ideas after the basic functionality is in place.
#1230 1311154142000000 kindly The standard way to add tables in a plugin has converged upon putting the tables in the iconfigurable plugin. This runs at the correct point for when the application runs normally. For testing however there are issues due to the tables potentially being dropped, especially for the sqlite case. The fix is to make sure the iconfigurables are run at the start of each set of tests, hence adding it to the ckan_nose_plugin. This is not pretty, but good enough. cset:8531b9fc1ee2
#1471 1340633734000000 seanh The source install instructions have been updated to work with both lucid and precise, see #2592
#1503 1323695557000000 dread The repos moved to github have now been deleted on bitbucket.
#27 1207683863000000 rgrp The remaining issue is authentication. Initially was hopeful that we could use openid (perhaps with oauth) but this does not seem possible (despite much talk of openid and oauth being complementary) ... Thus we shall adopt this old-fashioned approach. * A user who wishes to use the web api must obtain a web api key. They do this by: * Going to ckan.net and signing in using their open id. * Visit /account/apikey/: this should generate them a unique uuid key (or show their existing key if they already have one). This key should then be stored in the db along with their openid. * Once a user has an api key they must include in the request when making changes. This may necessitate an update to the restful api to start having a more generic message format (this also makes it more extensible for the future): * auth: auth key * data: data body (what we currently send)
#843 1291652696000000 pudo The real name is also requested via AX/SReg extensions in OpenID so for new users who are not using google, this should usually be filled in automatically.
#2651 1341930964000000 ross The pull request at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/60 resolves the problem with the dataproxy (which has also been updated to handle .tsv files). Still need to fix datastore.
#1467 1326104869000000 thejimmyg The publisher issue seems to be resolved now, although during investigation I also found these issues: * 9 of the records don't have a published by and I wondered why * Lots of them are state=deleted (so do we really want to include these?) * We're still showing the deprecated agency field * Many of the departments are blank Pawel is not available to work on these anyway at the moment, so let's pick them up as part of the disintegration work to migrate to CKAN. Marking the main ticket as "worksforme" since it does now.
#1127 1304602084000000 wwaites The proposal is not comparable to PEP and DEP because the projects have vastly different requirements. The API stability needs of a programming language or an operating system (e.g. fundamental building blocks that you don't expect to change often or radically) are very different from a web application. The plone one is comparable. The idea itself is a double-edged sword. It will promote stability which is good but can also tend towards rigidity and stagnation which is bad. Each added bit of bureaucracy and process means fewer people will be willing to collaborate or participate in improving the software. Overall, -1.
#1068 1302109505000000 dread The problem was the use of mktime which is localised. Also spotted a problem with the use of localised time stored in the datestamp created in migration script 29, when initialising the repo. Fixed in a2094932e5e4 in release 1.3.3 branch.
#1708 1327494415000000 dread The problem has traced back to this commit by Ian: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/51136465fb1bb94ea70df32be00eaef6ae43792b ckan/config/routing.py {{{ -from ckan.plugins import PluginImplementations, IRoutes 10 +from ckan.controllers.package import set_fallback_controller as set_fallback_package_controller,\ 11 + add_package_controller,\ 12 + set_default_as_fallback_controller_if_required as set_default_as_fallback_package_controller_if_required 13 +from ckan.plugins import PluginImplementations, IRoutes, IPluggablePackageController }}} By importing the package controller at this earlier point, it sets the ckan_url quasi-global variable before the config file has been loaded. {{{ /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/middleware.py(18)<module>() -> from ckan.config.environment import load_environment /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/environment.py(20)<module>() -> from ckan.config.routing import make_map /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/routing.py(10)<module>() -> from ckan.controllers.package import set_fallback_controller as set_fallback_package_controller,\ /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/controllers/package.py(20)<module>() -> from ckan.lib.search import SearchIndexError, SearchError /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/lib/search/__init__.py(9)<module>() -> from common import (SearchIndexError, SearchError, SearchQueryError, > /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/lib/search/common.py(11)<module>() -> solr_url = config.get('solr_url', DEFAULT_SOLR_URL) }}} In retrospect we should have not initialised the variables from the config during import.
