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#979 1315222244000000 rgrp Is this already done? Is it under test?
#1597 1325202152000000 rgrp Is there not a limit option to the package_search action (if not maybe there should be (with say a maximum of 200 ...)). Also I'm not sure how essential this is to #1521. In general we just want to search (and facet on) datasets and resources not on tags. So IMO: this is a low value item.
#2624 1341599776000000 ross Is likely just tags missing from the new schema in organizations. Will add/test etc on Monday AM.
#1172 1314118281000000 dread Is in cset:47225f03e2af and merged to default for 1.4.4. It now barfs instead of failing silently: * if the ckan config file has any errors * search indexing error There are some other "except Exception" statements
#2696 1343065979000000 aron.carroll Ira this is up on s031 needs some QA, I'm also going to be working on it tomorrow. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new_resource/my-awesome-stuff
#1533 1323359638000000 ross Investigating: 1. The XPATH that the middleware is currently using will definitely not match the navigation on 1.5.1, we'll need to change the xpath and also extract the anchors from the LI tags that are retrieved from the wordpress site. 2. Getting the main wordpress content just doesn't seem to work at all. Lots of class/id confusion. Will fix for 1.5.1 in branch
#821 1298486642000000 dread Investigating several of these packages, it works for me (and David Raznick). For example ni_013_migrants_english_language_skills_and_knowledge, one resource is seen created in the diffs, is displayed in CKAN, in the API and in the dumps. Yet looking at the dump from 17/11/10 when this ticket was created, the resource didn't have a URI, which by the current model is a requirement, so it suggests the data was fine underneath, but it had problems displaying this field, and is now fixed.
#890 1318599247000000 kindly Invalid due to #1397, We will be using celery instead.
#233 1273078975000000 rgrp Introduction option 1.
#1435 1320930310000000 dread Interesting. What's the reason to justify the effort?
#2293 1339062853000000 ross Intercepting the group name change and forcing a reindex of all of the datasets within that group seems like the obvious approach (rather than more lookups by ID after processing search results). Should take less than a day.
#694 1287087801000000 wwaites Installed postgres client from lenny backports on eu3. Can now access without problem, web sites still appear to work (e.g. fr.ckan.net). Note that the backup process runs directly on eu5 now as mentioned by rgrp in email
#932 1296159225000000 dread Initial work done on branch: enh_932_sql_migrate_upgrade Not working yet - hopefully kindly will be able to help tomorrow.
#271 1272280005000000 johnbywater Initial spike solution has been written, covering four user stories: 1. Commit CKAN revisions to changeset system (#296) 2. Update CKAN repository from changeset system (#297) 3. Pull changesets from remote CKAN instance (#298) 4. Merge diverging lines of changesets (#299) Emails to ckan-discuss include: * http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-March/000109.html * http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-discuss/2010-March/000154.html
#1653 1328887997000000 toby Initial implementation completed. /en/home - is English /fr/home - is French etc. /home uses site default from development.ini Requests to default will redirected to a language specific url if the browser requests an available language. h.url() and h.url_for() amended to use the new url scheme h.url_for_static() added for none language based urls (css, js) Base templates updated. IMPORTANT: pylons.url() removed from ckan.lib.base.render() as this allowed the language functionality to be ignored. Broken templates should use h.url() instead of url().
#1475 1326283573000000 ross Initial draft written at http://wiki.ckan.org/Writing_asynchronous_tasks
#2349 1338193148000000 ross Initial DNS change doesn't seem to have taken, chasing Nils to see if he can take a look.
#2400 1338205947000000 toby In testing this is not replicable due to lack of info so closing
#1381 1324037815000000 dread In release 1.5.1.
#833 1298889104000000 rgrp In progress now (sysadmin view and update nearly done).
#962 1297678925000000 rgrp In progress but not yet completed so moving to next sprint. Estimate remaining time at: 2h.
#784 1294410089000000 thejimmyg In order to have end to end testing for UKLII we need to: * Review document from PP with the different things we need to test * Set up a GeoNetwork instance with sample documents to be tested We may also want to test ArcGIS, see #767
#1416 1319794595000000 rgrp In normal user submission this would result in errors reported and no 500. Happy to have this switch to 400 if you think this is a good idea.
#27 1199788321000000 rgrp In many ways everything that is needed is already in place in that the package update and create controller just require raw posts to do their work. However should implement some kind of authentication/authorization to prevent automated spamming. This would also require some way of distinguishing posts from our own WUI and those coming from outside (at present no checking is performed and the 'post' to these controllers is freely allowed by anyone out there!
