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#490 1283770756000000 wwaites Presuming this is for INSPIRE compliance, support for Opensearch should be added
#1742 1328116635000000 ross Potentially valid diff, needs test + patch when I have time. --- a/ckan/controllers/api.py +++ b/ckan/controllers/api.py @@ -592,6 +592,8 @@ class ApiController(BaseController): def is_slug_valid(self): slug = request.params.get('slug') or '' slugtype = request.params.get('type') or '' + if slug in ['new', 'edit', 'search']: + return self._finish_ok( dict(valid=False) ) if slugtype==u'package': response_data = dict(valid=not bool(package_exists(slug))) return self._finish_ok(response_data)
#427 1283165089000000 dread Posting a new package is done. Just licenses to explain.
#2639 1345146289000000 rgrp Port of fix for recline issue 196 in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf Fix of embed issue in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf
#508 1282908795000000 dread Policy discussed on list.
#2726 1342949999000000 shevski Point 2 relies on the Chrome previews of PDFs, but can we not use this ability?
#1465 1323710679000000 dread Pls update status and milestone.
#1464 1323710659000000 dread Pls update status and milestone
#1516 1323362689000000 nils.toedtmann Please note that * register.data.overheid.nl (s047) and datagm.org.uk (s048) should use solr on s046 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/906 * thedatahub.org should use solr on s052 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/931
#2437 1338484676000000 seanh Please add to the file started to doc/coding-standards.rst Also, for the Python coding standards see http://wiki.okfn.org/Coding_Standards as a starting point
#1432 1324290164000000 ross PhantomJS ( http://www.phantomjs.org/ ) looks like the perfect way to run a JS scraper offline but still within the context of a browser. Would need to consider how the script would be executed over multi-page datasets, but I'm fairly sure it would be possible to come up with a workable solution.
#801 1294233386000000 thejimmyg Perhaps this should be implemented differently so that each harvest attempt creates its own database entry with a timestamp and a status attached. We'll need to move to this when we move to a queue based system.
#1401 1322066474000000 dread Patch from Augusto Herrmann for the icon URLs: http://pastebin.com/aRBQmftL
#1219 1310740534000000 dread Patch applied in cset:8c05d27db224 for 1.4.2 release.
#38 1199787336000000 rgrp Partially addressed by r194 and making available of db dump on production machine.
#76 1251301765000000 dread Part 3 done in cset:7ace6c5d6c68.
#227 1279192621000000 dread Page titles sorted in cset:2324447eb60f (related to ticket:350) Cost: 1.5h
#2720 1343219999000000 aron.carroll Padding fixed in 1b41a9b the user list is part of #2451
#230 1263055318000000 nickstenning Package read view is now more-or-less self-contained. Refactoring of the template to use a c.pkg object is all that remains to be done and it then can be factored out and used for the preview.
#838 1291299716000000 memespring Package page redesign: http://ckan.org/ticket/839
#303 1272912573000000 dread Package history page now shows revisions for tag, extra and resources. Needs tidying up and adding to REST. Done in cset:dc99df3ab4bd
#272 1271764003000000 dread Package feed done in ticket:255
#250 1340631430000000 icmurray Package entries already include an enclosure for the json representation of the package: {{{ <link length="1645" href="http://thedatahub.org/api/2/rest/package/microdados-enem-2010" type="application/json" rel="enclosure"/> }}} so it should be easy enough to include something like the rdf link that already exists on a dataset-view page: {{{ <link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" title="RDF/XML" href="http://semantic.ckan.net/record//4c23a2fd-4349-4525-8de4-3364ce87016e.rdf" /> }}}
#1329 1317404566000000 dread POT looks far better. I couldn't see any outstanding problems. This has gone into ckan 1.5.
#138 1258466074000000 dread Overall cost: 2.25h
#355 1311177552000000 thejimmyg Our policy is to recommend the use of hyphens, but not to enforce it. The new package name suggestion autocomplete JavaScript uses hyphens.
#711 1296592589000000 thejimmyg Our new approach agreed with Rod is to start with a minimum set of package extras and expand them in line with feedback from the user group. We can now show the source GEMINI record as XML (and also a very basic HTML view) for anyone who wants the full detail. No need for this ticket anymore.
