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#2582 enhancement rgrp ckan-v1.9 new Do not hide notes / readme on dataset pages

Current we hide most of readme and then let users reveal it. Stop doing this and if necessary add a quick link down to resources section. (Maybe also rename resources to Data and Resources ...?)

Aside: believe I have mentioned this somewhere a month + ago but could not find the ticket.

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#200 defect rgrp rgrp closed invalid PythonDistribution write method should write all available metadata

Current write method just creates a bare bones package and does not write any of the available metadata other than name.

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#303 defect dread dread v1.0 closed fixed Package history & diff & feed to show changes to tags, extras and resources

Currently a package's history page (/package/history/xyz) and related feed only shows changes to the core package i.e. ones which create a PackageResource?. This doesn't include changes to tags, extras and resources. These need to be added.

There is the complication that the 'diff' function doesn't currently work beyond PackageResource?. Unless this is quick and simple to fix, I suggest we let the diff remain slightly broken for now.

Rufus suggests alongside the existing methods:


we have ones which also include the related objects (tags, extras, resources):


You could have a function which returned these related objects. Ideas:

revobjlist = [ self, resources, extras ]
list of tuples: (revobj, changed_revobjs)
list of tuples: (revobj, {objtype: [changed_revobjs]})
tuple: (rev1, {Package: [ object_id, object_id], PackageTag: [object_id, object_id2] ...}
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#1285 enhancement dread ckan-future assigned Errors cause emails

Currently a sysadmin gets an email when an exception is not caught. But there are occasions when we DO want to catch an exception so we can fail nicely for the user, but the sysadmin STILL gets an email to know to fix something. e.g. if there is an exception when search indexes a package. You want to catch the exception and still run any other notify calls.

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#38 enhancement rgrp rgrp v0.5 closed fixed Make data available in machine-usable form

Currently all data is only available via the web interface which makes it difficult to obtain in bulk. Data should be provided in other more convenient, machine usable forms:

  • DB Dump
  • JSON for each package page (maybe Atom as well)
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#2367 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll closed fixed Style the analytics view counts on datasets

Currently an eye and a number, needs to look a little nicer.

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#1107 refactor tidy-up bitesize rgrp closed fixed Move package autocomplete from package controller and move to API

Currently autocomplete method on package controller. This method should be in API (like other autocomplete methods).

Will need to update client code (just forms atm I think).

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#828 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Update cache support in home controller to use cache config in ini file

Currently cache usage in home controller is inconsistent with elsewhere and, in particular, does not respect cache_disabled and is not configurable using path notation (e.g. ckan.controllers.home. ...).

This is especially frustrating in a development environment where is currently running into fact front page is being cached.

Fix this.

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#1420 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2011-11-21 closed fixed Refactor ckanext-qa to work as a celery task

Currently can run as a celery task launched by paster command.

Still have to add a CKAN plugin so that QA will run when a resource is added or URL changed, and then update the extension controller/templates to look for QA data from the task_status table instead of directly on the resource.

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#2417 enhancement toby aron.carroll closed fixed Clean up output for dataset search results

Currently due to the data structure the search result filters are output incorrectly. Repeating the facet with each tag.

See http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset?tags=fibre&tags=terrestrial&q=Africa

It outputs:

Tags: fibre Tags: terrestrial

It should be:

Tags: fibre terrestrial

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#1826 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed weight queries so that title is more important than rest of body

Currently everything is considered equally when doing a normal search. Use dismax when there is not a fielded search to get round this. This is part of the work for #1822 as the dismax option is needed for multilingual search.

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#2418 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll closed fixed Facets disappear once selected

Currently facets in the new demo site disappear from the sidebar once they are selected.


Instead they should be marked with an "active" class and clicking the link should remove the filter in the same way as clicking the cross in a token below the search field works.

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#2419 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll closed fixed Add dataset form needs hooking up to action/controller

Currently for some reason I'm not getting the errors/data dict in the package/new.html template.

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#1697 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new A Configurable list of states for a Dataset

Currently have 'active' and 'deleted' suggest also:

  • 'draft'
  • 'hidden'

(Do we need both). Also write out workflows related to these.

