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#2348 1338193014000000 ross A fairly good start has been made on this at https://github.com/okfn/CKANClient-J Lowering priority for completion for now
#2256 1334051733000000 rgrp @toby: indeed and I'm strongly in favour of the basic idea too (and largely a dev question so up to you guys though feature / functionality implications would need to be talked through). My point was that custom icon stuff was #2224 :-)
#2782 1343810353000000 shevski @toby I added this post discussion about attribution. Sam says that if we actually use the app itself (currently we're using the maps from it - but primarily by taking screenshots instead of actually integrating) then the attribution would automatically show. In terms of ticket creating, I added this so people could see it and have a think about whether it's phase 3 or phase 4 (& move where necc) & whether you wanted more detail from me etc or whether it needed to be a more generic kind of ticket (i.e. 'need some low cost / low maintenance way to create backgrounds for demos'). In future, shall I email instead? Call on skype? IRC? before any tickets are created?
#698 1291851275000000 Stiivi @thejimmyg: It is neat simple solution. You have suggested a proxy API: ''There will be a new API at ``/api/spreadsheet?callback=jsonpcallback&url=`` '' There are two options: 1. Have public ckan data proxy as stand-alone service: I get package resource URL from CKAN and pass it to proxy 2. Have ckan data API (as ticket title suggests): If I am talking to CKAN, I am getting data from CKAN, I should not care about proxy or anything behind nor I should care about original data source - I care about resource data in a format that I can process (CSV/JSON). For CKAN data API I would suggest something like: {{{ /api/resource_data/RESOURCE_ID?... }}} or more human readable: {{{ /api/resource_data/PACKAGE_NAME/RESOURCE_NUMBER?... }}} This will allow others to get only CKAN resources. Moreover, allowing to get only resource data (not any URL data) would allow us to pre-process resources in the future. First version/implementation: pass each requested resource URL to your proxy service (external, not CKAN related), which determines file by file extension in URL, fail on unknown file or unprocessable file. /api/resource_data/PACKAGE/RESOURCE?output=jsonp&sheet=1... would be redirected to (for example): http://1.latest.jsonpdataproxy.appspot.com/?url=RESOURCE["URL"]&sheet=1... Second version/implementation: Determine file type in advance and pass to appropriate conversion service when requested If you upload document on scribd or slideshare it gets processed in the background. This can be done in CKAN after any resource change. We do not need to download the file at the moment, however what can be done is: 1. try a converter by URL file extension 2. try a converter by MIME type (content-type header) 3. brute-force try all converters No need to store copies of files, just store determined file type somewhere in the resource record (as mime type). Also, it would be nice if any data conversion service would provide output in both - JSON/CSV. Therefore we would be able to have "Download CSV" link directly in CKAN web page for browsing users: /api/resource_data/PACKAGE/RESOURCE?output=csv...
#2769 1343377760000000 toby @shevski, we will probably want a design for this - maybe wait till we have the basics up and running
#2302 1343636153000000 toby @shevski, please do not try to change the meaning of tickets/add features or they will just get closed as won't fix. featured datasets is nothing whatsoever to do with this ticket so adding it to the ticket just causes me to get upset / demotivated etc. please do not do this. It ruins my day. Also comments like see sams design is of no value without a url in fact it has negative value. :( I have changed the priority of this ticket to account for this but next time i'll just close it.
#2680 1342459451000000 toby @shevski, delete button implemented on demo-development reassigning to you till we decide on any rules - any decided should be added as new tickets and then close this one - chhers
#2754 1343226309000000 toby @shevski as a reminder url please - I'll find the page but it makes my job harder
#2691 1342541384000000 toby @shevski closing as a duplicate http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2664 - if you can work out how to get that 404 error please create a new ticket explaining how to reproduce - thanks
#2718 1342785406000000 toby @shevski can you use links to s031 for stuff like this as it is the testing serve and i can play with the data more - unless the error is specific to demo.ckan.org ------------- with this issue it is actually wider than you suggest as I cannot edit the group that the dataset is in either. We need to discuss this one as I don't know the best approach should groups select datasets or datasets groups or both - how do we remove datasets from groups - who can do this etc - maybe next week?