#569 1294408084000000 thejimmyg Our metadata validation will consist of: * Testing the schema * Testing the schematron * Checking we can get out the data we need
#767 1294409336000000 thejimmyg Our CSW code should be able to cope with ArcGIS too though surely? Worth testing though. To do this we'd need to: * Obtain example ArcGIS CSW server * Write a test Now we can close #768 and #769.
#1221 1310556607000000 dread Other edge cases and error conditions do not work properly either. Fixed in cset:4737c86d1d81 for release 1.4.2.
#2441 1338287243000000 aron.carroll Order by needs hooking up to form. Currently it's just a @<select>@ element containing a single entry, it needs the other possible options added. Let me know if you want more details.
#2209 1331547639000000 ross Option 4 is the most appealing at this point, although you probably should look at #2209
#2349 1336037341000000 ross Openlink hoping to get RDF dump into Virtuoso today.
#1410 1319213205000000 zephod Oops: #1409 double posted.
#3007 1351517019000000 seanh Only happens if you create a dataset through the web UI, creating a dataset through the API still produces just one activity.
#698 1291859298000000 Stiivi One more note: it would be good if packages had names/identifiers as well, as referencing internal IDs from outside world is not very good practice - they are quite volatile, mostly in regard to expected objects. PACKAGE/RESOURCE_REFERENCE Possible resource references: - 'default' - reserved keyword for 'the only one resource' if there is only one, or first resource if there are more or the one with flag 'default' - 'latest' - to be able to access 'latest' resource within package (or 'actual' or 'last'?) - alphanumeric identifier (not starting with number) - number - index of resource as human/visitor sees it on page (not the same as "position" attribute - as that one might contain gaps or be different (and it is in some cases)), index of resource should be something like: {{{ SELECT package_id, id, url, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY package_id ORDER BY position) AS index FROM package_resource }}}
#1214 1310057942000000 aron One more for today. Please do let me know if I should be filing these as separate tickets? For some reason performing a search query for packages with an underscore "_ " as a query string key fails to return any results. {{{ curl "http://test.ckan.net/api/2/search/package?q=osm" }}} Gives me 4 results. {{{ curl "http://test.ckan.net/api/2/search/package?q=osm&_=1310056826904" }}} Gives me none. The underscore is generally used by JavaScript libraries as a way of bypassing the browser cache when making JSONP calls. It's easily worked around but is odd none the less.
#20 1185473187000000 rgrp One can do this from python via the model API. Resolved with use of vdm back in r121.
#1447 1324374324000000 dread Once again eu25 ran out of space again today.
#107 1257803384000000 rgrp On the "long run" item
#1011 1298820235000000 sebbacon On reflection, may as well make a Plugin interface called IAuthorizer, which allows customisation of get_authorization_groups, get_roles, and is_authorized....
#216 1260891603000000 dread On item 3: It does match 'geospatial' if you search for 'geo' or 'spatial' - I think it splits up words like these sensibly. Annakarenina doesn't split only because they are proper nouns.
#335 1276179605000000 dread On discussion with rgrp it's clear that it's also useful to set the redirect url in a config variable - then the client doesn't have to change. This was done in cset:b9fdd208dd45
#858 1291734297000000 dread On branch feature-858-diff removed ckan.lib.diff as it was not being used. Merged into default in cset:f9ba1ae63ddd
#539 1303118486000000 thejimmyg Old ticket, not sure exactly what it is referring to, closing.
#2616 1352206282000000 johnmartin Old and not sure of context. Closing.
#2445 1338472050000000 ross Okay, the 303 on validation failure seems a little excessive though given that we're posting to that URL. Is a 200 okay?
#343 1277892699000000 johnbywater Okay, so in version 2, names were still being used in the relationships part of the packages entity. But I don't know why these entities can't be retrieved independently, and references to the entities returned in representations of the entities which reference them.
#2681 1342461453000000 aron.carroll Okay, is format supposed to be a mime type eg. application/json, text/csv etc or a straight file format?
#2680 1342529500000000 shevski Okay thanks. Can we undelete groups?
