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#780 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#781 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#784 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#786 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#787 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#790 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#793 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#794 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#798 1289815658000000 johnbywater Moved from sprint 1.3.3
#1345 1340190737000000 ross Moved out of milestone so that it gets looked at again soon
#73 1266510366000000 johnbywater Moved ticket to okfn tracker: http://www.knowledgeforge.net/okfn/tasks/ticket/256
#2329 1346664271000000 ross Moved to 2.0 branch for new UI.
#235 1340627057000000 icmurray Moved to ckan-future and unassign so that this ticket will be picked up in triage.
#84 1340626385000000 icmurray Moved to ckan-future, and assigned to kindly. @kindly : move to a different milestone, or close/won't-fix as you see fit.
#1005 1300100085000000 dread Moved to dgu trac ticket 869
#246 1297066757000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/2/support-for-primary-key-not-named-id
#776 1297066840000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/3/avoid-generating-vdm-warnings
#916 1297066902000000 rgrp Moved to https://bitbucket.org/okfn/vdm/issue/4/port-new-vdm-to-mongodb
#892 1324314636000000 rgrp Moved to v1.6.
#1507 1329752194000000 rgrp Moving as no opportunity to do last sprint.
#810 1300093797000000 rgrp Moving back to backlog for v1.4 as should be dependent on forms overhaul and seems to be problematic (and not that urgent).
#2624 1341583610000000 seanh Moving into 1.8 and making high priority, needed for cmap
#2913 1350303779000000 seanh Moving into 2.0 milestone. Also affects 1.8.
#1439 1325474974000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (has not super ticket atm and seems of low relative importance -- nice to have but not essential).
#1533 1327319887000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (see previous comment).
#1588 1325475117000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (super is in atm).
#1589 1325475095000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 (super ticket is in).
#1598 1325474818000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 as many more important things to do.
#1584 1325475164000000 rgrp Moving out of v1.6 until determined it is in (super ticket is in).
#1317 1325473762000000 rgrp Moving out v1.6 as minor.
#1720 1328528809000000 johnglover Moving over to current sprint. Basic converters added, still have to write tests.
#945 1301909147000000 dread Moving super ticket to 1.4 milestone
#2748 1344503744000000 aron.carroll Moving this to phase 4 until we decide what to do about the edit/save workflow
#985 1306407617000000 amercader Moving this to the PDEU (publicdata.eu) project
#1703 1328528711000000 johnglover Moving to backlog for now. Work based on current schema (from original proof-of-concept site and later meetings) complete, waiting for final metadata schema to be confirmed.
#1466 1328529062000000 rgrp Moving to backlog.
#1467 1325462196000000 rgrp Moving to current sprint as this sprint is now long finished. @jimmyg: please close, defer, update as necessary!
#1466 1324298713000000 rgrp Moving to v1.6 as no specific milestone for this.
#1533 1324397900000000 rgrp Moving to v1.6 backlog. Sort of working but ross suggests we should be using atom feeds.
#2783 1343814401000000 rgrp My 2c: this is very low priority atm (it will also be hard to do). What I'd vote for is some decent default patterned background or similar (what we have originally wasn't *that* bad ...)
#1719 1328541630000000 dread My bad - the server wasn't updated correctly.
#2302 1343315555000000 shevski My ideas for this could include one day: One page where the portal admin can choose and/or change the: 1. Portal name & tag line 2. Logo (to be displayed in header) 3. About page text 4. Featured dataset & text on homepage ? 5. Featured groups for homepage ? 6. Footer links 7. Colour scheme 8. Homepage background (?)
#277 1294416367000000 thejimmyg My opinion is that having configuration in a database is a bad idea. We are currently considering moving to a system where CKAN is installable using apt-get. Since we're already moving functionality into CKAN extensions, choosing what you want kind of CKAN you would like would then be as simple as chosing the package to install. Configuring it would just be editing the config file. I don't think this is as relevant as it was 10 months ago. Anyone mind if I change this to wontfix?