#2702 1343378761000000 toby @shevski can you rewrite this tickets so i can understand it - also is this several tickets?
#1510 1325866117000000 rgrp @seanh: Duplicate of #1299? Also estimate in super ticket which is #1515 (not linked from this ticket!) is 3.5d. Is it possible to at least make a guesstimate. E.g. probably know this won't take 30d and probably know it is more than 0.5d :-). Also if you are not sure can you not ask kindly?
#2881 1345626056000000 rgrp @seanh - this was the material from the wiki moved to the docs. I agree it is somewhat incomplete but we certainly shouldn't remove it without something better in place. Also, IMO this is currently very low priority ...
#2332 1337582891000000 rgrp @rossjones / @amercader: can you do a full review and generate sub-tickets as necessary (obviously may not all be this sprint ...)
#1553 1329755702000000 rgrp @ross: this is indeed the issue (and I explained this to dread but failed to note here). I suggested this was a limited problem as most sites would not allow anonymous editing (which is where this occurs). However, it is a UX bug for that situation.
#1574 1325774336000000 rgrp @ross: Is it possible to update the detailed description of this ticket so it reflects current reality (whatever that is ;-) ) (BTW: you can edit the main descript of the ticket by scrolling to the bottom of this ticket edit page)
#2818 1345482572000000 toby @ross, This is an issue with the related items schema - I'm not quite sure what all the rules should be eg does visulisation need image url? or is normal url ok? Could you review the schema and ensure that we require/don't require the correct items. If you provide the rules I can help do the schema if you want but I don't know them cheers Toby
#2445 1338472624000000 toby @ross the validation error seems correct to use 200 for the created the 303 seems ok but i'd just use pylons redirect myself Also did aron say we want this as a javascript free add item form
#2302 1342095074000000 toby @ross do you want to give this to aron or me?
#1430 1320667523000000 rgrp @pudo: brilliant spot. How did that misconfig end up there? Anyway, commenting out and rebooting means we do now have separate cores seems to fix it.
#664 1294413696000000 thejimmyg @pudo is this still valid?
#1122 1304368075000000 dread @pudo I notice you tackling solr indexing of lists/tuples in ckanext-solr cset:ecc2d69df991 so have updated to use this on ckan.net and reindexed, but #1122 still seems an issue - any chance you can take a look?
#2812 1344524290000000 toby @markw, Actually I see you also want some text changes please don't add unrelated discussions to tickets as it causes noise is disruptive and I just end up closing tickets as won't fix etc. I have updated the text as it was assigned to me and so i am still keeping this closed as I did as requested. Can you an ira sort this out between yourselves and create a new ticket when you have agreement Thanks
#2812 1344523785000000 toby @markw I think you are talking about a different ticket closing
#1291 1315948475000000 rgrp @kindly: is this not done? (I know there is more work to be done here but though table creation was done ...). If not need to move to next milestone so we can close this one.
#1447 1332511544000000 rgrp @kindly: hope ok to assign to you (maybe just for review and thought on who would be best placed to look at ...)
#954 1315948855000000 rgrp @kindly: can you update here. My impression is that lots was done but the current ticket description bears little relation to what was done. Suggest we move current content to a new ticket and update this with a short description of what *was* done and then close -- does this sound sensible?
#961 1308230058000000 rgrp @kindly: can we close this ticket now. All the meat is done and the remaining related tickets are either low priority or possibly wontfix.
#1231 1315948921000000 rgrp @kindly: Does this fit in with current plans? If not suggest we close as invalid/wontfix or put into the backlog (though given lack of content not sure that is very useful ...)
