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#1721 1329133348000000 johnglover Done: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/bf3c85fbf9c72c0e8ac27d2079c20e07b6c7c668
#1720 1328528809000000 johnglover Moving over to current sprint. Basic converters added, still have to write tests.
#1719 1328519411000000 rgrp Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/90c76b0b006cf505698834e833b548634cf10d17 (see log message for details of error and the fix).
#1719 1328532877000000 dread I've updated test.ckan.org with this fix and am afraid there are still broken images on http://test.ckan.net/revision
#1719 1328541630000000 dread My bad - the server wasn't updated correctly.
#1718 1328093772000000 rgrp WEll known issue. Just needs an upgrade in jquery to 1.7.
#1718 1340632748000000 icmurray Re-assigned to aron for triage.
#1718 1340703280000000 aron.carroll This was fixed at some point.
#1717 1330088539000000 zephod 1. Already exists; "tags:csv" rather than "tag:csv" 2. Format is user selected; we just show the most popular choices. Perhaps an effort should be made to force people to homogenize their format choices (my work with automatic icons will do this to an extent). Also, res_format doesn't appear on thedatahub.org, but for some reason it does on test... 3. There are thousands. We just show the most popular/relevant tags for your search. This could break out into another ticket though - eg. autocompleting tag input on the page? 4. Can't remember what this is... 5. I did this a while ago and popular opinion was that it should change back. This gives us room for expanded options like on thedatahub's live search page right now, and matches the layout of the Groups view page. 6. They should maybe be ordered by relevance, which includes popularity in some metric? This should be broken into a seperate ticket if you want it to go ahead and given to a Solr expert.
#1716 1327601196000000 zephod Easily done. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/2bd50d92f48ca67edb69e51a7bcfc5009d77a785
#1715 1328494878000000 kindly Mostly there, need to added types and stopfiles. Need to add actual multilingual fields. Decided to translated title as well for relevance.
#1712 1328526163000000 icmurray Update 6/2/2012 : Awaiting the publisher hierarchy in order to populate the "browse by publisher" section.
#1710 1327580140000000 dread Rufus says that the paster command is enough for now.
#1710 1327583922000000 dread Code done in [master 804b549] headed for release Example usage (on the appropriate server): {{{ paster db user-dump-csv /tmp/users.csv }}}
#1709 1327620136000000 rgrp I have already fixed the issue with counts (in a branch to be merged) :-) Also this is opened in an already ended sprint :-) IMO we don't bother testing simple_search since intended to be hacky and unsupported. Worth documenting the option but highlighting non-supported nature.
#1709 1327620218000000 rgrp I also note there is an error with how importing was working (re top level imports in lib/search.py) that meant simple_search was broken. I've fixed this locally and raised with Ross (whose commit triggered the problem) ...
#1709 1327659562000000 dread I have checked in a similar fix and with a simple test.
#1709 1327659722000000 dread Note: imports issue was previously dealt with in #1708 and was originally caused by Ian's commit - Ross just merged it in to master.
#1708 1327493457000000 dread I've got a fix for this and am just looking to see where this problem started now.
#1708 1327494415000000 dread The problem has traced back to this commit by Ian: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/51136465fb1bb94ea70df32be00eaef6ae43792b ckan/config/routing.py {{{ -from ckan.plugins import PluginImplementations, IRoutes 10 +from ckan.controllers.package import set_fallback_controller as set_fallback_package_controller,\ 11 + add_package_controller,\ 12 + set_default_as_fallback_controller_if_required as set_default_as_fallback_package_controller_if_required 13 +from ckan.plugins import PluginImplementations, IRoutes, IPluggablePackageController }}} By importing the package controller at this earlier point, it sets the ckan_url quasi-global variable before the config file has been loaded. {{{ /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/middleware.py(18)<module>() -> from ckan.config.environment import load_environment /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/environment.py(20)<module>() -> from ckan.config.routing import make_map /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/config/routing.py(10)<module>() -> from ckan.controllers.package import set_fallback_controller as set_fallback_package_controller,\ /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/controllers/package.py(20)<module>() -> from ckan.lib.search import SearchIndexError, SearchError /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/lib/search/__init__.py(9)<module>() -> from common import (SearchIndexError, SearchError, SearchQueryError, > /home/dread/gitroot/ckan/ckan/lib/search/common.py(11)<module>() -> solr_url = config.get('solr_url', DEFAULT_SOLR_URL) }}} In retrospect we should have not initialised the variables from the config during import.