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#1249 enhancement pudo rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Exclude script tag from extraction for i18n

Currently have this script section put in for i18n. It shouldn't be.

<script type="text/javascript">
    $.fn.ajaxCreateSlug = function(name, url) {
        var title = this;
        var updater = {
            init: function(title, name) {
                // Add a new element where the validity of the package name can be displayed
                this.name_field = name;
                this.title_field = title;
                this.name_field.parent().append('<div id="package_name_valid_msg"></div>');
                this.url = url;
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#2834 enhancement aron.carroll demo phase 4 new Defer all publish calls until all modules have been initialised

Currently if a module uses sandbox.publish() in its initilaize() function then any modules initialised afterwards will miss the event.

We should queue all calls to .publish() in the pubsub module in an array until all modules have loaded then iterate over and execute them.

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#2852 enhancement toby shevski demo phase 3 closed fixed better message for trying to refresh inactive sources in harvest

Currently if you try to refresh (i.e. schedule the harvester to re-run) an inactive source (one who's state is 'withdrawn' - e.g. http://s031.okserver.org:2375/harvest/3feea629-32d8-4431-9957-9f31d32864f1)

you get the error message: "An error occurred: [Can not create jobs on inactive sources]"

This could be better and not red, e.g. and info box (maybe yellow) saying that "Cannot re-run harvesting on inactive sources. Please first change the status to 'active'"

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#2991 enhancement seanh ckan 2.0 new Add blocks to header.html template

Currently if you want to customise the header.html template you have to copy the whole thing, it isn't broken up into blocks like other templates are.

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#1053 defect dread dread ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Deletion in Model API

Currently in the API if you DELETE a package/group/user (and you have the required permissions) then it purges the object, when it should probably just set the state to deleted.

There is no way to delete objects at the moment - changes to 'state' are ignored in the API.

Do we need an alternative way to purge objects in the API?

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#2374 enhancement ross dread ckan-v1.8 closed worksforme tag search paging

Currently in the logic function tag_search you can specify limit and offset, but no count is returned. Therefore pagination is not possible for tag results. This is desired though.

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#240 defect johnbywater rgrp v1.0 closed fixed Do not allow creation of PackageResource object without a url

Currently it is possible (v0.11) to have a PackageResource? object without a url. This should be impossible to do (either at creation time or via modification).

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#2753 enhancement aron.carroll shevski demo phase 2 closed fixed rename breadcrumb on user page

Currently lower case 'active' is the name of this page: http://s031.okserver.org:2375/user

Should be 'All Users' or 'Active Users'

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#975 defect rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.4-sprint-1 closed fixed Placeholder attribute not displayed in some browsers leading to poor UX

Currently placeholder text like 'Search ...' is not shown in some browsers (e.g. FF and IE).

This leads to poor UX, for example in top bar search where it unclear whether that box is for login or search.

We should fix this by finding a way to display placeholder attribute in all browsers.

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#1667 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-future new Add an extension point for rendering activity streams

Currently rendering of activity stream events to HTML works by looking up a rendering function in a dictionary that maps activity types ('new package', 'changed group', etc.) to rendering functions that take an activity stream event and return the rendered HTML.

There needs to be an extension point where extensions can register their own rendering functions for particular activity types.

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#1074 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Refactor authz web user interface to have common code and templating

Currently repeat the same template and code across Package Authz, Group Authz, and Authz Group authz.

Having now implemented a new, cleaner setup in ckanext-admin we should port this back into core.

  • Common template code (checkbox template)
  • Logic code (or just common code) for wiring into authz system
  • Look for all places thoroughout the system where usernames, authzgroups or groups need to be typed into boxes, and make sure that they auto-complete appropriately.

Will also deliver a significant improvement in the form of ajax user lookup.

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#324 enhancement dread dread v1.1 closed fixed Search indexing using notifications

Currently search indexing is triggered directly using a Postgresql db callback. Now take advantage of the Notification system to register interest in all package changes and db changes to trigger this instead.

The indexing shall run in a separate shell/process, managed by supervisord.

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#2616 enhancement johnmartin aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed invalid Improve display of split stages in demo

Currently stages of the same colour blur together, these could do with a nice divider.

