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#2347 1340613938000000 ross Needs some UI work now, have changed status to blocker which appears to be the only way to denote something as blocked (awaiting resource).
#2558 1340615257000000 aron.carroll Marking as fixed. Will create new issues as they arise
#2351 1340615641000000 icmurray Scripts and docs in https://github.com/okfn/ecportal-server-setup
#2559 1340617445000000 aron.carroll This is looking good. A couple of things to do. 1. Added resources should be displayed in the sidebar. See https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/feature-2375-demo-theme/ckan/templates/package/pages/form_page.html#L36 2. Clicking "previous" needs to take you back to the add dataset action not the edit dataset action. 3. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form but stage two should be active (green). 4. Clicking "previous" should take you back to stage one of the add dataset form then clicking next should take you to the last resource you were editing.
#2560 1340617540000000 aron.carroll Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource but stage 3 should remain active. Clicking "previous" should take you to the last edited resource, clicking next should take you to stage three with the same data as when you went back.
#2576 1340617688000000 aron.carroll Fixed proper in 4bf158b
#2584 1340620576000000 aron.carroll Implemented in 9bebf3d
#1471 1340623578000000 seanh Also test the packaging tools
#2283 1340623843000000 kindly No super tickets anymore.
#2319 1340624083000000 ross Resolved with rework of UI
#2520 1340624831000000 seanh Also see #2370
#2495 1340624905000000 amercader See #2467
#526 1340626152000000 icmurray Won't fix as it's 20 months old, and no feedback on whether it's still relevant or not.
#84 1340626385000000 icmurray Moved to ckan-future, and assigned to kindly. @kindly : move to a different milestone, or close/won't-fix as you see fit.
#2548 1340626532000000 ross Accepted to clarify requirements
#2550 1340626589000000 ross Clarify
#2552 1340626635000000 ross Clarify
#235 1340627057000000 icmurray Moved to ckan-future and unassign so that this ticket will be picked up in triage.
#2380 1340627558000000 ross Dupe of #2545
#235 1340627624000000 icmurray Replying to [comment:3 icmurray]: > Moved to ckan-future and unassign so that this ticket will be picked up in triage. Sorry, this comment bears no resemblemnce to what I actually did! Assigned to tobes for 1.9.
#1553 1340628027000000 ross Aron, can I assign this to you for when you do the JS based uploading on demo site/new UI?
#1553 1340628453000000 aron.carroll Ross, I think you just did :) I'll make sure the new form takes this into account.
#2534 1340631124000000 amercader See #2399
#250 1340631430000000 icmurray Package entries already include an enclosure for the json representation of the package: {{{ <link length="1645" href="http://thedatahub.org/api/2/rest/package/microdados-enem-2010" type="application/json" rel="enclosure"/> }}} so it should be easy enough to include something like the rdf link that already exists on a dataset-view page: {{{ <link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" title="RDF/XML" href="http://semantic.ckan.net/record//4c23a2fd-4349-4525-8de4-3364ce87016e.rdf" /> }}}
#285 1340631923000000 icmurray Unassign to be triaged.
#301 1340632055000000 icmurray Unassign in order for it to be triaged.
#1069 1340632215000000 icmurray Assigned to @tobes as he's looking at publication workflows.
#1135 1340632267000000 icmurray Re-assigned to kindly
#1107 1340632612000000 icmurray autocomplete action has been deprecated in favour of /api/2/util/dataset/autocomplete : https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/controllers/package.py#L655
#1718 1340632748000000 icmurray Re-assigned to aron for triage.
#1458 1340632821000000 icmurray Re-assigned to amercader. Kept on ckan-future.
#1458 1340632932000000 icmurray Sorry, I shouldn't have touched this. I pulled it from the wrong milestone.
#1136 1340632980000000 icmurray Re-assigned to @kindly.
#2407 1340633440000000 amercader This will require some thought. Bumping to 1.9.
#1130 1340633514000000 icmurray Unassign for triage.
#1471 1340633734000000 seanh The source install instructions have been updated to work with both lucid and precise, see #2592
#2469 1340639702000000 seanh Closing this, has been broken down into individual tickets, see ckanbuild milestone
#1718 1340703280000000 aron.carroll This was fixed at some point.