#1448 1325774155000000 rgrp @kindly: Any details ;-) (even when this happened, approach taken)?
#2331 1338390995000000 rgrp @kindly I really don't get this but I may understand poorly. Google does not work by or-ing does it (as i add things to the search query I get *less* results not more ...). It also makes it really hard to find stuff: as I add query terms to my query I get more stuff not less which makes for terrible finding of stuff - I appreciate that there is a scoring aspect but that seems secondary.
#2581 1340714955000000 toby @kindly we actually need an extra state for full functionality can we create a new 'draft-complete' state as well? does that need any additional magic? please answer and reassign
#1400 1329729653000000 rgrp @johnglover: I don't think Ross has done much here and he's obviously occupied with DGU at ;-) As you worked on this earlier would be able to look at this and a) check what docs there are b) add to them as necessary :-)
#2855 1345103314000000 toby @ira, this works for me at the given link try refreshing the page in case it's a cache issue
#2704 1342710830000000 toby @ira, this isn't really needed then! there is no point doing work if we need to do it again editing resources is easy enough now anyway I suggest we just close this ticket as a won't fix and #2705 as well while we're at it. I'm also not happy about these being added to the phase 2 milestone when we are at the end of finishing it and these are not bugfixes or critical functionality
#2714 1342706752000000 toby @ira, this isn't a phase 2 item - moving to phase 3 can you view the document when you download it? The message says it thinks it is corrupt
#2721 1343031299000000 toby @ira, this is an issue for sysadmins only - i'll look at it anyhow
#2569 1340376578000000 toby @ira, that's fixed in the dev branch just not pushed to demo we need the one i've suggested too
#2737 1343135305000000 toby @ira, that url is broken. I'll fix this
#2700 1344245069000000 toby @ira, languages are in their own language Capitalisation is English Imperialism so I think we shouldn't do this
#2734 1343126896000000 toby @ira, fixed and uploaded to s031 re-open if still broken
#2812 1344445200000000 toby @ira, do you want this change?
#2734 1343063266000000 toby @ira, can you try to work out exactly how to cause this problem starting with `add a dataset` and let me know how you break things tell me all the fields you filled in - also try to get it to happen using as little effort as possible eg add dataset http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new title = mooooo click next:add data resource = moo format = csv click `save & add another` click on resource just created in sidebar to edit change format to `HTML,` click `Save & add another` etc that all works fine for me what am i doing wrong? thanks also please try using a non sysadmin account
#2642 1344601299000000 toby @ira, can you review this http://s031.okserver.org:2375/harvest The add/edit form isn't perfect I have no idea how to use this extension so my testing has been limited make a new ticket for any problems - Also for now we only care about major issues @adriá would be nice if you could also see if it's working correctly
#2704 1342707398000000 toby @ira, again not sure this makes sense from a ux perspective @aron, reassign to me if you want it doing should be trivial
#2728 1343031111000000 toby @ira, This is because you are a sysadmin - not sure why ckan does this but i'll look at it with the other group search tickets moving to phase 3 as not a user viewable issue
#2863 1345122384000000 toby @ira, This is actually working correctly but the permissions on the server s031 are not what you want I do not know how or where these are defined - he has package_update permissions from somewhere maybe ross or someone knows
#2725 1343030773000000 toby @ira, This is a ckan issue not demo-theme I think we need a ckan day - wider team to look at many of these style issues
#2852 1345103409000000 toby @ira, Please review the fix I think adriá did