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#73 enhancement rgrp rgrp closed invalid Put enquiry template in db so it can be edited by admins

Currently stored in the python controller file. This is not the right place and putting it in db will allow editing by admins.

May also want to do this for the footer (also in the controller file).


  • Will need to create a new domain object/db table. Suggest called miscellaneous and consist of key value pairs utilizing JSON type for values.

Cost: 2h.

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#2200 enhancement seanh seanh ckan-future new Add vocabulary_id option to tag_show() logic action function

Currently tag_show() only works with free tags, it's not possible to get a tag_show for a vocabulary tag.

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#2743 enhancement toby shevski demo phase 2 closed fixed add dataset button within group

Currently the 'add dataset' button on a group page http://s031.okserver.org:2375/group/another-group-in-the-wall goes to edit group. This is confusing since the interface for this is no way streamlined or helpful.

Can we get this to go to the create dataset process instead (ideally with the group pre-chosen) for now?

Further on will need to re-think & plan the workflow for publishers which will be a large part of new work

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#1747 enhancement seanh ckan-backlog new Expire old activities

Currently the activity streams database tables just get longer and longer over time. Do we want to eventually delete the oldest activities, to keep the length of the table within limits?

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#1749 enhancement seanh ckan-future assigned Allow creating activity details through API

Currently the activity_create() logic action function only lets you create top-level activity stream items, and not their related activity details. It should handle activity details via nested dicts.

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#1025 enhancement dread dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-3 closed fixed Default authz can be set in config

Currently the default authz for a package is hard-coded to:

 <PackageRole user="visitor" role="editor" context="Package">,
 <PackageRole user="logged_in" role="editor" context="Package">,

This should be configurable in the config, so that you can have a more locked down instance etc.

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#2688 enhancement ross new Allow ordering of groups in WUI

Currently the group_index page just shows the entire list of groups, forcing the ordering to be by name. It would be better if it could be sortable by name (or reversed) or by package_count (or reversed)

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#1188 enhancement nickstenning ckan-backlog new Allow diffing against initial (blank) package version

Currently the history page only allows diffing between different versions of a package, but there doesn't appear to be any easy way to see the changes introduced by the first version of a package.

I'm requesting the ability to diff against a "blank slate" initial state of a project, so I can see the content of the first project commit.

Not sure if this is a vdm feature, so I'm putting this ticket in against ckan.

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#294 enhancement thejimmyg dread closed duplicate Add/remove extra fields in Package edit form

Currently the package form gives you 3 fields for extras. To get more you have to hit preview. This is obscure. It would be better to have some buttons to add/remove fields, just like with the resources.

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#2787 enhancement toby aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed fixed Ensure templates_legacy directory is loaded for extensions

Currently the stats plugin has a template and templates_legacy directory. We need to ensure that the templates in templates_legacy are loaded.

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#1385 enhancement dread dread closed fixed Resolve postgres permissions issues

Currently there is a problem because the docs guide us to set the sqlalchemy url to use 'localhost' i.e. loopback, whereas paster commands don't specify '-h localhost' so use unix sockets (you need to do 'sudo -u postgres'). These should be the same.

Also do we need to tell people to add a line to their postgres authentication config /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf to help things? Florian suggests:

local   std         std                          md5


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#2890 enhancement seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Collect data previews and data store docs in one chapter

Currently there is this page:


which covers Recline Data Explorer and other kinds of data preview in CKAN. It is under the Publishing Datasets section in the documentation. I had to to a search for 'recline' to find it.

Separately there is this page: http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-1.7.1/datastore.html which covers datastore, datastorer, and the data api.

I suggest collecting this together in one chapter called 'Data Previews'. If I understand it right the general gist would be:

CKAN has builtin previews of data resources on resource pages, enabled by default.

Images, Google Documents, and web page resources will be loaded into embedded iframes for preview.

Text-like files will be displayed raw.

CSV or Excel files uploaded to CKAN will be previewed using Recline Data Explorer.

Additionally, you can enable CKAN's DataStore?, requires you to install ElasticSearch? and nginx and put datastore.enabled=1 in your ini file. Lets you use the Data API to query data.