#1004 1323177994000000 dread My suggested fix: {{{ diff --git a/ckan/templates/group/index.html b/ckan/templates/group/index.html index 8502df9..064e066 100644 --- a/ckan/templates/group/index.html +++ b/ckan/templates/group/index.html @@ -9,7 +9,15 @@ <py:match path="primarysidebar"> <li class="widget-container boxed widget_text"> <h3>What Are Groups?</h3> - <span i18n:msg="">Whilst tags are great at collecting datasets together, + <p><span i18n:msg="">Whilst tags are great at collecting datasets togethe + <p> + <span i18n:msg="" class="ckan-logged-in" style="display: none;"> + <a href="${h.url_for(controller='group',action='new', id=None)}">Creat + </span> + <span i18n:msg="" class="ckan-logged-out"> + To create a new group, please first <a href="${h.url_for(controller='u + </span> + </p> </li> </py:match> diff --git a/ckan/templates/group/layout.html b/ckan/templates/group/layout.html index 64153aa..a3f732b 100644 --- a/ckan/templates/group/layout.html +++ b/ckan/templates/group/layout.html @@ -25,9 +25,12 @@ <li py:attrs="{'class':'current-tab'} if c.action=='index' else {}"> ${h.subnav_link(c, h.icon('group') + _('List Groups'), controller='grou </li> - <li py:attrs="{'class':'current-tab'} if c.action=='new' else {}"> + <li py:attrs="{'class':'current-tab'} if c.action=='new' else {}" class=" ${h.subnav_link(c, h.icon('group_add') + _('Add a Group'), controller=' </li> + <li py:attrs="{'class':'current-tab'} if c.action=='new' else {}" class=" + ${h.subnav_link(c, h.icon('group_add') + _('Log-in to add a Group'), co + </li> </ul> </py:match> }}} BUT this fix doesn't completely work. When you log-in and create a group, at this point the nav bar changes from the (correct) "Add a group" to (incorrect) "Log-in to add a group".
#176 1257533003000000 rgrp My suggestion here is that this ticket get taken to okfn-discuss/okfn-help. This isn't a trivial issue. Do we go Debian (must exist in debian and to a name) or PyPI (very flexible, to name + version) route?
#1001 1300625888000000 pudo My vote on this would be to enable "httpbasic" auth via repoze.who and to add an API key challenger to ckan/lib/authenticator.py that accepts API keys, from within repoze.who. This way we won't have to work around the framework at all and can retain compatibility to the existing mechanisms.
#458 1294415537000000 thejimmyg N/a anymore.
#2347 1339602763000000 shevski Name-wise: what do we think of 'Related Media' - that suggests news articles, apps & visualisations to me I'n not sure about relating 'ideas' to specific datasets. Looking at the way ideas work in DGU & pd.eu - it's more general and portal-wide so should flesh out user stories for this before adding ideas to related extension
#1703 1330956340000000 johnglover Nearly done, need to write converter to rename tags to keywords, waiting for Toby's API work to be finished.
#962 1298889078000000 rgrp Nearly done.
#270 1290596640000000 dread <[email protected]> Nearly everything mentioned here has been achieved with the SpreadsheetData, DataRecords<-SpreadsheetDataRecords, PackageImporter<-SpreadsheetPackageImporter design. New imports can take advantage of this.
#1066 1301904246000000 dread Need a new role 'ANON_EDITOR' which is the default role for Visitor, which can create packages, but not groups.
#1451 1324288407000000 johnglover Need to add analytics javascript to new resource view page, will do under ticket #1519.
#407 1281506792000000 [email protected] Need to agree who is doing this. ATM Julian is on holiday and Richard is focussed on visualisation. Will pick up after holidays - hope this is ok.
#2355 1338212946000000 toby Need to do documentation which is #2362 so has own ticket closing
#982 1298482394000000 dread Need to do this for older branches which isn't subject to #963.
#2366 1338215334000000 ross Need to make sure there is a clear migration between authgroups and organizations if desired.
#1605 1327317069000000 dread Need to merge with #1682
#2651 1341935288000000 ross Need to update messytables and ckanext-datastore to make sure we can process tsv and store the data as tabular data in the datastore.
#274 1280262229000000 rgrp Need to work on postgres and test there.
#1659 1326747205000000 dread Needed another fix: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/ff08fd6...b772f52
#2700 1343580145000000 aron.carroll Needs pretty little flags, I think that's it.
#2347 1340613938000000 ross Needs some UI work now, have changed status to blocker which appears to be the only way to denote something as blocked (awaiting resource).