#2722 1343062752000000 toby @ira, It is much easier to work with tickets that only cover one thing - If something is found then the easiest thing is to add a new ticket. If you feel it's related to another ticket then you can add that to the new ticket eg related to #1234 If tickets need combining it is easy for us devs to do it. Basically adding something to a ticket is generally a bad thing. Sometimes it's fair enough if something is missing for a new feature being reviewed etc - but even then a new ticket is generally not a problem. Small tickets are nice to work on as we can close them quick etc. The old [super] style tickets have been banned as they generally lead to owners becoming demotivated and unproductive. It's always nice if you can find if a ticket already exists but I don't mind you opening a few duplicates if you can't find the ticket - for the demo you can probably just skim the tickets in the milestones as there aren't too many - but as you know I try to review them quite often. Also please don't reopen really old tickets just add a new one If it's been closed in the last month or so then feel free to re-open if you're sure it's not just waiting for release - you can always check with the last owner of the ticket. hope that makes sense
#2743 1343130830000000 toby @ira, I've changed the wording on the button too 'Add Dataset to Group' Adds the group auto-magically this is live on s031 for testing fun
#2705 1342707341000000 toby @ira, I'm not sure about this if some one is editing a resource moving to edit the dataset seems wrong - a back to resource makes sense to me but not moving to the edit page @aron, If you want this then assign it to me if you're busy
#2782 1343805253000000 toby @ira, I'm just closing this a) Because the ticket doesn't really mean anything what is `properly` also a link to some random website does not help. The ticket should tell me exactly what is wanted not be some sort of treasure hunt. b) This is major feature creep - we have agreed the tickets for phase 3 small things/bug fixes are fine but this possibly a massive thing. For weird stuff like this maybe you should save them up for when we have a meet up. You need to get buy-in from developers I need to have some sort of pride in what I do. c) I don't think this is a good idea from a technical perspective - maybe if you create a meaningful ticket it may make more sense. d) Also I'm not doing anything involving maps till we have proper attribution of the map we are using on the demo site because I have morals, I thought okfn did too but I'm not sure any more. Sorry to have to do this but it is for my sanity. As I have repeatedly said the tickets are really important as they are the basis of all the work that I do. They need to be of a reasonable standard.
#2853 1345103841000000 toby @ira, I'll change to notice will do for the other one too
#2726 1343030906000000 toby @ira, I think this is probably linked to the qa plugin and auto detecting formats rather than believing the user.
#2863 1345201502000000 toby @ira, I am moving this to phase 4 as it's not going to be looked at till the new permissions stuff is agreed
#2699 1344507133000000 toby @ira, This is probably void now due to yesterdays dev meeting but will keep alive - moving out of phase 3 as not happening anytime soon and dependent on ross's organisation work will probably move to ckan 2.0 milestone
#2782 1343811113000000 toby @ira, I'm happy to discuss things on irc/email if you are unsure about things. If There are tickets that you are not sure about when they are wanted, then add them to phase 4 as they can then be ignored for now - anything added to phase 3 is a "this needs doing now" thing and as we have agreed exactly what we are doing in this phase (last week) then adding new features will likely get a negative reaction. So if not sure add it to phase 4 - aron and I may do some phase 4 tickets if we feel they will be quick and easy. As I've said small things like the breadcrumb is wrong on page xxx or bugfix tickets are fine as broken stuff needs fixing. Sometimes it may not be clear how much work something will be or who the person who needs to fix it is - so just ask first. The main problem with this ticket is that it is unclear what the ticket is about. cheers
#2667 1342773124000000 toby @ira #2706 is done maybe this can be closed now
#2828 1344507533000000 toby @ira this is the correct behaviour as this is a partially added dataset - rewritten ticket as it has a nice number :)
#2722 1343036871000000 toby @ira I have disabled the sort order of group datasets in phase 2 as it is totally broken - I'll re-add it in phase 3 Also the comment you made you added bug2 - text covers order by box -PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS - all it does is make the tickets really hard to deal with - if this becomes a habit I will close all such tickets as INVALID as it makes trac unusable for developers - THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT - cheers @aron, can you watch for feature creep in tickets and let me know if it happens - thanks
#1460 1328001114000000 rgrp @dread: re-assigning to you (at least to review). Would be really good to have this closed out asap.