Does having DataStore? enabled mean you get preview of more types of resources? Any resource that's available via the Data API will be previewed using Recline,

You can install ckanext-datastorer, and then CSV and Excel files _linked to_ as CKAN resources will be previewed using Recline also. Requires celeryd.

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#369 enhancement [email protected] ckan-backlog new "Package Listing Key" should appear on Tag results

Currently there's a nice legend titled "Package Listing Key" that appears in right side of "Browse Packages" results. The same key should show on other search results like when searching for a tag.

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#2891 defect seanh ckan-v1.8.1 new Update or remove DataStore google presentation

Currently this page:


has an embedded Google docs presentation about data store which contains some outdated information, e.g. links to datastoreclient which was merged into ckanclient.

Suggest moving the google presentation into the documentation proper, so it works with grep etc.

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#267 defect johnbywater rgrp vdm-0.7 closed fixed Diffs for object that is created in that revision

Currently this raises an exception because there is no package/package_revision in existence at from_revision.

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#260 enhancement dread rgrp v1.0 closed fixed Display group package list in standard (richer) way

Currently use old "bullet-point" style. Should change to now standard style used on e.g. package search results page.

Cost: 0.5h

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#1746 enhancement seanh ckan-backlog closed wontfix Activity streams pagination

Currently user, package and group activity streams only return the most recent 15 activities, even though all activities are kept in the db. Do we want to add pagination - to both the API and the HTML pages - to support retrieving older activities?

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#2416 enhancement toby aron.carroll demo phase 5 accepted Normalise resource/data types

Currently we have far too many types that are essentially the same format. The new demo theme is using icons for common types. So we need to normalise the common formats into pretty strings. e.g. application/json, JSON, .json and json all should be output as “json”

See the following Basecamp thread for UI examples and discussion.


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#1529 enhancement dread dread ckan-sprint-2011-12-19 closed fixed Display user name when logged in

Currently when you log in it says "logged-in". Most sites show your user-name and this is helpful when you have more than one account or human using the computer.

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#2385 enhancement ross ross ckan-sprint-2012-05-29 closed fixed Specifying capacity in search api call

Currently you can specify the capacity in the API search, this should be stripped and default to public for now.

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#2779 enhancement aron.carroll shevski demo phase 3 closed fixed add 'deleted' to deleted datasets that admins can view

Currently, as a logged in admin, you can view deleted datasets just as if they are live datasets. Nothing distinguishes them apart from normal datasets other than they don't show up on the dataset page

This is potentially very confusing Can we add some kind of banner / label to deleted datasets to show they have been deleted?

& Do you guys need Sam to design this?

Related ticket for undeleting datasets - http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2780

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#903 defect pudo pudo ckan-v1.3 closed fixed Proper handling of deleted packages in Solr serps

Currently, deleted packages are filtered from search results after solr returns. That means result count can drop below the requested number, down to 0. Thus we need to filter before or in Solr.

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#1165 enhancement nils.toedtmann ckan-future new Add multi-site support to ckan

Currently, each ckan site needs its own ckan wsgi process. That eats a lot of resources where many ckan sites are served from one machine (e.g. eu3).

That would dramatically change if a ckan process could behave like multiple ckans (e.g. like Apache's "<VirtualHost?>", or tracd). Depending on the "Host:" header in the HTTP1.1 request, it would choose which local ckan ini file to obey.

I see two ways to constitute the map hostname-to-ini-file map:

  • ckan reads a set of ini files, and each ini file declares which servers names it is responsible for
  • In a global ini file, there are directives mapping servernames to ini files.

In either case there should be a global ckan ini having the default settings for all local ckan sites. Each site ini could be very short then, just having e.g. title, name, database credentials, active plugins etc.

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#1429 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-backlog new Provide DOIs for datasets in a CKAN instance

DOI = digital object identifier = http://www.doi.org/

As a Publisher I want a DOI for my dataset so that it can be cited by and linked to by others in a standard and easy way.


  • Probably implement as extension rather than core
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#1144 enhancement timmcnamara ckan-backlog new Support DSPL

DSPL, the Dataset Publishing Language, is being promoted by Google for its "Google Public Data Explorer" system. It is an XML format with metadata.

