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#767 1294409336000000 thejimmyg Our CSW code should be able to cope with ArcGIS too though surely? Worth testing though. To do this we'd need to: * Obtain example ArcGIS CSW server * Write a test Now we can close #768 and #769.
#569 1294408084000000 thejimmyg Our metadata validation will consist of: * Testing the schema * Testing the schematron * Checking we can get out the data we need
#711 1296592589000000 thejimmyg Our new approach agreed with Rod is to start with a minimum set of package extras and expand them in line with feedback from the user group. We can now show the source GEMINI record as XML (and also a very basic HTML view) for anyone who wants the full detail. No need for this ticket anymore.
#355 1311177552000000 thejimmyg Our policy is to recommend the use of hyphens, but not to enforce it. The new package name suggestion autocomplete JavaScript uses hyphens.
#138 1258466074000000 dread Overall cost: 2.25h
#1329 1317404566000000 dread POT looks far better. I couldn't see any outstanding problems. This has gone into ckan 1.5.
#250 1340631430000000 icmurray Package entries already include an enclosure for the json representation of the package: {{{ <link length="1645" href="http://thedatahub.org/api/2/rest/package/microdados-enem-2010" type="application/json" rel="enclosure"/> }}} so it should be easy enough to include something like the rdf link that already exists on a dataset-view page: {{{ <link rel="alternate" type="application/rdf+xml" title="RDF/XML" href="http://semantic.ckan.net/record//4c23a2fd-4349-4525-8de4-3364ce87016e.rdf" /> }}}
#272 1271764003000000 dread Package feed done in ticket:255
#303 1272912573000000 dread Package history page now shows revisions for tag, extra and resources. Needs tidying up and adding to REST. Done in cset:dc99df3ab4bd
#838 1291299716000000 memespring Package page redesign: http://ckan.org/ticket/839
#230 1263055318000000 nickstenning Package read view is now more-or-less self-contained. Refactoring of the template to use a c.pkg object is all that remains to be done and it then can be factored out and used for the preview.
#2720 1343219999000000 aron.carroll Padding fixed in 1b41a9b the user list is part of #2451
#227 1279192621000000 dread Page titles sorted in cset:2324447eb60f (related to ticket:350) Cost: 1.5h
#76 1251301765000000 dread Part 3 done in cset:7ace6c5d6c68.
#38 1199787336000000 rgrp Partially addressed by r194 and making available of db dump on production machine.
#1219 1310740534000000 dread Patch applied in cset:8c05d27db224 for 1.4.2 release.
#1401 1322066474000000 dread Patch from Augusto Herrmann for the icon URLs: http://pastebin.com/aRBQmftL
#801 1294233386000000 thejimmyg Perhaps this should be implemented differently so that each harvest attempt creates its own database entry with a timestamp and a status attached. We'll need to move to this when we move to a queue based system.
#1432 1324290164000000 ross PhantomJS ( http://www.phantomjs.org/ ) looks like the perfect way to run a JS scraper offline but still within the context of a browser. Would need to consider how the script would be executed over multi-page datasets, but I'm fairly sure it would be possible to come up with a workable solution.
#2437 1338484676000000 seanh Please add to the file started to doc/coding-standards.rst Also, for the Python coding standards see http://wiki.okfn.org/Coding_Standards as a starting point
#1516 1323362689000000 nils.toedtmann Please note that * register.data.overheid.nl (s047) and datagm.org.uk (s048) should use solr on s046 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/906 * thedatahub.org should use solr on s052 - see http://trac.okfn.org/ticket/931
#1464 1323710659000000 dread Pls update status and milestone
#1465 1323710679000000 dread Pls update status and milestone.
#2726 1342949999000000 shevski Point 2 relies on the Chrome previews of PDFs, but can we not use this ability?
#508 1282908795000000 dread Policy discussed on list.