#2700 1344256383000000 aron.carroll Okay could you give me any pointers you want to add. Plus ask Sam to create a flags for the missing countries. Cheers.
#2667 1342431877000000 aron.carroll Okay added the form and created a pull request for this feature. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/68
#1317 1315416649000000 dread Ok, I think this example may be when searching for "ira". "irina" works me, but "ira" gives: {{{"ira" matched several users}}}
#1154 1314195684000000 dread Ok, I chatted to David about this and we feel it should go like this: notification to search indexer fails and raises an exception, this gets passed through the notification system back up to the code that creates the package, and you do a roll back. Does this tally with what you mentioned in the last comment or is what's there better? Thanks for the info on the queue and ckanext-solr. It sounds like this isn't deployed successfully anywhere (or does pudo know if it is?). In this case we should be clear that it is not what it says it is: "This extension adds support for package search using Apache Solr to CKAN" and maybe simply mark it as deprecated. Pudo what do you think?
#1177 1307367923000000 fccoelho Ok it fixed it! thanks a lot!! Is there any side effects to the removal of this line, I should know of?
#1154 1314191496000000 johnglover Ok I'll implement option 2 for search query issues. Yes it is easy to get a list of IDs from Solr so I'll have a look at that command and make sure that it works. I think a case could be made for not allowing a package to be added if it cannot be indexed however, and making the user simply retry the request.
#1214 1310045026000000 dread Ok I see the problem with extras. When you create a package you get back 'simple' extras: {{{ $ curl -d '{"name":"dtest3", "extras":{"1":"1"}, "tags":["australia", "barbeque"]}' http://test.ckan.net/api/rest/package -H "Authorization: tester" --trace log {"maintainer": null, "maintainer_email": null, "id": "33d75910-ae5e-45b0-a154-d00022555a43", "metadata_created": "2007-04-10T21:19:38", "relationships": [], "metadata_modified": "2011-07-07T13:06:06.228718", "author": null, "author_email": null, "state": "active", "version": null, "license_id": null, "resources": [], "tags": ["australia", "barbeque"], "groups": [], "name": "dtest3", "license": null, "notes_rendered": "", "url": null, "ckan_url": "http://test.ckan.net/package/dtest3", "notes": null, "title": "dtest3", "ratings_average": null, "extras": {"1": "1"}, "ratings_count": 0, "revision_id": "31cb22d4-3452-4adc-b572-cd173aea7d }}} i.e. "extras": {"1": "1"} and that's what you get if you GET the package: {{{ $ curl http://test.ckan.net/api/rest/package/dtest3 {"maintainer": null, "maintainer_email": null, "id": "33d75910-ae5e-45b0-a154-d00022555a43", "metadata_created": "2007-04-10T21:19:38", "relationships": [], "metadata_modified": "2011-07-07T13:06:06.228718", "author": null, "author_email": null, "state": "active", "version": null, "license_id": null, "resources": [], "tags": ["australia", "barbeque"], "groups": [], "name": "dtest3", "license": null, "notes_rendered": "", "url": null, "ckan_url": "http://test.ckan.net/package/dtest3", "notes": null, "title": "dtest3", "ratings_average": null, "extras": {"1": "1"}, "ratings_count": 0, "revision_id": "31cb22d4-3452-4adc-b572-cd173aea7d11"} }}} but if you then edit it you get them expressed much more verbosely: {{{ $ curl -d '{"name":"dtest3", "extras":{"1":"2"}, "tags":["australia", "barbeque"]}' http://test.ckan.net/api/rest/package/dtest3 -H "Authorization: tester" --trace log {"maintainer": null, "name": "dtest3", "relationships_as_subject": [], "author": null, "url": null, "relationships_as_object": [], "notes": null, "title": "dtest3", "maintainer_email": null, "revision_timestamp": "2011-07-07T13:06:06.228718", "author_email": null, "state": "active", "version": null, "groups": [], "license_id": null, "revision_id": "31cb22d4-3452-4adc-b572-cd173aea7d11", "tags": [{"revision_timestamp": "2011-07-07T13:06:06.228718", "state": "active", "id": "4aa0e776-ac2a-4a8b-82ba-d80237d35596", "name": "australia"}, {"revision_timestamp": "2011-07-07T13:06:06.228718", "state": "active", "id": "e890354d-e170-44c1-94b1-f0d8b38a49fc", "name": "barbeque"}], "id": "33d75910-ae5e-45b0-a154-d00022555a43", "resources": [], "extras": [{"state": "active", "value": "\"2\"", "revision_timestamp": "2011-07-07T13:21:02.220368", "package_id": "33d75910-ae5e-45b0-a154-d00022555a43", "key": "1", "revision_id": "61703821-a2f1-41f8-8f39-71130c5e6c1b", "id": "87d7d4fc-7eb7-4760-b199-e460ce505632"}]} }}} I'm going to ask David Raznick about what's best here. It would be good to make them uniform.