#1319 1318426807000000 rgrp @dread: hope it is OK to re-assign to me but this is very similar to #1386 (and is a su bticket of #1343)
#1477 1325186158000000 rgrp @davidraznick: as per our discussion last week I think we need a ticket (or item) about writing up either in docs or in wiki how to implement various standard scenarios/workflows such as: * 'Curated tag' (standard) Groups * Publisher workflow - http://wiki.ckan.org/Workflows#Moderated_Workflow * DGU setup Suggest doing this either at end of http://wiki.ckan.org/Groups_Refactor, or perhaps better,http://wiki.ckan.org/Groups_Refactor.
#2853 1345104231000000 toby @both notices now blue
#2569 1340362284000000 toby @aron, which page is this on? can you add a url - cheers
#2661 1342014327000000 toby @aron, we only can delete - see button if we have permission if you make logic/auth/delete.py package_delete() return {'success': True} then it will give everyone the permission - useful for testing
#2710 1342779460000000 toby @aron, we need to have this styled a little better when non-js user maybe it needs a little thought so that the lightbox gets a snippet and the non-js user gets the snippet embedded in a page so consisten styling and looks like part of ckan
#2441 1338291362000000 toby @aron, this is now in a snippet (jinja2 allows the selected="selected" more easily) needs some work still eg translation stuff and also maybe completely rewrite the snippet at some point. Anyhow the functionality is there. I added the button for no javascript working. I'm assigning to you for beautification etc on live demo http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset?q=&sort=title_string+asc
#2445 1338975600000000 toby @aron, this is as good a place as anywhere to answer your question about the c.form thing. a) some of this we are sort of stuck with. datasets for example can be of different types and have different forms for different datasets. so they need to be rendered separately. I have no idea why or how much this is used but it exists as an option to complicate everything, not much we can do about it. b) I think trying to do pages as a single rendering is not going to be easy because of the way ckan has been created maybe we can change this over time. One major issue for me is that ckan does lots of crazy stuff for some reasons but these reasons are not apparent from the code. Maybe there is some documentation somewhere but I'm not convinced. anyhow we should maybe close this ticket now. You've added some stuff in the comment for me to do maybe that should be added as a new ticket?
#2440 1339423966000000 toby @aron, tags what functionality do we want for this? I can just reuse the facet_list snippet but then we have all sorts of interactivity. Do we want this more a static list of tags (linked to somewhere but no add remove stuff)? seems more sensible I think featured datasets I've no idea I'll try to discover
#2442 1338477973000000 toby @aron, related items on dataset page has been added it's really basic and just displays the fields that seem useful. we may need to add the add related item feature first as they are hard to add. please make it beautiful
#2700 1344258748000000 toby @aron, re flags it'd be nice to have more as the languages are not so fixed maybe that's too much work for this phase and is more wishlist @shevski, The language capitalisations should be correct they are from babel not us anyhow
#2779 1343818990000000 toby @aron, pkg_dict.state I think the options are active - all good draft/draft-complete - partially created dataset deleted - deleted
#2665 1342079165000000 toby @aron, ok if you now pull 2375-demo... you will see I've moved the stages into the form and added some buttons - this should now be stable and ready for you to style
#2558 1340271359000000 toby @aron, not quite sure what your problem was. I had an integrity error on part 1 save which is fixed. my issues 1) part 1 tags not saved 2) part 2 resources not saved 3) part 3 no form shown - i thought you had one showing where did it go? will look at 1 & 2 for starters
#2558 1340367843000000 toby @aron, metadata now saves pushing back to you - in branch
#2661 1342515034000000 toby @aron, flash messages added I've changed these to being done via form javascript action: on click delete button display dialog confirm -> set hidden input name=confirm_delete value -> "yes" submit form no -> stop form submit hope that makes sense if not shout need this for dataset/group will also need for resource/related at some point soon
#2722 1344358667000000 toby @aron, can you re-add the dropdown and sort the overlap issue not sure which template it's in
#2447 1343377924000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2451 1343378027000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2452 1343377943000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2453 1343377952000000 toby @aron, can we close this as being too general - and have specific tickets?