#2639 1345146289000000 rgrp Port of fix for recline issue 196 in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf Fix of embed issue in https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/fd1abd9d5701b4addf7e709c1766d6ffed1bb8bf
#427 1283165089000000 dread Posting a new package is done. Just licenses to explain.
#1742 1328116635000000 ross Potentially valid diff, needs test + patch when I have time. --- a/ckan/controllers/api.py +++ b/ckan/controllers/api.py @@ -592,6 +592,8 @@ class ApiController(BaseController): def is_slug_valid(self): slug = request.params.get('slug') or '' slugtype = request.params.get('type') or '' + if slug in ['new', 'edit', 'search']: + return self._finish_ok( dict(valid=False) ) if slugtype==u'package': response_data = dict(valid=not bool(package_exists(slug))) return self._finish_ok(response_data)
#490 1283770756000000 wwaites Presuming this is for INSPIRE compliance, support for Opensearch should be added
#1315 1315414218000000 dread Pretty good start added in cset:7a0e7a486df3 on default, aiming for release 1.5. Just needs some loose ends tidying up.
#918 1315911507000000 dread Preview feature is now deprecated
#2209 1331547674000000 ross Previous comment should read: Option 4 is the most appealing at this point, although you probably should look at #1649
#122 1253716757000000 dread Previous comment was an ERROR! This was actually done in cset:cf62473b8495
#1742 1328117135000000 dread Probably better in the ckan/logic/validators.py: name_validator
#1650 1343126718000000 ross Probably not going to do this for ECP as John found a cleaner way of doing it.
#8 1204135181000000 rgrp Probably part of ticket:43 (generic attributes) now so downgrading priority (also release no longer exists as a part of CKAN domain model).
#15 1204135174000000 rgrp Probably part of ticket:43 (generic attributes) now so downgrading priority (also release no longer exists as a part of CKAN domain model).
#16 1204135164000000 rgrp Probably part of ticket:43 (generic attributes) now so downgrading priority (also release no longer exists as a part of CKAN domain model).
#17 1204135155000000 rgrp Probably part of ticket:43 (generic attributes) now so downgrading priority (also release no longer exists as a part of CKAN domain model).
#50 1259086615000000 casbon Probably the effort to install apt cross platform would be prohibitive. I would also like to see pure python if possible so that you could run on GAE.
#1318 1315569362000000 dread Problem tracked down to Adria's cset:4f1ca1eb2630 on branch feature-1229-db-out-of-controllers that missed out repoze.who in the redirects after login, when refactoring the user registration. This code went into default on 2011-07-28 for release 1.4.3. Fixed in cset:93731cd3b22e for release 1.4.3 and doesn't affect previous releases. Tests for user registration added too.
#838 1291729819000000 memespring Prompt users to enter missing info - http://ckan.org/ticket/863
#1208 1311525306000000 rgrp Propose this ticket can be closed as webstore is now functional and being used. Can open new tickets for specific improvements / adaptations as the need arises.
#1011 1298825600000000 sebbacon Proposed implementation at https://bitbucket.org/okfn/ckan/changeset/187e65afb35f
#2438 1338212234000000 icmurray Proposed solution: Add a new q field which can be specified multiple times. Each q parameter is a string: `{field}:term`. `:` characters are escaped in the `{field}` by `\:`. Mark the `fields` parameters as deprecated.
#1262 1314029150000000 dread Pudo - I'm not sure what's meant here. Are you talking about moderation for new users? Or some other sort of enforcement? Is it spam you want to target? The links you're concerned about - are they the spam ones in the User's 'about' field? If so, I think we *should* allow users to have links, although continue with applying them with 'nofollow' and attack spammers back in a concerted strategy across all editable fields - see ticket #1257.
#338 1279886392000000 johnbywater Putting this into API Version 2 (similar to package references).
#2554 1342518917000000 ross Python based cartridges rely on the virtuoso python hosting, which appears to be broken on my self-built open source version. This is likely to take a lot of time fighting with build setups. Going to delay this.