The format is described on the developer docs ofthe Google Code site.

Google provides a Python script which reads CSV data and generates DSPL

Sample from http://code.google.com/apis/publicdata/docs/dspl_sample.html:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<dspl xmlns="http://schemas.google.com/dspl/2010"

  <import namespace="http://www.google.com/publicdata/dataset/google/time"/>
  <import namespace="http://www.google.com/publicdata/dataset/google/quantity"/>
  <import namespace="http://www.google.com/publicdata/dataset/google/entity"/>
  <import namespace="http://www.google.com/publicdata/dataset/google/geo"/>
      <value>My statistics</value>
      <value>Some very interesting statistics about countries</value>

      <value>Bureau of Statistics</value>

    <topic id="geography">
    <topic id="social_indicators">
        <name><value>Social indicators</value></name>
      <topic id="population_indicators">
          <name><value>Population indicators</value></name>
      <topic id="poverty_and_income">
          <name><value>Poverty & income</value></name>
      <topic id="health">

    <!-- As noted in the tutorial, this concept should extend quantity:amount.-->
    <concept id="population">
          <value>Size of the resident population.</value>
      <topic ref="population_indicators"/>
      <type ref="integer"/>

    <!-- This country concept is defined for educational purposes only. A country
    concept exists in the Google geo dataset. See:

    http://code.google.com/apis/publicdata/docs/canonical/geo.html --> 
    <concept id="country" extends="geo:location">
          <value>My list of countries</value>
      <type ref="string"/>
      <property id="name">
          <name><value xml:lang="en">Country name</value></name>
            <value xml:lang="en">The official name of the country</value>
        <type ref="string"/>
      <table ref="countries_table"/>

    <!-- This US state concept is defined for educational purposes only. A US state
      concept exists in the Google geo US dataset. See:

      http://code.google.com/apis/publicdata/docs/canonical/geo.us.html --> 
    <concept id="state" extends="geo:location">
          <value>US states</value>
      <type ref="string"/>
      <property concept="country" isParent="true"/>
      <table ref="states_table"/>

    <concept id="gender" extends="entity:entity">
          <value>Gender, Male or Female</value>
        <totalName><value>Both genders</value></totalName>
      <type ref="string"/>
      <table ref="genders_table"/>

    <concept id="unemployment_rate" extends="quantity:rate">
          <value>unemployment rate</value>
          <value>The percent of the labor force that is unemployed, not seasonally
      <topic ref="social_indicators"/>
      <type ref="float"/>
      <attribute id="is_percentage">
        <type ref="boolean"/>


    <slice id="countries_slice">
      <dimension concept="country"/>
      <dimension concept="time:year"/>
      <metric concept="population"/>
      <table ref="countries_slice_table"/>

    <slice id="states_slice">
      <dimension concept="state"/>
      <dimension concept="time:year"/>
      <metric concept="population"/>
      <metric concept="unemployment_rate"/>
      <table ref="states_slice_table"/>

    <slice id="countries_gender_slice">
      <dimension concept="country"/>
      <dimension concept="gender"/>
      <dimension concept="time:year"/>
      <metric concept="population"/>
      <table ref="countries_gender_slice_table"/>


    <table id="countries_table">
      <column id="country" type="string"/>
      <column id="name" type="string"/>
      <column id="latitude" type="float"/>
      <column id="longitude" type="float"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">countries.csv</file>

    <table id="countries_slice_table">
      <column id="country" type="string"/>
      <column id="year" type="date" format="yyyy"/>
      <column id="population" type="integer"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">country_slice.csv</file>

    <table id="states_table">
      <column id="state" type="string"/>
      <column id="name" type="string"/>
      <column id="country" type="string">
      <column id="latitude" type="float"/>
      <column id="longitude" type="float"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">states.csv</file>

    <table id="states_slice_table">
      <column id="state" type="string"/>
      <column id="year" type="date" format="yyyy"/>
      <column id="population" type="integer"/>
      <column id="unemployment_rate" type="float"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">state_slice.csv</file>

    <table id="genders_table">
      <column id="gender" type="string"/>
      <column id="name" type="string"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">genders.csv</file>