#1708 1327505889000000 dread Fix on its way. This problem also stopped simple_search and affected reading the beaker settings. Patch will make SOLR settings initialised consciously in config/environment.ini, rather than at search import time. I've also moved the search import time to be later.
#1708 1327580995000000 dread Fixed in [master 0d3543c]
#1707 1328024253000000 johnglover Tom fixed this as part of #1583
#1705 1327945105000000 seanh Done in branch feature-1698-tag-taxonomies
#1705 1328094584000000 seanh Reopening because I still need to trace all the places in the model (tag.py, package.py, etc.) where there are methods that depend on tag names being unique, and then in the controllers and logic functions as well, and add new tests for the updated methods.
#1704 1327425354000000 johnglover Importer made and added to ckanext-ecportal/scripts. Still has to be run on the test server with Eurostat JSON datasets.
#1703 1327425195000000 johnglover First draft complete (see ckanext-ecportal extension), ideally would need sample data from additional publishers for testing.
#1703 1328528711000000 johnglover Moving to backlog for now. Work based on current schema (from original proof-of-concept site and later meetings) complete, waiting for final metadata schema to be confirmed.
#1703 1329918613000000 johnglover Some metadata model info clarified at meeting today, will update ckanext-ecportal accordingly.
#1703 1330956340000000 johnglover Nearly done, need to write converter to rename tags to keywords, waiting for Toby's API work to be finished.
#1703 1331142926000000 johnglover Marking this stage as complete. Keywords can be added/updated via WUI and API, but are still labelled 'tags' when called via package_show API call, but this will be addressed in a separate ticket.
#1701 1327423221000000 amercader Done. See 668292 - 78cc11 Time spent: 1.5 days
#1701 1330084925000000 dread I can't find these changesets - am not sure which release this is in.
#1701 1330085360000000 amercader Sorry, this ticket referred to the EC Portal project, the changesets are from ckanext-ecportal. This hasn't gone into core yet, which is ticket #906
#1700 1327425247000000 johnglover Done, see ecportal_setup.rst in ckanext-ecportal extension.
#1699 1327425070000000 johnglover CKAN 1.5.1 with EC Portal extension has been deployed to test server. Full setup docs are in the ckanext-ecportal extension.
#1698 1338204433000000 seanh Closing this super ticket, see remaining tickets with keyword "taxonomies": http://trac.ckan.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=closed&status=new&status=reopened&group=owner&max=1000&order=milestone&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=owner&col=milestone&col=keywords&keywords=~taxonomies
#1697 1327402311000000 dread Just note that although there are similarities to the 'auto-save' feature on forms #1538, these use cases probably justify the different methods of saving the draft.
#1695 1327323309000000 dread I propose spending 2h on this.
#1695 1327426989000000 dread * links_to/linked_from was already available (since Sept - Friedrich put them in). * Count property not easy so not done. * POST to the Relationships Register (all three) works now (and the original way via the entity still works too) * Schema/validation was added along with tests for error conditions. * Creating a new relationship documented in Model Methods * 'Model Formats' section in API docs restored and updated. Committed to master aimed for release 1.6 https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f16450c1c34cac09046a098273f66d2b75aa87dd Spent 6h on this in the end - generally useful tidying in this area.
#1695 1330085001000000 dread Went into CKAN release 1.6
#1693 1338206601000000 ross Toby fixed this up
#1692 1329242042000000 dread CMAP are really keen on having this for groups
#1692 1329242134000000 dread CMAP also interested in having some custom CSS for a group, but that is perhaps another ticket.
#1692 1338204395000000 johnglover Image URL attribute added to groups (http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2275). Won't add a similar attribute to dataset at present. Another option is to display the group image on dataset page.