#2399 1340706702000000 amercader Fixed in 493589aaf
#2416 1340710252000000 toby moving to phase 2 as not causing problems but still needs proper fix
#2375 1340710303000000 toby moving milestone
#2454 1340710442000000 toby needs discussion and low importance
#2581 1340711431000000 kindly This looks fine, just make doubly sure that if this flag is set then whatever sets it explicitly sets the state i.e overrides what the user sent.
#2581 1340714955000000 toby @kindly we actually need an extra state for full functionality can we create a new 'draft-complete' state as well? does that need any additional magic? please answer and reassign
#2600 1340721815000000 ross Should do this as part of #2548
#2601 1340723256000000 seanh I think this happens whenever you try to edit a dataset that has no organization
#1785 1340724312000000 seanh No point in doing this for 1.8 because the new theme is coming along anyway, moving into 1.9
#1447 1340726283000000 nils.toedtmann This is becoming painful for the sysadmins. Please fix.
#1447 1340727330000000 dread BTW on DGU I have set it up to use memcached for these sessions (v. easy) and I think it solves the problem.
#2581 1340728155000000 kindly No any state without active, pending or deleted in their name is fine.
#2438 1340736112000000 icmurray Ready to be merged [1] Brief synopsis of changes: - altered return type of the action: from Resource domain objects to dictized resources. This is required if this action is to be made accessible through the action api as the domain object is not json-serializable. The 'old' return type is still available by passing in a flag in the context. In fact, this is required as the search layer uses this action, and deals with the domain objects directly. - decided that escaping the ':' (as described in above comments) wasn't necessary as resource fields shouldn't have ':' characters in them anyway. - improved action's docstring - 'fields' parameter has been deprecated ( see #2603 ). Use of it by the search layer has been removed in favour of the new 'query' parameter. But it still works, and correctly maintains backward compatibility. [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/37
#2599 1340798251000000 aron.carroll This is still broken in IE7 as of 543954b but pretty good in other browsers.
#2581 1340800263000000 toby part of add dataset stages
#2602 1340805904000000 ross After merging the 2601 fix the user can no longer set None as the group/organisation for a dataset
#2605 1340874110000000 ross Seeing *very* strange behaviour here with the tests working fine when run individually, but when run as part of the entire suite it is returning an old group (called david) that is NOT in the database (set breakpoint, queried db, not there). Hoping Mr Raznicks sqlalchemy skills will be able to see what is going on with this.
#2532 1340874456000000 toby see void now
#2598 1340875020000000 aron.carroll Fixed in 8dc7c56
#2569 1340877069000000 toby There is now the list in the sidebar but it points to view resource not edit - that will be part of phase 2
#2569 1340878031000000 shevski Great! Can we change it so that the resource name (if available) displays instead of the URL?
#2305 1340879812000000 seanh Implemented by Sven
#2619 1340884739000000 seanh A thought about efficiency, you probably don't want to pass all the activities through the filter function since only the most recent 15 will be shown anyway. Suggest a filter function with an optional limit=15 argument, you pass it the whole activity list and it iterates over it until it has found 15 public ones then immediately returns those.
#2289 1340887101000000 toby needs docstrings
#2536 1340899218000000 toby This need some changes to make it possible to add new activity stream bits - will look at doing for 1.9
#2579 1340899337000000 toby This can move to 1.9 as will need agreement to be merged
#2575 1340899487000000 toby This should now have a fix do a proper fix for 1.9 - needs a more thought out approach and quite a bit of re-factoring of that bit of code
#2609 1340900271000000 toby fixed in demo branch
#2514 1340959630000000 ross I'm going to close this as it is not safely in Aron's hands for the new demo theme.
#2514 1340959787000000 ross s/not/now/ stupid keyboard
#2601 1340960128000000 ross We've taken steps to make sure that users can't add datasets without a group, and can't remove a dataset from a group (without deleting it). Will submit patch to restrict adding without group.