    <table id="countries_gender_slice_table">
      <column id="country" type="string"/>
      <column id="gender" type="string"/>
      <column id="year" type="date" format="yyyy"/>
      <column id="population" type="integer"/>
        <file format="csv" encoding="utf-8">gender_country_slice.csv</file>

1305763609000000 1339774517000000
#824 enhancement dread dread closed fixed 'Getdata' moved out of CKAN

Data importers should use API instead of object model directly:

  • saves load on server
  • much better error checking and authentication
  • eating our own dogfood (tests the API well)
1290595507000000 1290595559000000
#1151 enhancement rgrp timmcnamara ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed wontfix Preview for geographic data should be a map

Data viewer / previewer for a resource that has a KML file, or others, such as GeoRSS and GeoJSON, we should provide a map.

  • Support for KML files: #1458

This is non-trivial for external files as we need a way to jsonify. For files stored locally this is more of a recline issue (and will require a bit of work to either guess columns or allow user to specify them).

1306043217000000 1330908188000000
#2535 enhancement rgrp assigned SSL certificate for DataHub + https by default

DataHub? is increasingly used and we should ensure it uses ssl as part of general security.

See also #1446 (Need to support https login for multiple instances as part of the CKAN package install)

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#694 bug wwaites dread closed fixed No postgres tools for current version

Database for all CKAN instances upgraded to Postgres 8.4, but none of the eu machines were upgraded with the tools necessary to administer them.

1286977052000000 1287087916000000
#2641 enhancement johnmartin amercader demo phase 5 assigned Adapt spatial widgets to new theme

Dataset extent map and spatial filter need to adapted to the new theme, as they are not showing up now

1341846147000000 1352658854000000
#1714 enhancement icmurray icmurray ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed DGU dataset view page

Dataset read page for DGU


  • [X] Fix missing title
  • [X] Links to the social media stuff
    • "Share your app"
    • "Share your idea"
    • "Request new data"
  • [ ] Presentation of additional information should be broken into sections

Content is there. Don't do anything until theming/design work is undertaken.

  • [ ] "More like this": links to similar datasets.


  • [N] Stars (I think these are being removed)
  • [ ] Comments

Possible integration point with Drupal. Needs it own ticket.

  • [X] Give feedback to department
  • [X] Tidy up the QA stars
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#2268 enhancement thejimmyg amercader ckan-backlog new UKLP Use same schema as form for harvested records

Datasets created via the harvesting (UKLP ones) and the ones created via the form use a different schema. That could lead to problems. We need to discuss the best approach.

1333108606000000 1333108606000000
#2470 enhancement johnglover johnglover ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Fix inconsistency in package_list snippet

Datasets listed in search results have not gone through schema validation (but on the user page they do), so package_list snippet currently has to display both 'notes' and 'description'.

1338220927000000 1338284041000000
#1650 enhancement ross ross ckan-future closed wontfix Add new language/translation of fields for datasets.

Datasets should have a field that specifies the language used in the dataset, this should be a two character ISO 639-1 code (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes for list) . Also make sure all tests and migrations are resolved. [2d]

Determine the best approach to having 'translation_of' references to show which dataset the current one is a translation of. This may be a translation of field, or a 'copied from' field or another form of package relationship. [2d]

1326709392000000 1346670010000000
#2472 enhancement amercader kindly ckan-v1.8 closed fixed clean up datastore controller to get rid of datastore_url enables checks

Datastore_url enabled checks are useless.

We should probably change this to datastore_url = 'active' and only update the flag to when a attempt at a post is made.

This will need to be removed from the form at some point.

1338293407000000 1341222195000000
#917 enhancement kindly kindly closed fixed Turning off Autoflush in SQLAlchemy

David Raznik: I propose we remove autoflush by default in ckan. It caused a lot of bugs on the version upgrade due to its magical behavior.

I have a patch in https://bitbucket.org/kindly/ckan/ on branch feature_switch_autoflush_off_by_default.

This change simplifies code. It only took 7 extra flushes/commits to make work and there are over 40 instances that we remove autoflush, so as not to cause error (I have not removed them in the patch yet).