#1040 1328805778000000 dread The problem arises when you do two things together: 1. Have code like this in a CKAN extension's plugin.py: {{{ config['extra_public_paths'] = ','.join([our_public_dir, config.get('extra_public_paths', '')]) }}} which will have a trailing blank value (unless you set extra_public_paths in the config file) {{{ extra_public_paths=['/some/path/', ''] }}} 2. Run CKAN with this code: {{{ extra_public_paths = config.get('extra_public_paths') if extra_public_paths: static_parsers = [StaticURLParser(public_path) \ for public_path in \ extra_public_paths.split(',')] + static_parsers }}} Introduced in #340 https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/0593c3e5050882a9dbf54fb6c263f4a2f1de2097#ckan/config/middleware.py in CKAN 1.0.2 This was made safer in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/e0d5f02168116a18a7aeb7b058e4160bbd402a02#ckan/config/middleware.py for CKAN 1.3.2 (it ignores blank paths)
#227 1273254223000000 dread The pagination issue was corrected a while ago. The inconsistency of page titles needs looking at still.
#920 1300319140000000 kindly The only issue here is that we are listing tags that relate to 'inactive' packages. We are already not listing tags that relate to NO packages. I have fixed this. cset:cd0347eed69f The tag in the example is related to a deleted package so should not be deleted. With this patch it no longer gets displayed.
#371 1292257389000000 nils.toedtmann The nagios fork [http://www.opsview.com/ OPSview] might be worth a look.
#1615 1326393651000000 dread The mounting issue is discussed and more-or-less solved here: #1401 What's this redirect problem? The redirect is to a relative URL using h.url_for, just the same as the majority of links. I can't see why this is a problem, and it certainly works for Florian and Herrmann (see #1401). Please provide more details. {{{ url = h.url_for(controller='package', action='read', id=pkgname) redirect(url) }}}
#1015 1298902753000000 kindly The migration fixes should sort this out, but I will keep the ticket open to check.
#2853 1345049201000000 amercader The message it is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm happy to lower it to warning. We can't know the scheduled time because it depends on how is set up on the server (generally a cron job every x minutes).
#1341 1319649573000000 dread The majority of our 6000 users are still spammers. Can we simply elimenate those who've not made any revisions? Even if we take a few genuine users with it, these are pretty dead accounts anyway.
#961 1310126100000000 shevski The main parts of this ticket are now done. The remaining parts can be dealt with separately as their own tickets.
#1515 1330086273000000 dread The main body of this went into CKAN 1.6, including: #1298, #1299, #1495, #1511, #1623, #1631, #1637, #1663, #1666, #1686, #1639, #1694
#203 1260456150000000 dread The list of groups was already done. The group view is now done in cset:a9506c0c9c68. Cost: .5h
#929 1297686088000000 thejimmyg The licenses service was down, it is back up now. We should be able to cope with this situation better though. Renaming the ticket.
#665 1297268097000000 thejimmyg The latest version of the DMS collection interface spec says that this should be a manual process. No work to be done.
#496 1297684298000000 thejimmyg The latest plan after update with PP is as follows: * CKAN will have a CSW interface * OS GenoNetwork will use this interface to determine: * New documents * Modified documents * Removed documents * OS will then handle the serving back to the EU since GeoNetwork already implements the custom filters the EU may require (their docs are ambiguous). This means the creation of the CSW server extension is now a high priority but it only needs to know about documents in the harvested_documents table. I've already implemented a REST API to get the those documents (but depending on the implementation it may need changing).
#787 1315821118000000 thejimmyg The joint authentication was implemented a long time ago and is deployed on catalogue.data.gov.uk. We'll build the authorisation layer in ticket #1326 so marking this as fixed.