#843 1319721601000000 dread Ok I misunderstood this ticket. This is referring to adding a user in e.g. http://thedatahub.org/group/authz/energy-data This UI seems to be updated. You start typing the name, full name or open id of the person and it has a dropdown that autocompletes. This seems to be sufficient for Will's points 1 and 3. Would be still good to have a flash message on account creation to encourage people to add personal their Full name. This is similar to #1413 so I'll close this ticket and add it there.
#1117 1304277240000000 nils.toedtmann Oh, it *does* depend against python-pastescript. Ignore. For some reason it was not (completely/correctly) installed with ckanext-datanl on us4, but is a different issue then. Might be due to missing locale "en_GB.utf8" and dpkg-configrue failing.
#2445 1338911190000000 aron.carroll Oh forgot to mention I've merged the code into feature-2375-demo-theme. We should delete the feature-2445-add-related-new branch.
#487 1291639404000000 rgrp Obsolete story type and looks like duplicate of #353 (and other parts of ticket:847)
#76 1250152708000000 dread Objectives 1 and 2 done. 3 left for another ticket if req'd. Several checkins from 4cd7935adaceup to af32f6c2c5f1
#2956 1349278531000000 johnmartin OK, this was simple... I just added an already made snippet to the page. Ira: Can you confirm that the attached screenshots satisfy fixing the problem?
#1613 1326813924000000 dread OK, this is the browser doing this - not us at all. It is not standard practise. I think it is not a problem. Reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2286402/url-fragment-and-302-redirects Safari 5 and IE9 and below drop the original URI's fragment if a HTTP/3xx redirect occurs. If the Location header on the response specifies a fragment, it is used. Chrome 11, Firefox 4, and Opera will all "reattach" the original URI's fragment after following a 3xx redirection.
#565 1294417752000000 thejimmyg OK, just looked this up. We are moving to a publisher/provider model as a first step, not moving to code lists. Marking invalid.
#884 1296592140000000 thejimmyg OK, I've implemented an API call for this too now and all is merged into default.
#263 1273155234000000 rgrp OK, I think we're agreeing to close this now since reasonable and not worth the switch to anything different atm. Still concerned about usability but if necessary we can open a new ticket.
#1447 1330089662000000 nils.toedtmann OK i fixed a bug in my script and refactored it so that it can now be dropped into /etc/cron.daily/ while still deleting as unprivileged user. It is now running on s025, removing everything older than 7 days. Please verify in 9 days or so that it's working. Consider to add [https://bitbucket.org/okfn/sysadmin/src/default/etc/cron/remove_old_files this cron job] to the ckan deb package e.g. as "/etc/cron.daily/ckan-cleanup"
#1177 1307367354000000 fccoelho OK I did an fgrep on all package template and found the line on layout.html, I'll comment the block and test.
#1691 1327314081000000 rgrp OK Great. I only raised this because James mentioned this at sprint before Christmas as did Fry guys. One of us should update James on this at next standup.
#103 1308828847000000 dread Now we have this working in #1141 we can add the links from the package history page suggested here.
#411 1287393033000000 pudo Now using squid in production on eu6; will only need one cache at a time.
#23 1199786799000000 rgrp Now using openid for signon so this issue is not relevant.