Things to know about using flush:

  • Most of the time nothing will change. A commit implies flush.
  • You only need to flush if you expect a query to return an object you just saved. i.e if you session.add(obj) and you expect obj to be in a session.query.
  • A flush is handy when you want to get the primary key out before you do a commit. i.e session.add(obj); session.flush(); obj.id is now generated.
  • You can use them as a limited form of nested transaction.

It increased the performance on the tests by about 5%. There are less flushes altogether so is faster.

I do not see any downsides.

1295279694000000 1295280232000000
#1434 enhancement seanh dread ckan-v1.8 closed fixed Add i18n strings from extensions

Decide which extensions are important.

1320145648000000 1341245889000000
#1090 defect dread dread ckan-v1.4-sprint-6 closed fixed Visitor can't create packages on new CKAN install

Default visitor roles in default config is reader, not anon_editor.

Problem caused by changes in #1066 (released in 1.3.3)

New installs will be affected, although simple to just increase permissions when the installer realises a visitor can't create packages.

The solution to the config getting out of sync with the code like this is to not have the default_roles in the config - refer to the code in the configuration instructions.

1302635219000000 1302635699000000
#2764 enhancement rgrp closed duplicate Simplify filestore

Definitely do:

  • Local file filestore: Remove pairtree (and OFS) and do something very simple


  1. Local file only. Allow for uploaders to GS / S3 in the background
    • Advantages: simpler, if local upload can do progress bars etc etc
    • Disadvantages: strain for web-app (upload a 2GB file what happens)
      • This is probably fixable ...
  2. Stick with how we are

New filestore without pairtree

Each uploaded file is located on disk at:




Need the uuid to avoid collisions.

Metadata: Store no metadata.

1343303928000000 1343320440000000
#2531 enhancement rgrp ckan-backlog new New state option: archived / deprecated

Deleted means things will get purged at some point.

Archived means they stay around but get hidden from search results and a big warning notice gets displayed saying this is archived / deprecated.

@richard cyganiak ...

1339750787000000 1339770649000000
#880 defect dread ckan-v1.3-sprint-2 closed fixed ONS loader tripping up on deleted packages

Deleted packages with the same title and extra fields as an active package trip up the loader. It finds them in the search, but due to ckanclient not using the apikey when you 'get' the package to examine it further, it causes an exception.

1292939379000000 1292945137000000
#309 defect pudo dread closed fixed Tag list shows unused tags

Deleted tags are visible on the /tag page and are searchable.

Delete tags are ones that were in use once and then discarded, so this includes ones which are not used on any packages any more, including misspelling, mistakes, and deprecated tags. It would makes sense to remove them.

Example tag that is viewed at /tag and searchable: http://ckan.net/tag/2rand[0

1273247648000000 1280743432000000
#3019 defect seanh ckan 2.0 new Cannot delete dataset extras

Deleting extras in the web interface is broken

1352918678000000 1352918678000000
#1360 enhancement zephod rgrp ckan-sprint-2011-09-26 closed fixed Remove support for filter by download and filter by openness in search

Deliver little user benefit and easier just to search and then see what is listed as open and with resources.

Implementation Details

Areas to fix:

  • UI
  • lib/search/...
  • tests
  • ...?


Est: 2h

1317077958000000 1317650018000000
#2640 enhancement amercader amercader demo phase 2 closed fixed Update recline on the demo site

Depends on #2639

1341845911000000 1342112730000000
#1252 enhancement rgrp rgrp ckan-v1.5 closed fixed Deprecate ckan.net in favour of thedatahub.org

Deprecate ckan.net in favour of thedatahub.org

  • Announce
  • Create thedatahub.org and have it run same data as ckan.net
  • Announce closing down of ckan.net with 302
  • Implement 302 permanent

Also redirect wiki.ckan.net to wiki.ckan.org

1311965339000000 1318160334000000
#94 enhancement dread rgrp v0.10 closed fixed Use sqlalchemy-migrate to handle db/model upgrades

Details of how to go about this here <http://www.rufuspollock.org/2009/07/27/sqlalchemy-migrate-with-pylons/>

Cost: 2h

1249134185000000 1250604808000000
#1230 enhancement kindly ckan-sprint-2011-10-28 closed fixed Make sure plugins tables work in tests.