#1219 1310670324000000 erilem The issue is due to IE7 (and IE6) not supporting {{{inline-block}}}. [attachment:patch-1219-A0.diff] works around the issue. I'm reopening this ticket in case you want to consider my patch. But note that I won't be offended if you close it as wontfix again. I agree this is pretty minor, and that working around old browsers' limitations isn't always a good idea.
#1250 1312370201000000 pudo The issue is caused after search returns from solr and tries to get objects from the database. These are by default ordered by name and we need to restore the original order after fetching them from the database. Fixed in module.
#1177 1307365496000000 rgrp The issue here is that the line should never be reached because g.has_commenting should be False: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/src/5730c79db461/ckan/lib/app_globals.py @Flavio: have you modded your code in any way? is self.has_commenting False in your app_globals.py A quick fix would be to remove the template lines calling to remove the lines in the template: {{{ ${h.subnav_link(c, h.icon('comments') + _('Comments &amp; Questions'), controller='package', action='comments', id=c.pkg.name)} }}}
#1142 1305880901000000 sebbacon The guys at Wikimedia also produced this spreadsheet including notable users and features of other software. Could be useful.: https://spreadsheets2.google.com/ccc?authkey=CLWu1cgP&hl=en&key=tYiwc9kUVLLlALOQEzFqujw&hl=en&authkey=CLWu1cgP#gid=0
#1214 1310396399000000 aron The groups property in the package resource is always empty (or is for all packages I have viewed). The following group lists one package. {{{ http://test.ckan.net/api/2/rest/group/0ac963e7-ba29-49bc-83c8-98f8c1991649 }}} But when viewing the package the groups array is empty. {{{ http://test.ckan.net/api/2/rest/package/758c26d4-5949-4347-8b4d-023374146d94 }}}
#192 1291733895000000 dread The gov form has had this for months.
#2934 1348060201000000 dread The functional tests actually do cover a logged in person editing a dataset and then checking it displays correctly in the view page again. The webtest framework we use in CKAN has form filling and link click() function which allows navigation between pages like you describe these other ones having too. Having said that, there is no reason why a newer library shouldn't be introduced if webtest is not sufficient. And if there are stories without tests then it would be good to add them.
#1730 1328537387000000 johnglover The function for this is the converter function for tags with vocabs. Will integrate with the JQuery chosen plugin.
#1082 1315317825000000 dread The flash message 'Language set to: English' was always in the previous language, not the new one. Pudo fixed this in cset:eaf342823caf and I have transplanted this into release-1.4.3. I've also added/corrected translations for all languages for 'Language set to: English' so that it makes sense! "Set language back to English causes server error:" I can't reproduce this. The exception looks like a problem with the forwarding, which improvements were made in #1126.
#1546 1323970014000000 dread The fix for the break related to 191 is checked in here: [release-v1.5.1c 2c595ae] and cherry picked to [origin/defect-191-modification-date f98a4b2]
#235 1302508788000000 pudo The first three sub-items of this ticket are done in datautil and dcat-tools: Basic GDocs-based normalizer: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/datautil/src/8bba83b4fa45/datautil/normalization/table_based.py Example of use: * https://bitbucket.org/okfn/dcat-tools/src/0ec5012bf12a/dcat/core/normalize.py#cl-32 Spreadsheet (as referenced in datautil source, should be a kwarg): * https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AplklDf0nYxWdE8tVlRrN1F3bG9PdDBFUDNZcENDNEE&hl=en#gid=0 Experience so far has been that Google rate limits the current implementation so we should perform all ops in one or two big calls rather than "piece by piece".
#1062 1311773731000000 johnglover The file is in Turtle format (serialisation format for RDF, which we currently don't archive and have no preview code for. The new preview code will not even create a preview button for this file type. Moving to the backlog for now, support for RDF and related formats should be added along with support for excel docs and google spreadsheets.
#1395 1318520543000000 seanh The exact command that introduced the too-new webob into my virtualenv was: {{{ pip install --ignore-installed -r pyenv/src/ckan/requires/lucid_missing.txt -r pyenv/src/ckan/requires/lucid_conflict.txt }}}
#274 1281452015000000 dread The docs are now out of date and there doesn't seem to be a test for this.