#1691 1327082369000000 dread RTFM... ;-) user add <user-name> [apikey=<apikey>] [password=<password>]
#1691 1327314081000000 rgrp OK Great. I only raised this because James mentioned this at sprint before Christmas as did Fry guys. One of us should update James on this at next standup.
#1688 1327315514000000 dread Have not really started this - rolling into new sprint.
#1688 1328198481000000 dread Done: [feature-1688-authz-api 8d7b42c] Work excludes changing roles on the System object, so you can't make people sysadmins. This could be a future ticket. Docs added to apiv3.rst and examples here: http://wiki.ckan.org/Using_the_API Took: 3.5 days
#1688 1328289101000000 dread Requested by Philipp Laemmel. Is going into CKAN 1.6 release, planned for 2 weeks time.
#1687 1329338671000000 rgrp Closing as unclear what this involves (blob storage changes were deployed but webstore ones weren't ...)
#1685 1340188083000000 ross May be subsumed into a service, will keep ticket as a reminder to cleanup
#1685 1346670530000000 ross 8 months and no movement, looks like a wontfix.
#1684 1340187582000000 ross Left in backlog, but may need re-assessing depending on the data services plan.
#1683 1326975613000000 dread Workaround done in branch defect-1683-search-order - SOLR is asked for one extra result which it then discards. Merged to master, aimed for release 1.5.2. When we upgrade SOLR from 1.4 then we can remove this workaround
#1683 1326976925000000 dread Here's someone else with the exact sorting problem: http://lucene.472066.n3.nabble.com/last-item-in-results-page-is-always-the-same-td2513423.html
#1682 1330038786000000 dread Now merged into #1605
#1680 1326900832000000 ross David suggested that we could implement this with a group extra instead of a new attribute.
#1677 1326807655000000 amercader See #1678
#1675 1328519608000000 ross ckanext publisher_form ui needs reflecting to ensure only admins can admin the group.
#1675 1328709915000000 ross Fixed in #1758
#1673 1327941049000000 ross Implemented in 31199375a34e04af8158e60335816236029ff96e as part of the feature-1669-publisher-profile branch.
#1670 1328519319000000 ross Changed to reflect the need to generate documentation
#1670 1330603657000000 ross Explanation of how to work with the auth profile now at http://wiki.ckan.org/Working_with_the_publisher_auth_profile Needs reading/testing. Started admin guide documentation in branch feature-1670-publisher-profile-docs
#1669 1326803055000000 ross Subtickets are at: * Publisher profile analysis #1670 [2d] * Publisher profile sysadmin authz #1671 [1d] * Publisher profile user authz #1672 [1d] * Test auth logic hooks for publisher profile #1674 [3d] * Publisher admin authz #1675 [3d] * Publisher editor authz #1676 [2d] * Add approval status field to groups #1673 [1d]
#1666 1326977528000000 seanh Done in feature-1515-activity-streams branch. Did not add activity streams for tags (as in the ticket description), instead added 'tag added' and 'tag removed' activities into the existing user and dataset activity streams.
#1663 1327919257000000 seanh Done in branch feature-1515-activity-streams
#1662 1326730414000000 dread Not important to fix this at the moment since CKAN's OpenID compatibility is essentially deprecated.
#1661 1338206091000000 ross We have another ticket for upgrading dependencies.
#1660 1327614737000000 rgrp The broken-ness arose from a (very sensible) refactor (done by Tom Rees) to be stricter about what we tried to preview. Rather than hack around the conditions of the format string for previewing, my strong suggestion is to get rid of weird format types like x-osdata-csv (just change it to csv). An alternative, that would preserve ability to set 'funky' formats would be to set the mimetype correctly (to text/csv) (this may still need an update to the previewer but one that would be sensible to make).
#1660 1327616782000000 rgrp Update: I've done the change I suggested and it now works fine.