#474 1294916760000000 dread Questions are out of date now
#2405 1338213564000000 icmurray Questions for client team: 1. Did you have anything in mind for improving the "Powered by CKAN" text and icon? I'll sort out the vertical alignment of the text and icon; and see if Sam has a better icon. 2. The branded section itself is already customizable by a snippet (https://github.com/okfn/ckan/blob/master/ckan/templates/snippets/data-viewer-embed-branded-link.html). Is that enough? Or are you asking for something else? 3. Personally I think the URI should use the resource uuid, and not name. And from recent discussions on ckan-dev, I think the consensus is the same. How important is this for you? Perhaps it's something that could be overriden in the datahub extension.
#1168 1325866142000000 thejimmyg Quick update... we now have: * An automated way to build the deb packages * An automated way to install them into a fresh virtual machine We don't currently run them via buildbot or have smoke tests.
#1404 1328609360000000 rgrp Quite a bit of this is now duplicated in other tickets e.g. #1506. Decide what isn't and it's priority (do not have to implement).
#115 1253091426000000 dread R/W access control of packages added to REST api in cset:a2e0df462427.
#115 1253034599000000 dread R/W access control of packages added to WUI in cset:3e79c4398a3d.
#1154 1314193633000000 johnglover RE search queries failing: Just having a look through the controller code and the package search controller and the search api both perform option 2 already, so I'll just update the home controller.
#1691 1327082369000000 dread RTFM... ;-) user add <user-name> [apikey=<apikey>] [password=<password>]
#662 1288624137000000 wwaites Ran into this with RDF export (that then updates the CKAN package with LOD2-compatible extras from the results). Cannot use ckanclient.package_entity_put(ckanclient.package_entity_get("ckan")). Is this related to the modifications htat are showing up in the changelog with no apparent package (the package that should be appearing there is "ckan" itself)
#362 1296469470000000 rgrp Rating are currently disabled (invisible) so moving this down.
#980 1297503120000000 pudo Re package editing issue, that was a "double error" fixed by the first two changesets mentioned.
#871 1292323656000000 nils.toedtmann Re postfix: I second ww. I like to run some super simple local MTA (e.g. "nullmailer") on all but one server, using a central postfix (or a send-only GMail account) as smarthost. Am happy with postfix for >10years, it's straightforward and rock solid.
#1788 1330644056000000 rgrp Re the Upload file button not sure what's best. We do have plans to replace jquery-tmpl with mustache in the near future (but not clear exactly *how* near). We'll think about this and get back to you. Thanks for the detailed debug report.
#1065 1302075994000000 sebbacon Re the point against my name, yes -- I think the fundamental principles of the current system are fine, but the implementation means asserting things for every single object, whereas we should be able to optimise it for the general cases -- something along the lines you suggest. I would be very happy to write up a full, detailed proposal for the system before we implement anything, if only as a proper straw man to have debates around.
#1136 1340632980000000 icmurray Re-assigned to @kindly.
#1458 1340632821000000 icmurray Re-assigned to amercader. Kept on ckan-future.
#1718 1340632748000000 icmurray Re-assigned to aron for triage.
#1135 1340632267000000 icmurray Re-assigned to kindly
#948 1323172859000000 thejimmyg Re-assigning to me temporarily to investigate now that Seb has left.
#1035 1323172908000000 thejimmyg Re-assigning to me temporarily to investigate now that Seb has left. It may be that this should be deleted given that it is over 6 month's old.
#1124 1323168156000000 thejimmyg Re-open this if it still affects DataGM.
#253 1295610188000000 rgrp Re-opening as this is a useful meta-ticket and should only be closed when all subtickets done.
#2331 1345191494000000 rgrp Re-opening yet again. This is something brought up by entire client team on several occasions :-) We really do need to fix this as it is really poor UX. To give, yet another, example: http://datahub.io/dataset?q=thatcher+wages This returns 15 datasets yet only one of them has any mention of thatchers (the first one!). (The others are there because they match wages). This isn't what I expect. I expect *only* to see datasets that match *both* terms ...