#1312 1315327743000000 dread The default Content-Type is "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" (that is what curl sends, and what CKAN defaults to). Therefore these characters need url encoding ("=&;" -> "%3D%26%3B"). Here is an example of it working: {{{ (pyenv-ckan)[email protected]:~/hgroot/ckan$ curl -i http://localhost:5000/api/rest/package -d '{"name": "test7", "title": "Test2 %3D%26%3B"}' -H "Authorization:tester" HTTP/1.0 201 Created Server: PasteWSGIServer/0.5 Python/2.6.5 Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 16:36:32 GMT Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache Location: http://localhost:5000/api/rest/package/5866a0f5-905a-44ff-91c3-c1489374a73e Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8 Content-Length: 571 {"maintainer": null, "maintainer_email": null, "id": "5866a0f5-905a-44ff-91c3-c1489374a73e", "metadata_created": "2011-09-06T14:06:40.735488", "relationships": [], "metadata_modified": "2011-09-06T16:36:32.543461", "author": null, "author_email": null, "state": "active", "version": null, "license_id": null, "resources": [], "tags": [], "groups": [], "name": "test7", "license": null, "notes_rendered": "", "url": null, "notes": null, "title": "Test2 =&;", "ratings_average": null, "extras": {}, "ratings_count": 0, "revision_id": "92ee0b2e-c5e4-47b9-b00c-b8e29662b950"} }}} Alternatively you can set the content type to "application/json" and you don't need to URL encode. e.g.: {{{ curl -i http://localhost:5000/api/rest/package -d '{"name": "test5", "title": "Test &"}' -H "Authorization:tester" -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8" }}} To help work out these problems with encoding in the future, I've improved the error message to show the decoded JSON string. cset:55273629a552 which is headed for CKAN 1.5 release.
#1608 1325681756000000 ross The current storage API might need cleaning up and merging into the normal API. Although this may require changes to the current API Controller. Not sure, so adding a note as a reminder.
#937 1298892547000000 sebbacon The current implementation I referenced above will be a good starting point. Work that remains: * Add download click tracking to individual download links (currently we just record page views for packages, not downloads) * Somehow cache the download stats against each package (the Google API is very slow); package reddis or sqlite or similar as a local storage for the extension * Expose download information in the relevant places in the UI (all users? package owners? where?) This is about 2 days' work. Unlikely to get it done in this sprint.
#530 1282899463000000 pudo The core of the COI/data.gov.uk standard seems to look like: Identifier Title Abstract Department Contact Contact e-mail Licence Resource format Resource URL Resource ID Publisher And the IATI-specific ones we'd want are: Publishing Entity: Publishing Entity Type: (Donor, Recipient, Community Data..) Donor Country Activity period: Verification status: enumeration of statuses (checked, not checked etc) Resource links: to the actual IATI record Number of activities: ... Date record updated: Date data updated: License: Need this field even if it may be a standard license So naively mashing these together, we get something like: Identifier Title Abstract Donor Country Publisher Publisher Type Verification Status Department Contact Contact e-mail Licence Resource format Resource URL Resource ID Activity period Number of activities Date record updated Date data updated
#681 1288036983000000 dread The code is fixed, but not yet deployed, which requires time.
#995 1311175353000000 thejimmyg The caching still isn't brilliant but there is less urgent need to refactor it. In the future our caching methodology should be to cache at the logic layer so we don't need to refactor the existing caching at this stage.
#1236 1311759816000000 dread The bug is in fact in the way I work out what revision I'm displaying - it just looks at the PackageRevision.
#1660 1327614737000000 rgrp The broken-ness arose from a (very sensible) refactor (done by Tom Rees) to be stricter about what we tried to preview. Rather than hack around the conditions of the format string for previewing, my strong suggestion is to get rid of weird format types like x-osdata-csv (just change it to csv). An alternative, that would preserve ability to set 'funky' formats would be to set the mimetype correctly (to text/csv) (this may still need an update to the previewer but one that would be sensible to make).