#2562 1342090168000000 toby @aron, assigning to you so doesn't get lost let me know if you need anything from me for this
#2503 1339495333000000 toby @aron, To clarify this a bit. We want this so that a extension can create a new template say dataset/read.html but rather than rewriting the `core` template in ckan it can extend it in the same way as {% extends %}. The main difference is that {% ckan_extends 'template.html' %} would `walk` the ckan template tree rather than the extensions template tree. Is that what we are thinking?
#2781 1343901395000000 toby @aron, This is possible via /ckan-admin/config but renders badly with the demo theme disabled due to hiding behind that black rectangle - maybe we can do something?
#2751 1344243046000000 toby @aron, The pip install polib is needed this is a deployment requirement so not in the pip-requirements.txt Not sure where it should live we use it elsewhere so may already be in there somewhere not sure why you needed the egg_inf
#2658 1343378208000000 toby @aron, If we are doing this then we should just get it done asap. I have to say I think it sucks as an idea as I know what a group and a publisher is in english and we have groups. I'd like this a wontfix
#2493 1342774354000000 toby @aron, I've removed the breadcrumb and got it to eat flash messages as these tend to be repeated at least for some actions - maybe the flash messages is overkill. Anyhow I think it's good enough for phase 3 and we should either say it is done or move to phase 3 I think this would benefit from some design from Sam at some point and I quite like a graphic on an error page to make it a little pretty but not any rush
#2706 1342707718000000 toby @aron, I've done this for you
#2765 1343735917000000 toby @aron, I've added a data summary The data errors for empty fields are not happening due to our use of repoze.who for logins which is crap and doesn't provide feedback re loggin details so not possible without hacking repoze which i'm not doing. Could you look at cleaning up the error summary we don't supply a field name (key) as not relevant it would be nice if we could hide the : also removing the invalid fields message would be good to hide maybe add this as an option to the macro
#2454 1339495000000000 toby @aron, I'm going to leave this open for the moment but not make the requested change as I need to think of the best way forward. The flash message error is quite hard coded into the logic and I need to think of a nice solution.
#2836 1344853957000000 toby @aron, I'd love it if we could pass it as an arg ie form.input(...., extra_info=<something escaped if not literal()>) also while we're at it I'd also really like form.input(...., help_info=<something>) that would give a (?) icon with a :hover {display:block} div - that make sense?
#2454 1339431487000000 toby @aron, I'd like to close this as a won't fix - your thoughts
#2704 1343948227000000 toby @aron, I don't like auto submit as people may think (reasonably) that their changes are discarded. We could catch all clicks and then ask the user if they've changed something but this feels a little crazy - better than the browser dialog. hmmm maybe we should discuss this ticket with the other backlog of undecided/unsure personally I think we need to review the whole edit/view/delete logic as it feels real poor from my perspective - I need to edit something to delete it - that is a wtf imho let's work out what we are doing before wasting energy on this
#2667 1342525152000000 toby @aron, Almost got this sucker - can you add an error summary to the top of the form - put in a crappy date to trigger an error do that the close this unless you find something
#2647 1342169056000000 toby @aron this button is now working on core http://localhost:5000/dataset/newcastle-city-council-payments-over-500/resource/0c2bd47a-6ac5-412e-a337-1b45a952e07e please note it is hidden in ckanext-demo also your `modal` think stops the link working - can you get it so that we open the href in a lightbox or somesuch. Also for now whilst waiting for the modal stuff to be implemented it'd be nice if it didn't block the link
#2576 1340369674000000 toby @aron the resources sidebox is still broken breadcrumb is fixed though
#2667 1342456802000000 toby @aron can you merge your branch into 2375-demo-theme-development - there are conflicts so i can't do a `git am patch` then reassign thanks
#2824 1344527130000000 shevski @aron any ideas?
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