#2331 1356474344000000 rgrp Now transferred to github at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/issues/258
#1108 1310128678000000 thejimmyg Now that we are using ckan.net as thedatahub.org we should go full steam ahead and create a brand new UI to reflect thedatahub.org's new role. See http://ckan.org/2011/07/08/ckan-vision-update/
#510 1292955569000000 dread Now setup - just need to check the cron fires ok.
#443 1282735925000000 dread Now produces daily dump in ~/dumps. Was running as root, not user. Previously it was updating ONS data but not dump because of path issues of being root. Serving files using Apache file index. Added docs for database dumping. Cost: 2h
#662 1297344790000000 rgrp Now part of 'model/validation/forms' meta-ticket #961 so reassigning to Seb.
#1392 1319625243000000 johnglover Now on s054.okserver.org
#1682 1330038786000000 dread Now merged into #1605
#1381 1319021092000000 amercader Now implemented on 6227142b0460
#1155 1306773174000000 pudo Now implemented based on CSV export available on the catalogue page: * http://data.london.gov.uk/catalogue
#2528 1339687025000000 aron.carroll Now implemented as of bc440d5. Doesn't seem to be successfully submitting, has something been setup wrong?
#1830 1330089912000000 dread Now if you set openid_enabled to false, you are not given the option in user settings to associate your account with openid. Cset: [master b295bde] I looked at removing the openid middleware, but we use it for logging out users, whether they logged in or not - it looks like friendly form plugin is not as good as the openid one in this respect! We could hack the logout function into the friendly form to sort this out, but not sure the effort is worth it at the moment.
#186 1296341182000000 rgrp Now duplicate: * #877 - File upload in WUI: 2d * #878 - Integrate file upload with workflow around package resources: 3d
#883 1300196622000000 thejimmyg Now complete.
#505 1298368280000000 dread Now complete
#1173 1307615271000000 pudo Now available in ckanext-rdf and linked to from WUI.
#2801 1344531016000000 aron.carroll Now able to display the full text of related items as of e83df46
#366 1297075053000000 rgrp Now #938 is done this is straightforward.
#2349 1339428913000000 ross Notified Hugh that http://datahub.io/dump/rdfexport.tgz will contain all of the RDF files every 24 hours if they want to fetch and import them. Have asked to make sure that this is satisfactory.
#1264 1314406294000000 rgrp Nothing urgent about this so moving to backlog.
#404 1297072955000000 rgrp Nothing more required here I think.
#1107 1320321170000000 dread Notes to complete this: * ckan/logic/action/get.py:'def package_autocomplete' exists and is the one that should be used * need to ensure all places in the templates and public/scripts use this action directly, not dataset/autocomplete (or its alias package/autocomplete) * ckan/controllers/package.py:'def autocomplete' should be removed. * ckan/config/routes.py dataset/autocomplete should be removed.
#763 1292775248000000 thejimmyg Notes from my discussion with David a while ago: Following irc discussion, it looks like read-only mode is simply achieved by Apache config: * 503 for PUT/POST operations - stops writes * 503 for GETs to URIs containing: /edit, /create, /new, /authz - stops providing forms that lead to a write * setenv CKAN_READONLY="Undergoing maintenance 12.00 UTC for one hour" which can be picked up by CKAN to be displayed as we see fit in the future. Friedrich's current IATI sprint may link into this and grey out edit links etc.
#1709 1327659722000000 dread Note: imports issue was previously dealt with in #1708 and was originally caused by Ian's commit - Ross just merged it in to master.
#948 1314112642000000 dread Note: Packages will now be excluded from the search view (see #1283). Also there is now no redirect requirement from DGU any more.
#1406 1320930088000000 dread Note, the Atom feeds are still working, with the links still advertised with <link>s home and package pages, but the visual element was removed.
#225 1266837873000000 dread Note, in the REST API we are resource oriented.
#460 1282330016000000 [email protected] Note, I'm not a sysadmin but I ''can'' see the Status dropdown for this package, with values "active" and "deleted". Not knowing much about the permission system, I was assuming that's because I created the package. I am however certain that I did not modify (or even notice) this dropdown in the mysterious edit that led to the state change from "active" to "None".
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