#1453 1321548452000000 icmurray The allowable characters in a tagname has changed to "unicode alphanmeric plus simple punctuation". This means: - alphanumeric (inc. foreign characters) - [ .-_] The completed feature is in the [https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1453-flexible-tag-names feature-1453-flexible-tag-names branch]. Awaiting a code review.
#2439 1338214158000000 icmurray The `fields` argument doesn't provide any extra functionality that the `query` argument can't provide. 1. Figure out what the reason for this argument is, just to make sure. 2. Deprecate it, and change any internal uses of it to use `query` field instead.
#784 1304936251000000 thejimmyg The UKLP test manager is looking at a new test proposal, we have had approval to go live without this, we can re-open later if necessary.
#318 1311770683000000 johnglover The QA code should identify invalid URLs. Resources with invalid urls will have an 'openness_score' of 0 and an 'openness_score_reason' of 'Invalid url scheme' or 'invalid URL'.
#1737 1340011001000000 icmurray The GET-able actions ( #2330 ) are in master, and will make it into 1.8
#1202 1314030352000000 dread The CKAN package page links to datapkg at: http://blog.okfn.org/2010/02/23/introducing-datapkg/ (it has always been this link). I think Rolf is referring to the three links to knowledgeforge.net in the blog post itself. These need to be edited by Rufus. Note datapkg has moved again to github.
#787 1303118054000000 thejimmyg The AuthAPI now exists as an IMiddleware plugin, we really need the permission system moved into CKAN before it is useful though and this depends on a refactor of the Auth system. See #1094
#1767 1328806740000000 seanh The API tests are done, in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/master...feature-1698-tag-taxonomies#diff-24 on branch feature-1698-tag-taxonomies. The WUI tests still need to be done.
#1012 1300364620000000 thejimmyg The API part is now done. Bumping the view history part to 1.5
#2406 1337766413000000 toby The 'post-installation setup' instructions at http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7/post-installation.html claim to be for either package or source installations, but only work as stated if you have done a package installation. E.g. after a source install, "paster --plugin=ckan user add admin --config=/etc/ckan/std/std.ini" doesn't work (the ini file is somewhere completely different), but just typing "paster user add admin" from the ckan directory is fine. The instructions should also mention that the virtual environment should be activated. Mark
#1011 1298824649000000 sebbacon The "external source" is an Oauth service. We need to lookup user groups from that service.
#1175 1307372833000000 fccoelho Thats the thing, I don't get any error message, no even in the logs. But I can't even load a page.
#2812 1344521102000000 markw That's still fairly terrible. Also surely the auth stuff is part of Ross's Organizations stuff? It doesn't matter much if it's implemented yet, that's why this is a demo. But anyway, here is a more generic but readable version based on Ira's text above: Groups allow you to group users and data together so that they are easier to manage. Group owners can assign roles and authorisations, giving each project or department control of its own data publishing. Users can browse or search by group, making it easier to find the data they are looking for.
#876 1293188088000000 anonymous Thanks for your feedback, very useful. I don't really agree with the people in the linked discussion who say it's pointless testing against a different database from production. The goal here is to make it easy enough for people to run as many tests as possible that they actually do so. Even 15 minutes is too long in that case. With sqlite we can get it in at under 5 minutes. I would also like to identify the longest running tests (which I would characterise as "functional" or "integration" tests and make them run as a separate suite, and then encourage a culture of writing true unit tests before functional tests, so that running unit tests can happen in 1 minute and be part of the regular development cycle. That's no replacement for also running *all* tests periodically, and also running tests under postgres, which we can continue to do on the continuous integration server. Longer term I agree that it would be better to run local tests against postgres too, but that will I think involve refactoring many of the tests.
#191 1324030875000000 johnglover Thanks for this David. This one in particular was causing me some grief: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f98a4b2a5f5013fa4aed475bd8b3237bb7847fcc Good spot. All looks good to me.
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