#1426 1319709236000000 dread Reading http://www.checkupdown.com/status/E409.html I've changed my mind - 409 is ok for an application level validation error.
#2438 1340736112000000 icmurray Ready to be merged [1] Brief synopsis of changes: - altered return type of the action: from Resource domain objects to dictized resources. This is required if this action is to be made accessible through the action api as the domain object is not json-serializable. The 'old' return type is still available by passing in a flag in the context. In fact, this is required as the search layer uses this action, and deals with the domain objects directly. - decided that escaping the ':' (as described in above comments) wasn't necessary as resource fields shouldn't have ':' characters in them anyway. - improved action's docstring - 'fields' parameter has been deprecated ( see #2603 ). Use of it by the search layer has been removed in favour of the new 'query' parameter. But it still works, and correctly maintains backward compatibility. [1] https://github.com/okfn/ckan/pull/37
#851 1292892515000000 wwaites Ready to put into cron job. cf: * http://groups.google.com/group/fuxi-discussion/browse_thread/thread/47f131fc2e3817e3 (Actions) * http://groups.google.com/group/fuxi-discussion/browse_thread/thread/bf955620a6ae77d8 (denoted/calculated functions) * http://groups.google.com/group/fuxi-discussion/browse_thread/thread/71a94191e9fef384 (FuXi 1.2) * https://github.com/wwaites/curate/commit/042a96c1589c0fa4980aca733c64c080e02f111e (curate tool update)
#1359 1321563082000000 rgrp Really annoying.
#1251 1314406332000000 rgrp Really non-urgent and can be done once #1252 is done (which is dependent on v1.5)
#1284 1315215626000000 dread Really? How many times do you want to fix this bug again? For the sake of three lines of test...
#1196 1308743857000000 dread Reason here: http://www.freewisdom.org/projects/python-markdown/Tickets/000018 Using the suggested workaround. Fixed on default for 1.4.2 in cset:715212cd220c
#1293 1315214527000000 rgrp Reassign for completion (templates and docs) as john is away.
#2550 1346669497000000 ross Reassigned to icmurray rather than back to backlog.
#1533 1325190689000000 rgrp Reassigning to me as per chat with Ross.
#1006 1300098217000000 dread Reassigning to rgrp for response
#1065 1318528721000000 rgrp Reassigning to zephod as he is looking at this. I think most of this is wontfix or will become obsolete with other stuff but worth looking at. Also moving to v1.6 at the same time.
#2285 1334580266000000 rgrp Recline improvements are done. https://github.com/okfn/recline/issues/88
#2852 1345104027000000 shevski Red is fine here Can we amend the message to: Cannot create new harvest jobs on inactive sources. First, please change the source status to 'active'.
#2554 1344338036000000 ross Reducing the priority of this at present, may become more relevant after the LOD3 plenary
#1425 1327605718000000 zephod Refactored it to be (a) easy to find, and (b) a two-stage process which has a little more gravity. Like Bitbucket and GitHub. https://github.com/okfn/ckan/commit/f3a4c3de70da08d396da4e65a5d286b253be0e0b
#386 1280356628000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #372 has changed sprint.
#386 1280514164000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #372 has changed sprint.
#379 1280326254000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #378 has changed sprint.
#380 1280326254000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #378 has changed sprint.
#383 1280348216000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #382 has changed sprint.
#427 1289822093000000 dread Referencing ticket #412 has changed sprint.
#424 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#426 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#426 1282667892000000 dread Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#427 1281606707000000 johnbywater Referencing ticket #422 has changed sprint.
#763 1288606918000000 dread Referencing ticket #441 has changed sprint.
#765 1288606918000000 dread Referencing ticket #441 has changed sprint.
#461 1282662564000000 rgrp Referencing ticket #454 has changed sprint.
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