#327 1296467361000000 pudo Nerdy solution that doesn't really seem to catch on, does nothing that cannot be done through queue workers.
#1530 1326283604000000 rgrp Never accepted for this sprint. Should have been v1.6 or backlog.
#1797 1330550304000000 rgrp New API endpoint, Authorization and documentation done and merged to master. Time so far. 1.5d. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/a054071e2e29e70e7cfa69df8c117ad5d5871a24
#2629 1343392596000000 seanh New ticket #2771 encompasses this and related changes, closing this one as a dup
#1468 1321875777000000 johnglover New ticket, moving over to new sprint
#1543 1324296991000000 johnglover New ticket, moving to current sprint
#1600 1328183223000000 dread Nice tutorial - that is one nice use case for the Data Hub we want to push. And good to be able to have context help in CKAN, with configurable URLs. I'm just wondering why boot another Sphinx, on top of our existing wiki.ckan.org, ckan.org & ReadTheDocs solution? Why has it changed from a couple of months ago when we redesigned the docs with Anna and we all decided that User Docs should live in the wiki.
#2581 1340728155000000 kindly No any state without active, pending or deleted in their name is fine.
#112 1264876463000000 rgrp No easy way to test this and now have ticket:239 (test migrate scripts)
#1299 1325866115000000 rgrp No estimate as yet? (Or is it in super ticket? (Link?)). Also isn't this a duplicate of #1510 (or vice-versa)?
#2863 1345123978000000 ross No idea :| The perms are commented out by default in the template ini file. You should take a look at the ini file and see how it is setup, search for ckan.default_roles.Package but I can't see how Daniel would have been granted read access without the auth pages being implemented.
#1297 1315403878000000 zephod No longer doing inline editing on the view page.
#1296 1315403275000000 zephod No longer doing inline resource editing on dataset/view; instead use the edit form.
#12 1204135071000000 rgrp No longer have concept of releases in CKAN domain model (if we did with vdm could now implement simply as a package at a particular point in time).
#7 1204136209000000 rgrp No longer have concept of releases in CKAN domain model (if we did with vdm could now implement simply as a package at a particular point in time).
#14 1204136163000000 rgrp No longer have concept of releases in CKAN domain model (if we did with vdm could now implement simply as a package at a particular point in time).
#13 1218545330000000 rgrp No longer have concept of releases in CKAN domain model. See ticket:12.
#441 1292586309000000 dread No need for requirements. Story tickets exist: #763 & #765
#2678 1342512362000000 toby No need it exists
#980 1297501755000000 rgrp No owner :) -- also what about the issue that when trying to edit a package for which you did not have permission you got a 500 ...
#1785 1340724312000000 seanh No point in doing this for 1.8 because the new theme is coming along anyway, moving into 1.9
#1244 1323089995000000 dread No progress yet
#1319 1315904592000000 dread No responses received about this on ckan-discuss, so I'm taking that as no objections to requiring email address on registration. I think that verifying email address is not worth it in this case, because the value of supplying an email address is only for resetting a password. The chance of needing a password reset AND having inputted an incorrect email address is very low, so I don't think it justifies everyone having to do this extra step. If we used email address more then that may change.
#426 1282925305000000 dread No responses unfortunately - maybe they are fine!
#2283 1340623843000000 kindly No super tickets anymore.
#1430 1320660144000000 amercader No, I didn't know it. Is this supposed to be the correct setting or should each core have its own data dir?
#2322 1339750135000000 ross No, new new features in point releases, we only put bug features in unless there is an extremely pressing need.
#1012 1301909937000000 thejimmyg No-one really seems to have requested this part.
#533 1292957374000000 dread Not a current issue afaik.
#488 1320930240000000 dread Not a current reqt.
#49 1257244973000000 rgrp Not a problem at the moment.
#753 1294247922000000 thejimmyg Not an explicit requirement yet so closing ticket. Will re-open if needed.
#2704 1342709081000000 shevski Not an ideal UX solution, but important in the interim!
#418 1291637919000000 rgrp Not clear what ticket entails and think this has happened (should be on dgu in any case).
#502 1292586466000000 dread Not doing data4nr at the moment.
#386 1281088994000000 johnbywater Not doing for Apache, since it does not run as a user process.
#910 1310128544000000 thejimmyg Not enough information and over 6 months old so closing.
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