Dgu tests failed as harvesting table are not created at the correct point.

1311100811000000 1311154142000000
#665 requirement johnbywater johnbywater ckan-v1.3 closed duplicate The system shall support withdrawing a harvested dataset or service from publication

Discussion between John and Peter:

Given we can identify a document, does the disappearance of a document from a registered source imply the disappearance of the metadata (such that we delete packages once the documents disappear from the registered source)?

I would expect a more explicit 'delete'. The UKLP Use Case Library describes this as "withdraw a dataset or service from publication" (part of UCD03 Maintain resources).

1285588250000000 1297268097000000
#2449 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo group page





1338211060000000 1339670041000000
#2643 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 2 closed fixed Demo homepage redesign



1341848685000000 1342617247000000
#2440 enhancement toby aron.carroll demo phase 1 closed fixed Create demo homepage





1338206405000000 1340373461000000
#2442 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo dataset overview





1338210249000000 1339670612000000
#2441 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo search page





1338210155000000 1339670118000000
#2448 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo groups overview page





1338210960000000 1339669678000000
#2450 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo add group form





1338211136000000 1339670997000000
#2447 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed fixed Create demo add dataset page




http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new http://s031.okserver.org:2375/dataset/new_resource

1338210835000000 1343924125000000
#2451 enhancement johnmartin aron.carroll demo phase 5 assigned Create demo user list page





1338211213000000 1352658902000000
#2452 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed fixed Create demo user profile page





1338211295000000 1343924143000000
#2453 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed fixed Create demo edit user profile page





1338211351000000 1343924178000000
#2443 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo dataset data (resource) page




(to be added once test server is working)

1338210382000000 1341824663000000
#2444 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo dataset related page





1338210559000000 1339670232000000
#2445 enhancement toby aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo dataset add related page





Needs a new endpoint at /dataset/DATASET/related/new this should have a form containing the following fields.

  • Title (required)
  • Type of item (Application|Visualisation)
  • Description
  • URL (required)
  • Image URL

When submitted if an item is created it should redirect (303) back to /dataset/DATASET/related with a flash message saying "Related item was successfully created".

If failed to create it should redirect (303) back to the form and populate the error messages, see add dataset for examples (https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/new_package_form.html)

1338210652000000 1338982754000000
#2454 enhancement toby aron.carroll demo phase 5 closed fixed Create demo login page





1338211420000000 1343317795000000
#2456 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo forgot password page





1338211604000000 1339670080000000
#2455 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll ckan-sprint-2012-06-25 closed fixed Create demo register page





1338211541000000 1338998214000000
#2458 enhancement aron.carroll aron.carroll demo phase 3 closed fixed Create demo statistics page





1338211906000000 1344262256000000
#1822 enhancement kindly kindly ckan-sprint-2012-03-05 closed fixed Weight mulilingual searches correctly

Dismax query across languages. Titles and selected languages, weighted more highly.

1329772080000000 1330990127000000
#143 enhancement thejimmyg dread ckan-backlog assigned Most active users listed on homepage

Display league of users' recent activity on homepage.

1255010373000000 1312372381000000
#557 defect pudo ckan-v1.3 closed invalid Remove siblings from link_to/from relationship display

Displaying siblings is not needed for link_to/from.

1283542595000000 1297075159000000
#2539 enhancement seanh seanh ckanbuild accepted Investigate the existing ckan debian package for ckanbuild

Do we want to build on top of the existing debian packaging code? Or throw it away and start fresh?

1339775661000000 1340639845000000
#1681 enhancement ross ross closed fixed Core storage document

Document all of the changes and usage for #1574 so that we can mark it 'done done'.

Make sure we document any setup issues/processes and the settings.py setup required for CKAN so that Mark can announce next week and it should be easily deployable/testable.

Internal (perhaps in README somewhere or wiki): how does process work, where does data end up and in what order etc

External: here's how to configure it and here's what you get ... (goes in main sphinx docs)

1326904939000000 1338202930000000
#1700 enhancement johnglover kindly ckan-sprint-2012-02-06 closed fixed Document server setup for ckan server.

Document deployment on tenforce test server.

1327417952000000 1327425247000000
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