#2467 1340981885000000 amercader Fixed (mainly by Aron)
#2623 1341232433000000 seanh Works if you remember to enable publisher_auth (the Authorization button never appears, Join is always there, can Edit the org and add users that way)
#2434 1341234522000000 seanh We've moved to AWS hosting with docs generated by Jenkins instead, see: http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/1254 There are still two issues to resolve: 1. Automatically updating the symlink so that docs.ckan.org always redirects to the latest stable version 2. Finding somewhere to put links to all the other versions
#2428 1341234933000000 seanh This awaiting merge, pull request: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/46
#1434 1341236921000000 seanh Done for the core extensions, pull request: https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/47 Perhaps strings from the non-core but officially supported extensions should be added to, but we haven't decided which extensions those are yet, so add another ticket to do that later: http://trac.ckan.org/ticket/2625
#2362 1341314244000000 toby first part complete part2 is the auto generation merge that is for 1.9
#2428 1341314475000000 seanh Merged. The only thing I didn't do was add a test case that runs pip freeze and tests that all the right versions of deps are installed.
#2408 1341497601000000 aron.carroll This will be done as part of adding javascript in phase 2
#2610 1341501424000000 aron.carroll Replaced by #2611
#2624 1341583610000000 seanh Moving into 1.8 and making high priority, needed for cmap
#2624 1341599776000000 ross Is likely just tags missing from the new schema in organizations. Will add/test etc on Monday AM.
#2624 1341609814000000 seanh Thanks Ross!
#2550 1341767370000000 icmurray I've done some initial work on this. I think the best way is to define extra tables in the datahub extension. (Rather than: using groups; or modifying the user table; or defining extras for users (in core)). Initially, I've created a new domain object, PaidService, which captures the different levels of account a user may have. And then attached users to this through a secondary table. I think the advantages of this approach are: - the PaidService table can contain supplementary info about that account type: eg - amount of storage allowed; or cost to sign up etc... - allows us to use a modular payment system if biz decide that would be favourable. ie - users belong to multiple PaidServices which are independant of one another, rather than a linear hierarcy (eg - "sign up for storage, but not for privacy" vs. "sign up for enterprise level rather than basic level") The thing that's held me up today is being able to run tests: I'm having a sqlalchemy issue with defining extra mappings on the User table; which then gets dropped when initializing the test setup. I've gotten to the bottom of the problem, and will ask kindly's advice. In the meantime, I could do with some user stories please. I think I have a fairly good idea of what's likely to be needed by this ticket; but to what extent should this be exposed to a sysadmin (adding payment schemes; adding users to payment schemes; users seeing which payemtn services they're paying for (public to other users or not?); user's seeing history of payments? sysadmins seeing list of users for each service level?) - should this be: through a dashboard? through paster commands? through the api? all 3? Do we want modular payments or a linear hierarchy of payment schemes? How does is this suppossed to fit in with organizations? Do organizations purchase on behalf of users as well as individuals being able to make purchases? Do we need to be able to deativate a user's paid service if their payment hasn't come through?
#2550 1341833460000000 ross I think you've nailed the user stories already, but have added them to Description to be explicit.
#2651 1341930964000000 ross The pull request at https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/60 resolves the problem with the dataproxy (which has also been updated to handle .tsv files). Still need to fix datastore.
#2651 1341935288000000 ross Need to update messytables and ckanext-datastore to make sure we can process tsv and store the data as tabular data in the datastore.
#2653 1342005167000000 toby config issue resolved
#2612 1342005674000000 toby is this still valid?
#2612 1342005971000000 shevski This seems to be fixed, but needs proper testing
#2612 1342007335000000 toby cool close when you are happy or reassign if you find it broken somewhere I'm moving this to phase 2
#2611 1342008509000000 aron.carroll Done aside from Change 'Groups' to 'Publishers' everywhere which is now #2658
#2657 1342008765000000 toby fixed by aron
#2574 1342008841000000 toby david I think this is a closed as we are using state= draft stuff
#2660 1342011096000000 toby not reproducable
#2646 1342014170000000 toby fixed in 2375-demo-theme-development
#2661 1342014327000000 toby @aron, we only can delete - see button if we have permission if you make logic/auth/delete.py package_delete() return {'success': True} then it will give everyone the permission - useful for testing
#2662 1342018898000000 toby this was actually an issue with form error anyhow fixed in both 2375 branches but needs pushing to the server
#2659 1342022519000000 toby looks like one for you aron
#2620 1342074737000000 toby This got fixed at some point
#2665 1342077077000000 toby @aron I've done some of this I'll reassign to you when I'm done
#2665 1342079165000000 toby @aron, ok if you now pull 2375-demo... you will see I've moved the stages into the form and added some buttons - this should now be stable and ready for you to style
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