#2722 1342948991000000 shevski In fact, this is the wrong bug. Search doesn't seem to work *at all* in groups Tried to search http://s031.okserver.org:2375/group/data-explorer?q=&sort=views_recent+desc Bug 1: no results Bug 2: the text display covers the order by box
#513 1302774329000000 dread In enh-1046-dictize-the-api we remove the distinction of extras, so we can't do this.
#196 1265389771000000 dread In cset:7eadcdc94b3a package URI changed to: http://ckan.net/package/32000-naples-florida-businesses-kml This resolves to html or rdf+xml - see ticket:90
#3021 1353411968000000 johnmartin In code review
#1279 1314304326000000 rgrp In addition it appears that authz group was left out of the form refactoring so new and edit page use old formalchemy stuff. Should fix this.
#1450 1330019974000000 dread In CKAN 1.6.
#1409 1324047722000000 dread In 1.5.1 release.
#2690 1342542394000000 aron.carroll Improved spacing and alignment in 679e2d0
#1290 1314270894000000 dread Improved on option 2. For requests to Home controller, the first thing it does is check the user. I catch SQL errors that are to do with missing tables and that now produces a template-less error saying the site is off-line and then mentions database initialisation. Done in cset:484e50c4f989 on default for ckan 1.4.4.
#1704 1327425354000000 johnglover Importer made and added to ckanext-ecportal/scripts. Still has to be run on the test server with Eurostat JSON datasets.
#669 1291715237000000 pudo Important sub-task: check in schema.xml from eu4 somewhere.
#2204 1334077936000000 rgrp Important comment: not sure how much we have thought through using this for storing queries / views / visualizations coming from our data viewer. In particular, wonder if this necessitates some kind of support for arbitrary json data ... Also (@icmurray): does this interact with our desire to do embedding?
#318 1280737620000000 rgrp Important but low priority according to CO so bumping into next milestone (v1.2). NB: did not seem able to update milestone in trac interface! (Perhaps due to agilo stuff?)
#129 1267719162000000 dread Implementing this would make it less likely that new code would be written to be insecure. But it would also make a lot of things harder. Decided not to do it.
#1485 1323186842000000 ross Implementing an initial IPackageController in ckanext-example
#2330 1336149571000000 icmurray Implemented, providing two methods of passing an action's parameters. Either, each parameter is specified as a url parameter, eg {{{ curl }}} or, for cases where a more complex data_dict is required, the data_dict can be parsed as a json-encoded dict in a single url-parameter called ``data_dict``, ie: {{{ curl{'q':'police'} }}} As part of this ticket: - I noticed that all module-public members of the action modules were being loaded as actions (including functions imported from other modules). So I've cleared up the action modules to prevent this. - I've cleaned up the action modules to use ``get_or_bust()`` when accessing a passed in data_dict outside before it's been validated by a schema. This provides better error messages for clients. - provided a decorator, ``@side_effect_free``, for users implementing their own actions through the IActions interface to be able to expose their custom/overridden actions as a GET request through the action API.
#542 1283278896000000 wwaites Implemented with: * cset:2bbc186459cb * cset:eba23cc027e5 * cset:e89e0b82b24e * cset:943ed812e237
#739 1296592842000000 thejimmyg Implemented today. May want a better implementation later.
#2454 1338993375000000 aron.carroll Implemented the templates for this. There are currently no decent error messages for missing fields, would be nice if we could have more specific error messages. eg. invalid username, username required, password required etc.
#1807 1330809641000000 seanh Implemented the recently-changed-datasets activity stream on branch feature-1807-recently-changed-datasets in CKAN and merged it into master (but the default templates don't make use of it). Added the recently-changed-datasets activity stream to the front page template on branch master in ckanext-ecportal.
#1755 1328630657000000 ross Implemented in v1.0-dev of ckanext-dgu and feature-1645-apply-simple-theme of ckanext-dgutheme
#2379 1340033026000000 ross Implemented in master
#884 1293319984000000 wwaites Implemented in feature-884-rmsource branch at https://bitbucket.org/ww/ckan/changeset/50cbfc5a6bee
#2661 1342524525000000 aron.carroll Implemented in d980ec7. But we really need to go over the delete implementation as it could be much cleaner.