#1659 1326741734000000 dread Fixed in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/7eb7dddbc103a23291c05a938d9e05365c7e6189 aimed at 1.5.2
#1659 1326747205000000 dread Needed another fix: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/compare/ff08fd6...b772f52
#1658 1338206622000000 ross Being done elsewhere
#1657 1330083881000000 dread c.f. "Mounting CKAN at a non-root URL" at http://wiki.ckan.org/Deployment
#1656 1326711659000000 ross Dupe of #1657
#1654 1330863104000000 rgrp I'd vote -1 on SPARQL endpoint and doing the simple version of #1649 as proposed in my comment http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/1649#comment:2
#1653 1328887997000000 toby Initial implementation completed. /en/home - is English /fr/home - is French etc. /home uses site default from development.ini Requests to default will redirected to a language specific url if the browser requests an available language. h.url() and h.url_for() amended to use the new url scheme h.url_for_static() added for none language based urls (css, js) Base templates updated. IMPORTANT: pylons.url() removed from ckan.lib.base.render() as this allowed the language functionality to be ignored. Broken templates should use h.url() instead of url().
#1653 1329215488000000 toby branch feature-1653-i18n_url_rewriting in ckanext-ecportal is part of this fix
#1652 1340187535000000 ross Is this still required?
#1650 1326730780000000 ross Some translations are currently done with full locales (i.e. pt_BR) but we don't also have pt_PT and so where I would normally default to the language if there are only one translation I am unsure what to do in this case. Currently supports the short language code or the locale code, but this will need to be resolved before we address #1653
#1650 1338206684000000 ross Branch exists for #1650
#1650 1343126718000000 ross Probably not going to do this for ECP as John found a cleaner way of doing it.
#1650 1346670010000000 ross Closed as unnecessary now.
#1649 1330860766000000 rgrp A general comment: I wonder if we can pull the *core* part of that extension into core and strip out any external dependencies like rdflib. Specifically the 80% use of this extension is the DCAT read/write: * Get a Dataset / Resource etc as DCAT RDF (I'd suggest we *just* supply something simple like n3 or even json-ld (see below)) * (Possibly not even essential) Consuming Dataset info in that format And even more radical solution would be to simply use json-ld: http://json-ld.org/ which would then just involve minors mods to our json output. Having this in core (with option to enable?) would be a nice 80/20 (it was this feature that everyone asked for at the LOD meetup -- no-one mentioned SPARQL).
#1649 1331547577000000 ross After looking at some options via http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2209 I think a simple RDF template or triple in an internal ckanext-semweb might indeed be the most appropriate way forward with this. n3 sounds useful, but given we could allow people to specify an RDF template we may as well do that as well as it would then suffice for ecportal who appear to want rdf as well. Will check out json-ld as an option too.
#1649 1331550598000000 rgrp Can you elucidate on this template idea? I was thiking we want specification/configto be in the form of mappings (e.g. field X is really type Y etc rather than a specific piece of rdf/xml or n3) though perhaps that makes more sense. Let's centralize discussion on this in #2209.
#1648 1330632344000000 zephod Done in the #1506 branch
#1647 1326707383000000 dread Isn't the problem that the 'Contact Us' link goes to http://okfn.org/contact/ rather than http://ckan.org/contact/ ?
#1646 1327407044000000 dread Seems ok now. Chrome auto updates - maybe it had a bug before.
#1641 1326376777000000 amercader Fixed on 77fa6483c32
#1640 1326710888000000 amercader Depends on #1655
#1640 1327340939000000 amercader Done, see http://publicdata.eu/package?extras_eu_country=RS
#1639 1328212781000000 seanh The templates have been rewritten to use CSS classes instead of embedded styles, but those CSS classes don't exist yet, they need to be added to a css file somewhere to style the activity streams.
#1639 1328213300000000 seanh See activity_stream_event() in ckan/templates/_util.html for the CSS classes used.
#1639 1328465219000000 seanh Basic CSS added.
#1637 1326737169000000 seanh Done on feature-1515-activity-streams branch.
#1636 1338204258000000 seanh Resolving as won't fix as this doesn't seem important.
#1635 1355141157000000 seanh https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/199
#1633 1326736502000000 seanh This is finished, see the activity streams branch: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/tree/feature-1515-activity-streams but I think that before closing this ticket a little more thought needs to go into what the activity streams and the dataset page should look like, where on the page they should go, what else should go on the page, etc. Also maybe add a simple test that the activity stream is being rendered into the page.
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