#1087 1320866159000000 dread Implemented in cset:0b7e2b0bed44 as status_show logic action, heading for 1.5.1 release. Took 0.5h
#1495 1325606124000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. See #1511 first as this builds directly on that. Relevant changes are in commit 3d328aa0: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/3d328aa07f038287d4ecb3a9ba6facc9fabbddd2
#1511 1325605964000000 seanh Implemented in branch feature-1515-activity-streams and ready for review. Relevant changes: ckan/lib/dictization/model_dictize.py: Added functions activity_dictize(), activity_list_dictize(), activity_detail_dictize(), activity_detail_list_dictize(). ckan/logic/action/get.py: Added functions user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list(). ckan.tests.models.test_activity.py: Now uses user_activity_list() and activity_detail_list() functions instead of accessing the model directly to get activity streams.
#1593 1333385052000000 icmurray Implemented in branch [https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commits/feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results feature-1593-create-feeds-from-search-results] Not quite close as I've only included links to the atom feed in the <head>. Will do that this week.
#2584 1340620576000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9bebf3d
#2684 1342539637000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9ae7f13
#1673 1327941049000000 ross Implemented in 31199375a34e04af8158e60335816236029ff96e as part of the feature-1669-publisher-profile branch.
#851 1293025112000000 wwaites Implemented curlReq that does a curl request and returns statements similar to or analogous to httpReq. Require curate<=0.8 This in a cron job is sufficient to go through all the packages and update them with a broken link tag now: {{{ curate -r https://github.com/wwaites/curate/raw/master/examples/tagging.n3 -s -k API_KEY }}}
#1776 1328805695000000 seanh Implemented create_tag() and delete_tag() logic action functions. If you specify a vocabulary_id in the params you can use these to add tags to vocabs, one at a time. There are not yet functions for adding or removing multiple tags in a single API call.
#2305 1340879812000000 seanh Implemented by Sven
#2220 1332950550000000 toby Implementation of this has been carried out at the page level. ckan.page_cache_enabled is config option to enable it requires redis need to document it somewhere
#1692 1338204395000000 johnglover Image URL attribute added to groups (http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2275). Won't add a similar attribute to dataset at present. Another option is to display the group image on dataset page.
#1602 1328175521000000 rgrp Image (pre)viewing done in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/2b08425c3aef424d4192838e418b7ad9ccc6a129.
#2710 1343318314000000 aron.carroll Ignore above comment, I didn't have datastore.enabled = 1 in the ini
#2587 1340375763000000 shevski If we have a name then yes, should be even without link.
#691 1294412929000000 thejimmyg If we did implement this we'd need to link new sample package to previous sample package of continuous series. So closing #748.
#2863 1345123824000000 shevski If by default it doesn't happen, then that's fine & we can close this. Any way for me to see how permissions are set?
#913 1299841413000000 rgrp If at all possible this should uris from the OKF licenses registry at http://licenses.opendefinition.org/
#1319 1315476057000000 shevski Ideally we should also verify people's email addresses. Do we think that's overkill?
#1610 1325773944000000 rgrp IMO this is very low priority at the moment (also I guess this ticket which is webstore only should go in http://github.com/okfn/webstore/issues -- though that is something of a moot question)
#1240 1325473312000000 rgrp IMO this is non-urgent and can move out of v1.6 as we have enough more important stuff to do.
#2701 1343920287000000 aron.carroll I've updated the disqus extension (in development branch) and added the snippet to the development branch of the demo plugin. Toby, not sure about the way the disqus plugin is implemented via a helper vs the spacial plugin using a snippet. Would be good to decide on the "one" way to do this.
#1719 1328532877000000 dread I've updated test.ckan.org with this fix and am afraid there are still broken images on http://test.ckan.net/revision
#1724 1329302302000000 seanh I've updated tag_search() and tag_autocomplete() and added tests for them. So this ticket is finished now on branch feature-1698-tag-taxonomies
#318 1276438907000000 wwaites I've updated ckanrdf to strip out datatypes and use this ll.url on external references so that should be sufficient to hold off talis. Still need to work particularly on validating dates though...
#1329 1316624026000000 zephod I've tried to do this wherever I could as I looked through ckan.pot for broken pieces of string. Generally it triggers errors unless things are very neatly structured (no nested links or ${a.variable} accesses, it seems) but things are quite a lot tidier. cset:d5bf4c7ba293 Does that count as 'fixed', or is this a permenant issue?
#2391 1338397982000000 seanh I've told them how to do it themselves and offered to help if they get stuck
#1370 1335273643000000 toby I've talked to David and we both feel that this should not be a part of core.
#1419 1319548778000000 rgrp I've successfully logged into thedatahub using my openid. Issues may arise especially with google openid due to changes in site (from ckan.net to thedatahub.org). See: http://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/ckan-dev/2011-October/001384.html
#2771 1343392265000000 seanh I've started working on this on a branch, will get it finished as soon as I can
#1172 1312991332000000 dread I've started this on branch defect-1172-exceptions
#1008 1298821826000000 rgrp I've removed the eval in cset:1b8fedeb7ab0 - the more general question about caching should go in a separate ticket.
#1002 1322515684000000 dread I've redone these changes in cset:91258a6296db71d78a on master, aiming for 1.5.2.
#1214 1310072808000000 dread I've put the fixes onto test.ckan.net - repoen the ticket if there are any issues.
#1054 1300992195000000 dread I've put in a potential fix for this into the branch - do take a look and see what you think.
#1167 1311178516000000 thejimmyg I've now written a 20 page guide on using CKAN on Amazon EC2. I haven't explicitly created an AMI, but I don't think we should do that anyway for a few reasons: * it is fiddly * there is no advantage to the user as CKAN installation is so easy and so well documented * we don't want to have to maintain the image going forward * we might not want to promote a non-open approach The guide will form part of Anna PS's work on the overall documentation but you can also see the original version here: https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan-debs-public/src/489a5ecf369f/ec2/
#1486 1323172027000000 seanh I've now merged my feature-1298-activities-table branch into my super branch for activity streams, so my fix for this defect is now merged into the activity streams super branch and will be merged when that branch is merged. See the activity streams super ticket: #1515 Resolving this ticket now
#459 1282921783000000 dread I've now fixed this. default: 1.1 metastable: 1.1 stable: 1.1 / 1.0.2 (two heads) ultrastable: 1.0.2
#1591 1325764196000000 dread I've now completed the upgrade for datacatalogs.org. All that remains now is DGU. Reassigning to Ian as I'm away shortly.
#1444 1323089960000000 dread I've not looked at this yet, but now detection is disabled, less important.
#252 1296477560000000 dread I've no idea what this is
#908 1296730578000000 pudo I've moved the uswgi/nginx part to #952, closing this issue since the problem it describes has been fixed.
#1141 1308828928000000 dread I've merged this into default in preparation for release 1.4.2, but there may be a couple of useful additions that could be done on this or another branch/ticket. Getting a package at a specified revision is really useful. This can be used: * links in the package history (#103) (while in there, the 'moderated' flag should be shown in the package history too if not already) * should also be added to the package API (as a replacement for the AJAX call?) The history_ajax call looks like an almost duplicate of the Package Revision API. Can these be merged and put just in the API?
#1486 1322077524000000 seanh I've merged the fix for this into my feature-1298-activities-table branch, will merge it all into master at once: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/commits/feature-1298-activities-table
#868 1294753596000000 dread I've merged in David Raznick's patches: * no_autoflush_deletes.diff cset:2b9591172182 * postgres_speed.diff cset:fa1b7e3a4e0f * vdm_purge_no_autoflush.diff vdm cset 8accdd0b9b7f I've also merged in Seb's fork: cset:68d63fda4814 which closes this ticket, achieving test speeds of under 3 minutes!
#1413 1322479113000000 seanh I've made a first attempt at this here: https://github.com/seanh/ckan/compare/feature-1413-ask-users-to-add-email-address I used flash_notice() to ask the user to add an email whenever they visit their account page, if they don't have one already. This means they'll see the notice when they login, because after login they are redirected to their account page. Issues: Is it okay to approximate 'once they log in' as 'whenever they visit their account page' like this? Do I need to do something to support i18n for the string I added? I looked at users of flash_*() elsewhere and they seemed to be hardcoding the strings in English.
#1211 1315910650000000 dread I've listed what was checked into this branch 6 weeks ago and is going into release 1.4.3. Is this ticket ready to close now or are there future plans?
#699 1294412194000000 thejimmyg I've just verified that the search pages navigation does not respect the checkboxes. Could you have a look please Friedrich?
#146 1291829862000000 thejimmyg I've just tested this too and it works for me. Let's close this ticket.
#316 1291831177000000 thejimmyg I've just tested this on ckan.net and it gives a sensible message: There was an error while searching. Please try another search term.
#1496 1326104045000000 seanh I've implemented this in the activity streams branch: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1515-activity-streams
#1708 1327493457000000 dread I've got a fix for this and am just looking to see where this problem started now.
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